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Henry Creutzburg's House and Store

This store is the site where Henry started his mercantile business in 1869, the same year he married Matilda Cooper. Henry and Matilda and their children occupied the house beside the store. Exactly when each was built is not entirely clear, but the business remained in the hands of the Creutzburg family at the pictured site until 1919. One of the difficulties in Barton in the early 1900's and probably in other small communities in the area was that there were too many stores for the population. The coal mining business and the population growth had peeked.

From land records, it has been learned that these properties were sold at auction in 1919 by Henry's heirs. They were unable to cover debts they incurred as a partnership and those inherited from Henry through the normal operation of the mercantile business. The business and all its assets, as well as other properties owned by Henry and Matilda were included in a trust established to satisfy the all debts. The properties were to be sold at auction. This sale conducted by Horace P. Whitworth, Trustee, remains to be investigated. One account of a local citizen indicates that Billy Ayers bought the property on Broadway Street. Later the Keyes family came to own the store and house. Kate Keyes sold the house to Sue Loar. According to Sue, the current owner of the Store is Joe Howell. He uses it for storage. All the details of the land transactions have not been completely researched.