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Caryl Simpson Wed Jan 1 14:19:07 1997
JACOB/JACOBS-Wish to communicate with anyone researching descendants of John Jacobs of Anne Arundel Co 17th century. Specifically, I m interested in Jacob JACOBS son of Jonathon JACOBS born ca 1708 or any person with the name JACOB JACOBS. Thanks, Caryl

Garnet Murphey Fri Jan 3 13:44:37 1997
Seeking all Pritchetts, Veners and Voss of Eastern Shore area, MD Caroline Co and surrounding area.

Pat Burke Sat Jan 4 14:57:16 1997
Am looking for information on John (Jacob) BURGOON, born 1715 in Alsace, France. Married Elizabeth about 1745. Their children were born in Taneytown, Frederick, MD. Would like any information about when John immigrated to America. Also need information on his wife Elizabeth.

Jack Leroy Bryson Sun Jan 5 06:59:01 1997
Seeking info on WINSLOW,George William Henry b.25 Dec 1883 in Baltimore.Md. father was WINSLOW, John R. born about 1865, mother McMATHIS,Sarah Linnice. This is all I know of him. Thank You.

charla marchione Sun Jan 5 23:06:45 1997
Need info about family of SNOWDON and Thomas Ingmire, named in will of Thomas Burgess of Anne Arundel Co. Snowdon and Thomas married and moved to Muskingum and Hocking Counties, Ohio about 1810.Snowdon married a Chaney/Cheney. How are these families related?

charla marchione Sun Jan 5 23:11:52 1997
Who was Dr. Benjamin CROCKETT of Cecil County who married Mary or Elizabeth CHEW in 1750? Are these Quakers from Anne Arundel, as I believe.

Garnet Murphey Tue Jan 7 18:06:35 1997
I a desc of Dr. John PRICE, Priscilla Collison, Joel Vener, Edward Pritchett, ......Voss all of Caroline Co. Md and south VA. Is anyone else a desc?

Garnet Murphey Tue Jan 7 18:26:36 1997
seeking info on the ....VOSS family that married into the Lott Pritchett family. Lott was born ca 1780 Caroline Co. MD. They had Mahala Pritchett (born 1810), she married Benjamin Vener. Parnets of Andrew Collison Vener. Also seeking info on Benjamin Cole.

N. Loughlin Thu Jan 9 05:06:23 1997
I am looking for information on Jesse Edward PIGOTT born about 1811 in Cumberland,MD.He married a Emma Hall. His father was James Edward Pigott born of Oxfordshire,England.He married a Ann Heldreth and died about 1829. I am looking for Edward Loughlin born 1868 from Tralee, Ireland who married twice.His second wife was Agatha Hooker and know that were relatives by the first wife in the Baltimore area. Any information on "Pigott" and "Loughlin" families would be

Jack Leroy Bryson Wed Jan 8 14:06:59 1997
Seeking to exchange info. on WINSLOW,George William Henry b. about 1885 in Baltimore, Md. son of WINSLOW,John R. and McMATHIS,Linnace, no other infor available. Thank You

Tim Wyatt Wed Jan 8 15:39:04 1997
Looking for background on 3 generations of Edward W. SALMONS, possibly in Calvert County (Solomons) early 1800s; then to W. Balto. by the Civil War. West Point backgrounds for all 3; very likely Civil War service by youngest in home brigade.

Patricia Ferger Wed Jan 8 16:33:05 1997
Looking for information on Jacob H FREBURGER b.January 29,1819 in Baltimore,Md-d.July 8,1903 in Baltimore. Wife:Sarah Jane Brown b.July 29,1825 Baltimore-d.December 26,1876 Baltimore. Children: Sarah R. Freburger b.1840 Mary Elizabeth Freburgerb.Aug 22,1844-d.Jan 2,1920 (husband Joseph Sewell) John W. Freburger b.1846 Charles E.Freburger b.1847 William T.Freburger b.1860 Jacob Freburger b.Feb 23,1872-d.Aug 13,1881 Any info on this family please E-mail me,I will share what I have. Also looking for information on Rachael A. Kirby (nee Sewell)Huband John H. Kirby b.1834 in Alexandria,Va Rachael was born in DC,Nov 1,1832.I need to know if they had any children.

Avis West Sat Jan 11 10:17:56 1997
I am searching for the parents of James WEST. Born 1737c. Will proved 6 Jun 1812. He lived in Annapolis. Married Margaret Witaker and Had: James;Robert; John; Mary; Nicholas; charlotte; William; Margaret

Garnet Murphey Fri Jan 10 09:41:51 1997
Seeking info on Ester (Hester) Brooks SHANNAHAN widow on Nathan Shannahan (war of 1812) MD. Caroline Co. Possibly

H. Anne Whiteman Mon Jan 13 19:54:48 1997
i would like to communicate with descendents of John POTTIGENGER, and the Isaacs and Jacobs families. I have a lot of information but can always use more cousins. Thanks, Anne

Jeff Swann Tue Jan 14 02:57:38 1997
Looking for associated families of the Charles County SWANN family. Edward SWANN was granted 1200 acres for EAGLESTON plantation in 1664. He married Susannah HEATH and had five recorded children. Early associated Charles County families are: AMERY, BEALL, BRISCOE, BURCH, COATES, COMPTON, COTRELL, COVINGTON, DENT, DYSON, HATCH, HOLLIDAY, HOWARD, KING, MADDOX, MAGRUDER, NAYLOR, NORRIS, SCOTT, SWANN, THORNE, TURNER, WILSON and many more.

Rachael Venning Tue Jan 14 13:55:39 1997
I'm interested in the DUVALLE (maybe DUVALL) family. William,Priscilla, and others. One of the Duvalls were of the first french Heugonots to settle in either Ann Arundel or Providence counties.

Bonnie Johnston Wed Jan 15 08:26:38 1997
I am seeking information on a SOLLERS who came from England in 1653. H am descended from Isaac Sellers, son of Abraham, etc. original settlers of Maryland. Need Sellers info.

Norman Davis Fri Jan 17 03:32:11 1997
I'm looking for info on Grace Virginia KIRCHNER who resided in Eastport (Annapolis), Maryland in 1975. She was married to Harry Kirchner. I would specifically like to know her mother and fathers names and where the resided. Also where she was born. Thanks.

Rodney Hopper Sun Jan 19 18:40:03 1997
I am searching for info on Robert HOPPER b: abt 1763, Anne A.,MD. First ancestor coming to America was Marmaduke HOPPER in 1669 (MD Records, Liber 13, Folio 66). Robert moved his family to Belmont Co.,OH in the early 1800's (Will of Robert Hopper - Belmont Co., OH signed in 1812).

Peggy Hanes Tue Jan 21 07:53:24 1997
Looking for information on family of DAVID WEEMS who came to America from Scotland in 1730, arriving in Ann Arundel CO., MD. Particularly interested in the family as it relates to the BLACK family of ADAMS CO., PA.

Dorothy Powers Elliott Wed Jan 22 15:40:16 1997
ANNE JANE WILSON--born 1776 England, died 1862 Ohio, married JOHNSA S. SHIPLEY 1813 Baltimore Co. Would appreciate any information concerning Anne Jane Wilson--parents, seiblings etc. Children born Anne Arundel Co.

Dorothy Powers Elliott Wed Jan 22 15:49:08 1997
Is there any more information about the parents of JOHN MEEK born ca 1660, died 1712 Anne Arundel Co. I only have that they were GUY and RACHEL MEEK. Also need a maiden name for John's wife MARY---- and her parents etc.

Dorothy Powers Elliott Wed Jan 22 15:57:39 1997
Would like dates, parents etc. of SUSANNA STEVENS, wife of RICHARD SHIPLEY, m ca 1703 probably Anne Arundel Co. She may be daughter of BENJAMIN STEVENS.

Christine Payne Thu Jan 23 12:55:14 1997
Seaarchign for information re: Barnabus/Barnet/Barnit PAYNE; He had two brothers, James and John who accompanied him to Rowan County N.C. where they appear on land records in the middle 1700's; A BARNIT PAINE is mentioned as having sworn an Oath of Fidelity in Harford County on Pg. 247 of book listing Oath's of Fidelity in Maryland. Who was this Barnit?

Ruth McConigly Wed Jan 22 21:41:14 1997
Benjamin WAILES (WALES) of Prince George Co. MD b. 1727 d. 1789 married Sarah HOWARD probably in Prince George Co. or surrounding counties in 1751. Trying to find information on her family. If she related to other HOWARDs of Anne Arundel or Howard County? Their son, Edward Lloyd WAILES married Sarah Biggs Oden in Prince George Co. 3/22/1780. Trying to find information on the BIGGS or ODEN families. Also, may be related to COVINGTON family. Any assistance would be greatfully appreciated. r>

Steven Jones Fri Jan 24 19:43:33 1997
I am researching the family of Stephen JONES of St Mary's Co, MD. Stephen JONES (d. before 1838) Brother to Henry JONES Married Susan WILSON (b. 1795) Sons: Joshua Wilson JONES (b. 1834) Caleb JONES (b. 1836) Daniel JONES Stephen JONES Any information would be appreciated. S. Jones

Niler Pyeatt Fri Jan 24 09:11:10 1997
I am looking for information on the family and ancestor of John Ijams b. abt 1725, d. 1781 in Anne Arundel Co. Married Ariana Worthing about 1766.

Staley Hardesty Sun Jan 26 09:39:04 1997
I am researching the family of William Emory Hardesty b. May 5,1847 d. Oct 6,1923 in Nutwell AA Co. Maryland. He was married to Mary Alice Ogden b 1858 d. 1936 in Md Seeking information as to siblings and parents of either. Parents of William are believed to be William Hardesty and Elizabeth Lyles and of Mary Alice father was Hamilton Ogden
abeth Lyles and of Mary Alice father was Hamilton Ogden

Anne Whiteman Sun Jan 26 13:50:57 1997
My line includes clergyman Hugh CONN, and I wonder if any have information about his line. Others are Richard Cheney, John Pottinger, and Richard Isaacs.

Richard Foreacre Sun Jan 26 16:50:04 1997
Looking for any information regarding the Foreacre / Foreacres / Fouracre Surname.

Linda HOWELL Tirado Mon Jan 27 13:13:55 1997
I am searching for any information at all on the following family names: HOWELL, ROSE, MOORE, MORRIS and WALL These families are believed to have arrived at the Maryland shore before 1800. At least some were Ulster Scots.

Lee Smith Sun Jan 26 20:52:51 1997
It has been reported that Elijah Smith and Martha Jenkins were married on 7/26/1788 in Anne Arundel County. I am looking for any information that the marriage license may afford regarding dates or places of birth. I guess I failed to include their names when I last queried. Sorry :o)

Linda Fluharty Mon Jan 27 18:27:04 1997
Looking for information on John Fleharty (Fleehartee, Fleaharty or other variation of the name.) I have record of a John Flyharty and Margaret transported to MD in 1678. A John Fleharty had a tract of land in 1747 Dorchester Co. called "Fleharty's Beginning", Stephen Fleharty of Anne Arundel Co. had Dorchester land called "Good Luck" and "Fleharty's Desire". A John Fleehartee married Hannah Pennick in Caroline Co. in 1735. Any information of how these people may be related. Who were John and Margaret's children? Were Stephen and John related? Any knowledge about John and Hannah's children? There is also mention of John Fleharty's "plantation" in a will dated 1705. Massy, Stephen, Noah and James Fleharty were children indentured in separate years around 1760. Were they brothers? Who were their parents? ANY HELP WILL BE TRULY APPRECIATED. There are many different spellings of this name. THANK YOU

chris davis Wed Jan 29 14:14:47 1997
I have a poorly documented Family Bible and have no living relatives(other than mother w/ repeated strokes) to verify or help me search history of family.

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