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Family Bible of Belt M. Norwood of Howard Dist, Anne Arundel county

The Book of Martyrs- BELT M. NORWOOD-his book Classification: Bible

Copied from the inside cover and flyleaf of "An Abridgement of The Book of Martyrs: to which are prefixed, the Living Testimonies of the Church of God, and Faithful Martyrs, in Different Ages of the World; and the Corrupt Fruits of the False Church, in the Time of the Apostacy, to this work is annexed, An Account of The Just Judgements of God on Persecutors, &c. Also, A Christian Plea against Persecution for the Cause of Conscience". Printed and sold by Samuel Wood, 1810.

On the inside of the cover in handwriting is:
"Belt M. Norwood His Book paid 87 1/2 cents March 22th, 1845

Sarah Ann Norwood
Wife of Belt M. Norwood
Bear light your pen and keep a steady hand
Evil communication corrupts good manners.

on flyleaf in handwriting is:
William Norwood was born the year of our Lord March the 31 day 1834
James Norwood was born the year of our Lord July 14th day 1838
Thomas Norwood was born the year of our lord May 26th day 1840
Mary Norwood was born the year of our lord June 14th day 1844.

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