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Heritage Press Index


Introducing the Index Transcription Team:

Each of these incredible volunteers combed the pages of their respective issues to locate the names of people and places mentioned in the text. The Index, which follows, consists of over 3,400 entries.

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F - G - H - I - J

K - L - M - N - O

P- Q - R - S - T

U - V - W - XYZ

Some pages are large and may load slowly.

The Heritage Press is a series of "newspapers" written in the 1970's. The purpose of the paper was to awaken a sense of the History surrounding the people of Allegany County, before everything of historic significance was torn down. The papers contain many names of people of interest to genealogists. Hopefully, you are able to find some clues to relating to your research.

There are two tables of data for each letter, one for people, the other for places & things.


Reprints of of the issues may be requested from the Preservation Society, Inc., P.O. Box 1648, Cumberland, Maryland 21502.

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