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Presbyterian Church - 1921
Legislative Road, Barton

The Presbyterians were the first religious group to build a church in Barton. For the sum of $980, they constructed a frame structure in 1859. Other denominations, including the Methodists and Lutherans used their building for services at various times. This structure is clear in many of the older pictures of Barton. It stands boldly on the south side Broadway Street, near George's Creek. This structure was destroyed by fire in 1919.

The Creutzburg connection with the Presbyterian Church is through Ernest Creutzburg, one of the Church's trustees. In that capacity, together with other trustees, Ernest participated in the purchase of the property, upon which the church currently stands, from Andrew B Shaw et ux in 1915, as recorded in book 115, folio 674 of the Allegany County Land Records. The property is described as Lots 3 & 4 on the East side of South Eutaw, fronting the South side of Broadway (now Legislative Road). The sale price was $1.00. After the town's incorporation, the Church "purchased" the land from the Trustees.

The site of the new church is clearly occupied by a building marked as a Meat Market in at least two photos from the early 1900's, but I cannot find this building in the 1897 picture. One source indicates that Tom Campbell ran a butcher shop on the site.

There is another sale in 1915 by the trustees to Andrew B Shaw recorded in book 116, folio 458. I did not research this sale.

Ernest Creutzburg is the eldest son of Valentine and Martha Creutzburg, and according to census records immigrated from Saxe-Gotha-Coburg, Germany with his parents in 1854. He is most probably a cousin of Henry, though this has not been proven.