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E. Frederick's House

Frederick was the first mayor of Barton from 1919 to 1921. He was also the eldest child of Henry and Matilda Creutzburg. He and his wife Katherine Cowan Creutzburg had two daughters, Freda and Neva. Katherine died in 1962 and the house was passed on to Freda. Both Frederick and Neva died before 1962. Freda died in July 1963. The house was sold to Richard D Laughlin and his wife in 1964 during the settlement of the estate. Ruth Laughlin still lives in the house.


Looking North on High Street

The first house on the west side of High Street is visible in the 1897 photograph. It is marked with the #12. The Creutzburg house is three houses north of this house. If you walked due south from the spot this picture was taken, you would encounter paths, one of which should lead to Pete Shaw's farm.