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Some notes on reinterments at Louden Park Cemetery from the cemetery at Fort McHenry

Odd Discoveries in Exhuming Bodies.
Published in the The Democrat. June 8, 1895

The work of removing to Loudon Park Cemetery the bodies of the soldiers who were buried in the cemetery at Fort McHenry was completed yesterday. The remains of Charles Chalthren, who was a sailor on the United States training ship Franklin, were found to be but dust wit the exception of the skull. Near the skull was a long black silk scarf or necktie, which was in excellent condition, there hardly being a bit of discoloration on it. The skull of an unknown soldier had a set of false teeth in it that were in almost the same condition as when they were first used. The uniform that once was worn by Charles Tudsbury, Company H. Second United States Artillery, who was buried in 1861 (or 64), was wonderfully well preserved. In the skull of an unknown soldier was found a fifty-six-caliber rifle ball. One of the soldiers was buried at the Fort in 18??. At the time of the interment the man had no hair on his face. When exhumed yesterday it was found that he had a beard fully four inches long.

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