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The Joshua Grant Mays and Sallie (nee Tracey) Family BIble

This Bible is in the possession of the contributor. This is a very large illustrated Bible about 5 inches thick, with 8-1/2 by 11 inch pages.

A Comprehensive and Illustrated History of the Books of the Old and New Testaments containing a concise account of all Books of the Bible giving the origin and meaning of the name of each book, The purpose for which , and the circumstances under which, they were written, The names of the writers, the extent of time covered, and a short synopis of the promient events recorded in each book, and contemporaneous authors, with other interesting narratives relating the the Chronology of the Books of the Bible and the Lives and Histories of the Writers by the Rev, Alfred Nevin D.D.

There is publication date, by there is a Revisers Preface, dated 10 July 1884. The Bible was in the family before World War 1 and has written in the inside cover data on Leoanrd Mays ID number and address as a member of American Expeditionary Forces. The handwritting in the Bible is that of Sallie E. (Nee Tracey) Mays.


Joshua Grant Mays and Sara E Tracey were married September 1, 1886

Charles Roland Mays and Nellie E. Engle were married April 6, 1916

Wm H Mays and A Mabel Turnbaugh were married Dec 20, 1919

Leonard A Mays and Ava Leona Cofiel were married June 4, 1921

Arnet Leo Kelley and S Jeanette Kelley were married June 25 1921

Howard G. Peregoy and Jessie L Mays were married Oct 17, 1925

Sara R Mays and Webster Sauter were married Nov 20, 1926

Frank A Mays and Janie Benson were married April 28, 1928

Ernest J Turnbaugh and Irene M Mays were married Oct 13, 1928

C Hobart Mays and Marie Turnbaugh were married Mch 20, 1930


Abraham Mays son of Robert and Sara Mays was born Feb 25, 1819.

Lydia Mays daughter of John and Catharine Wilhelm was born Mch 16, 1826

J. Grant Mays son of Abraham and Lydia Mays was born Sept 24, 1862

Sallie E. Mays daughter of Wm H, and Annie E Tracey was born July 13, 1865

Frank Allison Mays son of J Grant and Sallie E. Mays was born Feb 5, 1888

Wm Henry Mays was born Nov 2 1889

Charles Roland Mays was born Aug 26, 1891

Leonard Alvey Mays was born Aug 15 1893

S. Jeanette Mays was born July 19, 1895

C. Hobart Mays was born May 6, 1898

Jessie L Mays was born June 21, 1900

Sara R Mays was born Feb 17, 1902

Irene M Mays was born Nov 5, 1904


Abraham Mays departed this life September 15th 1887 aged 68 yrs. 6 mo 20 da.

Frank P Mays departed this life Jan 24, 1886 aged 21 yrs 3 mo & 23 days

Rachel J Mays departed this life

Lydia Mays departed this life March 1896

John T Mays departed this life

George W Mays departed this life Mov 4, 1918 aged 62 yrs 10 days

Annie E. Tracey departed this life May 13, 1923 aged 91 yrs 2 mns 3 days.

William H Tracey departed this life Feb 13, 1924, aged 86 yrs 6 mons, 3 days


Leonard Alvey Mays enlisted in the US Signal Corps in the year 1917-July 30. He entered the training camp at Meade in October 11, 1917, Here he received very rigid training to help make the world safe for democracy. On July 6, 1918 Leonard left Camp Meade to embark for military duty overseas

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