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Fairview Cemetery
Transcription Project
October 4, 1998

By way of introduction, the folks pictured below set out to transcribe the Fairview Cemetery in Allegany County Maryland. The owner has been reluctant to allow access to the property. Not knowing what would transpire, this small band of concerned citizens gathered anyway and managed to convince the owner to permit them access. The fruit of their labors can be found at the end of this page.


Presenting The Busy B's

The Beachys are on the left, Connie is on the ground with son, Chris and daughter-in-law, Kathy assisting. To the right are Tom and Sharon Banzhoff.


Discussing Strategy

Connie, Sharon and Mark Dodd work out what to do next, while Chris Beachy and Tom Banzhoff listen in.


Solid Find

A little more than 80 years ago, Carrie B O'Neal (1894-1917) was laid to rest in the Fairview Cemetery. Today her final resting place is seriously threatened, the result of years of neglect.


The Feast Following Fairview


Lunch is Served

Sharon puts the finishing touches on the table setting, while Tom & Mark & Connie's granddaughter, Sarah Beachy, gather the goodies.


Hail to our Heros

A special thanks to you, Tom, Chris and Kathy for braving the elements to help Connie, Sharon, Ken & Mark with this project.

All of us who could not be there really appreciate your willingness to pitch hit for us.


"I can't believe they ate everything!"



Here They Are


  By now you have met everyone pictured here with the exception of the good looking gentleman in the center, framed by Connie and Sharon.

That is the one and only Ken Burdette, and the reason he is not in any other pictures is he was the man behind the camera. Thanks for all these marvelous shots Ken.

This final photo was taken by Greg Smith, son of the property owner. Everyone is standing on the sight of the old Fairview Methodist Church.



Connie's Transcription

Near corner of Street Road and old Route 40, about 1 miles west of Flintstone, Allegany County Maryland.

wife of E. ANDERSON - only part of the top of the stone remaining.
Jesse BROWNING - 17 December 1835 - 4 October 1914
Annie E.
BROWNING - 25 January 1838 - 11 October 1931, "Her end was peace"
Leroy DIEHL - died 4 July 1872, 25 years, 1_ month, 28 days
Jane W. GOODRICH - 1852 - 1922
Henry HARTSOCK - 18 May 1813 - 9 December 1891
HARTSOCK - died 1890
HARTSOCK - 13 April 1813 or 1818 - __ November 1898
HARTSOCK - 9 November 1814 - 9 November 1847
HARTSOCK - died 7 February 1856, 41 years, 2_ days
HARTSOCK - 19 January 1820 - 19 January 1854
Willie, infant son of S. & M. HINKLE - died 20 February 1873, 4 months, 6 days.
HINKLE - 1874 - ____ and Dora A., his wife - 1817 - 1915 and H.H.
Infant daughter of B.M. and D.A.
HINKLE - 1850-1916 and Rhoda (WOLFORD), his wife - 1852 - 1930 (Rhoda is daughter of Hiram WOLFORD and Martha ______. Sommerfield HINKLE the son of John H. HINKLE and Mary Ann Bucy)
Carrie B. O'NEAL - 1894-1917, "At Rest"
C.B.O. - small stone
Loring C.
SMITH - 27 December 1893 - 29 November 1950, 52 Base Hospital, WW I, Md., Pfc.
Thomas WILLISON - born August 1817, died January 1874
WILLISON - died 22 January 1867, 71 years 10 months, 11 days
Mary J.
WILLISON - died 16 January 1864, 26 years 4 months, 2 days
David L.
WILLISON - died 9 February 1880, 55 years, 2 months, 18 days

To Our Mother - Anah, wife of Elisha
WILLISON - born 11 December 1806 - died 11 December 1880, (this is the mother of Hilary Farmer WILLISON).
To Our Father - Elisha
WILLISON - died 12 November 1869, 63 years, 2 days:
(This is Hilary Farmer
WILLISON's Father)
"Prepare To Meet Thy God"
A.W. - small stone
WILLISON - "To our Mother", design appears to be finger pointing to Heaven.
Anah, daughter of Thomas
WILLISON, died 15 January, 1870.
N.H. & J.H. & W.H. - small stones.
Nancy A.
WILLISON - died 28 February 1896
Daniel WOLFORD - 26 June 1818 - 29 March 1900
WOLFORD - 16 April 1817 - 6 September 1904
WOLFORD - died 15 June 1852, 71 years, 9 months, 26 days
Marian, daughter of H. & M.C.
WOLFORD - died 2 August 1859, 2 years, 8 months, 8 days
Small stones with only initials: E.W. and A.W.
Mary, wife of D.
WOLFORD - died 24 September 1866, 90 years, 4 months, 12 days
WOLFORD - born 23 June 1816 - died 29 March 1900
Martha C.
WOLFORD - 18 April 1816 - 25 October 1904, 78 years, 6 months, 8? days "ASLEEP IN JESUS"
Julia Frances ________ - partial stone only
Rev. ___________________ of Ba_____, M.E. Church, who departed this life in ___ glorius resurrection, 18 June 1877, 35 years, 8 months, 15 days...partial stone only. At bottom reads: "Dear wife we have thee all alone, Nearby the village of what lane?, Thy body there with strange ____, Until the Resurrection Day."
WOLFORD - died 1 August 1872, 20 years, 8 months, 11 days, son of D. & L. WOLFORD.
Samuel ZIMMERMAN - Co. C, 2nd Maryland Home Brigade, Inf

There were approximately 7 fieldstones where the writing was completely gone.

This Cemetery was viewed and the visable markers were transcribed on 3 October 1998 by the following:

Tom and Sharon Banzoff of Williamsport, Maryland
Kenneth Burdette of Thurmont area, Maryland
Mark Dodd of Elizabeth Pennsylvania
Chris Beachy of Gambrills, Maryland
Kathy Beachy of Gambrills, Maryland
Sarah Beachy of Gambrills, Maryland
Connie Beachy of Swanton, Maryland
This group met on the Allegany County Email List.

Prior to entering the cemetery permission was obtained from Greg Smith,the son of the property owner, Lawrence Smith. We were given permission to enter the property and to examine all of the stones. However, Mr. Smith adamantly refused to let us do any type of maintenance work. He claims he and his father made the old sign which says "In Memory of Fairview Cemetery."

Fairview Cemetery was originally established by Fairview Methodist Church which also sat on the Smith property but is no longer visable. Hilary Farmer Willison, in his book, "Pioneer Settlers of Flintstone, 1908" notes the names of many more people than we found stones for. It would appear that Maryland law must be changed before any group might attempt to resurrect this wonderful old cemetery.

Copyright 1998
Connie Hamilton Beachy
458 Meadow Mountain Road
Swanton, Maryland 21561-2417
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4 October 1998