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The First and Second Annual MDALLEGA-L Picnic

Constitution Park, Cumberland, MD
June 12th 1999


For the second picnic, we decided to meet on the same weekend Cumberland celebrated "Heritage Days." Our rendezvous point was pavilion 3, nestled between a couple of pretty significant hills and located near the duck pond. The setting and the weather were perfect.

Getting to the pavilion was another story. Connie & Carol (that's me) entered the park at virtually the same time, a real feat considering Connie came from Garrett Co, by way of Staples and I came from Prince George's Co, near DC. After driving around for a while in our two car caravan, stopping to check the map and see if we could find someone who knew the whereabouts of the pavilion, Connie spotted a sign indication the general direction. After a bit more driving in circles, we concluded that the pavilion near the pond must be ours.

A chain stretched across the entrance to the access "road" leading down to the pavilion 3. We removed the chain and ventured down, Connie in her SUV and I in a borrowed van. The road was badly washed out, and not well suited for any vehicle with less than a foot clearance from the ground. There was no chance to back up, so after turning around, I very carefully returned the borrowed van to the parking area off the main road. To dissuade others from taking this road, which deserved to be "less traveled," I put the chain back across the road.

By now, it was about 11am. Connie & I busied ourselves setting up for the arrival of everyone else. Along came a very friendly ranger who offered to help rid the pavilion of the wasps nesting there. We were a bit anxious, knowing how ornery wasps can be when tampered with. Our ranger took careful aim with his trusty wasp bomb, fired away and in each case, the wasp dropped like a log. Not a single wasp ventured our way for the remainder of the day.

Considering the difficulty we had locating the pavilion, we were concerned that others may have an equally difficult time. We took turns climbing the hill to the road to see if passers-by were looking for our gathering. None were. Connie scouted out the facilities, which turned out to be not easily accessible from our "valley." By noon, we were both hungry and neither of us brought anything to eat to the picnic. I went to the store for sandwiches and drinks, while Connie remained behind as lookout.

Amazingly, when I returned with lunch, others began to arrive. One might conclude that until the food arrives, there is no picnic. Among the early birds were Ken & Lynn Burdette and their grandson Curt, Nancy Somerville from Baltimore and Donna Morton. Once again, Ken acted as the official event photographer and is responsible for all the photos collected this year.

The First-Timers

Donna and Connie share family data, while scanning (in the pre-computer age sense of the word) the Preservation Society's Heritage Press collection.


Lynn is also taking a moment to page through the Heritage Press collection. While she is engrossed in the collection, Nancy smiles for the camera.

Behind Lynn is the duck pond. Note the only vehicle in the picture is Connie's. At this point, everyone else parked in the lot on the "main" park road.

The other first-timers, not captured in individual pictures, were John Keyes (all the way from North Carolina), Carl Moore (on crutches and very anxious to be free to walk unassisted again), Betty Twigg (Ed's lovely wife), and Curt Burdette. All can be found in the group photos, which follow.

Standing: Ed and Betty Twigg, Austin Twigg, John Keyes, Nancy Somerville, Carl Moore, Ken Burdette, Harriet Moore, Lynn & Curt Burdette, and Mary Twigg

Front Row: Pauline Reckley Brown, Matt Butler, Susie Brown Butler and Connie Beachy

Not in time for the group photos: Sharon & Tom Banzhoff

Connie and I were relieved to see that others were able to locate pavilion 3 more easily than we had. We both had tired of running up the hill to see if passing cars were looking for the genealogy picnic and had resorted to shouting "pavilion 3" at passers-by from our seats at the picnic tables. To our surprise, Harriet & Carl, Austin & Mary and Sharon & Tom all ventured down the access "road." Our friendly ranger had taken the chain down. I am happy to report that all returned safely to the main road.

Gathered around the table, examining documents and chatting about various projects in progress and being planned are Harriet Moore, Betty Twigg, Mary Twigg, Connie Beachy and Austin Twigg.


A couple more snapshots of the happy gathering.
Thanks for joining us and hope to see you next year!!

Before the festivities concluded, Connie presented me with a gift package containing a cute little flower pot and an Itty Bitty Kitty to acknowledge the things I do for the MDGenWeb Project. As I looked around the group gathered at the picnic, what was very obvious to me was how small my contributions are compared to the contributions of those with whom I had the privilege of sharing this day.

Thank you all!!

I offer my thanks to Harriet for all her help with my research, her contributions to the archives, her work on the Old Pike Post, and most of all for her sense of humor; to Ken Burdette for all his photographs that have helped those, unable to participate, to share in each of our adventures; to Ed Twigg for his dedication to the restoration and recording of Allegany County cemeteries and his efforts in compiling the Twigg family history; to Austin Twigg for his many contributions on the mailing list and work on the Twigg family; to John Keyes for bearing with me as I chewed his ear off about Barton; to Sharon Banzhoff for her untiring work on our cemetery projects and for introducing me to the canal records; to Connie for everything she does (the list would be too long to include here)..........

We all are looking forward to next year and hope that more folks can come!

June 27th 1998

Mary Apicella's Picnic Photo's

Richard Sleeman, his Mom & Mary Apicella






Harriet Moore & Pat Dailey

Foreground: Mrs & Mr Austin Twigg
Background: Connie Beachy

Connie Beachy & Carol Askey


Sharon Hofer's Snapshots

Betty Jane (BJ) Diggs   Jerry Miller, Carol & Connie (again)


Working at the picnic table: Jerry & Austin
Facing camera: Harriet, Carol (behind post), BJ & her significant other
Back to camera, hands on hips: Connie
Last but not least, our very own Abe Lincoln wanna be: Hillbilly Bill Miller.


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