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Excerpts from The Cumberland Times
transcribed by Charles Often



1916 - April


ALLEN 12 Apr 1916 Alfred Allen, aged 25 years, died Tuesday (11 Apr) in Shanks WV of typhoid pneumonia.  His widow was a Miss Ruckman.

ARDELL 22 Apr 1916 Will Ardell, aged 30 years, died in Pittsburgh.  He was a painter and carpenter contractor.  He was a brother-in-law of Anthony A Minke.  Burial is at Phillipsburg PA.

BAKER 24 Apr 1916 Mrs Margaret E Baker, aged 68 years, died Friday (21 Apr) in Beverly WV.  She is the widow of Eli Baker and survived by sons William E Baker; and Charles C Baker of Beverly; and daughter, Mrs L R Fowler of Elkins.  She was aunt of E D Baker of the F Mertens & Sons Co.

BECHTOL 20 Apr 1916 John Bechtol, age 14 years, and William Bechtol, aged 9 years drowned in the Potomac River at St John_s Run WV, forty miles south of Cumberland.  Their father, John Bechtol died several years ago and their mother lives at St John_s Run.

BEEGLE 26 Apr 1916 Bedford- Mrs George Beegle, aged 65 years died Saturday (22 Apr) at her home in Snake Spring Valley.  She was Miss Rachel Diehl before marriage.  Burial is in the Lutzville Cemetery.

BELLSTON 20 Apr 1916 Lonaconing- Mrs Louis Bellston died yesterday at Miners Hospital following an illness for some time and an operation on Saturday proved fruitless.  Her body was taken to her home on Douglas Avenue.

BENNETT 07 Apr 1916 Calvin W Bennett, an infant son of Mr & Mrs James G Bennett of Ridgeley WV, who died on Wednesday (05 Apr) was buried in Mt Savage Cemetery.

BLAKE 17 Apr 1916 Mrs Philip Blake, aged 67 years, died today at her home in Eckhart after a year of illness.  Her husband and these children survive; Oscar Blake of Frostburg; Philip Blake Jr and Thomas Blake of Akron OH; William Blake; Charles Blake; Patrick Blake; John Blake; and Miss Margaret Blake at home and Mrs Thomas Kenney of Cumberland.  Burial in St Michael_s Cemetery.

BRASHEARS 25 Apr 1916 Isaac Brashears, aged 61 years, of Williams Road, died at the hospital where he had been for two weeks after being found in a hut on the Williams Road in a frozen condition.  The Butler morgue is in charge of the body pending relatives notice reportedly in WV.  Burial was in Mt Hermon Cemetery.

BRINKER 25 Apr 1916 Mrs Sophia M Brinker, aged 81 years, died yesterday at Allegany Hospital of old age.  She is the widow of Mathias Brinker and the mother of four daughters in the Ursuline Convent and 2 sons: Sr. M Sophia of Louisville KY; Sr. M Mathias of Peoria IL; Sr. M Ignatius of Cumberland; and Frank Brinker of Techny IL.  Deceased are Sr. Frances Borges and George Brinker.  Burial at Sts Peter & Paul Cemetery.

BRODE 05 Apr 1916 Eckhart- William Brode, aged 12 years of Hoffman was electrocuted by high tension wires at the Edison plant near Horseshoe Bend, just above Clarysville yesterday. He, Thomas Martin, and Russell Seifert were playing at the home of Snyder Smith and climbed upon one of the towers supporting those wires with 33,000 volts. Those wires supply power to the mines in the George_s Creek Valley.  His father, George Brode died a year ago.  His mother, Mrs Lola Brode and these children survive: Joseph Brode, Allen Brode, and Larry Brode of Detroit MI; and Misses Marie, Mollie, and Annie Brode of Hoffman.  An uncle is, John Brode of the Cumberland Police Force.

BROOKMAN 19 Apr 1916 Mary M Brookman an infant six months old daughter of Mr & Mrs John J Brookman died yesterday at her home, 88 Water Street.  Burial is in Sts Peter & Paul Cemetery.

BROWN 11 Apr 1916 Midland- Mrs Margaret Brown, aged 48 years of National, widow of Alexander Brown who was killed several years ago in Consolidation Mine #7, died yesterday of a complication of diseases.  A native of Scotland, she was born in 1868 and survived by these children; Thomas Brown and George Brown of National; William Brown of Pittsburgh; Mrs Thurman Beakney of Durrant OK; and Misses Alexa Brown and Irene Brown at home.  Burial is in McLuckie_s Cemetery.

CARTER 22 Apr 1916 Dewey Carter, aged 17 years, son of Mr & Mrs William H Carter of Foundry Row, Mt Savage, died today of Bright_s disease.  He is survived by his parents, a brother, Robert Carter; and sisters, Barbara Carter and Bertha Carter.  Burial in the ME Cemetery.

CAVANAUGH 14 Apr 1916 Mrs Mary A Cavanaugh, aged 66 years, a widow of Isaac A Cavanaugh of Midland, died last night at Western Maryland Hospital after a week of illness.  Her husband who died in 1906 was a former justice of the Peace at Midland.  These children survive; Miss Esther C Cavanaugh of Cumberland; Misses Margaret A Cavanaugh and Mary C Cavanaugh at home; Isaac P Cavanaugh and Clarence Cavanaugh at home; also a son, Richard F Cavanaugh at Ft Ethan Allen VT.

CESSNA 26 Apr 1916 Bedford- Weaver B Cessna, aged 88 years, a farmer of the Cumberland Valley died yesterday after a short illness. His wife, former Miss Snowden and 13 children grown and out except for J Howard Cessna residing at the home place. Services are at the Burning Bush Church.

CHABOT 10 Apr 1916 Frostburg- Mrs Annie Chabot, aged 23 years, wife of Joseph Cabot, died yesterday in Miners Hospital after an illness of 11 weeks following the birth of her last child.  Her husband and four small children survive; Elizabeth Chabot; Louis Chabot; Joseph Chabot; and Marie Chabot.  Also, brothers and sisters, Christie Patton of Charles City IA; Jose Patton of Des Moines IA; George Patton of Eckhart; Mrs Frank Closterman of Red Hill; Alice Patton of Frostburg; and Miss Mary Patton of Des Moines IA.  Burial is in St Michael_s Cemetery. 

CHANEY 24 Apr 1916 Robert H Chaney, aged 42 years, of Spring Gap was fatally injured today while engaging in loading mine props onto a car of the Western Maryland RR, when about 600 props fell onto his body.  He was removed to the home of T M Stallings and Dr C W F Bove of Cumberland summoned.  He is survived by his wife, Mrs Ella Chaney daughter of John H Stallings, his parents, and several brothers and sisters.  Burial in Rose Hill Cemetery. [Article is three paragraphs].

COLE 12 Apr 1916 Frostburg- John Cole, aged 57 years, died yesterday of paralysis at his home, 28 Washington Street.  Born in England, he married the former Miss Margaret Lutz who survives with a number of relatives in England.

CONNOR 14 Apr 1916 Frostburg- Mr John Connor, aged 54 years, of Hoffman Mines, died yesterday at Miners Hospital.  He is survived by three sisters; Mrs John Martin; Mrs john Connolly; and Miss Helen Connor of Hoffman Mines.  Burial in St Michael_s Cemetery.

COOPER 14 Apr 1916 Clara Elizabeth Cooper, aged 20 years, daughter of Otho and Mary Cooper of Church Street in Johnstown died yesterday of pneumonia. She is survived by her parents; a brother, John Cooper at home and sisters Mrs Mary Reed at home and Mrs Ollie Robison of Detroit MI.  Burial in Grandview Cemetery, Johnstown.

DANNAKER 26 Apr 1916 Bedford- Charles Dannaker, aged 70 years, died yesterday at Schellsburg.  He is from an old pioneer family and burial is in the Old Cemetery of Schellsburg.

DAVIS 14 Apr 1916 Charles David, aged 40 years, a B & O RR trackman, was struck by a train near Myersdale and died of his injuries at Allegany Hospital last night. A wife and several children survive.  Burial is to be in Myersdale.

DAVIS 20 Apr 1916 Mrs J Webb Davis aged 49 years, died Sunday (16 Apr) at Grafton WV. She was born Miss Fannie Wheeler, a daughter of Mrs O E Harden of Piedmont.  Brothers are Frank Wheeler and Arnold Wheeler of Piedmont; and a sister is Mrs Willis M Rickley of S Allegany Street.  Burial in Morgantown WV.

DAWSON 06 Apr 1916 James T Dawson, aged 24 years, was killed near vale Summit station yesterday while at work as a brakeman for the WMRR, formerly the C&GC Co.  He was boarding the train and slipped on the wet foot stirrup and fell beneath the wheels of the train.  His body was removed and sent to his father_s home, Theodore Dawson of Jackson Street, in Lonaconing.  Two weeks ago he married Miss C Lowdermilk of Lonaconing.  Burial in Oak Hill Cemetery. 

DICK 15 Apr 1916 Lonaconing- Mrs Margaret Dick died Tuesday( 12 Apr).  She is survived by a these children; Mrs Felix Foote Jr of Florida Way; Miss Jean Dick of Detroit MI; Mrs Charles Delfer of Donora PA and John Dick of Charleroi PA.  Burial in the Oak Hill Cemetery.

DOLAN 27 Apr 1916 Hagerstown- Mrs Catherine Dolan, aged 64 years, widow of John W Dolan, died at her home in the Franklin House.  She was sister-in-law of Timothy Dolan of Cumberland.  She was a member of the St Mary_s Church.

DORSEY 27 Apr 1916 Mrs Emma Jane Dorsey, aged 59 years, wife of henry Dorsey, died today at her home, 130 Oak Street after an illness of eight months.  Surviving children are Rufus Dorsey; George Dorsey; Mrs William Keller; and Mrs Reed Deneen.  Burial services at the United Brethren Church in Fair Hope PA.

ELOSSER 14 Apr 1916 Mrs L H Elosser, aged 68 years, died yesterday in Winchester VA after a long illness.  She was a sister-in-law of A L Elosser of Decatur Street, Cumberland.  Burial in Old Furnace Cemetery.

EVANS 12 Apr 1916 Irvin L Evans, aged 32 years, of Hyndman, died Thursday (5 Apr) at W Penn Hospital Pittsburgh, after an operation for a tumor on the throat.  He leaves a widow, Mrs Margaret Evans and two sisters; Mrs W A Menges of Arch St, Cumberland and Mrs D J Kiser of Springdale Street, Cumberland and one brother, Charles R Evans of Ridgeley WV.  Burial is from the M E Church of Hyndman.

EVERLY 11 Apr 1916 Mrs Anna Everly, aged 69 years, widow of Jeremiah Everly, died yesterday at her home on Cresap Street of old age.  She is survived by two sons; George Everly and James Everly of Cumberland.  Burial is in Rose Hill Cemetery.

FINAN 26 Apr 1916 James Finan, 82 years old, a retired farmer, died today at the home of a son, Joseph B Finan, who is editor of The Evening Times.  He was born in County Sligo, Ireland.  He was twice married, first to Miss Annie McDonald, who died 43 years ago today.  Later, he married Miss Mary Ann Mattingly of Mt Savage who died without any children on June 1, 1908. He came to America in May 1856, residing first in Massachusetts then coming to Cumberland and farmed on Valley Road.  He retired in 1896, moving to Cumberland . He is survived by these children; Joseph B Finan; and James Finan of Cumberland; Mrs Mary C Sutton and Thomas Finan of Zanesville OH; and Sr. Mary Evangelist of St Joseph_s Order in Pittsburgh.  Burial in St Patrick_s Church and Cemetery.

FLETCHER 17 Apr 1916 Kenneth Fletcher, aged 5 years, son of Mr & Mrs William C Fletcher, of 10 Gay Street, died yesterday at home of pneumonia.  Burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.

FLYNN 24 Apr 1916 Lonaconing- Mr John Flynn, aged 42 years, died Friday (21 Apr) of convulsions at his home in Dudley.  Burial is at St Mary_s Cemetery.

FOLK 14 Apr 1916 Frostburg- Charles W Folk, aged 58 years, died at his home on Linden Street last night of miners asthma and heart trouble.  His is survived by these children; Edward Folk; George Folk; and Miss Myrtle Folk of Frostburg; Mrs Rachel Fowler of Midlothian; Mrs Nellie Coder of Mongoe IN; Mrs Killie Richardson of Frostburg; and a brother, Frisby F Folk of Cumberland.  Burial in the Percy Cemetery.

GARLITZ 19 Apr 1916 Frostburg- a child six months of age of Mrs Roy Garlitz died at the home of the grandfather, Enoch Garlitz yesterday.

GATEHOUSE 17 Apr 1916 Frostburg- Mr & Mrs Thomas Gatehouse celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary [Article has 5 paragraphs].

GORMER 10 Apr 1916 Mrs Margaret Gormer, aged 40 years, wife of John Gormer, a foreman on the cement plant at Ackerman WV, died at Western Maryland Hospital on Saturday (8 Apr) after an operation.  Her body was prepared by Butler Morgue and sent to buffalo Mills PA for burial.

HAMMAN 13 Apr 1916 Mr & Mrs Jacob Hamman of Germantown MD celebrate their 25 th wedding anniversary.  She was formerly, Miss Josephine Hartley of Piney Plains and they formerly lived in Fulton Co PA.

HAMMERS 14 Apr 1916 Frederick A Hammers died yesterday.  Services are at his late home, 18 Holland Street and burial in Philadelphia.

HARBEL 28 Apr 1916 Lewis W Harbel, aged 66 years, died today at his home, 236 Mechanic Street, Frostburg of cancer.  His wife and these children survive; Lewis Harbel at home; James Harbel at Frostburg; and Mrs Dilfer of Mt Pleasant PA.

HIETT 12 Apr 1916 Mrs Margaret Hiett, aged 80 years, widow of Walter J Hiett, died last Wednesday (5 Apr).

HILL 12 Apr 1916 Mrs Elizabeth G Hill, aged 69 years, widow of Thomas Hill of Frostburg, died yesterday at her home in Homestead PA after a brief illness.  She was a daughter of the late R Wharton and Sarah Mason and moved to Homestead 13 years ago.  Surviving are these children; R Mason Hill of Cumberland; Rev Thomas Getz Hill of Smyrna DE; Howard C Hill of Baltimore; George May Hill of Homestead; David F Hill of Lincoln Place PA; Allen J Hill of Pittsburgh; Mrs D W LaPaugh of Denver CO; and Mrs Ralph J Flesher of Lincoln Place PA.  Brothers and sisters; Mrs James VanSickle and Miss Ida Mason of Buchannan WV; Dr, Allen J Mason of Friendsville; Robert P Mason of Baltimore; and J Howard Mason of Pittsburgh. Burial is in Allegany Cemetery.

HOPWOOD 14 Apr 1916 Harold Hise Hopwood, a one month son of Mr & Mrs W W Hopwood of 366 N Center Street died yesterday after a brief illness.  Burial is in Rose Hill Cemetery.

HUGHES 25 Apr 1916 Walter E Hughes, aged 49 years, died today at his home, 11 Sylvan Avenue.  He is survived by his wife, and these children: Charles E Hughes; Ira O Hughes; Frederick H Hughes; Walter C Hughes; Howard M Hughes, Mrs Otis Minnicks; Mrs Russell Burkett; and Mrs Ruth Gaither.  Burial is at Rose Hill Cemetery.

JONES 04 Apr 1916 Frostburg- Mrs William B Jones of Youngstown OH has died.  Prior to her marriage, she was Laura Thrasher and lived on Beall Street. She was a teacher and married in 1888 and became a businessman of Youngstown.  Her husband and several grown children survive. 

JONES 12 Apr 1916 Charles Jones, 9 month old child of Mr & Mrs Charles Jones of 52 = Polk Street, died today at Allegany Hospital. 

JONES 15 Apr 1916 Frostburg- Mrs Laura Wilda Jones, wife of William B Jones a former resident of Frostburg, died of grippe last week (8 Apr) at her home in Youngstown OH.  She was a daughter of J Thrasher and Elizabeth R Thrasher.  She married on 27 Feb 1888, and is survived by her husband; sons, L Calvin Jones and Bruce W Jones and her aged mother and these brothers and sisters; WF Thrasher; Ronald G Thrasher; and Mrs A M Heasley of Frostburg.  Burial in Belmont Park Cemetery Youngstown.

KEAN 25 Apr 1916 Mrs Mary Kean, aged 93 years, died at her home, 27 Beall Street following several months of illness. She is the widow of Philip Kean who died 14 years ago.  She was born in County Clare, Ireland coming to America at age 18 years.  She had a large family with these surviving; John F Kean; George F Kean of Cumberland; Patrick E Kean of Oldtown; Mrs Ella Fisher residing with her mother; Mrs Kate Thomas and Mrs Edward O_Neill of Cumberland; and Mrs Elizabeth Morrissey of Pittsburgh.  Also, the late James W Kean of the Central Fire Department.  She was aunt of Daniel E Kean of Cumberland and of former mayor, George A Kean of Cumberland. Burial in St Patrick_s Cemetery. [Article has 3 paragraphs].

KEITH 07 Apr 1916 Eckhart- Peter Keith, aged 78 years, died in bed today in the Garrett Building. Prior to coming here, he lived in Philadelphia and was on a government pension after serving in C0. F, Colored 55 Mass Infantry in the Civil War.  A wife and two children live in Philadelphia. 

KELLER 03 Apr 1916 Mildred A Keller, an eight month old daughter of Mr & Mrs J E Keller of 138 Humbird Street died today and burial is in Rose Hill Cemetery.

KERN 13 Apr 1916 Lemuel F Kern, aged 59 years, died at his home in Frankfort WV on Tuesday (11 Apr) of Bright_s disease.  Survived by a daughter, Mrs Grace Duckworth at home; and one brother, Rev Dr D H Kern of the M E Church, South.  Burial will be in Frankfort.

KNEIRIEM 05 Apr 1916 Mrs Ada/Edna Kneiriem, aged 19 years, of Cresaptown, died today at Allegheny Hospital from blood poisoning.  The body is being prepared by Wolford_s mortuary and burial is in Cresaptown. 

KOPLER 27 Apr 1916 Joseph Kopler, aged 17 years, a Bohemian, died today at Allegany County Tuberculosis Sanitarium where he had been a patient for six months. He was also deaf and had no relatives in America.  He is buried in Sts Peter & Paul Cemetery.

LEWIS 22 Apr 1916 Herbert Victor Lewis, aged 2 years, son of Mr & Mrs William Lewis of Winchester bridge, died today following a two week illness.  Burial is in Allegany Cemetery.

LICHTENSTEIN 15 Apr 1916 Reuben Lichtenstein, aged 77 years, died today at his home, 98 Harrison Street after a long illness.  His wife, Mrs Sarah Lichtenstein and these sons and daughters survive; Mrs Samuel Wertheimer and Mrs rving Rosenbaum of Cumberland; Mrs Alex Tittlebaum of New York; A M Lichtenstein; J H Lichtenstein; Robert I Lichtenstein; and L Lichtenstein all of Cumberland; and J Lichtenstein of Brownsville.  Born in 1838 at Wolfernheim, Germany and he came to this country at age 14, residing in Virginia.  He served in the Civil War with 19th VA Inf, Pickets Division of Longstreet_s Corps.  After the war, in 1868 he married Miss Sarah Hirsch of Cumberland and opened a liquor business remaining the head until his death..  Burial is in the Jewish Cemetery on the Baltimore Pike.

LINGENFELTER 03 Apr 1916 Lee Lingenfelter, aged 54 years, owner of the Cumberland Distributing Co., died yesterday at his home 10 Carroll Street of Bright_s disease. His wife and three children survive: Laura Lingenfelter, Arch Lingenfelter, and Kenneth Lingenfelter and also, a sister, Mrs E C Henshaw of Martinsburg WV.  Burial is in Hedgesville WV.

LOTTIG 15 Apr 1916 Mrs William E Lottig, aged 18 years, wife of Arthur Lottig, died at home, 264 N Mechanic Street. Besides her husband, she is survived by an infant daughter, her father, Charles Edenhart of Ridgeley WV; and these brothers and sisters; Mrs Albert Harrison; Mrs Louise Prescom; Mrs Earl Dailey ; Ora E Edenhart; Annie Edenhart; and Hunter Edenhart all of Ridgeley; and Joseph Edenhart of Dayton KY.  Burial is in Greenmount Cemetery.

LYONS 05 Apr 1916 Alexander Lyons, aged 57 years, formerly of Moscow, died yesterday at the County almshouse.  Funeral is today and burial in the Allegany County Cemetery.

MAFFLEY 03 Apr 1916 Gertrude Maffley, an infant daughter of Mr & Mrs George Maffley of Mapleside died yesterday.

MARTIN 25 Apr 1916 Frostburg- Miss Helen Martin, aged 13 years, daughter of Mr & Mrs Alvay A Martin of Grahamtown, died today at her home of pneumonia.  Her father had been sent to Baltimore for medical treatment over one year ago.  Burial in Allegany Cemetery.

MARTUCCI 10 Apr 1916 Frostburg- Pietro Martucci, aged 45 years, died yesterday at Miners hospital following burns suffered March 23 in the home of son-in-law, Tony Frank of 94 E Union Street as he attempted to ignite a fire with gasoline.  His wife, four sons, and three daughters survive.  Burial is in St Michael_s Cemetery.

McDONALD 07 Apr 1916 Frank McDonald, about 40 years of age, a lumberman, died in Allegany Hospital of Bright_s disease.  The body is at Stein Mortuary pending advice of relatives in Dunshore, Sullivan Co., PA.

McKEE 05 Apr 1916 Mary Ruth McKee died in Massena IA on March 30th, aged 66 years and 19 days.  She came to this country with her parents from Glamm, Germany.  She married in Davenport IA in 1868 to William T McKee.  She is survived by her husband and 4 sons and 5 daughters in Cass Co., IA; along with two sisters and two brothers. She is a sister-in-law of the late John McKee and of Mrs E R Neff of Cumberland.  Burial is in Massena.

METZNER 24 Apr 1916 Frostburg- Mrs Julia Metzner, aged 78 years, died today at her home in Hoffman of old age.  A native of Germany, she was the former Miss Julia Kagel..  She is survived by four daughters; Misses Sophia Metzner and Miss Mary Metzner at home; Mrs Kate Race and Mrs William Henry of Hoffman.  Also, a sister, Mrs John Pressman of Frostburg.

MILLER 12 Apr 1916 Mrs Frances Miller, aged 60 years, wife of W G S Miller a motorman on the Frostburg electric car line, died today at her home 23 Hanover Street of dropsy.  Husband and one son; D A Miller of Washington DC; and one daughter Miss Vertie Miller at home survive.  She is the daughter of the late Daniel and Mary Huebner and is also survived by sisters; Mrs John Smith; Mrs William J Harrison; and Mrs Mary Shaw- all of Cumberland.  Burial is in Rose Hill Cemetery.

MILLER 21 Apr 1916 Joseph Peter Miller, aged 77 years, died at the home of a daughter, Mrs Wolfgang Hammersmith, 240 Columbia Avenue after a six week illness. Surviving children are; Frank Miller of Pittsburg; Mrs Wolfgang Hammersmith and Miss Anna Miller of Cumberland.  Burial in Sts Peter & Paul Cemetery.

MORGAN 12 Apr 1916 Lonaconing- Elsie May Morgan, a daughter of King Morgan of Scotch Hill, died Monday (10 Apr) at the home of grandfather Esau Morgan.  Burial is in Oak Hill Cemetery.

MORMETT 03 Apr 1916 Mrs Rebecca Mormett, aged 51 years, died of heart trouble in her Ridgeley WV home yesterday.  Her husband, John W Mormett and several children survive.  Burial is in the family burial grounds near Old furnace.

MOWER 21 Apr 1916 The death of Leslie V Mower, aged 29 years is reported.

MUNDY 10 Apr 1916 D Edward Mundy died on Saturday (8 Apr) at Brunswick MD hospital form injuries received as he attempted to board a moving freight train at Weaverton.  His wife of 193 N Centre Street survives. [Article is three paragraphs].

MYERS 10 Apr 1916 Charles E Myers, aged 31 years, who died on Saturday (8 April) at the Allegany County Asylum, has services from his late home, 8 Bellvue Street and the body was shipped to Greensburg PA for burial.

NEWMAN 07 Apr 1916 Francis P Newman, 8 years of age, son of Mr & Mrs Lloyd L Newman of Ridgeley WV, who died on Wednesday (05 Apr) was buried at Sts Peter & Paul Cemetery.

NEWMAN 17 Apr 1916 Mt Savage- Miss Rachel Newman, 92 years of age, a former resident of Mt Savage, died at Manheim WV on Saturday (15 Apr) .  She lived with a sister, Mrs John W Keller while living in Mt Savage and with a daughter in WV, Mrs E E Moshholder.  Burial is in the M E Cemetery.

O'LEARY 18 Apr 1916 Keyser- Conn J O'Leary died yesterday at his home on Center Street. He is survived by his wife, and burial is in Queens Point.

OGLE 26 Apr 1916 Miss Ida Ogle, aged 56 years, daughter of the late Theodore Ogle, died yesterday at the home of a sister, Mrs Frederick Herring, 24 Polk Street.  She is survived by a brother, James Ogle of Cumberland; and sisters, Mrs Martin Gross of York PA; Miss Jennie Gross of Cumberland; and Mrs Frederick Herring of Cumberland.  Burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.

PATRICK 22 Apr 1916 Lonaconing- Mrs Robert Patrick died at the home of a daughter, Mrs Gus Pappas of Steyer Street, Frostburg.  The funeral is from her sister_s home, Mrs William Barnes in Lonaconing and burial in Oak Hill Cemetery.

PERDEW 28 Apr 1916 Mrs Nellie Perdew, aged 38 years, wife of John M Perdew, died yesterday at her home 14 Glenn Street after a 2 year battle with cancer. She is survived by;   her parents, Mr & Mrs W Austin Cessna of Rainsburg; her husband, John M Perdew; three children; Paul Perdew; Fred Perdew; and Thomas Perdew; and these brothers and sisters; Mrs J A Grace of Eckhart; Mrs L M Hill of Hyndman; Miss Reta Cessna of Rainsburg; Mrs E C Nycum of Rainsburg; Mrs H E Snyder of Hardley WV; and Ralph Cessna; Chester Cessna; and Raymond Cessna of Rainsburg; and Paul Cessna of Gettysburg.  Burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.

PIPER 06 Apr 1916 Mrs Sarah Virginia Piper, aged 33 years, died last night at the almshouse following a three week illness.  Her husband, a daughter and several sisters survive.  She was a sister of Joseph Updegrove, who died last month of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Burial is in Rose Hill Cemetery. 

POWELL 10 Apr 1916 Frostburg- Mrs Martha Jane Powell, aged 84 years, died yesterday at her home on Taylor Street.  Born in Bristol England on 09 Apr 1832, she died on her birthday of cirrhosis of the liver.  A widow of John Powell who died in Wales about ten years ago, she is survived by children; Thomas Powell; John Powell; and Rhan Powell of Mason MO; and Mrs John Stimmel of Bridgeville PA. Burial is in Allegany Cemetery.

PUGH 12 Apr 1916 Mrs Elizabeth Pugh, aged 84 years, died Thursday (6 Apr) at her home at Capon Bridge WV.  She was a widow of Lemuel Pugh and eight children survive.

RACE 28 Apr 1916 Frostburg- Justus Race, aged 76 years, died today at his home of Pine Street of Asthma.  A native of Germany, he came here 55 years and was employed as stable boss for Black-Sheridan-Wilson Coal Co.  His wife ands three sons survive: Conrad Race and Daniel Race at home; John Race at Eckhart; and two daughters, Mrs Randolph Dennison of Frostburg; and Miss Maggie Race of Connellsville.  A nephew, John Youngerman is proprietor of the Lyric Cafi.  Burial in Allegany Cemetery.

RANDALL 13 Apr 1916 A D Randall, aged 50 years, died at home 103 Grand Avenue on Tuesday (11 Apr) and burial is in Rose Hill Cemetery.

RANNELLS 12 Apr 1916 Mrs Lizzie Rannells, aged 75 years, widow of John N Rannells, died last Sunday (10 Apr) at Higginsville WV.  Two sons survive.

RAWLINGS 05 Apr 1916 Mrs James W Rawlings, aged 54 years, died yesterday at her home on Orchard Street after a brief illness.  Born in Ireland, she came to this country at age 12 and in 1884, married James W Rawlings.  She is survived by her husband, and these children; Cora Rawlings; Marie Rawlings; Lillian Rawlings, Francis Rawlings, and Jacob H Rawlings all at home; and a brother in Ireland; sisters, Mrs Carl Raymond Koegel of N Mechanic Street and Mrs Bruce F Ryan of Orchard Street.  Burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.

REPHORN 03 Apr 1916 Eckhart- Mrs Edward Rephorn, the former Miss Annie Somerville of Lonaconing who was married only seven months ago, was found in her home with a bullet in her breast.  She was taken to Miners hospital in Frostburg where an operation removed the bullet and she is recuperating nicely. [Article has 6 paragraphs].

REYNOLDS 22 Apr 1916 William F Reynolds, aged 68 years, a carpenter living at Chanwood, eight miles from Frankfort WV, died today at Western Maryland hospital.  The body has been moved to the Stein Mortuary awaiting the burial.

RIEG 27 Apr 1916 Michael Rieg, aged 76 years, died at his home, 375 N Centre Street after a week of illness of blood poison.  His wife, Caroline and these four children survive; Joseph W Rieg of Chambersburg; Frank M Rieg of St Mary_s PA; Mrs Lena W Miller of Cumberland; and Vincent Rieg at home.  Burial at Sts Peter & Paul Catholic Church and Cemetery.

RITCHEY 10 Apr 1916 Bedford PA- Henry G Ritchey, aged 67 years, died of paralysis suffered the days ago.  His wife, former Miss Mary Bottenfield and four children survive; Mrs H B Cessna and Mrs Clyde Cessna of Bedford; Walter Ritchey of Philadelphia; and Samuel Ritchey of Saxton PA.  Also, a brother, C C Ritchey of Bedford and a sister; Mrs Elizabeth Gromes of Everett.  Burial is in Bedford Cemetery.

RITTER 07 Apr 1916 Mrs Anna Elizabeth Ritter, aged 86 years, widow of Adam Ritter, died yesterday at home, 69 German Street following a paralytic stroke of Friday.  Born in Germany on March 23, 1830, she came to America when quite young.  She was last of a family of four brothers, and three sisters.  She is survived by daughters, Mrs Henry Paupe and Misses Anna Ritter, Emma Ritter, and Martha Ritter.  Burial is in Greenmount Cemetery.

ROACH 24 Apr 1916 Keyser- The infant daughter of Mr & Mrs L W Roach was buried at island Ford WV.

ROBINETTE 26 Apr 1916 An infant child, aged 2 months, of Mr & Mrs Upton Robinette died today at Corrigansville.  Burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.

ROLAND 19 Apr 1916 Alena Roland, 19 years of age, daughter of John W Roland of Rush, died yesterday of tuberculosis after several months of illness.  Her father, a sister at home and a sister at Youngstown OH survive.  Burial is at Flintstone.

RUNION 20 Apr 1916 Miss Minnie B Runion died Tuesday (18 Apr) at the State Sanitarium, Sanitarium MD.  Her husband and several children survive.  Burial is at Rose Hill Cemetery.

RYAN 28 Apr 1916 Margaret Ryan, aged 3 years, daughter of Mr & Mrs George Ryan died today of spinal meningitis.  Burial in Porter Cemetery.

SAVAGE 26 Apr 1916 Midland- Edward F Savage, aged 80 years, died yesterday at the home of a son, John Savage.  Born in Selbyport, Garrett Co, he lived there until eight years ago.  Surviving children; Frank Savage of Rosemont WV; George Savage of Frostburg; C E Savage of Keyser; Mrs Charles Beveridge of Midland; Mrs George Wolf of Keyser and Mrs Alex Wilson of Midland and John and Katie Savage at home. 

SCHILLING 07 Apr 1916 Mrs Griffith Schilling, aged 55 years, died in her home in Newark OH.  A daughter of the late Rev Chandlerfi, a former pastor at 1st Baptist Church about 30 years ago, is survived by two daughters; Mrs John Howser and Mrs O Clay Miller.  Also, a sister in law, Mrs Lafayette Moxley of 25 Carroll St.  Burial is in Newark OH.

SCHWANKHAUS 06 Apr 1916 Michael J Schwankhaus, aged 30 years, a son of the late Michael Schwankhaus, died at the home, 410 N Mechanic Street.  He was a glass blower.  His mother and brothers; William Schwankhaus; Henry Schwankhaus; Albert Schwankhaus, and Frank Schwankhaus; and sisters, Anna Schwankhaus and May Schwankhaus survive. Burial is in Sts Peter & Paul Catholic Cemetery.

SHEARER 28 Apr 1916 Midland- William Shearer, aged 70 years, died today at home in Midland. His widow is the former Miss May Elizabeth Goodrich, and children; Charles Shearer; William Shearer; David Shearer; John Shearer; all of Midland; Mrs Albert Stevenson and Mrs Abraham Fisher of Cumberland; and Miss Marion Shearer at home.  Also surviving are sister, Marion Shearer of Gilmore; and brothers, James Shearer of Gilmore; and David Shearer of Midland.  Burial in Old Coney Cemetery.

SHUCK 03 Apr 1916 Miss Gladys Verona Shuck, aged 20 years, a daughter of the late Charles F Shuck and Mrs Joseph H Vernay, died today at her home, 109 Green Street after a illness of 11 months.  She was operated upon for appendicitis and for several weeks she suffered and death was caused by peritonitis. An accomplished musician, she is survived by her mother, step-father, and two step-sisters; Mary Vernay and Virginia Vernay.  Burial is in Rose Hill Cemetery. 

SMITH 26 Apr 1916 Mrs Isaac W Smith, aged 71 years, died from blood poisoning at her home near Dickens Mill. Twice married, her first husband Frank Rider died several years ago.  Survived by these children: George W Rider; Mrs Alice Evans; Joseph Rider; and Edward Rider of Cumberland; Mrs Mary Wright and Albert Rider of Pinto; Mrs Anna Burkett of Deal PA; Mrs Walter Moore of McKeesport; and Miss Tracy Rider of McKeesport. Burial in Union Grove Cemetery.

STOTTLEMOYER 08 Apr 1916 Charles E Stottlemoyer, aged 32 years, at Allegany County Asylum of illness lasting 20 months.  His mother, Mrs P Pugh; and two children, two brothers, and two sisters survive. Burial is in Greensburg PA beside the father, David H Stottlemoyer.

WAGNER 06 Apr 1916 Mt Savage- Mrs John Wagner of Columbus OH died yesterday at Columbus.  A former resident of Mt Savage, she was a daughter of Mr & Mrs Jacob Leasure.

WHITE 07 Apr 1916 Andrew M White, aged 55 years, former Cumberland resident, died yesterday at San Antonio TX.  Born in Wheeling WV, he was brother of Mrs J Woodrow; Mrs DeWarren H Reynolds; Mrs Crede Wilson; and Mrs Roderic Clary.  He was engaged in the cattle business there.  Burial is in San Antonio.

WIGGLEY 17 Apr 1916 Mrs George Wiggley, a former resident of Cumberland, died in Baltimore yesterday.  She is the widow of Lt. Wiggley and mother-in-law of Frank Seifer.  Burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.

WILLIAMS 10 Apr 1916 Mrs Louise Williams, aged 65 years, wife of George W Williams, formerly of Rainsburg PA, died at her home after a lingering illness. A daughter of the late Henry Smith of Cumberland Valley, her husband and eight children survive; Carlton Williams and Ralph Williams of Pittsburgh; Ernest Williams of Peru, South America; Mrs B E Henderson of Johnstown; Arthur Williams of Cumberland Valley; Helen Williams; Roger Williams, and Ellwood Williams all of Rainsburg.

ZAPF 03 Apr 1916 Josephine Zapf, aged 10 months, a daughter of Mr & Mrs George E Zapf of Hay Street, died Saturday (01 Apr) after a brief illness.  Burial in St Patrick_s Cemetery.

ZIMMERMAN 10 Apr 1916 Mr & Mrs Conrad Zimmerman of 26 Baltimore Avenue celebrate their 50th anniversary.  They were married April 8, 1832 in Cumberland.  Mrs Zimmerman was Margaret Gruber, a daughter of the late Mathias Gruber.




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