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Elva Shaw McGee's House

Elva and her brother Ernie are probably the cousins my grandmother and her sister visited around the turn of the century. Although many of the pieces fit, we have yet to make a positive match. Perhaps, this house holds the key to our puzzle. Hopefully, Louise saves pictures, and possibly letters. We shall see.

Old German Lutheran Church

As with most things German, this church was built to last. Try as she may, even Mother Nature is having a hard time overcoming this building. I will have to check on this, but I believe that the building has been idle since 1920. What I do know is that Valentine Creutzburg and Henry Creutzburg are listed, though their name is misspelled, in the History of Western Maryland, published in 1882, among the founding members of the congregation. Few people today seem to know that this congregation ever existed.

I believe that I have located the church in the 1897 photograph. It is the small dark building to the right of #6. If that ID is accurate, then Dave & Elva's house is located along the road marked with the line and the #7. Obviously, the house was built after the photo was taken. Actually, the entire area behind the first row of houses on the street (German Street) are overgrown. Mother nature has reclaimed much of Caledonia Hill.