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The Methodist Church of Barton

This church is significant in our family, as the Shaws were well known members. Our link to the Shaws comes as the result of the marriage of James P Shaw to Johanna Creutzburg on October 14, 1883. They had four children, Clarence, Ernest, Mattie, and Elva. The year of the marriage may be suspect as Clarence was born 12/9/1882, nearly a year before the marriage.

The church where Pete and Hanna (as they were more commonly known) probably were married, burnt down in 1919. The current church was completed in 1922. It is the probable site of Elva's marriage to Dave McGee. The exact year of the marriage is yet to be established.

This connection becomes even more significant when you consider the following. My mother, without hesitation, recognized the names Ernest and Elva, as being those of cousins my maternal grandmother, Alice Creuzburg Kinney, and her sister, Pearl Creuzburg visited. The Creuzburgs mentioned here were from Buffalo, New York. They were both born in the late 1800's. This arm of the Creutzburgs also immigrated around 1853, but settled in Buffalo. The connection between the families, if it even exists, lies in Germany.

For some time we have been trying to track the set of cousins, who lived on a farm, near Cumberland around the turn of the century. Before I mentioned that there were other children, my mother told me that there was an older brother whose name she could not recall. More on this when we get to Elva's house.