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This cemetery is located in a grove of trees on a hill behind the "Cameron Walker" house. This is located at the intersection of Walker and Cameron Mill Roads in Parkton. The house which appears to have been empty for many years is for sale along with the six surrounding acres. The cemetery and the remains of the foundation of the original mill are on the property. The cemetery is in very poor shape. It is overgrow and many of the stones are overturned.

NAMEDate of BirthDate of DeathOther Inscription
John Young b.2/26/1788 d.4/11/1858 -
Mary Young b. 1777 d. 11/19/1855 aged 78
John W son of Samuel & Sarah Young b. 1/2/1853 d.1/5/1858 son of Samuel & Sarah Young
Margaret Walker wife of Edward M. Walker- died 3/26/1898 age 71 yr & 22 days, wife of Edward M. Walker
Catherine Cameron- died 4/24/1896 age 76 yr 3 mo 3 days
Elizabeth Cameron- died 12/28/1866 age 60 yr 6 mo 1 day
Catherine Cox- died 4/1/1864 age in her 78th yr
Daniel Walker- died 12/18/1890 (or 1820) age 68 yr 7 days
Prudence Walker- died 5/1/1841 in her 82nd yr
Sarah Cameron wife of Hugh Cameron -died 3/2/1815 in her 31st yr
Selmon Cox b. 5/21/1804 d. 6/10/1860 age 56 yr 20 days
Prudence Walker- died 1/21/1852 aged 11 yr 9 mo
Joseph Walker - died 1/8/1877 aged 82 yr 5 mo 23 days
Daniel W. Cameron - died 7/25/1904 aged 92 yr 10 mo 13 days
James W. Cameron - died 2/3/1870 aged 55 yr 11 mo 7 days
There was also one base with no headstone.

These inscriptions were copied by Beverly Bianca and provide to this website by her

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