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Duvall Cemetery, Crownsville, Anne Arundel County

Duvall Family Cemetery
Generals Highway Corridor Park, Crownsville
Anne Arundel County, MD

ADC Anne Arundel County Map Book p.

GPS Coordinates: 39 Deg. 00.192N x 076 Deg. 40.496W

Surveyed by Steve Hammond ( 7/3/04

Cemetery is on the south border of this recreational park, beside a playground, surrounded by a picket fence. The Cemetery is in poor condition.

Row lettering starts in the west corner

Row A

A-1     marker buried

A-2     marker buried

A-3     marker partially buried and illegible

A-4     marker illegible

A-5     marker illegible

A-6     marker buried

A-7     marker illegible

A-8     marker partially buried and illegible

A-9     marker buried

Row B

B-1     Daniel ? Duvall died June 22, 18??

B-2     Annie E. died ?

B-3     In memory of
Daughter of
David ? DuVall
Died Aug 1, 1839
in the ?

B-4     Joseph
son of
Samuel ?
who left this life
Jan 15, 1863
in the 19th year of his life
(probably Pvt. Joseph W. Duvall, 2nd Battalion Maryland Infantry CSA)

B-5     Samuel C
son of
Daniel & Isabella Duvall
who fell at the Battle of
July 2, 1863
in the 22nd year
of his life
striking for home
and liberty
(probably Pvt. Samuel C. Duvall, 2nd Battalion Maryland Infantry CSA)

B-6     Isabella S
daughter of
David & Isabella DuVall
Born Dec 20 1836
Died Jan 12 1871 ?

B-7     Daniel DuVall Sr.
October 20 1818
March 1 1888

B-8     Our Mother
Isabelle Cruse
wife of
Daniel DuVall
and youngest daughter of
George & Ann Cruse
Born August 16, 1812
Died October 17, 1884
Welcome sweet day of rest

B-9     Annie DuVall
At rest

Row C

C-1    Small marker behind B-5, partially buried says MAD on back

Row D

D-1       in memoriam
Matilda Amm
Beloved wife of
Thomas J DuVall
and eldest daughter of
Edward & Ann Brewer
born April 4, 1835
died Dec 22, 18?3
Blessed are children
Loved for the ?

(surrounded by several broken stones)

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