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Bible belonging to George King Pearce

Entries by Ida M. Pearce

Inherited by Elsie Rufenacht Pearce Grover

To Shirley Lorraine Rufenacht McFadden

As of 8 July 1994

Transcribed by Steve Pearce from copy September 1988

Copywrite on Bible 1890 by A.J. Holman & Co.

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This certifies that William J. Francis of Baltimore Co. Md., and Ida M. Pearce of Baltimore Co. Md., were united by me in the Bonds of Holy Matrimony at the Presbyterian Church on the 13 day of March in the year of our Lord 1891.
In the presence of Mrs. Lizzie Finniy and Miss Annie Offley.
Signed Rev. ED Finney of Belair Md.

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George K Pearce and Rebecca A. Carter was married August 18, 1864 in Baltimore by Rev Meckerendriley.

George R. pearce and Esther A. Smith was married July 29, 1888 in Belair by Rev ED Finney

William E. Bell and Jennie M Pearce was married September 29, 1889 in Belair by Rev ED Finney

Herman W. Rufenacht and Sopha T Pearce was married March 13, 1892 in Belair by Rev ED Finney

Dennis B. Pearce and Blanch A. Mobary was married March 13, 1901 at the Parsonage of HA Blake of the Church of Fork

Parker M Pearce and Katie M Kreamer was married April 2, 1902 at Fork Christian Church by J.A. Hopkins

James A. Durham and Mary L. Pearce was married February 11, 1903 in Belair by Rev Evins M E.C

George M. Orem and Amza E Pearce was married June 7, 1903 at Sparrowpoint by Rev Babcock

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George K Pearce was born December 1, 1833

Rebecca A. Pearce was born May 28, 1841

Ida M Pearce was born December 12, 1864

George R. Pearce was born April 20, 1866

Martha J. Pearce was born March 23, 1868

Sopha T Pearce was born January 13, 1873

Dennis B. Pearce was born September 17, 1875

Parker M. Pearce was born April 4, 1879

Mary L. Pearce was born March 22, 1882

Amza E. Pearce was born March 14, 1884

John W. Pearce was born December 3, 1885

Alice A R Pearce was born November 16, 1887

William J. Francis was born June 29, 1853

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John W. Pearce died December 18, 1886 age 1 year 15 days We had little Johnie once, he was our greatest pride . Perhaps we loved him, oh to much for soon he droped and died.

Alice A. Pearce died November 22, 1892 age 5 years 5 days. Annother little lamb has gone to dwell with him who gave. Annother little darling Babe is sheltered in the grave.

George K. Pearce died May 20, 1900 age 66 years 5 months 20 days
Oh Pappa must we give you up
you who we loved so well
How can we drink this bitter cup
and say a long and last Farewell
Dearest Father thou has left us
We thy loss most deeply feel
But 'tis God who hath bereft us
He can all our sorrows heal.

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Rebecca Ann Pearce Died April 28, 1924, age 82 years ll months

Oh Mother must we give you up
You who we loved so well
How can we drink this bitter cup
And say a long and last farewell
Dearest Mother Thou has left us
We thy loss most deeply feel
But tis God who has bereft us
He can all our sorrows heal
Oh Mother kind, Oh Mother true, the Dearest
One we ever knew
Her loving Daughter Ida

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