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Excerpts from The Cumberland Times
transcribed by Charles Often



1916 - June


Allegany County High School Grads 06-09 Jun 1916

Twenty-six graduates portrayed in three photos, one each day.

June 06-Gertrude Ranck, Chester Spring, Thorner Smith, Mae Williams, Lester Warnick, Regina Taylor, Elizabeth McDonald, and A Hunter Walker;

June 07-Leiliah Rizer, Claude Heber, Althea Heron, Lester Kline, Margaret Parker, Wilson Bowie, Ruth Chevront, Mildred V Fisher, John Deetz;

June 09-Thomas Gloss, Frances M Fisher, Margery Willison, Mary E Haller, J G Allen, Madeline Bernstein, Preston Gaither, Elsie Haller, Mary Hendrickson.

BOYD 08 Jun 1916 George Boyd, aged 15 years, a son of James Boyd of Big Vein Hill, Lonaconing, was killed by a rock fall while at work in Big Vein Mine #2 of the New Central Coal Co.  He was working with his father placing a prop in the room.  An older brother was working in the mine beside him loading a car with coal at the time.  His parents, four brothers and two sisters survive.

BOYLE 20 Jun 1916 Mt Savage- Mrs Manus Boyle of Emlenton PA, a native of Mt Savage, died.  Her husband and these children survive; Mrs Matthew Bresnehan; Mrs George Weller; Misses Josephine Boyle and Mary Boyle of Emlenton PA; Mrs C W Walsh of Cumberland; Miss Kate Boyle of Pittsburgh; and these brothers and sisters; Patrick Barrett, Joseph Barrett, Miss Rose Barrett, and Nellie Barrett of Mt Savage.

BRIDGES 12 Jun 1916 Mrs Ellen Bridges, aged 83 years, died Sunday at the home of a son, Frank Bridges of Barrellville following an illness of ten days.  Burial is at the Catholic Cemetery at Beans Cove PA.

BRIGHTBILL 20 Jun 1916 Ambrose Brightbill, aged 53 years, died on Sunday (18 Jun) at Bedford following an illness of several weeks.  He was a wagon maker and blacksmith.  His second wife and three children survive.  A sister, Mrs Adda Deffinbaugh of Cumberland also survives.

BRODE 15 Jun 1916 Frostburg- Conrad Brode, aged 62 years, died yesterday at his home on Mechanic Street of acute indigestion.  He is survived by daughters, Miss Mary Brode at home; Mrs William Hartman; Mrs George Gunnett; and Mrs Ellsworth Myers and brothers, Charles Brode of Sharon PA; Philip Brode and Harry Brode of Bellaire OH; sisters, Mrs Justus Youngerman; Mrs Charles Michaels; Mrs George Lehr; and Mrs James Close of Frostburg.

BROPST 03 Jun 1916 Tri-Towns- Mrs Lavina Bropst, aged 63 years, wife of William Bropst, died Monday (28 May) of heart trouble at her home in Green Glade.  Burial was in the Glendale Cemetery.

BROWN 24 Jun 1916 Keyser- Mrs George F Brown, aged 55 years, died yesterday at Laurelville after one year illness.  Her husband and nine children survive: Misses Allie and Phoebe of Keyser; Ruth and Meryl at home; George Brown, Wallace Brown, Lawrence Brown; Thomas Brown and William Brown of Laurelville and Charles Brown of Keyser.

BUCKEY 13 Jun 1916 Mrs Louise P Buckey, aged 73 years, widow of James A Buckey, died yesterday at the home of a daughter, Mrs Harvey W Daughtry, 206 Bedford Street of Paralysis.  Burial in the German Beneficial Cemetery, Baltimore Pike.

BYRNES 26 Jun 1916 Frostburg- Lawrence Byrnes, aged 68 years of Fairmont WV, died there on Saturday (24 Jun).  He had left Eckhart nine years ago.  His wife, formerly Miss Mary Donahue and nine children survive: William Byrnes; John Byrnes; Lawrence Byrnes; Frank Byrnes; Miss Mary Byrnes; Miss Mary Byrnes all of Fairmont; and also, Bernard D Byrnes and Mrs Samuel Robison of Eckhart. Also, brother, J J Byrnes of Eckhart, a merchant; and sister, Mrs Samuel Hoye of Eckhart.   Services and burial at St Michael=s Catholic Church.  27 June article published the obituary of the Fairmont Times.

CARR 03 Jun 1916 William Carr of Hendricks WV was killed in an automobile accident over a 50 foot embankment at Bretz WV last Thursday (24 May).  Miss Texie Herman, the driver, was not injured.  A rescue party attempting to locate his body, struck matches to illuminate the scent, causing the escaping gasoline to flame and burned the dead body badly.

DIBERT 22 Jun 1916 Somerset PA- Isaac Dibert, aged 67 years, a son of Jacob & Mary Lee Dibert, has returned to this area after having left this area at age 13 to enlist in the PAV Co D, 142 Regt as a drummer boy.  He is now worth a 2 million dollars and living at Seattle WA .  Article is 8 paragraphs long of his exploits.

DICKEN 13 Jun 1916 The Dicken family reunion is held at the home of Lon Dicken, just outside the city of Cumberland with 55 members present.  The family members are listed.

DIXON 07 Jun 1916 Mrs G V Dixon of Keyser died on Friday (02 Jun) at the home of a son D M Dixon of 2nd Street, Oakland following an illness of two years.  She is survived by her husband and ten children.  Mrs James W Moore of Keyser is one of them.  Burial at Friendsville.

DOYLE 10 Jun 1916 Tri-Towns- Mrs Mary A Doyle, aged 55 years, of Westernport, died at her home at Franklin on Thursday (8 Jun) after a two year illness.  Her husband, Patrick Doyle died some twenty years ago.  She is survived by daughters, Mrs William Ledlow of Franklin; Mrs Michael E Moran of Washington; and sons, John T Doyle at home; P V Doyle of Washington DC and a sister, Mrs Ellen Moore of Pittsburg KS.

DUCKWORTH 01 Jun 1916 Tri-Towns- Henry Harmon Duckworth, aged 75 years, died of a complication of diseases.  He is survived by a brother, Wesley Duckworth.  Services at Stoney River Church and burial at Philos Cemetery Westernport.

DUNDON 27 Jun 1916 Edward Dundon, aged 70 years, died today at Allegany Hospital following an eight week illness.  A former resident of Mill Creek WV, he was a lumberman of 50 years.  Born in Ireland he is survived by four brothers; William Dundon of Indianapolis; John Dundon of Philadelphia; and, James Dundon and Patrick Dundon of Ireland. Burial at St Patrick=s Cemetery.

ELLSWORTH 02 Jun 1916 Mrs Eliza A Ellsworth, aged 82 years, died at her home 28 German Street after a long illness.  She is survived by these children; W F Ellsworth; Benjamin Ellsworth; John Ellsworth; and Mrs Katie Easterday of Cumberland; and Mrs Mary Shuck of Pittsburgh.  Burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.

EVANS 21 Jun 1916 Mrs Thomas Evans, aged 78 years, died yesterday at her home in Allegany after a two week illness of infirmities.  A native of Bleu Aven, Wales, she resided here for 35 years.  She is survived by her husband and these children: Minnie, Mattie and David Evans at home; Mrs John Dickey; Mrs John Steele; and Mrs Andrew Williams all of Allegany; Mrs John Race of Frostburg; and Mrs Charles Jameson of Newberg PA.  Burial at Percy Cemetery.

EXLINE 07 Jun 1916 Mrs Annie Exline, aged 58 years, a widow of Joseph H Exline, died yesterday at her home in Hancock following a lingering illness.  Children surviving are: Mrs J William Mason; Mrs Hurst Smith; Miss Matheild Exline ; Harry Exline of Hancock; and Lynn Exline of Philadelphia.  Brothers and sisters surviving: Mrs Mattie Grogan; Miss Kate Spicer; Miss Theresa Spicer; L F Spicer; J H Spicer; and Joshua Spicer of Piedmont; Edward Spicer of Woodmont MD and Mrs Mollie Atkinson of Hancock.

FLEEGLE 12 Jun 1916 Charles V Fleegle aged 62 years, died at his home in Glassport PA following a brief illness.  He left his home 18 years ago and was employed by the Pittsburgh and Lake Erie RR.  His wife, Mrs Mary Fleegle of 97 N Centre Street and these children survive; Mrs Charles Everett of Cumberland; Miss Ruby Fleegle at home; Earl and Donald Fleegle of Cumberland; and Clell Fleegle of Baltimore.  Burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.

FLEMMING 17 Jun 1916 Thomas Flemming, aged 43 years, chief of police at Thomas WV, died at Allegany Hospital of peritonitis. A wife and two children survive.   Services are in Thomas WV.

FORSTER 13 Jun 1916 John F Forster, aged 49 years, died yesterday at his home, 33 Lena Street of Bright=s disease.  Born in Oberfronk, Beyarm, Germany, he came to this country at age 18 years.  He was employed by the Potomac Glass Works.  A wife and six children survive; Charles C Forster, Gottleib Forster, and Misses Margaret, Lillian, Edith, and Katherine Forster all at home. Also, a brother, George Forster of Germany; and sisters, Mrs John Hartung of Cumberland; and Mrs George Cortz of Germany.  Burial in Greenmount Cemetery.

FOUTZ 24 Jun 1916 Midland- Nobel W Foutz, aged 52 years, a miner, died at his home last night and had been a sufferer of asthma.  Dr James Holdsworthy declared death due to acute indigestion.  He is survived by a wife and eight children.

FRIEND 24 Jun 1916 Keyser- Alice Almary Friend, aged 53 years, wife of D C Friend died Thursday (22 Jun) at her home on Moselle Street after a illness of four weeks.  Besides her husband, these children survive: Mrs Lelia Walter of Deer Park MD; L G Friend of Jacksonburg NY; and Miss Alta Friend at home.  Also surviving are five brothers and three sisters.  Burial at Deer Park MD.

HAMMOND 06 Jun 1916 Thomas C Hammond, aged 88 years, of Indianapolis IN, died Sunday (04 Jun).  He was a son of Rev Thomas Hammond of Frederick MD and was a veteran of the Civil War.  He married Miss Mattie Richmond in 1869.  Two sons survive.  A brother-in-law is Benjamin Richmond of Cumberland.

HARVEY 16 Jun 1916 Frostburg- Joseph Harvey, aged 41 years, died yesterday at Selbyport where he spent the past three months for his health.  He is survived by a wife and one child and a sister, Miss Susan Harvey of Frostburg.

HOFFMAN 12 Jun 1916 Paul Hoffman, aged 79 years, died at Coal Run, near Meyersdale. Born in Germany, he came to America at age 21. He was a veteran of the Civil War.  His wife died eight years ago.  These children survive; Cyrus Hoffman; Mrs John Shumach and Mrs Andrew Sheets of Coal Run; George Hoffman of Idaho; Henry Hoffman of Cumberland; and Mrs Teloso of Johnstown.

HOLLER 27 Jun 1916 Frostburg- Mrs Luther Holler, aged 52 years, died today at Barton PA.  Formerly, Miss Mary Steele, daughter of Mrs Conrad Steele of Allegany, she is survived by her husband and seven children.   Also survived by these brothers and sisters; Mrs George Porter of Allegany; Mrs Job Stevens of Indianapolis; Mrs Adam Lammert of Frostburg; and Conrad Steele; Henry Steele; John Steele; and William Steele of Allegany.

HOUSER 23 Jun 1916 Frostburg- Dory Houser, aged 38 years, son of Mr & Mrs Wesley Houser of Allegany was killed at Youngwood PA in a wreck of the Pennsylvania RR.  He left here nine years ago and was a fireman on the train.  He leaves a wife and nine children.

HOWARD 07 Jun 1916 George Howard, aged 22 years died yesterday in the Brophy Mine near Westernport when the roof fell on him while loading a coal car.  Mr Howard was from WV.

JOHNSON 09 Jun 1916 Mrs W L Johnson, formerly Miss Blanche Thomas, a daughter of John J Thomas,  postmaster of Hancock, died at her home in Oklahoma City OK.  She was for many years, a teacher in the Government Indian Schools.  She is survived by her husband, Walter L Johnson of Oklahoma City; a sister, Mrs C H Lamar of Oklahoma City; a brother, Frank B Thomas of Pittsburgh; and sisters Mrs C V Winger; Miss Mary Thomas and Miss Russella Thomas of Hancock.

JONES 09 Jun 1916 Miss Mary Alma Jones, aged 53, a native of Cumberland, died at her home in Washington DC yesterday.  Surviving brothers and sisters; M L Jones; D M Jones; Mrs C C Porter; Miss Cora Jones of Cumberland; and Frederick Jones of Newark OH and William Jones of Washington DC.  Burial is to be in Cumberland.

KENNARD 17 Jun 1916 Michael H Kennard, aged 69 years, of Artemas, Bedford CO, PA died at Allegany Hospital following an operation, having entered the hospital on Monday. Services in Bedford Co PA.

LAFFEY 07 Jun 1916 Tri-Towns Patrick Laffey, aged 80 years, died yesterday at his home in Franklin.  His wife of 55 years was Miss Mary Gilmore, daughter of John Gilmore of Piedmont. These children survive: James Laffey of Cumberland; T J Laffey of Cleveland; William Laffey of Keyser; John Laffey of Clarksburg; Daniel Laffey of Piedmont; Patrick Laffey of Westernport, and Mrs Henry Mayberry of Elkins; and Miss Gertrude Laffey of Westernport.  Services at St Peter=s Catholic Church of Westernport.

LAYMAN 02 Jun 1916 Frostburg- Thomas H Layman, aged 62 years, a native of Garrett Co., died last night at the Half Way House, seven miles above Frostburg.  He had been ill from cancer the past six weeks. He was a son of the late Louis Layman, once sheriff of Allegany County.  He is survived by his wife and three children; Charles Layman and Scott Layman at the farm; and Mrs Forrest Michael of Cumberland.  Also, three sisters, Mrs Ralph Engle of Grantsville; Annie Layman and Laurie Layman of IA; and four brothers, Elwood Layman; Norval Layman; and George Layman of Newall IA; and Harry Layman of Chicago.  Burial is at Mt Zion Church, Albright WV.

MAREAN 02 Jun 1916 Photo of Cumberland Colts player, John AHump@ Marean in an ad for Kenny Cigar Store.

MARTIN 24 Jun 1916 Mrs Kathleen Martin, aged 80 years, died Friday (23 Jun) at her home in Westernport.  Surviving children are: Joseph Martin of Westernport; Mrs John Schappell of Brooklyn NY; David Martin of Kansas City; Matthew Martin of Midland; Robert Martin of Westernport; Mrs Luther Wright of Westernport; William Martin of Keyser; John Martin of Westernport; James Martin of Washington DC; Mrs Mary Coglan of Westernport; and Miss Maggie Martin of home.  Burial in Philos Cemetery.

MATTHEWS 23 Jun 1916 James P Matthews, aged 78 years, a former editor of the Cumberland Times died at Baltimore on 21 June 1916.  Article has six paragraphs.

McCAMLEY 14 Jun 1916 TriTowns- William McCamley, aged 78 years, died Friday (9 Jun) at the home of a daughter, Mrs James F Kelly of Piedmont.  Six daughters survive; Mrs James F Kelly of Piedmont; Mrs J J Burke of Keyser; Mrs W W Aires of Council Bluffs IA; Mrs W C Hyde of Minneapolis MN; Mrs Stephen King of Cumberland; and Miss Ann McCamley of Cumberland.  Burial services at St Peter=s Catholic Church of Westernport.

McGRAW 24 Jun 1916 Grafton WV- Mrs Katherine McGraw, aged 80 years, widow of Patrick McGraw died Tuesday (20 Jun).  A native of Ireland, she married Mr McGraw in Baltimore in 1862 and she is survived by six children.

McGUIRE 10 Jun 1916 Frostburg- Mary McGuire, aged 3 years, daughter of Mr & Mrs John McGuire, of 70 Oak Street, died Sunday (11 Jun) of pneumonia.  She is survived by her parents and brothers, Joseph and Patrick.  Burial at St Michaels Cemetery.

McKALVEY 15 Jun 1916 Mrs Margaret McKalvey, aged 38 years, wife of James McKalvey of 166 Wineow Street, died yesterday at the home of Bright=s disease.  Burial services in Sts Peter & Paul Catholic Church.

McMILLAN 22 Jun 1916 Frostburg- Eugene McMillan, aged 39 years, died yesterday at the home of his brother, Charles McMillan in McKeesport PA.  Born in Eckhart, he lived at McKeesport and was in theater activities.  Services and interment at St Michael=s Catholic Church.

MD NATIONAL GUARD 22 Jun 1916 Company G of the National Guard was mobilized to form in Laurel MD to go to Mexico to face the insurgency there.  A photo of the company and a photo of the officers is included.  Officers are Captain Palmer and other officers Stark, Feaga, Clark, Roemer, Portmess, Shepherd, Jarboe, Zarger , Dellinger, Henderson and Pownell.

MILLER 26 Jun 1916 William Miller, aged 40 years, died of a complication of diseases following an illness of several weeks. Born at Innerleithen, Peebleshire, Scotland on 09 Aug 1875, he came to America on 10 May 1892, settling in Akron, Lancaster Co, PA. before moving to Cumberland in 1894.  He married Miss Katie Kelly in April 1903.  He is survived by an aged mother, his wife, and two children, Leo aged 12 and Agnes aged 6.  Also, these brothers and sisters; AB Miller of Park Street; JW Miller of Bedford Street; Robert C Miller of Fairmont WV; Mrs EH Newberry of Pittsburgh ; Harry G Miller of Keyser; and Miss Margaret Miller on the faculty of Allegany County High School.  Burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.

MONTGOMERY 01 Jun 1916 Tri-Towns- Charles Montgomery, aged 13 years, a son of Albert Montgomery formerly of Piedmont, drowned at Clarksburg WV and the funeral was held yesterday and burial at Philos Cemetery.

MONTGOMERY 12 Jun 1916 Miss Mary E Montgomery, aged 73 years, died Saturday (10 Jun ) at the Western Maryland Hospital after a brief illness.  She is survived by a son, James Montgomery of Westernport.   The funeral is to be in Westernport.

MORELAND 22 Jun 1916 Ridgeley WV- Christopher C Moreland, aged 63 years, died Saturday (19 Jun) at the state hospital of Weirton WV.  For more than 20 years he was the B & O RR section foreman at Rawlings Station until he became ill and was taken to the hospital last November.  These children survive: Benjamin L Moreland of Cumberland; Jefferson L  Moreland of Cleveland; Mrs Albert Wilcher of Harrisburg; Basil M Moreland, FH Moreland, WT Moreland, and Grayson N Moreland of Ridgeley; Sophia F Moreland of Ridgeley, and also, sisters: Mrs Sara Bellsford of Paw Paw; and Mrs Thomas Sedare of Adell IA. Funeral services at Calvary M E Church of Ridgeley and burial in the Welton Graveyard of Rawlings.

MORGAN 16 Jun 1916 William Morgan of Selbysport entered a plea of guilty at Oakland in the murderous assault of his brother-in-law, Orville Frazee last winter.  He was sentenced to a six year term in the penitentiary.

NEWMAN 22 Jun 1916 Ridgeley- John Newman, aged 4 years, son of Mr & Mrs Lloyd Newman, died yesterday at home of his parents after several weeks of illness.

NOLAN 21 Jun 1916Lonaconing- Miss Bridget Nolan died yesterday at her home on Allegany Street.  The funeral and burial are at St Mary=s Catholic Church.

OFFMAN 14 Jun 1916 Frostburg- Mrs Catherine Offman, aged 84 years, died Monday (12 Jun) at her home on Centennial Street.  Born in Germany, as Catherine Lemmert, she came to this country with her parents and settling at Mt Savage.  Surviving children are; Mrs William Horchler of New Castle PA; Mrs William Crow; Mrs William Eisel and Miss Katie Offman of Frostburg; and Christopher Offman and Philip Offman of Frostburg.  Burial in the German Lutheran Cemetery Frostburg.

PERRY 21 Jun 1916 Mrs John Perry died at Helena MT.  A former resident of Pekin, she moved to Montana several years ago.

PORTER 19 Jun 1916 Eckhart- Miss Lillie Porter, aged 21 years, daughter of Mr & Mrs Charles Porter, died Sunday (18 Jun) following an illness of 18 months.  Parents and brothers, James, Edward, Thomas, Dewey, and Harry Porter and sisters, Jessie, Fannie, and Bertha Porter survive.   Burial in Eckhart Cemetery.

RARICK 10 Jun 1916 Frostburg- Mrs Joseph Rarick, aged 49 years, died at her home on Spring Street of paralysis from a stroke suffered on Sunday. Her husband and ten children survive; Harry and Clarence Rarick of Frostburg; Paul, Mary, Laverne, Lauretta, Annie, Walter, Joseph, and Margaret- all at home; brothers, William Smith of Los Angeles; John Smith of Clarysville; Joseph Smith of Frostburg; Mrs Frank Zantopp and Mrs Joseph Schupfer of Cumberland and Mrs Mary Donahue of Detroit.  Burial services in St Michaels, Frostburg.

RAWLINGS 23 Jun 1916 George M Rawlings, aged 77 years, died yesterday at his home near Rawlings Station of paralysis.  He is survived by one son, Herbert Rawlings who resided with him on the farm.  Several years ago he operated a coal yard in Cumberland.  He was a grandson of the famed, Col. Moses Rawlings, commander of the Maryland Line of the Revolutionary War.  A brother Newton T Rawlings died.  He is survived by a brother, AC Rawlings and sisters; Mrs Louise King at home and Mrs ML Sprigg of Washington DC.  Services are at Rawlings Station and burial in the Rose Hill Cemetery.

RICE 19 Jun 1916 Mrs Ruth Rice, aged 85 years, died yesterday at the home of a son, William M Rice, 109 Pennsylvania Avenue from infirmities.  Surviving children are; Millard Rice; Hanson Rice and Mrs John H Welsh of Cumberland; Walter Rice of North Branch; Mrs Jacob Brunner of Ellerslie; and Mrs Webster Simons of Bedford Road.   Funeral at Mt Pleasant Church on the Baltimore Pike.

RICHARDS 24 Jun 1916 Alice Way Richards, three month old daughter of Mr & Mrs James Richards of Consolidation died today of pneumonia.

RILEY 17 Jun 1916 Samuel L Riley, aged 68 years,  died yesterday at his home, 334 N Mechanic Street following a six week illness.  His wife and these children survive; Mrs Guy P McKeen of Chicago; Leo Riley and Miss Consuella Riley at home.  Services at Sts Peter & Paul Catholic Church.

RUSSELL 09 Jun 1916 Keyser- Mrs Thomas Russell, aged 70 years, a resident of Keyser for 40 years, died and was buried yesterday at St Thomas Cemetery.  Her husband and two daughters survive; Mrs Leo Connell of Tunnellton and Miss Elizabeth Russell of Keyser; and four sons, John Russell of Chicago and Thomas Russell, Hugh Russell, and Patrick Russell all of Keyser. Also a sister, Mrs Julie Mooney.

SCHILLING 15 Jun 1916   Walter Schilling, aged 27 years, a son of Joseph H Schilling of 27 Carroll Street died in an auto accident at Youngstown OH, where he had lived with his family having moved there five years ago.  His wife and two children; Elizabeth and Franklin Schilling survive.  Also, sisters, Mrs Jessie Deatelhouser; Mrs Emma Brown; Mrs Nellie Burkey; and Mrs Blanche Paul all of Cumberland; and Mrs Ella May Harvey of Frostburg.  Burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.  The funeral notice of 16 June offers details of accident.

SCHLOSSNAGLE 02 Jun 1916 Oakland- Harry Schlossnagle, aged 68 years, a farmer of Accident, died of cirrhosis of the arteries on Monday (28 May).  He is survived by his widow and several grown children.  Also, a sister, Mrs Thomas Turney of Oakland.  The funeral is at the Lutheran Church at Accident.

SCHWANKHAUS 15 Jun 1916 Frank L Schwankhaus, aged 32 years, a son of Lena Schwankhaus of 410 N Mechanic Street, died today of a lingering illness. He is survived by his mother, and three brothers, Henry Schwankhaus, William Schwankhaus  and Albert Schwankhaus; and a sister, Miss Anna May Schwankhaus.  Burial in Sts Peter & Paul Catholic Church and Cemetery.

SMITH 13 Jun 1916 Miss Carrie Smith, aged 32 years, daughter of Mrs Molly Smith of 214 Arch Street, died on Sunday (11 Jun) at University Hospital, Baltimore following an operation. Surviving are brothers and sisters; Mrs Elizabeth Koch; Miss Margaret Smith; Mrs Waverly Rice; and Mrs William Lindsey all of Cumberland; Harry C Smith of Bridgeport OH Mrs Stickley of Springfield WV and Miss Maude Smith of Baltimore.  Burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.

SNOWDEN 02 Jun 1916 George G Snowden, aged 66 years, of Cumberland Valley was run over by a westbound train near Valley Street and died of his injuries.  He and his son, Guy Snowden had brought produce to the city and some junk to the Koop Junk Yard at Highland Street.  While unloading the junk, a train frightened the horses dragging him onto the tracks as the train approached.  He is survived by his widow and these children; Guy Snowden and Miss Ensy Snowden at home; Harley Snowden of Utica NE and Mrs Clarence Deremer of Waco NE.  Burial services at the Bethel Church and Cemetery. [Article has 3 paragraphs].

STARK 02 Jun 1916 Mr & Mrs George Stark of 116 Columbia Street celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary.  He is a son of the late George Stark and she is a daughter of the late Adam Froehlich.  Five children celebrate with them; George H Stark; John F Stark; Charles W Stark; J William Stark of Philadelphia; and Miss Ida Stark at home.  A son and two daughters are deceased. [Article is three paragraphs].

STREETS BREAD 09 Jun 1916 A full page advertisement for bread featuring the owner, John M Street; and the bakery building and the employees assembles.  Ad reappears on 16 June with photo of latest machinery.

STURTZ 22 Jun 1916 Mrs Sarah Sturtz, aged 77 years, widow of Daniel Sturtz, died at the home of a son, Lloyd Sturtz at Wellersburg PA.  She is survived by these children: Lloyd Sturtz of Wellersburg; Simon Sturtz of Mt Savage; Joshua Sturtz of Wellersburg; Mrs John Elrick of Frostburg; Mrs Charles Wildoner of Huntington WV; and Mrs Mary Weigley of Somerset.  Burial is in Cook Cemetery.

SWEITZER 15 Jun 1916 Aurel Gerry Schweitzer, aged 1 year, a son of Mr & Mrs Frederick H Sweitzer of 504 5th street, died yesterday and burial is in Rose Hill Cemetery.

THOMAS 03 Jun 1916 Uriah M Thomas, aged 53 years, a B & O RR engineer died Friday (02 Jun) at his home 200 South Street of diphtheria.   He came to this city from Connellsville nine years ago.  He is survived by his wife, Amanda A Thomas; and these children, Mrs Bertha Foreman, wife of John Foreman; Walter Thomas; Edwin Thomas; George Thomas; Grace Thomas; Elsie Thomas; and Lillian Thomas.  Burial is at Rose Hill Cemetery.

THOMAS 06 Jun 1916 Mrs David Thomas, aged 46 years of Oldtown, died today. Her husband and two children survive.  Burial at the ME Church at Oldtown.

THOMAS 14 Jun 1916 Frostburg- Mrs Margaret Thomas, aged 78 years, widow of James B Thomas, died at her home in Consolidation, near here.  A native of Wales, she is survived by brothers; John, James, Edward, and Evan Thomas of Frostburg and Ellsworth Thomas of Detroit and also a sister of Detroit.  Burial is in Allegany Cemetery.

WATSON 02 Jun 1916 Mrs Caroline Anna Watson, aged 79 years, a former Cumberland resident and sister of the late W T Allen of Bedford Street, died Wednesday at her home in Brunswick NJ after a two day illness.  Her husband, John Watson; and daughter, Mrs Jacob Applegate of New Brunswick survive.  Burial is in NJ.

WEIMER 20 Jun 1916 Charles Weimer, aged 45 years, a B & O RR employee at Garrett PA died Friday at Western Maryland Hospital after an operation.  A wife and several children survive.  Services are to be held at Garrett.

WEIMER 24 Jun 1916 Emory Weimer, aged 36 years, was killed in the Bloomington Mine of Pattison Coal Co yesterday.  He had entered the mine heading to bring out a car of coal when four tons of rock fell upon him killing him instantly. His wife and three children survive, the youngest is six years of age. Burial at Philos Cemetery.

WIEBRECHT 15 Jun 1916 Mildred Wiebrecht, an infant daughter of Mr & Mrs Henry Wiebrecht of Depot Street, Frostburg died this morning of measles.  Her parents, five brothers and three sisters survive.

WILSON 02 Jun 1916 Mrs Margaret Wilson, wife of Robert D Wilson of Clarksburg and former resident of Cumberland, died Wednesday (30 May) at Patapsco Manor Sanitarium in Ellicott City MD.  She had been an invalid for some time.  A native of Fifeshire, Scotland, she came to this country with her parents when quite young.  She is survived by her husband, and these children; Robert D Wilson; Mark D Wilson; Calvin Wilson; and William Wilson of Clarksburg; Ralph E Wilson of Mt Savage; Mrs Robert E L Bowie of Cumberland; and Miss Jennie C Wilson of Clarksburg.  Burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.

WOLFE 12 Jun 1916 William W Wolfe, aged 70 years, a local butcher, died at his home, 31 Frederick Street on Sunday (11 Jun).  Unmarried, he lived his entire life at the Wolfe homestead, founded by his father Hiram B Wolfe.  He is survived by sisters, Jennie and Lou Wolfe and a nephew, Charles Warner and a brother, Hiram B Wolfe.  Burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.

YOUNG 26 Jun 1916 John W Young, aged 60 years, died today in his home, 30 Cumberland Street from angina pectoris.  Born in Hampshire CO WV on Aug 20, 1856, he was a son of Archibald A Young.  He was very active in politics in the area. He is survived by his second wife and these children of the first marriage: James A Young of Cumberland; Joseph W Young of Cumberland; Edgar W Young of Baltimore; and Mrs Robert Feaga.  In 1878, he married his first wife, Mary J Andrews of Barton who died years ago.  His second wife was the widow of Rev M L Young. Pastor of St Stephen=s Lutheran Church.  Burial is in Rose Hill Cemetery.  Photo and front page story with 7 paragraphs.  June 27 article about his body lying in state.


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