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Excerpts from The Cumberland Times
transcribed by Charles Often



1916 - August


ATHEY 10 Aug 1916 Miss Mary Athey, aged 70 years, died today at the home of a sister, Mrs John Rowe at 28 Hanover Street.  She worked for the Western Maryland RR for 22 years as a car cleaner and was pensioned March 15.  Burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.

BAKER 07 Aug 1916 The funeral of Arthur Baker was held by the BPOE of Frostburg and burial was in Allegany Cemetery.  His wife and sister, Miss Elvira Frazier of New Castle PA attended.

BARTGIS 24 Aug 1916 Keyser- Mr C E Bartgis, aged 60 years, a bookkeeper for Standard Lime & Stone Co. died yesterday from hemorrage. burial is in Baltimore.

BLAINE 08 Aug 1916 James Garfield Blaine, a two years old son of George W Blaine of Dixie WV, died Sunday (6 Aug) and was buried in McKenzie Cemetery.

BOWERS 16 Aug 1916 Lonaconing- George Bowers died on Saturday (14 Aug) at St Joseph’s Sanitarium near Baltimore and was buried today at St Mary’s Cemetery.  His wife died several years ago and he is survived by a daughter, Miss Lorena Bowers who lives with an aunt, Miss Regina Bach.  20 Aug 1916 The sizeable estate is left to the daughter. [Two paragraph article].

BROWN 23 Aug 1916 Hilda Pauline Brown, six month daughter of Mr & Mrs Robert Brown died Friday (20 Aug) at the home on Haley Street and burial is in Rose Hill Cemetery.

BURGER 16 Aug 1916 Harry Burger, aged 38 years, died Friday (13 Aug) at Western Maryland Hospital and services are from the home of a brother, Earl Burger of Polk Street with burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.

BUSH 16 Aug 1916 Frostburg- Robert Bush, a colored man of Moscow Mills, aged 69 years, a ex-slave of A C Shaw, died on Saturday (14 Aug) and is survived by his wife. The article recounts of his escape and enlistment in the Civil War and return to this area.  Burial is at Allegany Cemetery.

CESSNA 11 Aug 1916 John A Cessna, aged 74 years, manager of the Arandale Hotel at Bedford Springs, died in bed yesterday.  A son of the late sheriff, John J Cessna, these children survive: Charles Cessna in the West; Mrs Charles R Rhodes of Hagerstown; Mrs A J Allen and J Roy Cessna of Bedford and Maurice F Cessna with the US Army at Ft Sheridan.

CONNOR 11 Aug 1916 Lonaconing Mrs Janet Connor, age 8x, widow of Thomas Connor, died Thursday (10 Aug) at her home in Charlestown after a ten week illness with paralysis.  A native of Glasgow, Scotland, she came here 65 years ago and was a resident of Lonaconing for 43 years.  Her husband died 20 years ago.  A sister, Mrs Margaret McDonald and four children survive: Mrs Joseph Brooks of Coal City IL; Henry W Connor; Thomas C Connor, and Charles W Connor-all of Lonaconing. 

COULEHAN 28 Aug 1916 Mrs Elizabeth G Coulehan, wife of Richard Coulehan, died at Mercy Hospital in Baltimore where she had gone for treatment .  She was the daughter of James Reynolds of Cumberland.  She is survived by her husband and these children: Bernard Coulehan and James Coulehan of Cumberland; Richard Coulehan Jr of Detroit MI; Sister Germaine Marie of the Sisters of the Poor in NY; and Miss Dorothy Coulehan of Mt St Agnes College.  Services and  burial at Sts Peter & Paul Catholic Church and Cemetery.

CUMBERLAND 28 Aug 1916 Baltimore Street will be double-tracked for street cars to eliminate traffic at the turnaround spots.

DANAHEY 20 Aug 1916 Lonaconing- Matthew Danahey, aged 84 years, a flagman at the C&P RR, died of injuries from a runaway team of horses owned by merchant, George Ternent.  Born in County Cork, Ireland in 1831, he came to America in 1868, first at Martinsburg and then in 1870, to Pekin.  His wife died several years ago.  He is survived by a son, John Danahey of Lonaconing and Miss Mary Danahey at home.  Burial in St Gabriel’s Cemetery. [Article is five paragraphs].

DAVIS 01 Aug 1916 Frostburg Benjamin Davis, aged 57 years, died yesterday at the St Cloud Hotel.  A former resident of Barton, his wife died 13 months ago at Miners Hospital.  Son of the late Benjamin Davis, he lived at Allegany Mines MD.  He had spent 24 years in NV mining silver and was in the US Cavalry for three years.  These children survive: Mrs Thomas Fazenbaker and Mrs Joseph Schofert of Piedmont and Lewis Davis of PA.  A sister is Mrs Philip Keys of Barton.

DEFFINBAUGH 03 Aug 1916 Miss Sarah Deffinbaugh aged 50 years, died today at Sylvan Retreat.  She was a sister of Edward Deffinbaugh of Oldtown.  The funeral and burial is in Oldtown.

DEFFINBAUGH 09 Aug 1916 Miss Ella G Deffinbaugh, aged 41 years, died at Miner’s Hospital of typhoid fever after a eight week illness. She was the only daughter of Mr & Mrs Oliver Deffinbaugh of Town Creek.  Local cousins are Resley Robinson on Oak Street; and Mrs Robert Middleton of Center Street.  Burial n Allegany Cemetery.

DENNISON 19 Aug 1916 John D Dennison, aged 50 years, of Bier Station, died yesterday after a brief illness.  Surviving re his wife and these children: Mrs Bruce Llewellyn; Misses Marion Dennison, Ruth Dennison, Alice Dennison, Helen Dennison; and John Dennison, William Dennison, George Dennison, Joseph Dennison, and Robert Dennison.   Burial is in the family burial graveyard with Rev Wilbur M Snyder, officiating.

DICKEN 07 Aug 1916 Howard Dicken, aged one month, son of Mr & Mrs Carl Dicken died Saturday (5 Aug) at Mt Union and burial is in Bald Hill Cemetery near Hazen.

DICKINSON 03 Aug 1916 Mrs L T Dickinson, aged 71 years, wife of Capt Dickinson, a former resident who has lived at Chattanooga TN since 1881, died Monday (31 Jul).  She was Miss Nannie Tudball of Winchester VA before her marriage on Oct 15, 1867.  She was implicated as a sympathizer in the capture of Union General McNeill of the Civil War fame, but was finally absolved of involvement. [Article has 7 paragraphs].

DODD 10 Aug 1916 Laura V Dodd, four months daughter of Mr & Mrs J Wilson Dodd of 8 Shriver Avenue died yesterday from acute dilation of the heart following a three hour illness.  Burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.

DUFTY 04 Aug 1916 Frostburg- Mrs Emily Dufty, aged 83 years, widow of Edward Dufty, died yesterday.  She came to this country in 1851 and was the daughter of John Trollup, superintendent of Bristol Iron Works in England.  She married Robert Hart who was killed in the civil war .  He was captured while guarding a train at New Creek and was being marched to a prison in Petersburg when he attempted to escape and was shot. Four children survive: William R Hart of Cumberland ; John Hart, Robert Hart, and Mrs Mary J Dufty of Frostburg.  In 1866, she married Edward Dufty and four children survive: Mrs James H Cook of Cumberland; Joseph Dufty; Edward Dufty; and Mrs William J Dufty all of Frostburg.  Burial in the Allegany Cemetery.

DURKIN 10 Aug 1915 Copied from the Pittsburgh Gazette: Elizabeth M Durkin (Gillooly), widow of John M Durkin, died Wednesday (9 Aug).  Services are at St Francis De Salles RC Church at McKee’s Rocks PA.

EISENTROUT 14 Aug 1916 Eugene Eisentrout, fourteen months of age, son of John Eisentrout, died yesterday of bronchitis.  Survived by his parents and a brother, George Eisentrout; and sisters, Lillian Eisentrout; Mary Eisentrout; Violet Eisentrout; and Catherine Eisentrout.  Burial is in St Michael’s Cemetery.

FARANTELLI 10 Aug 1916 Gueseppi Farantelli, aged 29 years, died today at Allegany Hospital of typhoid fever.   He worked in the construction camp of the B&O RR.  A brother, Simon Farantelli survives.

FISHER 09 Aug 1916 Charles W Fisher died Saturday (5 Aug) at the home of a sister in Romney WV after a long illness with consumption.  Surviving sisters: Mrs Simeon Wilson of Jessups MD; Mrs Nelson Bohrer of Cumberland; Mrs Kate Mulleneaux of Hagerstown; Mrs Lou Roberts of SC; and Mrs Annie McBride of Romney WV.  Burial is in Indian Mound Cemetery, Romney WV.

FISHER 03 Aug 1916 Mrs Laura V Fisher, aged 63 years, died yesterday at Berkeley Springs WV.  She formerly lived in Cumberland and was the wife of B&O RR conductor C H Fisher.  Survived by: Mrs Ella Lewis; Mrs H F Houseworth of South Cumberland; Mrs J E Frederick of Mt Braddock PA; Mrs C H Fisher Jr of South Cumberland; and Miss Mildred Fisher of Berkeley Springs.

FISHER 05 Aug 1916 Manetta Virginia Fisher, aged five years, daughter of Mr & Mrs George W Fisher of Oldtown Road died yesterday and burial is in Rose Hill Cemetery.

FLOTO 03 Aug 1916 William H Floto, aged 56 years, died at his home in Akron OH last Friday (28 Jul).  A former business man and resident of Meyersdale PA , he left there four years ago.  He is survived by his wife, and one son, Eugene Floto; and two daughters, Florence Floto and Kathryn Floto- all of Akron.  Also, his mother, Mrs Roseanna Floto and these brothers and sisters: Eugene R Floto of Connellsville; Daniel A Floto of Meyersdale PA; Rev Charles P Floto and Augustus Floto of Akron OH; and Mrs Harvey Ferner of Akron OH; and Mrs John Baker of Hyndman.  Burial in Meyersdale with the Mason’s organization holding services.

FORT CUMBERLAND HOTEL 11 Aug 1916 Plans and a drawling in an article to construct the hotel at Baltimore and Liberty streets in the McKaig Block. [ Article is 7 paragraphs].

FRANKLAND 04 Aug 1916 Mrs Mary Jane Frankland, aged 76 years, widow of Henry Frankland, died yesterday at home of a son, Charles Frankland of 424 Grand Avenue after an illness of five weeks.  Formerly of Westernport there are eleven children surviving: James Frankland, Harry Frankland, William Frankland, Lee Frankland, Thomas Frankland, Benjamin Frankland, John Frankland, and Charles Frankland of Cumberland; Mrs John Atkinson of Baltimore and Mrs E P Fillenbaum of Forest Hill.  Burial in Westernport.

GEINGER 16 Aug 1916 George G Geinger, aged 65 years, died yesterday at Allegany Hospital and the body was taken to Buck Valley by Stein undertakers for burial.

GLENN 15 Aug 1916 Albert H Glenn, aged 45 years, a Western Maryland Railroad conductor of Elkins WV drowned on Saturday (14 Aug) in the Potomac River while swimming.  When the body was recovered there was little water in the lungs and a large wad of tobacco was lodged in the mans throat.  He is survived by his wife and five children in Elkins. [Article has three paragraphs].

GOULD 26 Aug 1916 Lonaconing- Mrs Ann Gould, aged 75 years, died today at her home on Douglas Avenue.  She was the relict of Elijah Gould.  Born in England, she and her husband and family came to Lonaconing in 1870.  Seven grown   children survive: Mrs John Screen; Mrs Adam Orr; Misses Sarah Gould; Ruth Gould; Millicent Gould; and also, Eli Gould; and Elijah Gould Jr.  Burial in Oak Hill Cemetery.

GUISBERT 03 Aug 1916 Lonaconing- John T Guisbert, aged 59 years, died yesterday at the home of David Frye of Beechwood after an illness of several weeks. He was born in Frederick and lived in Lonaconing for 50 years.  He is survived by two sons and one daughter: Albert Guisbert, a local barber and former well known ball player; Henry Guisbert of Pittsburgh; and Mrs Walter James of Baltimore City.  Burial in Oak Hill Cemetery.

HAMMERSMITH 18 Aug 1916 Mrs Emma Hammersmith, aged 29 years, wife of Joseph Hammersmith, a restauranteur of the Queen City Pavement, died today.  Mr Charles Johnson of Pittsburgh, a brother of the deceased attended the services and burial at Rose Hill Cemetery.

HARDEN 19 Aug 1916 Mrs Elizabeth Harden of Hyndman died Sunday (Aug 8) aged 75 years, five months and ten days.  Her husband, James Harden died 28 years ago.  She is a member of the Brethren Church.

HARVEY 12 Aug 1916 Arthur O Harvey, aged 25 years, a native of Deer Park, died today at Western Maryland Hospital following a two week stay.

HAUGH 11 Aug 1916 Helen Haugh, eight month daughter of Mr & Mrs Raymond Haugh of Pennsylvania Avenue died yesterday and burial is in Rose Hill Cemetery.

HOPWOOD 21 Aug 1916 Elmer Hopwood, aged 45 years, died today at Allegany Hospital following an operation.   He was a son of the late Joshua Hopwood and was a painter by trade.  A wife and a son, Luther Hopwood survive.  Burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.

IACOBACCI 08 Aug 1916 Tri-Towns Emelio Iacobacci, an Italian workman at the WVP&P Co. mill at Luke was killed working at the rag mill machines.  A native of Toro, Campobasso, Italy, his parents survive.   Funeral is at St Peter’s Catholic Church in Westernport.

JEFFRIES 07 Aug 1916 Frostburg- George Jeffries, aged 66 years, died today at Chester NE.  A former resident until 1870, he is a native of Mammothshire England and is a retired farmer.  Surviving are his wife and five sons and three daughters; and brothers, Alfred Jeffries and Jabez Jefffries of Frostburg; John Jeffries of MT; Gabriel Jeffries of CO; and Mrs Mary Taylor of Frostburg.  He was an uncle of Walter Jeffries and Clifton Jeffries of Frostburg; and of John E Taylor of the Cumberland & Westernport Electric Railway.

JENNINGS 19 Aug 1916 Frostburg- Mrs Isabella Jennings, aged 50 years, died yesterday at Miners Hospital after an illness of ten days.  She is the widow of Irvin Jennings, who was injured Oct 1913 at Short Gap and died January 1914.  A native of Taylor Co., WV, she was a Miss Isabella Boyce.  Surviving are three sons and two daughters all at home.  W M Jennings is head of the firm of Jennings Brothers on Broadway.

JOHNSON 12 Aug 1916 Miss Eleanor C B Johnson, aged 65 years, died today at the home of Mr & Mrs Ferdinand Williams of 59 Washington Street after an illness of five weeks.  She is a daughter of the late R D Johnson who is from Frederick MD.  She is survived by two sisters, Mrs Ferdinand Williams and Mrs Thomas P Morgan of Washington DC; and a brother, Richard D Johnson of the RD Johnson Milling Co. she was predeceased by sisters Mrs Marion Lee Duvall of Annapolis MD and Mrs Emily Beall.  Services are at Emmanuel Episcopal Church and burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.

LATHAN 05 Aug 1916 Charles Joseph Lathan an infant of one year and four months, son of Mr & Mrs Reginald Lathan of Westernport Hill, died on Wednesday (2 Aug).

LAYMAN 16 Aug 1916 Frostburg- Norman R Layman, aged 82 years, died yesterday at the home of a grand daughter, Mrs Harry Dando of Grahamtown.  Surviving children are: Mrs J W (Sophia) Smith of Pittsburgh; Miss Dessa E Layman of Sykesville MD; Floyd Layman of Baltimore; Asa Layman; Olin Layman; and Walter Layman of Frostburg; and also, sisters; Mrs Harriet McKenzie of Bayard WV; Mrs Jacob (Nancy) Carey of Muntersville WV; Mrs Delia Muse of Confluence PA; Mrs Isaac Swager of New Germany MD; Mrs William (Minerva) Connor of Frostburg; Miss Amanda Layman of Clarksburg WV; John A Layman of Frostburg; and William F Layman of Elkins.  Also, grand children; Mrs Harry Dando; Emory Layman; Woodrow Layman; Stanley Layman; and Homer Layman of Frostburg.  Burial is in Allegany Cemetery.

LINDEMAN 07 Aug 1916 Mrs Fredrica Lindeman, aged 79 years, widow of Adam Lindeman, died yesterday at home on Virginia Avenue.  A native of Germany, her husband died on 07 Jul 1904.  Surviving children : Mrs Mary Beck of Patterson’s Creek; Conrad Lindeman of McKee’s Rocks PA; August Lindeman of McKeesport; Joseph Lindeman of Girard OH; Henry Lindeman of Steubensville OH; Mrs Josephine Greene of Cumberland; 21 grand children and five great grand children.  Burial is in the German Lutheran Cemetery.

LUPIN 25 Aug 1916 George Lupin, aged one year, son of Mr & Mrs George Lupin of Allegany, died last Sunday (22 Aug) of whooping cough.  Burial in St Michael’s Cemetery.

MACKERT 01 Aug 1916 Mrs Matilda W Mackert, aged 39 years, of 24 Franklin Street died yesterday of child birth.  Her husband, Charles Mackert and daughter Eleanor and son Charles Jr. and the infant survive.  Services at Sts Peter & Paul Catholic Church.

MARKWOOD 10 Aug 1916 Kenny Cigar Co advertisement features Hugh Markwood photo, a pitcher for the Cumberland Colts.

MATHENEY 16 Aug 1916 H W Matheney, a druggist of the West Side Pharmacy, is featured in a drawing entitled Cumberland Men in Caricatures.

McALLISTER 03 Aug 1916 James McAllister died and burial is in St Michael’s Catholic Cemetery at Frostburg.

McCALL 12 Aug 1916 Mrs Bridget G McCall, aged 60 years, wife of James McCall, the lock tender at the local wharf of the C&O Canal, died yesterday after a brief illness.  She is survived by her husband and three sisters.  Burial in St Patrick’s Cemetery.

McELVIE 17 Aug 1916 Lonaconing- James McElvie Sr. died on Saturday (14 Aug) of a paralytic stroke as he was going to work in Consolidation Coal Company #7 “Klondike”.  Burial is in Laurel Hill Cemetery.

MEYERS 17 Aug 1916 Ross Meyers, aged 35 years, a machinist at the B & O RR shops was electrocuted at work yesterday.  He is survived by his wife, the former Miss Ellen Romesburg of Rockwood; a daughter, Lavida Grace Meyers aged 8 years; his mother, Mrs Susan Meyers of Rockwood; and three brothers, John F Meyers in Canada; David R Meyers and Charles O Meyers of Rockwood.  Burial in IOOF Cemetery of Rockwood.

MICHAELS 23 Aug 1916 Westernport- Mr Jackson Michaels of Aaron’s Run, Garrett Co., MD died on Friday (20 Aug) at the home of a son Cam Michaels.  He was born near here in 1829 and burial is in the home burying grounds.

MICHAELS 25 Aug 1916 Westernport- Mr Charles Michaels, aged 40 years, a former resident of Westernport, died Aug 17 at the home of a sister near Moorefield WV.  Burial is in the family burying grounds.

MILLER 14 Aug 1916 Mrs Magdalene Miller, aged 89 years, died yesterday at her home on Wills Creek Avenue of an illness of one week.   Born in Germany, she came here 60 years ago.  Her husband, Martin Miller died several years ago.  Surviving children are: Mrs Edward H Hartung and Mrs John Goellner of Cumberland and Mrs Walter Boyd of Spring Gap; and eight grand children and five great grand children.  Services and burial at Sts Peter & Paul Catholic Church and Cemetery.

MORRELL 10 Aug 1916 Mrs John Morrell, a native of Cumberland, died at Winchester KY.  Her husband, brothers, Edgar Valentine and William Valentine of Cumberland; and mother, Mrs Mary E Valentine of Gay Street survive. Also, her children, three girls ages 15 years, 8 years, and 7 months who will be cared for by their grand mother.

MULLIGAN 11 Aug 1916 Mrs Lenora Mulligan, aged 60 years, wife of James Mulligan of Ridgeley WV died yesterday at Allegany Hospital after ten days illness following an appendix operation.  She was born in County Cork, Ireland. These children survive: Charles Mulligan; Harold Mulligan; Lena Mulligan; Helen Mulligan; and Mrs JGB Trieber.  Also, a brother, James Buckley of Milwaukee WI; and a cousin, Mrs Jennie Clary of NY.  Burial in St Patrick’s Cemetery.

NIXON 04 Aug 1916 Katherine Frances Nixon, infant daughter of Mr & Mrs Henry Nixon of Ascension Street died yesterday and the burial is in Oldtown.

NOONAN 14 Aug 1916 John P Noonan, aged 82 years, died Saturday (12 Aug) at the home of a daughter Mrs J O Summers on Beall Street.  Born in Limerick Co on 10 Mar 1834, he was a Civil War veteran and was wounded in the battle of Rich Mountain.  Besides his daughter, he is survived by these children: William Noonan of Cumberland; Mrs Annie Seamon of Blaine WV; Michael Noonan of Elk Gardens WV; and Albert Noonan of Cumberland.  Services and burial at Sts Peter & Paul Catholic Church and Cemetery.

OFTEN 19 Aug 1916 Tribute to Patrick Often by his sons:   (Killed in Eckhart Mines, Aug 1, 1916)    Eckhart’s lovely village today is overthrown,    The sweet blest life of manhood has crumbled stone by stone,    Before death’s great avenger, who in the guise sublime,    Rebuked poor Paddy Often in a cold forsaken mine.  He was born with high credentials, commissioned from above,  He knew not fear nor hatred, his heart was filled with love,  Before which earthly empires, conceived to be a crime,  And built a friend of blood and bones, in Eckhart’s dreary mine.    A kingdom without legions, poor Paddy knew he dreamed,    Seeking soul’s atonement for all who had blasphemed,    Against a God of love and justice, who scoffed from time to time,    God’s sentinel came–it took him from his tomb in Eckhart’s mine.    HIS SONS

OFTEN 02 Aug 1916 Patrick Often Fatally Hurt     Patrick Often, aged 52, suffered fatal injuries yesterday morning while at work in Consolidation Mine No. 4 here. With his "buddies," Robert Rrigs and son, he was in  the act of mining coal, when a large quantity of rock fell  the roof. The Rrigs escaped the fall, but Often was caught beneath it. Men working in adjacent places removed the rock. The injured man was carried to his home, where medical assistance was called. It was found that one leg was fractured in two places between the thigh and knee, and that he sustained a deep cut in the forehead and internal injuries. Mr. Often died early last night.    He is survived by  his wife and the following sons and daughters: Raymond, George, Annie Martha, John, Roy, Wesley, Patrick, Henry, Philip, William and Charles.  Mr. Often was a native of Austro-Hungary, came here when seventeen years of age.  He married Annie Kreitzburg here.     Mr. Often had worked in the mines practically all his life and was efficient. Mr. Often was a  devoted member of the German Lutheran church.   Funeral arrangements will be announced later.    The deceased is also survived by one brother and one sister in Austro-Hungary and uncles Wasill and Chas. Michwolski, of Bayonne N. J.  

OFTEN 03 Aug 1916 The Sunday School picnic of the Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church of Frostburg which was to have been held tomorrow, has been postponed until Aug 10 because of the death of Patrick Often.

OFTEN 07 Aug 1916 Eckhart Md., Aug 7 Funeral of Patrick Often The funeral of Patrick Often, who received injuries in the mines here on Tuesday, took place on Saturday afternoon. Rev. Paul G. Saffran, of the Evangelical Lutheran Church, Frostburg, officiated. Interment was made in the German Lutheran Cemetery.

PATTERSON 30 Aug 1916 Kenneth C Patterson, a two year old son of Mr & Mrs James S Patterson of 55 N Lee Street, died yesterday from cholera infantum.  Burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.

PENNELL 18 Aug 1916 David Pennell, aged 55 years, died today at his home in Oldtown.  A blacksmith by trade, he is survived by sons, Samuel Pennell and William Pennell of Winber PA and a daughter, Mrs Joseph McAtee.  Burial is at Pine Hill MD.

PERDEW 14 Aug 1915 Mary Edith Perdew, aged five years and ten months , daughter of Prof. Arch G and Maude Perdew of Luke MD, died Saturday (12 Aug) of brief intestinal trouble.  She is a grand daughter of Prof George M Perdew and Mrs Elizabeth Perdew and of Mr & Mrs William F Kirby of N Mechanic Street.

PERDUE 05 Aug 1916 Frostburg- Evelyn H Perdue, daughter of Mr & Mrs Joseph Perdue of Welsh Hill died yesterday and the burial is to be in Strickers MD.

PICKETT 04 Aug 1916 Victoria Pickett, five years of age daughter of Mr & Mrs William Pickett of Gilmore, died from fatal burns that occurred in the yard at the home.

RAVENSCROFT 05 Aug 1916 Tri-Towns Robert Ravenscroft, a former resident and a son of the late William and Louisa Kight Ravenscroft of Piedmont, died July 13th at his home in San Diego CA.  A sister, Mrs Susan Paxton of San Diego and a brother, William Ravenscroft of Los Angeles CA survive.

RICE 27 Aug 1916 Keyser- Ruey E Rice, an infant daughter of Mr & Mrs Dempsey Rice died yesterday at her home on E Piedmont Street of peritonitis.  Burial in Queens Point Cemetery.

RICHARDS 25 Aug 1916 Westernport- Mr William Richards, aged 81 years, of Luke Hill died Monday (23 Aug) at home.  He is survived by his aging widow, two sons, and two daughters.   Burial is in Baltimore.

RIDENHOUR 27 Aug 1916 Martin F Ridenhour, aged 72 years, died Wednesday (25 Aug) at the home of a sister, Mrs Fannie V Horn on Bedford Street.

SCOTT 24 Aug 1916 Mrs Susan E Scott, aged 69 years, died today following an operation at Western Maryland Hospital for gangrene of her feet.  She is the widow of J J Scott, a former baggage master for the B & O RR who died 11 years ago.  Her maiden name was Worrell and she was married in Wheeling WV.  These children survive: David Scott and Roy Scott of Cumberland; Richard Scott of Akron OH; Mrs Perry Shipley of Arch Street, Cumberland; also, these brothers and sisters, David Worrell of Clearfield PA; George Worrell of Gormania WV; Bert Worrell of Johnstown PA; and Mrs Emma Giles of Paw Paw WV.  Burial is in Rose Hill Cemetery.

SINES 26 Aug 1916 The Sines family of Oakland MD is pictured as a five generation family with an article of eight paragraphs and a group photo of: William Sines aged 95 years; Henry Sines aged 69 years; Aaron Sines aged 46 years; Mrs Susan Matthews aged 21 years; and Miss Mildred Matthews aged 2 years.

SLIDER 23 Aug 1916 Mrs Ruth Ann Slider, aged 65 years, died yesterday at her home in Hazen MD from infirmities.  She was the widow of Stephen Slider who died April 1914.  Surviving children: Mrs Richard Robesson of Cumberland; Mrs Edward Barnes of Flintstone; Thomas Slider of Thomas WV; and Henry Slider at home.  Burial in Union Grove Church Cemetery.

SMITH 30 Aug 1916 Miss Mary Smith, aged 34 years, daughter of the late Joseph G Smith, a former justice of the peace, died yesterday in her home in Mt Savage.  Her mother had died when she was a small child.  Her step-mother, and brothers, Rev John Smith of Baltimore and Frank Smith of Mt Savage survive.

SPRIGG 11 Aug 1916 Mrs Cora R Sprigg, aged 22 years, wife of William P Sprigg, died today at Haystack Sanitarium of tuberculosis.  She was a daughter of James E Hager. Her husband and one child survives.  Burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.

STONEBREAKER 27 Aug 1916 Keyser- Mrs Bessie Stonebreaker died today at her home on Water Street of tuberculosis.  Four children survive: Gordon Stonebreaker aged 10 years; Ella Stonebreaker aged 9 years; Olive Stonebreaker aged 7 years, and John Stonebreaker aged 3 years.  Her mother, Mrs Ellen Welsh and three sisters; Mrs Z Stewart; Mrs Aaron Welsh of Keyser; and Mrs Cora Frye of New York City.

STREET 10 Aug 1916 John M Street of Street’s bread is featured in a photo in their full page advertisement.

STREETS 05 Aug and 12 Aug 1916 Photo of all employees of Streets Bread Company in advertisement.  The building of the business at 202 N Centre Street, Cumberland MD is shown in Aug 7th advertisement.

SUTLIFF 26 Aug 1916 Mrs Susan Deffibaugh Sutliff, a native of Cumberland Valley, died July 30, 1916 at her home in Seattle WV, where she relocated several years ago.  She is the sister of John Deffibaugh of Cumberland Valley; Wilson Deffibaugh of Baltimore; Wayne Deffibaugh of St Louis MO; Samuel Deffibaugh of Chanote KS; and Martha Deffibaugh and Carrie Deffibaugh of Lincoln NE.

TABLER 01 Aug 1916 Mrs Katherine R Tabler, aged 66 years, widow of E S Tabler of Beddington WV died yesterday at the home of a son Dr. HE Tabler of Hancock.  Born in Augusta WV, she was a daughter of Samuel and Mary E Whitmore.  Four children survive: Dr. HE Tabler of Hancock; Arthur R Tabler of Martinsburg; Mrs LM Wilkinson of Elkins WV; Mrs Richard Feller of Terra Alta WV, and also tow brothers, Rev SL Whitmore of Foreston IL and Rev EA Whitmore of Millersburg PA.

TAYLOR 03 Aug 1916 Fred Taylor, age 67 years,  of Independence Street, a B&O RR brakeman died yesterday at the hospital in New Castle following an operation for appendicitis.  His wife is the former Miss Nessie Leders of Cumberland. He transferred to the New Castle division several months ago.  Burial is in Sts Peter & Paul Catholic Church.

THOMAS 19 Aug 1916 Frostburg- Joseph B Thomas, aged 82 years, a Consolidated Coal Company employee for 50 years until four weeks ago, died at his home in Eckhart yesterday. A native of Wales, he was foreman in Mine # 3.  His brother, the late James B Thomas was superintendent of Consolidated Mines here.  He is survived by one son, Thomas I Thomas; four daughters, Mrs Harry B Colburn of Frostburg; Mrs C E Metzger of Lutherville MD; Mrs H F Ecker of Reading PA; and Mrs James Taylor of Frostburg.  Burial in Old Percy Cemetery.

TURNER 04 Aug 1916 Viola M Turner, aged 7 months, daughter of Mr & Mrs George W Turner of Ridgeley WV died yesterday and is buried in the cemetery at Bowden WV.

VINEY 16 Aug 1916 The funeral of J Viney, aged 65 years of Luke who died on Friday (13 Aug), was held and burial in Philos Cemetery.  He leaves a wife and several children.

WAGNER 18 Aug 1916 Frank Wagner, aged 22 years, of Oldtown Road, drowned yesterday in the Potomac River in the eddy below the dam.  His parents died while he was a small child and he was raised by Mr & Mrs James P Thomas.  He was employed by the Klott’s Throwing Mills.  Burial to be in Porter Cemetery of Eckhart.

WAGNER 04 Aug 1916 Mrs Jane Wagner, widow of John Wagner, died Wednesday (2 Aug) at home in Little Capon WV and the funeral is at little Capon.

WALKER 28 Aug 1916 Harry Walker aged four years, son of Mr & Mrs James A Walker of 233 N Mechanic Street died today following a short illness. Burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.

WILLIAMSON 05 Aug 1916 Mrs Sarah Ann Williamson, aged 62 years, a native of Barton MD, died Thursday (3 Aug) at her home in Parkersburg WV following a long illness.  Her father, the first postmaster of  Barton, named the town.  Forty years ago she married Horace Williamson who died eleven years ago.  Surviving are children: Tony Williamson and Harold Williamson of Tampico Mexico ; Misses Wynne Williamson, Edna Williamson and Julia Williamson at home. [Question from Carol Askey: All historical information I have found indicates that William Shaw, son of Rev William Shaw, founded and named the town of Barton after his father's birthplace in England. The town occupies his father's homestead. I have not found any evidence of a daughter named Sarah Ann.  Please contact me if you can shed light on this mystery.]

WOLFE 23 Aug 1916 Keyser- Mrs J G Wolfe, aged 70 years, died on Saturday (21 Aug) in South Keyser.  She was a widow of J G Wolfe who also died recently.  Burial in Queen’s Point Cemetery.

WOLFORD 27 Aug 1916 Mrs Anna Wolford, aged 30 years, wife of Clarence Wolford of 7 Valley Street died yesterday at Allegany Hospital following a lingering illness.  Her husband and a three year old daughter survive.  She was the daughter of Mr & Mrs Fuller Barnard and is also survived by sisters; Miss Mary Barnard; Mrs Catherine Pritchett; and Mrs William Taylor.  Burial and services are at St Patrick’s Catholic Church and Cemetery.

ZOLLNER 08 Aug 1916 Joseph C Zollner, aged one year and five months son of Raymond Zollner of Pennsylvania Avenue died today of cholera infantum and burial in Sts Peter & Paul Cemetery.


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