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Surname List

Adams, Alexander , Allen, Allison , Arrick, BAYLY , Beall, Beatty , BELL, Birckhead , Black, Blair , Bliss, Bonnafon , Boteler, Bowie , Bowman, Braley , Brice, Burns , Clagett, Clare , Clark, Clarke , Claygate, Colbrand, Collins, Covenhaver, Cox, Crapster, Crownover, Dare, Davis, de_Sibour, DOLE, Dorsey, DOWNS, Drewer, Duvall, ELY, England, Fogg, Gleaves, GODDEN, Good, Graham, Gregory, Grier, Griffith, GUNNELL, Hall, Hammett, Harwood, Hawkins, Hicks, Higgins, Hone, Horn , Howard, Howe , Hutchison, Inghram, Ingraham, Jackson, Jacques, Kealty, KEENE, KENDIG, Kenley, Kenly, Kinkaid, Leap, Lilliard, Linthicium, Lyles, Magruder, Marlow, Marshall, Maulden, McCoy, McMahon, McMechen, Mendell, Merriwether, Miller, MOORE, Mosely, Neff, Neuenschwander, NUTTER, ODEN, OFFUTT, Paden, Patterson, Perin, Phillips, Plowdon, Pollock, Pope, Prather, Reed, RICKETTS, Riggs, Russ, Russell, Sharer, Sharretts, Shields, Shoemaker, Sims, SOLLERS, Soper, Talbot, Tannehill, Taylor, Thistle, Thompson, Tippit, Usry, Utegrove, WADSWORTH, Warfield, Watkins, Wells, Wheeler, WILLIAMS, Wiseman, Witten, Yingling

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