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Posted Queries for April 2004

Researcher: Susan Halpin

Date posted: Thursday, April 1, 2004

I was wondering if anyone had access to the 1922 June The Daily News. I am looking for an article written on My great grandfather's death. He was Henry MCKENNA, born 1859 Frostburg of Hugh MCKENNA and Catherine Mallon TIPPIN MCKENNA. He died June 2, 1922, Washington DC. Any help would be appreciated.

Researcher: Gloria Ranker

Date posted: Friday, April 2, 2004

Searching for any descendants of William J.G. HILLEARY 1814-aft.1856 and wife Johanna Amelia FECHTIG 1826-aft.1880 or their children Anna S., John E., Perry, Joseph P., Albert A., Lucy A. and William F. Would like to compare notes. Thank you.

Researcher: John Keating


Personal Web Page:
Date posted: Sunday, April 4, 2004

Looking for descendents of John KEATING and Julia HYLAND. They moved into Allegany County in the late 1850s, first into Mt. Savage, then Morantown, then Frostburg. Children were Catherine Elizabeth Counihan, Mary Theresa Cronin, Thomas Patrick, Julia, Agnes, and John William.

Researcher: Larry Gilbert

Date posted: Tuesday, April 6, 2004

Thomas GILBERT and Eliza WILSON GILBERT Eliza is buried in the Moscow cemetary. Their son Wilson Thomas moved to Mckeesport in the 1890's

Researcher: Rita Keller


Personal Web Page:
Date posted: Friday, April 9, 2004

I am stuck in the CRAWFORD family. I have been able to locate info on my great great grandfather who was David K CRAWFORD. I have a piece of that family bible showing that he was born in Germany and came here sometime after. He had a son David A CRAWFORD who was my great grandfather. David had a son named Leroy CRAWFORD which is my granfather. This family is either from MD, WV or possibly PA not really sure. Any help would be great.

Surnames: KEILING
Researcher: Jeff Keiling

Date posted: Saturday, April 10, 2004

I am interested to know the lineage of the KEILING's of Allegany Co. Maryland. Who was the Father of John KEILING of Wright's Crossing/ Frostburg. I was told long ago that he was from Lonaconing and was believed to have been born there. I was told he may have also spoken German. Does this possibly mean his father was an immigrant to Lonaconing? Any Brother's or sisters? His father's name and origin..who did they marry...where were they buried? Any help would be so greatly appreciated.

Researcher: Lois Zelina

Date posted: Saturday, April 10, 2004

I am looking to find either the MCMAHON family that includes Bridget and James MCMAHON-probable name of father in family is John or the location of James and Ann MCMAHON's home in 1860. They would have at least 2 children John (born 1854) and Catherine (born 1857) They probably lived in Oakland area but possibly W.Va. Bridget married John ROWAN in 1851 in Westernport.

Researcher: George L. Wilson

Date posted: Sunday, April 11, 2004

I am just starting my search for my dad's side of the family, The WILSONs. I got lucky from the get go and found a GEDCOM that matched up with what I knew from the past, from notes my mom kept and from a previous attempt at this by checking the obits at the library. The GEDCOM has almost everyone born, married or died in OLD TOWN, or just "Allegany" or "Of MD".

I know my grandfather George William WILSON was born 14 Aug 1892 from records my mother kept. His obituary said in Old Town. It also said he was survived by his step-mom, Mrs. Warfield WILSON, brothers Alvin and Dewey G., sister Mary, and two half-brothers & a half-sister all of Cumberland, MD.

I then found a GEDCOM that was submitted by Vernon D. WILSON of Springfield, MO. which had his father Warfield(b.Mar 1871) and his mother Sarah A.(unknown maiden, b.Oct 1874 in WV) married before 1892. However, Warfield was remarried in 1903 to Mary R.(unknown maiden, b.1880 in MD) This I can also confirm from a family note of her death in 1963. The GEDCOM also confirmed his brothers(b.Jan 1896 & Mar 1898 respectively), plus his sister that I knew personally (b. 8 Jun 1901). It also showed another brother, Cornelias(b.Jan 1900), and a sister, Emma L(b.Feb 1894). The part I don't get is it reports that Warfield and Mary had 4 children, but lists them all as female, which disagrees with my grandpa's obit of there being two step-brothers. It also says their still living. I'm betting the report is quite old since the rest of the family isn't know for it's longevity.

Unfortunately, there are few maiden names and no parents or deaths for the wives, but moving back through fathers I have: George S.(b.Nov 1842, Old Town) married in 1867 to Mary E.(b.Mar 1816, MD), 6 children
John(b.Nov 1842, d.1886, Allegany MD) married before 1835 to Mary(b.Mar 1816, PA), 10 children
Nathan(b.1791, Allegany MD) married 1 Feb 1812 to Atsy HAYS(b.Aug 1795, d.9 Jan 1879, Allegany MD) 3 children w/ one Female w/o a name Edward(b. bef 1774, Allegany MD) married Catherine WILLISON(b. bef 1774, MD), 8 children
Edward(b. bef 1767, d.28 Mar 1804 Of MD) married Sarah(b. abt 1774, MD), 3 children
Edward(b. abt 1741, d. abt 1761, Of MD) married Rebecca(b. abt 1745,Of MD, d.28 Sep 1774, Frederick MD), 3 children

I'm hoping that there are still some descendants living in or around Old Town, since it looks like most did for about 175 years. I know my grandfather lived in Akron, Ohio in 1919 when my dad was born. His obit said he had worked for Goodyear for 39 years and had retired in 1954. And since Akron was the rubber capital back then, I can't imagine he worked for Goodyear in Maryland. That would put him in Akron by 1915. And also from his obit I know 2 brothers and a sister also moved up near Akron at some point. I know Mary never had kids but I don't know about the brothers or the other siblings not mentioned in the obit. There is also several notes of burials at "Um Cem Mt Plsnt, Allegany, MD" and one of James F. WILSON (b.18 Apr 1818, d.9 Jan 1858) buried at "Wilson Cem No 4, Allegany MD". That one definitely intrigues me, since my dad was James Frederic. Does anyone know these cemeteries? I also have no date for my grandparents marriage, so I can't tell if he met my grandma, Lillian Pearl WEISENMILLER, in Maryland or Ohio. So if anyone knows this name, let me know. I would also like to find out who Vernon D. WILSON is since he was the one who submitted this info. I did a reverse lookup on his address and he is not the one listed at that address, nor is it a Wilson. Does anyone know how to tell when a submission was made? And how do thess "AFN" numbers work? Any info that anyone has ill be greatly appreciated. GLW

Researcher: Rita Keller


Personal Web Page:
Date posted: Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Does anyone have any idea how to find out when someone came into this country. I have been able to find my 2nd great grandfather when he was 22 in Fayette county. I also found him with my 2nd great grandmother Mary. They lived in Allegany county in 1910. But by talking to family he was born in Germany. His name is David K CRAWFORD. Any help would be appreciated.

Surnames: LASHLEY
Researcher: Mary Martin

Date posted: Tuesday, April 13, 2004

John LASHLEY was an early settler of Allegany County according to a list of "Property Owners, Murley's Branch Hundred 1793"(Sugar Tree Camp, 100 acres). Could he have migrated from Frederick County, (or Montgomery) MD after 1780? Any information related to John LASHLEY of Allegany County in the late 1700s will be appreciated.

Researcher: Colleen Benner

Date posted: Thursday, April 15, 2004

I have info on the name Colwell, Sheets, Reynolds

Surnames: MORRISON
Researcher: Gerry Cunningham

Date posted: Saturday, April 17, 2004

I am trying to find any information on one Max MORRISON. Max graduated from Allegany High School in 1936 and was killed in an auto accident while returning to Cumberland from a fishing trip on the eastern shore. An undated issue of the Allegany High School news letter has an article dedicated to his memory. The article notes that Max was recent graduate of AHS and was taking night classes. I would guess he was killed in the summer of 1937. Thanks for your help.

Researcher: Pat Sullivan

Date posted: Monday, April 19, 2004

Does St. Patrick's Church, Cumberland have an email address? Thank You.

Researcher: Sara Deffenbaugh

Date posted: Monday, April 19, 2004

I am looking for my grandparents marriage license. I am told they married in Cumberland, MD about 3 December 1902, they are Joseph Lemon WYSEL and Hattie Florence WEYAND. They both were born and raised in PA. I am applying to the D.A.R. and need their marriage license as a proof document. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Surnames: MCELFISH
Researcher: Faye Costarell

Date posted: Tuesday, April 20, 2004

What is the maiden name of Molly C MCELFISH, wife of Dr. B. B. MCELFISH in the 1880 Allegany County Census?

Surnames: JACKSON
Researcher: Cynthia Mendez

Date posted: Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Trying to find information on William JACKSON b: 1835 Maryland. Wife Margaret , children George, Mary L., Ulysis S., Ellen M., William A. Mostly looking for anything on William Sr., already know about 1880 Maryland census. Would like to know more on 1910 Maryland census, listed as "inmate" at Alms House, age 75. That is all i can find. Anything else would be great!

Surnames: JONES
Researcher: Evan Jones

Date posted: Wednesday, April 21, 2004

I am researching a Richard JONES b: 1810 MD. That's all that I have to date.

Surnames: FAIR, KYNE
Researcher: Nicole Littleton

Date posted: Sunday, April 25, 2004

I am trying to find the parents of Thomas E. KYNE. I know he was born in PA 1886 and married Mary FAIR in 1889. I have traced Mary FAIR to Cumberland (Ocean), MD and know Thomas lived with her and her family in 1910 (HOH is Thomas FAIR). I have found another family of KYNE's in the 1910 census in Cumberland that may be Thomas' family, but I cannot find proof they are related. The other KYNE family is headed by Thomas B. KYNE; married to Johanna; with 3 children: Edward, Edna are the only 2 listed. My guess is that Thomas E. KYNE is the third child. I have tried searching the 1900 census but no luck so far. Can you help?

Researcher: Jim Steele

Date posted: Wednesday, April 28, 2004

My KENNY/KENNEY family immigrated to Elk Garden, WV and Cumberland & Westernport, MD sometime around 1864-1868. I know my gggrandfather Richard KENNEY ran a saloon (bar, pub) in Cumberland, and his brother John KENNEY lived in Frostburg. Inlaw names are CALLERY and BROPHY and I feel brothers and sisters of these surnames also immigrated at the same time. Any information is very appreciated.

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