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Excerpts from The Cumberland Times
transcribed by Charles Often



1916 - July


AISEC 24 Jul 1916 Joe Aisec, an Austrian miner, died yesterday at Allegany Hospital after a illness of several weeks. Burial is in Ralphton PA.

ALBRIGHT 29 Jul 1916 Mt Savage- Levi Albright died Tuesday (26 Jul) and was buried today at the ME Church Cemetery.

BAKER 20 Jul 1916 Michael Baker, aged 80 years, died yesterday near Finzel. His wife and these children survive: John Baker of Meyersdale; Solomon, George, Daniel, Harvey, and Albert Baker of Finzel; Miss Lydia Baker of Pittsburgh; and Mrs Lloyd Arnold of Finzel. Burial in the field near his farm.

BALTISKA 25 Jul 1916 Francisco M Baltiska, one month child of Pietro Baltiska died at home in Ridgeley WV and the services are at Sts Peter & Paul Catholic Church.

BEST 06 Jul 1916 Mt Savage- Randolph Best, aged 10 years, son of Frederick Best, fell from a high wall in the back of the iron foundry and died yesterday of his injuries. Besides his father, he is survived by these brothers: William Best and Francis Best. His mother died 10 months ago. The funeral is at St George Protestant Episcopal Church.

BRINKMAN 18 Jul 1916 William S Brinkman, aged 58 years, died Thursday (12 Jul) at Elkins WV of locomotor ataxia. Born at Little Orleans on 12 Sep 1858, he was a resident of Elkins for 21 years. He was twice married and is survived by his 2nd wife, his mother, four brothers, three sisters, and these children: Perry Brinkman of Cumberland; Mrs Lulu Mann of Big Springs MD; Mrs Effie Buzzard, Mrs Goldie Bazzle, Ira Brinkman, Jacob Brinkman, and Fred Brinkman of Elkins. Burial in Maplewood Cemetery.

BROWN 10 Jul 1916 Mrs Mary Brown, aged 60 years, died today at the Tuberculosis Sanitarium following a prolonged illness. She is survived by a brother, Harmon Jeffries on the Baltimore Pike and sister, Mrs Wilbur Smith on the Oldtown Road. Services at MT Harmon Church.

BULLOCK 25 Jul 1916 Mrs Bullock aged 22 years, died today at Allegany Hospital and burial is in Berlin PA.

BURTON 13 Jul 1916 Mrs Mary Elizabeth Burton, aged 74 years, died yesterday at her home 89 Bedford St. One son, William Burton of Pittsburgh and two daughters; Mrs Adam Frost and Miss Mollie E Burton survive. The funeral is at St Patrick’s Church and burial at Rose Hill Cemetery.

CAMPBELL 31 Jul 1916 Charles F Campbell, aged 62 years, died Thursday (27 Jul) at Davis WV. A native of Princeton ME, he married Miss Jennie Hall of St George WV in 1878 and lived at Davis WV. His wife and these children survive: Mrs William Kennard; William Campbell; Mrs Charles DeRoo, and Harry Campbell of Davis WV; Mrs Columbus Hamilton of Cumberland and Vincent Campbell of Akron OH.

CLARKE 10 Jul 1916 Michael A Clarke, aged 42, a former policeman died yesterday at Allegany Hospital following a three week illness. A son of the late Philip Clarke, he is survived by two brothers and seven sisters: John J Clarke and Philip Clarke of Cumberland; Mrs Daniel Strucker of Lead City SD; Mrs Jennie Brinkman and Mrs James J Kilty of Philadelphia; Mrs David Farrin of Washington DC; Mrs Thomas J Niland, Mrs Frederick Miltenberger and Mrs John Edenhart of Cumberland. Funeral services at St Patrick’s Catholic Church.

CROOK 25 Jul 1916 Frostburg-Mrs Margaret A Crook, aged 83 years, widow of Clarence Crook died today at the home of a daughter Mrs Adam W Wagner of 153 Spring Street. A native of Wales, she came to Frostburg 60 years ago. She is survived by these daughters: Mrs Wagner of Frostburg; Mrs Harry Blair of Pittsburgh; and Mrs Murray Guy of Brakeville PA. Burial in Allegany Cemetery.

DALEY 08 Jul 1916 Westernport- P H Daley, aged 25 years, died Thursday (6 Jul) at the home of his mother at Gannons Station. He was a member of the Daley’s Brothers firm at Westernport. The funeral is at St Peter’s in Westernport.

DAVIS 07 Jul 1916 Lynn Davis, aged 25 years, a barer, died at Bedford. The eldest son of A Curtis Davis, he is survived by his mother, three sisters, and one brother, Arthur Davis of WV.

DOLAN 12 Jul 1916 Mrs Elizabeth L Dolan aged 67 years, of 146 Columbia Street, died yesterday. She had been ill for the past 15 years from cancer of the stomach. A sister of AC Roads director, Benjamin Middleton, she is survived by these children: James K Dolan; John R Dolan; Thomas Dolan; Dennison Dolan; Clayton Dolan; McClaire Dolan; and Miss Mary Dolan at home; and Mrs Elsie Hamilton and Mrs James White of Pittsburgh. Burial is at the ME Church of Twiggtown.

DONAHOE 19 Jul 1916 Mrs Grover/George(Etta) Donahoe, aged 62 years, died yesterday at Allegany Hospital of a lingering illness. Her husband survives but no children. A daughter of the late Samuel Drenning, she is survived by a brother, Henry Drenning of Bedford and a sister, Mrs Emily Brown of Saltzburg PA. Burial at St Thomas Church of Bedford.

DYE 31 Jul 1916 Advertisement for Kenny Cigar Co shows photo of Charley Dye of the Cumberland Colts baseball team.

GARLAND 15 Jul 1916 Mrs George R Garland , age 31 years, died today at Western Maryland Hospital. Her husband, a lumberman at Spring Gap and five small children survive. The funeral is from the home at Spring Gap.

GOCKE 21 Jul 1916 John James Gocke, a 17 months old child of Mr & Mrs George J Gocke of 61 N Lee St, died yesterday following an illness of some months. Funeral services at St Peter & Paul Catholic Church.

GRIM 31 Jul 1916 Frostburg- William Grim, aged 58 years, died Sunday (30 Jul) at Detroit MI from heat prostration. He had been there for six months. He had been for several years a miner in the George’s Creek area. Wife and five children survive: Victor Grim of Portsmouth VA; Edward Grim, Carl Grim; and Mrs Raymond Miller all of Detroit MI; and Raymond Grim of Huntington WV.

GROWDEN 07 Jul 1916 Mrs Sarah Growden, aged 74 years, wife of the late J W Growden, died yesterday at the Growden homestead near Fellowship Church. She is survived by six children: Ellsworth Growden; Mrs Edward Wilson in CO; William Growden, Francis Growden, Jessie Growden, and Charles Growden- all at home. Burial services at the Fellowship Church.

HARDEN 11 Jul 1916 Michael Harden was killed today while crossing the WMRR tracks at the Borden Mining Co Farm crossing above Frostburg by the #2 passenger train coming from Pittsburgh. He and the two horsed were instantly killed by the impact. He is survived by his wife Barbara and these children: Mrs James Engle, Mrs W Blocker, Mrs Harry Killar, Samuel Harden, and Edward Harden all of Frostburg; Mrs James Harden of Eckhart; and Mrs Gingerich of Grantsville. The body was prepared at Frostburg and moved for services at Sand Patch and burial in Allegany Cemetery.

HARVEY 07 Jul 1916 Benjamin F Harvey, aged 80 years, died Sunday (2 Jul) at the home of a daughter, Mrs Henry B Harvey at Mt Lake Park. Other survivors are: Elliott C Harvey, John S Harvey, and George W Harvey. He was a Union soldier who enlisted in Barbour Co., WV for 13 months, after which, he enlisted in 10th Cav for 3 more enlistments; for a total army service of 4 years and 1 month. He was wounded at Gettysburg and returned to Garrett Co. and married Christine Stilled, who survives. Services are at the Methodist Church at Ryan’s Glade.

HILL 11 Jul 1916 Catherine Louise Hill, aged 2 years, daughter of Mr & Mrs Alonzo Hill of 208 South St, died today following a brief illness. Burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.

HIPP 07 Jul 1916 The funeral of John C. Hipp, aged 35 years, who was killed in an accident last Saturday (01 Jul) was held at Sts. Peter & Paul Catholic Church.

HOBROCK 13 Jul 1916 Mrs Catherine Hobrock, aged 82 years, widow of Herman Hobrock, died yesterday at the home of a daughter, Mrs George P Hast of 7 Green Street. Survivors are grand daughters, Mrs Karl F Kellerman of Washington DC and Mrs William J Weakland of Charleston WV. Burial in the German Lutheran Cemetery.

HOOK 24 Jul 1916 Isaac Martin Hook, formerly of Cumberland Valley died at Duluth MN per a letter from Thomas West of Portland OR. They left home together last Nov with no notice and went west and the letter requests that the wife and two children in Midland be notified. Brothers and sisters of Cumberland Valley are Riley Hook, Mrs Harry Rose and Mrs Charles Hite.

HUDSON 31 Jul 1916 Mrs Julia Hudson, aged 30 years, wife of Walter F Hudson, died today at her home 208 Virginia Avenue and burial is in the Cresaptown Cemetery.

HUMMEL 26 Jul 1916 Mary Edith Hummel, aged 2 years and 2 months, daughter of Mr & Mrs Fred Hummel of Clarksburg WV died of infantile Paralysis at the home of grandparents Mr & Mrs James Webster of Greene Street. Two other surviving children, aged 4 years and an infant show no symptoms. Services at Sts Peter & Paul Catholic Church.

JOHNSON 19 Jul 1916 William J Johnson, aged 40 years, drowned of cramps in the Potomac River today while swimming with his friend Merle Dicken. He is survived by his step-mother, Mrs James Duncan of 5 Fairview Avenue; and brothers, Elijah Johnson of the Dingle and Hammock Johnson of Valley Street and three step-sisters, Lillie, Lucy, and Helen, at home. Burial in Cresaptown MD.

JOHNSON 14 Jul 1916 James S Johnson, aged 76 years, of Brilliant OH died at the Western Maryland Hospital following an operation. Burial will be at the Allegany County Cemetery.

JONES 25 Jul 1916 Mrs Anna Jones the wife of James Jones died and burial is in Rose Hill Cemetery.

JONES 07 Jul 1916 Frostburg - Mrs Margaret Jones, wife of John Jones, died today at Shaft, aged 68 years, of infirmities. A native of Wales, she came here 45 years ago. Surviving are; sons- Charles Jones and William Jones of Shaft; and John Jones of Barton; daughters- Mrs Thomas Boyce of Lord; and Miss Elizabeth Jones at home. Also, two brothers, William Williams and Richard Williams and three sisters- Mrs John Thomas, Miss Annie Williams and Miss Elizabeth Williams- all of Scranton PA. Burial in Allegany Cemetery.

KIDDY 26 Jul 1916 Midland- Matthew Kiddy died Sunday (23 Jul) at his home in Midland after years of suffering from paralysis. Surviving are his wife and these children: George Kiddy, David Kiddy, Laura Kiddy, Bessie Kiddy, Carrie Kiddy, Rubie Kiddy, and Ida Kiddy. Also, brothers; Russell Kiddy of Pekin; James Kiddy of Hensley WV; and William Kiddy of Denver CO. Burial in Moscow Cemetery.

KRAPF 25 Jul 1916 Frostburg- Daniel J Krapf, aged 84 years, died today at the home of a grand daughter Miss Myra Flemming, 280 E Main St. He came from Iba, Germany 62 years ago and worked at Consolidation Coal Co for 45 years before being pensioned in 1902. Mrs Krapf died eleven years ago. One son, Daniel J Krapf survives. Burial at Allegany Cemetery.

LEACH 07 Jul 1916 James Leach, aged 86 years, a Union veteran, died yesterday at his home in LaVale of infirmities. Surviving children are: Mrs George Tipton and Charles O Leach; Mrs Leach; and three step-children- Mrs Mary Reed; William Golden, and John Golden. The GAR Tyler Post will conduct the funeral.

LEASURE 25 Jul 1916 Mt Savage- Joshua Leasure, aged 73 years, died yesterday at his home after a lingering illness of several years. He was a veteran of the Civil War. His is survived by four sons: Harry Leasure of Ashland KY; James Leasure of Philadelphia PA; Milton Leasure of Eckhart; Hays Leasure of Mt Savage; and six daughters; Mrs JC Winebrenner and Mrs John Rompf of Cumberland; Mrs Clare Shaffer; Mrs Phillips Kirby; Mrs John Sweene Jr; Mrs Robert Barth all of Mt Savage; and brother Jacob Leasure of Mt Savage and 35 grand children. Burial at the ME Church Cemetery.

LIGHT 01 Jul 1916 W. Franklin Light, aged 61 years, a B & O RR employee for 43 years at Orleans Crossroads WV, died Monday (29 Jul) at home. His widow was Miss Agnes Hettenhouser of Washington Co, MD who with two sons and one daughter survive. Also surviving are two brothers both engineers for the railroad, PM Light of Martinsburg and George W Light of Cumberland.

LILLER 21 Jul 1916 Frostburg- Charles A Liller of Oakland was fatally injured in an automobile crash at the Red Hill Curve in a collision with a descending vehicle from Pittsburgh. A wife and two small children survive him. Funeral services to be in Oakland. [Article is 10 paragraphs].

LILLER 24 Jul 1916 Ridgeley- Omas W Liller, three and a half month infant of Mr & Mrs Vernon C Liller, died on Friday(22 Jul) of cholera infantum. The funeral is in Bier MD.

LOWERY 14 Jul 1916 Edmund Cecil Lowery, aged 9 years, a son of George W Lowery, was struck and killed at a crossing near the Ellerslie depot on the B & O RR. As he ran to the station to meet his mother, the noise of a freight train on another track disguised the passing of the faster passenger train. Burial is at Palo Alto.

McALLISTER 31 Jul 1916 Frostburg Mrs James McAllister, aged 57 years, died yesterday at her home, 77 Spring Street after a three month illness with spinal trouble. Born 23 Dec 1859 at Greenspring Furnace, Washington Co., MD she has resided here since age 18. Her husband and eleven children survive: Bernard McAllister of Dartmore WV; Clarence McAllister, Thomas McAllister, and Leonard McAllister of Girard OH; Mrs MP Grant and Mrs J A Eckhort of Washington DC; Mrs Frank Miller and Mrs RT Dell of Frostburg; Mrs John Ricker of Lonaconing; and Raymond McAllister and Albert McAllister at home. Also, brothers and sisters: Thomas Chambers of Lonaconing; Michael Chambers of Warrington FL; and John Chambers, Mrs Mary Dennison and Mrs Rebecca Skelly of Frostburg; and Mrs Margaret Cody of Walden MA. Burial at St Michael’s Cemetery.

McCABE 26 Jul 1916 Lonaconing Michael McCabe, 81 years of age, of Pekin died yesterday at his home of a complication of diseases. Born in Tyron, Ireland, he came to this country in 1856 and has lived here for 50 years. Surviving are his wife and these children: Michael McCabe of Pekin; James McCabe of Pittsburgh; Mrs Robert Flynn; Mrs Robert Reynolds; and Mrs H C Evans of Lonaconing. Burial in St Gabriel’s Cemetery.

McCUTCHEN 15 Jul 1916 Frostburg- Mrs Fannie McCutchen, aged 53 years, died Thursday (13 Jul) at Sylvan Retreat where she had been since May 2. Six children survive: John McCutchen and Samuel McCutchen of Moscow; Mrs William Quinn of Shaft; Mrs George Hixenbaugh of Frostburg; and Miss Mary McCutchen at home in Midlothian. Also, a brother; Wesley Jacobs and a sister, Mrs James Bucklew of Midlothian. Burial in Laurel Hill Cemetery, Moscow MD.

McKENTY 22 Jul 1916 Lonaconing - Miss Flora StClair McKenty, aged 16 years, daughter of Mr & Mrs G B McKenty of Scotch Hill, died yesterday after an illness since last October. An abscess of the spine developed into dropsy. These brothers and sisters survive: Misses Elizabeth, Mary, Edna, and Hazel McKenty and James , George, Stuart, and Melvin McKenty. Burial in Oak Hill Cemetery.

MEYERS 15 Jul 1916 Frostburg- James H Meyers, aged 31 years, a traveling salesman was killed in an auto accident on Thursday (13 Jul) at Moundsville WV. His parents, Mr & Mrs John Meyers at Addison PA, a wife and a son at Uniontown; one brother, William Meyers at Ellerslie; three sisters, Mrs Albert Roberts of Braddock PA; Mrs Null of Uniontown; and Mrs Annie Wright of Addison survive. Also, uncles J N Meyers of Frostburg and William Meyers of Eckhart and an aunt, Mrs Ida Thomas of Frostburg. The funeral is at Addison PA.

MILLER 08 Jul 1916 Tri-Towns Mrs S N Miller, formerly of Luke, died Friday (7 Jul) at her home in Wilmington DE. Her husband, "Boss" Miller had also died at Wilmington since their removal to that city. Surviving are three sons- George Miller-superintendent at WVP&P Mill at Covington VA; John Miller of the Chicago office; and Harry Miller, also of Covington VA; and two daughters, Mrs Eva Goetz and Mrs Harry Bay of Wilmington.

MORTON 20 Jul 1916 Robert Morton, 17 months of age, a son of Mr & Mrs Alexander Morton of Knapps Meadows, was scalded by water from a washing machine on Tuesday (18 Jul). Burial in McCluckie’s Cemetery.

O’COCK 17 Jul 1916 Walter J O’Cock, aged 61 years, a native of Somerset PA, died today at Western Maryland Hospital. He is survived by two sons and one daughter at home. The funeral will be in Ashley PA.

O’DONNELL 07 Jul 1916 Frostburg- An infant daughter of Dr. and Mrs Thomas O’Donnell died at their family home in Baltimore yesterday. Mrs O’Donnell is a daughter of Mr & Mrs J S Brophy.

O’DONNELL 08 Jul 1916 Ridgeley WV- Bernard O’Donnell celebrates his 85th birthday with friends and relatives. Biography of 4 paragraphs .

PATTERSON 07 Jul 1916 Adam Patterson, aged 70 years, died today at Lord from miners asthma and other infirmities. Three grandchildren survive.

PETRIE 14 Jul 1916 Lonaconing- Samuel Petrie, aged 84 years, was found dead seated in a chair in his room at the Myers Apartments of apoplexy. He came from Pittsboro NY to Cumberland to work on the C&O Canal and moved then to Lonaconing 50 years ago. He was a book keeper and accountant for the Maryland Coal Co for 40 years. A son, Floyd F Petrie and a daughter Mrs W F Wrap of Washington DC Survive. His wife is buried at Rose Hill Cemetery.

PHIPPS 24 Jul 1916 Edward Phipps, 17 years of age, drowned yesterday in the Potomac River near Wiley Ford while swimming with a brother, William Phipps and Oscar Micks and Russell Dyche. The body was recovered in three hours by George Meyers and Marshall Brinkman and taken to the home of Mr & Mrs David Phipps of 226 Humbird Street. The parents survive and sisters, Mrs Daisy Dyche, and Miss Pearl Phipps and Miss Dora Phipps. The family had moved here from Magnolia WV two years ago and Magnolia will be the site of the burial. [Article has 3 paragraphs]

PRATT 25 Jul 1916 Mrs James E Pratt died yesterday at her home in Mt Savage after a several weeks illness. Her husband and six sons survive: James Pratt; Thomas Pratt; Edward Pratt of Farrall PA; Joseph Pratt; Middleton Pratt; and Aloysius Pratt and William Pratt at home. One daughter, Regina of Oakland CA and a brother, W B Phillips of Midland. Burial in St Patrick’s of Mt Savage.

RACE 22 Jul 1916 Frostburg- Mrs Catherine Race, age 83 years, a native of Germany, died today at her home on W Union Street. Four children survive; Miss Sophia Race of Frostburg; Mrs Mary Logsdon of Pittsburgh; Mrs Justice Race of Braddock. Burial in the Percy Graveyard.

REEVES 08 Jul 1916 Mrs Hannah May Reeves, aged 17 years, the bride since 15 April of William Reeves, died Saturday (8 Jul) at home in Ridgeley WV after a brief illness. She was the daughter of Mr & Mrs Robert P Magruder and also leaves brothers Frank Magruder and George Magruder of Cumberland and Garland, Delbert, and Robert Magruder at home. Burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.

RICHARDSON 26 Jul 1916 Lonaconing Mrs Ida Richardson, aged 53 years, wife of Thomas Richardson died yesterday of acute indigestion. These children survive: Mrs JH Whitling of Pittsburgh; Mrs Ellis Martin of Gilmore; Loretta Richardson and Elizabeth Richardson of Lonaconing; Mrs John Glen; and William Richardson and Oscar Richardson of Lonaconing. He funeral is from the home at Jackson and burial in Oak Hill Cemetery.

SHIPLEY 15 Jul 1916 Charles R Shipley, aged 41 years, a former Cumberland resident now of Washington DC, was drowned in the Ohio River at Parkersburg WV. His mother, Mrs Jacob Bush of 334 Humbird Street and a sister, Miss Elizabeth Shipley, survive. Burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.

SNYDER 24 Jul 1916 Dorothy Elaine Snyder, one year old, daughter of Mr & Mrs Jacob Snyder of 3 Miltenberger Place died yesterday and the funeral is at Holy Cross Episcopal Church.

THOMAS 20 Jul 1916 Jenkin Thomas, aged 71 years, died today at home of Jenkin Daniel, a relative, at the Hoffman Mines. A native of Glamorganshire Wales, he was residing here for 40 years. A brother, Benjamin Thomas of Frostburg survives. He was a brother of the late John Thomas. Burial in Allegany Cemetery.

THOMAS 08 Jul 1916 Nathan G Thomas, a former resident of Cumberland, died at Leadville CO and services will be tomorrow at the home of a niece, Mrs E T Dixon in LaVale with burial in Rose Hill Cemetery. Two years ago, he wed Miss Bruce Waugh, who was a Christian Science practitioner and left to accompany him in Leadville in search for gold.

THRASHER 15 Jul 1916 Tri-Towns- C M Thrasher, aged 60 years, a jeweler in Piedmont, died at home on Wednesday (12 Jul). He was the son of William Turner. He is survived by his wife, a daughter of justice J K Murphy of Westernport an a son C L Thrasher and a daughter Nellie Thrasher. Burial in Philos Cemetery.

TOLL GATE 22 Jul 1916 A story of the passing of the Old Toll Gate house describes the last gate keeper, George Keedy and the efforts of the last purchaser, Mr Lewis Lohr, to make repairs and white washing and painting the building to preserve it. [Article has 3 paragraphs].

TURNER 20 Jul 1916 Ridgeley WV- Mrs Matilda L Turner, aged 40 years, died today at Western Maryland Hospital after an operation. Her husband, G W Turner and five children survive. Also, her father, Jacob Tingler of near Elkins WV and these brothers and sisters: Eli Tingler of Middle Mountain WV; E H Tingler of Bowden WV; Mrs Simon Champ of Huntington WV and Mrs J S Bennett of Confluence PA. Services and burial in Bowden WV.

VERMIYEA 21 Jul 1916 Mrs Walter Vermiyea, aged 46 years, died today at her home, 23 Chestnut Street. She is survived by her husband and these children at home: Nana, Margaret, Helen, Henry, and John. Services at the ME Church, South.

WILLIAMS 22 Jul 1916 Harry Y Williams, aged 62 years, a miner of Frostburg, died today on a B & O train from Baltimore, where he underwent a second operation at Union Protestant Hospital. His sons, Walter and Harry Williams and a daughter, Miss Nell Williams were accompanying him. His wife and other children who survive: David, Estelle, and Lillian Williams at home and a brother David Williams in IL. Burial in Allegany Cemetery.

WILSON 22 Jul 1916 Abraham I Wilson, who celebrated 100 th birthday only 10 days ago, died yesterday at Wilson’s Store near Deer Park. Uncle Abe never married and had suffered a stroke last year. A sister, Miss Rachel Wilson of Piedmont survives him. Article has 3 paragraphs.

WILSON 20 Jul 1916 Miss Matilda Amanda Wilson, aged 69 years, died at the home of a sister, Mrs Marion Rice on Irons Mountain. Burial is at the IOOF cemetery in Flintstone.

WRIGHT 24 Jul 1916 Eckhart- William Wright, aged 45 years, died Wednesday (19 Jul) of acute indigestion at his home on Price Farm. He was previously a coal miner. Surviving are his wife and these children: Charles Wright, James Wright, John Wright, Walter Wright, Marie Wright, and Teresa Wright. Also, these brothers and sisters: Mrs Walter McKenzie, Mrs Joseph Smith, Mrs John Kable, Mrs Albert Fleck, Mrs George Duckworth, Miss Louise Wright, and Thomas Wright and David Wright.

YOUNKIN 26 Jul 1016 W A Younkin of Meyersdale PA, aged 44 years, died yesterday at Allegany Hospital of heart problems. His wife and four brothers survive: Harry Younkin; Charles Younkin; Roy Younkin; and David Younkin of Meyersdale PA and a sister, Mrs Sernsner of Washington DC. Burial services at Meyersdale.

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