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Letter from the Baltimore Aviation Department In re: Construction of Airport

I recently discovered that my Aunt (89) had a letter to my Great-Grandfather from the Aviation Dept. of Baltimore from 1948 - due to the fact that the City was looking for the Heirs of Allen Warfield and his wife Sarah ( they were his Grandparents) to find out about moving the family graveyard in order to build Friendship Airport. I have copied and transcribed this letter which includes the names of the "known deceased" AND the names and addresses (where available) of the LIVING HEIRS (as of March 29 1948)

As many of the names are unfamiliar to me - I would love to find their descendants - or even a few of them although I think most were Allen's grandchildren so that's not likely. Perhaps even someone could tell me what they decided as I do not know where (or if) the graves were moved to . If any of you see a familiar name please feel free to contact me -. Ida Williams Macken email address:

March 29, 1948
Heirs of Allen Warfield.
The City of Baltimore, through its Department of Aviation, is interested in securing a small plot of land now owned by the Heirs of Allen Warfield in connection with the development of the new Airport near Friendship Church in Anne Arundel County, Maryland. Allen Warfield reserved this plot as a family burial ground for his family and heirs when he sold the farmland of which this plot was a part. The property sold off is now owned by the Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Church and has been developed by them late quite an extensive cemetery which completely surrounds the reserved family burial plot. There are no grave markers or monuments or any other physical evidences of burials in the family burial plot. We understood, however, that some bodies remain there. The City is now in the process of contracting with the Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Church for the removal of their cemetery which surrounds the Warfield plot. We would like to meet with the heirs of Allen Warfield to determine the identity of the remains interred in the Warfield burial plot and to make suitable arrangements for their removal.

We are enclosing a list of the known living heirs of Allen Warfield together with the addresses, where available. Also enclosed is a list of names of persons buried in the family plot as near as we can develop. A meeting will be held in this office (Room 1105 Municipal Office Building, Baltimore, Maryland) on April 5th , 1948 at 1:30 p.m. with the Director of the Aviation Department and the heirs of Allen Warfield. It is requested that you attend if possible. If you cannot attend it is suggested that you communicate your desires

Dead Interred in Warfield Family Burial Ground

Notes on comments made on letter
handwritten in margin of page 3 next to Frances & Indianna Warfield
Aunts of Wm. P. Cole father of Isabel (Cole) Williams
handwritten above name - James Rudolf Brother of above woman
handwritten above name - Columbus Brother of Frances & Indianna
handwritten after name Mollie Brown cousin of Wm. P. on Margin
**On page 1/ where date says April 5th / was typed other date (?)
and crossed out by pen and 5th is written above.
** On page 4 / name of Emory Warfield (Patrolman, etc) looks like an S was before Emory and then crossed out (by a single line / no space)

Living Heirs of Allen Warfield and his wife Sarah Anne determined by the Baltimore Aviation Department in 1948 (note the old style telephone numbers and exchanges given):
G. Howard Whittle
610 N. Bouldin St.,
Baltimore, Maryland
Wolfe 7625-J
Edna Warfield Armiger
315 Hopkins Road / Place?
Baltimore, Maryland
Evergreen 278
Carvel Whittle
New Jersey
Frank L. Warfield
738 Muncy Bldg., Washington, D.C.
Roland T. Whittle
5416 Summerfield Ave.
Baltimore, Maryland
Hamilton 2482
Miss Rena Warfield
738 Muncy Bldg.,
Washington, D.C.
Henry Allen Warfield
1701 Rosedale St.,
Baltimore, Maryland
La. 0489
James Warfield
(address not known)
Emory Warfield
Patrolman -
Southern District Police Station,
Baltimore , Maryland
Thomas J. Warfield
2534 Lanvale St.,
Baltimore, Maryland
Mollie Brown
Harmans, Maryland
Glenburnie 299-J-12
James Edgar Warfield,
2729 Mosher Street
Baltimore, Maryland
John Randolph Warfield
Broadview & Glendale,
Linthicum Heights, Maryland
Linthicum 773-J
Sarah Anne Waters,
Anne Arundel County, Maryland
Elihu Warfield,
Address unknown
Mary Rebecca Self
4 Forest Drive,
Baltimore, Maryland
Catonsville 952-J
Dora Lee,
113 Academy St.,
Annapolis, Maryland
Annapolis 3314
Arthur Warfield
1701 Rosedale Street,
Baltimore, Maryland
La. 0489
Mrs. Oscar Booth
310 W. Oakdale Road
Linthicum Heights, Maryland
Linthicum 382-J
Varian Warfield
( Address unknown)
Mr. Earl Durham
(address notknown)
Linthicum Heights, Maryland
Delma Warfield DeMoss
823 Winans Way,
Baltimore, Maryland
Gilmor 4829-W
Mr. Wm. Durham
(address not known)
Mrs. Buelah Wood,
Annapolis, Maryland
(address not known)
Elsie Miller,
Pasadena, Maryland
Hiram Carter*
(address unknown)
Philadelphia, Penna.
Mr. Charles Durham,
700 Cross St.,
Baltimore, Maryland
William P. Cole**
Severn , Maryland
George Byron Warfield,
Masonville, Brooklyn, Md.
Emory Lowman
Baltimore, Maryland
(address unknown)
Clarence Warfield
6th Ave. North,
Glenburnie, Maryland
Glenburnie 761-J
Clarence Lowman
Baltimore, Maryland
(address unknown)
Mamie Donaldson
Quarterfield Road,
Glenburnie, Maryland
Glenburnie 891-J
Former name Isabel Hawkins
Married name not known
(address unknown)
Pearl S. Dunn
12 Third Ave. S.W.
Glenburnie, Maryland
Glenburnie 207
Thomas Sgt. German
Elkridge 124-J
Buelah Steffey
Thurmont, Maryland
Jeanette Knight
3600 Elhader Road,
Baltimore, Maryland
Un. 1689
James Louis Stinebrum
1218 Ten Oaks Road,
Arbutus, Maryland
Arbutus 1292-J

Transcribed by Ida E. Williams Macken at Lebanon , PA on the 9th Day of November 2002 . Original letter in the possession of F. Naomi Williams Rose , of Seaville, Cape May County, New Jersey - Granddaughter of William P. Cole of Severn , Maryland.

Ida E. Williams Feb.1957 Millville,NJ

Paul L. Williams 1917 Goshen , NJ d. 1980 Millville, NJ
Elmira Isabel Cole 1896 Baltimore, MD d. 1979 CMCH , NJ
Lewis Williams 1894 Goshen , NJ d. 1963 Ocean View, NJ
William P. Cole Jr 1873 Baltimore , MD d. Jan. 1957 Severn , MD
Naomi Weatherby Cowen 1873 Baltimore, MD d. 1950 Baltimore, MD
Lucinda Warfield 1836 Anne Arundel Co., MD d. 1919 Baltimore , MD
William P. Cole 1834 Anne Arundel Co., MD d. 1873 Baltimore, MD
(2nd husband Charles Carter)

Ancestry of Allen Warfield

Allen Warfield 1810/ d- after 1880 Anne Arundel Co., MD married
Sarah Ann Kelley 1815/ d- after 1880
Benjamin Warfield married
Rebecca Spurrier
John Xavier Warfield married
Mary Chaney
Samuel Warfield married
Sarah Welsh
Alexander Warfield (Sr) married
Sarah E. Pierpoint
Richard Warfield married
Eleanor Browne

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