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Excerpts from The Cumberland Times
transcribed by Charles Often



1916 - March


ARCHITECTURE 01 Mar 1916 The Odd Fellows dedicate their new IOOF building on South Mechanic Street. [Article has 14 paragraphs].


BAKER 25 Mar 1916 Midland- William Baker, a young man of Midland, died in Baltimore last Tuesday (21 Mar) and is buried in Odd Fellows Cemetery at Barton.  


BANE 25 Mar 1916 Ridgeley WV- Daniel A Bane, aged 66 years, died at his home on Knobley Mountain Thursday (23 Mar) of pneumonia. A farmer, he was twice married; firstly to Miss Sallie Fleck who died 12 years ago with children; James T Vandergrift of Ridgeley WV and Mrs Noah Ellifritz of Knobley surviving.  His second wife, Miss Mary Hugh survives him also.  A brother, James Bane of Keyser and sisters; Mrs William Adams of Westernport and Mrs Michael Stagg of Cabin Run WV.  Burial is in Alaska WV.


BAUER 13 Mar 1916 Frostburg- Charles Bauer, aged 30 years, died Friday (10 Mar) of tuberculosis at Edenwood Sanitarium Hagerstown, here he was taken three weeks ago.  He had been employed in the Engle's Meat business.  Surviving are his mother and these brothers and sisters; John Bauer, William Bauer, Herman Bauer, Joseph Bauer, James Bauer and Miss Estella Bauer of Frostburg; and Mrs Edward Walsh of Cumberland.  The funeral is from the home, 66 Centennial Street and burial in St Michaels Cemetery.


BENNETT 13 Mar 1916 Catherine Bennett, aged 3 years, a daughter of Mr & Mrs Harvey Bennett of 255 Bedford Street, died Saturday (11 Mar) of pneumonia after having fallen into a wash boiler of scalding water a week ago.  Her entire body was scalded except for her face.  Burial is in St Peter & Paul Catholic Church and Cemetery.


BEUTER 03 Mar 1916 Mrs Catherine Beuter, aged 60 years, died yesterday at the home of a sister, Mrs William L Richards of Polk Street following an illness of nine months.  A daughter, Mrs Waite B Gilbert of Maplewood NJ survives.  Also, sisters, Mrs Mary Troll of Wheeling WV; Mrs William Nowell of Cameron WV; and Mrs William Richards of Cumberland.  Burial is in Rose Hill Cemetery.


BODOCAN 24 Mar 1916 Frostburg- Mrs Mary E Bodocan, aged 31 years, a resident of Westernport and husband of John R Bodecan of Clarksburg, died at St Joseph's Hospital in Baltimore following an operation. She was a grand daughter of the late Dr James M Porter of Frostburg; a niece of Mayor Samuel R Tiddy; and daughter of Frank X Tiddy of Baltimore.  She is survived by her father, husband, and an infant daughter and these brothers and sisters; Misses Sallie Tiddy and Rose Tiddy, both nurses at Kelly's Sanitarium of Baltimore; and brother, Xavier Tiddy, an auditor for Armour Co.  Burial is at Baltimore.


BONE 29 Mar 1916 Frostburg- Mrs Julia Bone has her 81st birthday celebration and the article of the reception recounts her life with her husband at the home of a son, Joseph Bone, 211 Maple Street. 


BRADBEN 16 Mar 1916 Frostburg- Mrs Caroline Bradben, aged 82 years, died yesterday at her home in Midlothian following a six week illness.  Born in Germany, she came to this country at age 18.  She is survived by a daughter, Mrs Thomas Pattersons of Turtle Creek PA; and sons, George Bradben of Saxton PA; John Bradben of Midlothian; and Charles Bradben of Lonaconing.  Services at the St Paul English Lutheran Church and burial in Allegheny Cemetery.


BRADLEY 03 Mar 1916 Lonaconing- Benjamin C Bradley, aged 46 years, died Wednesday (1 Mar) at the home of a sister, Mrs Leonor Foye of Barton.  He is survived by brothers; James Bradley; Samuel Bradley, John Bradley of Barton and Mrs James M Carnack of Braddock PA and Mrs Foye of Barton.  The funeral is from the home of his sister.


BRENGLE 30 Mar 1916 Charles W Brengle, aged 91 years, a retired shoe merchant and bailiff of the grand jury, died yesterday at the home of a son, Clarence L Brengle, LaVale form infirmities.  Born at Mt Airy, Frederick Co., MD on 22 Feb 1825 , he came to Cumberland in 1845 to operate the Imperial Shoe Store.  In 1849, he married Miss Margaret Rodgers and she died March 31, 1888.  He is survived by son, Clarence Brengle and daughters Mrs W O Hoffman and Mrs Theodore T Sansbury of Cumberland. Services at Centre Street Methodist Church and burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.


BRIDGES 21 Mar 1916 George Bridges, aged 70 years, a businessman of Carlisle, died of heart attack.  He was of a Scottish family from Hancock.  He was a brother of Mrs Jacob B Humbird of Cumberland.


BROADWATER 97 Mar 1916 George W Broadwater, aged 54 years, a brother of Mrs Henry C Miller of Cumberland, died on Monday (6 Mar) at Glencoe PA. He had been operated upon at the Western Maryland Hospital only three weeks ago for stomach ailments.


BRODERICK 28 Mar 1916 Patrick Broderick, aged 63 years, died at the home of his daughter, Mrs Bernard Wilhelm of S Connellsville PA of erysipelas.  A farmer of Avilton in Garrett Co, he was born in Pottsville PA in 1853.  His 2nd wife died six years ago.  Surviving children are; Joseph Broderick; Patrick Broderick; Franklin Broderick; and Mrs John Drennan of Parkersburg; Mrs Bernard Wilhelm of Connellsville; Miss Martha Broderick of Cumberland; and Miss Rossella Broderick of S Connellsville PA.


BROWN 16 Mar 1916 Frostburg- George Brown, aged 16 years, son of Mr & Mrs Hance Brown of 48 McCullough Street, died Tuesday (14 Mar) of Bright's disease.  He is survived by his parents, and these brothers and sisters; Edward L Brown; Walter H Brown; Harry L Brown; James L Brown; and Robert Brown of Frostburg; and Frank F Brown and Miss Minnie Brown of Detroit MI; and Mrs James Felson of NYC.  Burial is in Allegheny Cemetery.


BROWNING 10 Mar 1916 James William Browning, aged 29 years, and an invalid for the past ten years, died yesterday at the home of his mother, Mrs Anna M Browning, 12 Laing Avenue.  He had been injured some years ago at work in B & O RR shops.  His mother and these brothers and sisters survive; Mrs Roberts Brantner of Martinsburg; Mrs Edward Armstrong of Martinsburg; Mrs Francis Poling of Petersburg WV; Mrs J C Turner of Cumberland and Elmer Browning and Charles Browning at home.  Burial is at Martinsburg.


BUCKEY 28 Mar 1916 Mrs Mary M Buckey, aged 54 years, wife of John Buckey, died at home in Pittsburgh PA last Friday (24 Mar) .  The funeral is from the home 118 Shiloh Street, Mt Washington.


CALLAN 08 Mar 1916 Mrs Margaret Callan, aged 44, died at the Haystack Mountain Sanitarium.  She is the wife of Michael Callan of Johnstown, who survives along with a son, Clifford Callan of Johnstown.  Burial is at Johnstown.

09 Mar 1916  


CROSTON 06 Mar 1916 Walter G Croston, aged 37years, died at his home, 56 Elm Street of an illness of several weeks.  He was a B & O RR machinist.  His wife and three small children survive. The body is being sent to Orleans Crossroads WV for burial.


COLE 16 Mar 1916 Frostburg- Angus Cole, aged 43 years, died of pneumonia at his home on Park Avenue on Tuesday (14 Mar) .  He is survived by his wife and 11 children: Mrs William Penn of Detroit MI; Mrs William Nellings of Lake Road VA; Mrs Raymond Pryor of Terrell PA; Mrs John Porter of Pittsburgh; and Dean Cole; Taylor Cole; Elmer Cole; Frances Cole; Lula Cole; Medera Cole; and Charles Cole at home.  Also, brothers and sisters; Garrett Cole of Midlothian; William Cole of Columbus OH; and,  James Cole of Cumberland.  Burial is in Allegheny Cemetery.


COLEMAN 24 Mar 1916 Samuel B Coleman, aged 69 years, died yesterday at his home on Elder Street of an illness of several months.  He is survived by his wife, Mary E Coleman and several children.  Burial is in Connecticut.


COOK 17 Mar 1916 Keyser- John W Cook was struck by the B & O RR # 6 accommodation train on the west bound track and killed yesterday.  A watchman at the stone crusher, he was unaware that the train was switched to that track.  He is survived by his wife. 


CRAWFORD 06 Mar 1916 James W Crawford, aged 71 years, of Braddock Way, died today at the Western Maryland Hospital of a stroke of paralysis that he suffered on Saturday.  He was a member of the Confederate Army, serving in the McNeill's Rangers Unit.  His wife and two sons survive; Charles G Crawford of the Central Fire Department and Walter Crawford a traveling salesman.  The funeral is from the home of his son Charles at 30 Maryland Avenue and the burial is in Rose Hill Cemetery.


CRAWFORD 17 Mar 1916 Keyser- Mr Scott Crawford, aged 36 years, died at Hoffman Hospital on Wednesday (15 Mar) from convulsions.  He came here from Germantown NE and lived with his mother, and was employed in the store room of the B & O RR.    Burial is in Queens Point Cemetery.


CULBERTSON 15 Mar 1916 Lonaconing- A nine month old child of Mr & Mrs David Culbertson of Beechwood died yesterday of bronchitis. 


KELSO 15 Mar 1916 Mrs Minerva Kelso, aged 74 years, widow of James Kelso, died Friday (10 Mar) at her home High View, Hampshire Co., WV following a stroke of paralysis of March 5.  Surviving children; Mrs Flossie Martin of Winchester; Lee Kelso at home; Ervin Kelso of Boston MA; Mahlon Kelso of Winchester; Lemuel Kelso of Cumberland; and Edward P Kelso of Birmingham AL.  Services are at Christian Church, High View WV.


CUMBERLAND PHOTOS 08 Mar 1916 A photo section of eight local city council candidates; Oscar Eyerman; Joseph Schriver; Harry L Smith; T A K Hummelshime; Adam Lebeck; Harry Irvine; Frank Keyser; and William Cole.


DAY 22 Mar 1916 Mrs Victoria Day, the only living daughter of Mr & Mrs Daniel Folck of Folck's Mills, is visiting old friends in Cumberland.  Now of Colorado, the Folck family moved to Missouri some 50 years ago and their farm on Evitts Creek is now owned by LaFayette Leasure.


DETINGER 04 Mar 1916 Marion Detinger, aged 2 years, a daughter of Mr & Mrs William Detinger of 8 Spring Street died yesterday following a brief illness.  Burial is in Rose Hill Cemetery.


DIDIWICK 23 Mar 1916 Miss Hilda Didiwick, aged 12 years, was found dead from gas fumes in the home of her sister, Mrs Patrick Duffey of 105 Fifth Street, with she had lived for the past three years following the death of her father.  Another sister was burned to death at her home in Paw Paw two years ago.


DUFFY 14 Mar 1916 Midland- Patrick Duffy of Ocean was notified of the death of his brother, James C Duffy, aged 49 years of Granite MT from a gunshot wound by Michael Longeran on January 8.  Born in 1876 in Donegal Co, Ireland, he came to Phillipsburg MT 24 years ago, and was for many years, was  Secretary of the Granite Co. Miners Union.  A reprint of the newspaper article of Phillipsburg MT is included.


DUNN 15 Mar 1916 Lonaconing- Robert Dunn, aged 38 years, formerly of Pekin and now of West Newton PA, died of injuries on Saturday (Mar 11) when he stepped from a passenger train into the path of a fast moving freight train.  He was the son of the late Robert and Mrs Elizabeth Dunn.  Surviving brothers and sisters; Mrs Richard Yates and Mrs George Dunn of W Newton; Mrs Harry Hammers; Mrs William Lander; and James Dunn of Star Junction PA; and, David Dunn of Charleroi PA.  Burial is at W Newton PA.


ELLIOTT 21 mar 1916 Mrs Catherine V Elliott, aged 52 years, died yesterday at Allegheny Hospital from paralysis suffered at her home on Virginia Avenue on Sunday (19 Mar).  Her husband, Fisher Elliott came to Cumberland in 1895 and opened a drug store on Virginia Avenue operating it until he died in 1904 when she then conducted business.  Her parents, Mr & Mrs Joseph J Brown of Baltimore Co and a brother, Thoms Brown survive.  Burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.


ELLMAN 28 Mar 1916 Jay Woodrow Ellman, 18 month son of Mr & Mrs G C Ellman of 40 Fairview Avenue, died Sunday (26 Mar) and the burial is in the Lutheran Cemetery.


ESTERHURST 22 Mar 1916 Mrs C J Esterhurst, formerly of Cumberland, died Monday (20 Mar) at her home, 2142 Henry Street, Camden NJ.  She was a daughter of Henry Schnetter, formerly of Lonaconing.


FLEEK 10 Mar 1916 Keyser- Mr Thornton Fleek, aged 82 years, died yesterday of old age in his home at Fountain.  His wife; and one son, J M Fleek survive; and one daughter, Mrs Sarah Steadman.  The funeral services are at Fountain Church and burial is at Cabin Run.


FOOTER 17 Mar 1916 Mr & Mrs Thomas Footer celebrate their fiftieth anniversary. [Article has 5 paragraphs].


FOUT 17 Mar 1916 House fire in Claysville, near Keyser claim many lives; Mr Eliza E Fout aged 48; Mrs W A Shears aged 18; Miss Minnie Fout aged 14; Miss Bella Fout aged 10; Miss Maggie Fout aged 8; Thomas Fout aged 6; and Ollie Fout aged 4 .  Survivors are: Mrs Fout and her youngest baby; Mr W A Shears and his one year old baby; and David Fout aged 13. [Article has 10 paragraphs].


FOX 31 Mar 1916 Adam Fox, aged 70, a blacksmith at Accident and a farmer of Swanton, died Thursday (29 mar) at the Home Sanitarium of Swanton.  He was step-brother of Frederick Fox, a delegate from Garrett Co.


FRANKLIN 02 Mar 1916 Lillian Franklin, aged 5 years, a daughter of Mr & Mrs James Franklin of 1103 Lexington Avenue died today of diphtheria.  Burial is in Abe Cemetery.


GOCKE 30 Mar 1916 Mrs Catherine Gocke, widow of John J Gocke, aged 86 years, died at her residence in Clarksburg today. Born at Bergentreich, Germany in 1830, she came to America with her parents at age 12.  She married in 1853 and had 12 children, however her husband and 8 children preceded her in death. A former resident of this area, she left after 60 years residence here.  Sons, Thomas W Gocke former postmaster at Piedmont, now of Los Angeles; V E Gocke of Clarksburg; and daughter, Mrs J E Mattingly of Morgantown WV  and George J Gocke of Cumberland is a grand son.  Burial is at Howesville, Preston Co, WV. [ article of 31 March is 6 paragraphs.  


GRIFFITH 03 Mar 1916 Dr Timothy Griffith, aged 55 years, died yesterday at his home 134 E Main Street of a long suffering illness.  Born at Utica NY on 01 Aug 1861, he married Miss Eleanor L Bloom of New York City in 1891, who survives, with one daughter, Miss Helen Griffith.   Also surviving, are three sisters; Mrs E W Jones of Philadelphia; Mrs J J Jones of Wilmington; and Mrs Frank E Everett of Frostburg.  Burial is in Allegany Cemetery.  [Photograph of Dr Griffith is also included.]


HABEEB 27 Mar 1916 Westernport Mrs George Habeeb, a native of Syria,  aged 48 years, died at Allegany Hospital of Saturday (25 Mar) following an operation after an illness of several weeks.   Her husband is a merchant at Westernport and two children survive: George Habeeb Jr and Barbara Habeeb. 


HALBRITTER 04 Mar 1916 Keyser- Henry Halbritter, aged 63 years, died yesterday at the home on Armstrong Street after an illness of several months.  He was a B & O RR employee and engaged in business here for many years.  His wife and these children survive; Mrs Lena Harrison of Viropa WV; Mrs Lena Andrews of Clarksburg WV; Guy Halbritter of Arkansas; Mrs Grace Clevenger of Keyser; Miss Varda Halbritter , Frank Halbritter , and Vance Halbritterof Keyser WV.  Burial is in Queens Point Cemetery.


HAMMERS 27 Mar 1916 Westernport- William Hammers, aged 84 years, of Carlos Junction, died Saturday (25 Mar) at the home of a son, William Hammers Jr of Westernport.  He is survived by these children; Harry Hammers of Barnum PA; Mrs Peter McConnell of Lonaconing; and William Hammers Jr of Westernport.  Burial in Moscow Cemetery.


HAMMERSMITH 10 Mar 1916 Frank Hammersmith, aged 40 years, a son of the late Sebastian Hammersmith and Mrs Mary Hammersmith of Union Street, died today at Allegheny Hospital after an operation for an abscess of the stomach. He had fallen from a stable loft some six weeks ago.  His father had died some 20 years ago and was a self-taught builder of 12 to 15 homes in the Cumberland area. Also, the Hammersmith's have operated a restaurant for years on Queen City Drive.   Besides his mother, he is survived by these brothers and sisters; Joseph Hammersmith; Sebastian Hammersmith; John Hammersmith; Thomas Hammersmith; William Hammersmith; and Misses Elizabeth Hammersmith and Mary Hammersmith. Burial is at Sts Peter & Paul Catholic Church and Cemetery.


HAMMOND 22 Mar 1916 Mrs Philip Hammond, colored, wife of Philip Hammond, died today in Pittsburgh and will be buried in Rose Hill Cemetery.


HAND 23 Mar 1916 Frostburg- Capt. J S Hand, aged 63 years, died at his home on Beall Street yesterday following a complication of diseases.  A native of Cape May NJ, he was ship captain for boats of the Consolidation Coal Co, moving coal from Baltimore to Boston. He came to Frostburg for his health 17 months ago.  His wife; and one son, W T S Hand; and a daughter, Mrs Benjamin Jenkins, both of Jenkins KY, survive.  Also, a sister, Mrs Frank Bennett of Boston and an aunt, Mrs Elizabeth Hand of Clayton NJ.  Burial is in Philadelphia.


HARRIS 13 Mar 1916 Mrs Jennie Harris, wife of Capt. Samuel P Harris, a Union Veteran and former Cumberland resident, died Thursday (9 Mar) at her home, 2204 Perryville Avenue, Pittsburgh, following a brief illness.  Mrs Harris came from WV and she and Captain Harris moved to Pittsburgh in Dec 1915.


HAUGER 11 Mar 1916 Mrs Savilla Hauger died at Hoffman Hospital at Keyser.  She is the mother of Charles Hauger of Grand Avenue, Cumberland and of Ward M Haugerof the S T Little Jewelry Co.  These children also survive; Ezra B Hauger of Kingwood WV; and Alvin Hauger and Victor Hauger of Terra Alta.  Burial is in the Terra Alta Cemetery. 23 Mar 1916 the family of Sevilla Hauger submit a tribute to their parents.  Savilla Hauger, born Aug 26, 1845 and John Hauger, who served in the Civil War and died March 12, 1904.


HEARTLAND 15 Mar 1916 Samuel A Heartland, aged 50, a former resident of Cumberland, died at Renova PA home of an illness of several months.  Born in England, he is survived by his wife and these children; Harry G Heartland of Detroit MI; Benjamin F Heartland and Samuel A Heartland of Florine; Elizabeth Heartland; Catherine Heartland; Ethel Heartland; Dora Heartland; and Maxine Heartland at home; and Mrs Arthur Wilson of Clearville PA.  Also, brothers and sisters; John E Heartland of Chicago IL; Charles R Heartland of Williams PA; Thomas A Heartland of Pittsburgh PA; and Mrs William Kennedy of Boone St in Cumberland. Burial is in Fairview Cemetery at Renova PA.


HOBLITZELL 03 Mar 1916 William Scott Hoblitzell, son of the late Jacob and Elizabeth Hoblitzell of Frostburg died today at Miners Hospital from a stroke suffered on Tuesday.  He was a postmaster and agent of the C&P RR depot for many years in Frostburg.  Besides his sister, Mrs Charles Cowan of Pittsburgh and his brother, Ross Hoblitzell of Wheeling; he is survived by his three children; Jacob Hoblitzell and Crawford Hoblitzell of Frostburg; and Mrs Walter T Parker of Vale Summitt and Grandchildren, Walter Hoblitzell Parker and Miss Helen Margaret Parker, also of Vale Summitt. His wife the former Margaret Shearer, daughter of Col & Mrs Crawford Shearer of Frostburg died some years ago.  Burial is in Allegany Cemetery.


HOWITT 24 Mar 1916 Frostburg- Thomas Howitt, aged 72 years, died today at Miners Hospital following a one year illness. He was a miner and had served in the Union Army in Co. C, 2nd MD Regt.  He is survived by these children; Mrs F C Lilly of Huntington WV; Mrs J H Dilly of Cumberland; Mrs George Powers of Frostburg; and Catherine Howitt; Margaret Howitt; Thomas Howitt; John Hewitt; and Joseph Howitt of Frostburg. Burial services and burial at St Michael's Catholic Church and Cemetery.


HULL 11 Mar 1916 Henry H Hull, aged 74 years, died Thursday (9 Mar) at her home at Clearspring MD from pneumonia after a one week illness.  His wife and these children survive: Mrs Mollie White of Cumberland; Mrs William Stouffer of Hagerstown; Mrs James Hull of Avendale; Mrs Harry Powers of Hancock; Mrs Bettie Miner of Leitersburg; Mrs Nellie Silvers at home; Frank Hull of Charlton; Elver Hull of Smithsburg; Bruce Hull of Indian Springs; Harry Hull of Falling Waters; and Mrs Frances McCann of Iowa.


JONES 13 Mar 1916 Paul Jones, aged 10 months, a son of Mr & Mrs John Jones, died on Saturday (11 Mar) at the home of  membranous croup.  Burial is at Allegheny Cemetery.


KELLAR 30 Mar 1916 Leroy Kellar, aged 26 years, a book keeper for Croft Lumber Co., died at Alexander WV today after a short illness of pneumonia.  His wife and two small children survive along with his parents, Mr & Mrs Martin H Kellar of Browning Street; a brother, Leo Kellar, a WMRR clerk; and a sister, Holly Kellar, a student.  Burial is in Rose Hill Cemetery.


KELLY 31 Mar 1916 Miss Ella Kelly, aged 65 years, of Mt Savage, died today at Allegany Hospital after several months stay for muscular rheumatism.  An invalid for 25 years, she became blind 14 years ago.  Brothers are John Kelly of New Castle and Michael Kelly of Cumberland.  Burial services from the home and burial at St Patricks Church at Mt Savage.


KEMPTON MINES 01 March 1916 An explosion at Kempton Mines of the Davis Coal & Coke Company traps 72 men.  After a heroic rescue, 15 are dead and 2 severely injured in the hospital, and the rest are saved.  Names of the deceased are not available as the men were foreigners and worked by their number.  March 2 article names the deceased foreigners, and most were Austrians and single or married with families in the old country.  March 5 article lists the mine inspection report and is 15 paragraphs long.


KIEFFNER 21 Mar 1916 William Elmer Kieffner, an 8 year old son of Mr & Mrs Frederick Kieffner of 293 Columbia Street, died at his home of whooping cough.  Burial in the German Lutheran Cemetery.


KNIERIEM 08 Mar 1916 Peter Knieriem, aged 80 years, died yesterday at his home in Wellersburg of a lingering illness.  His wife and these children survive; Mrs G W Bradour; Mrs  CH Evans; and J P Knieriem- all of Cumberland; Mrs Levi Witt of Roanoke VA; Mrs James HARPER of Pittsburgh; Mrs Herbert Boger of Meyersdale; and Lewis Kneiriem at home.  Burial is at Cook Cemetery at Wellersburg.


LAING 14 Mar 1916 Mrs Lydia Laing, widow of Frank Laing, died today at the home of a son‑in-law, Robert Thompson of Jamaica, Long Island, NY.  These children survive; Mrs Margaret Thompson of Jamaica NY; Mrs Dougald McVene of Elkins WV; Mrs Harry Stallings in VA; and one son, William Laing of Bluefield WV.  She was a sister of Mrs E B Neff; Mrs W D Young; and Mr Temperance Whitman of Cumberland and has a brother, W T McKee of Messina IA. Burial is at Rose Hill Cemetery.


LAMBIE 25 Mar 1916 William Lambie, aged 77 years, died at his Clarksburg home yesterday. A native of Scotland, he is survived by these children; William K Lambie of Mt Savage; James Lambie of Davis WV; George M Lambie of Woodlawn PA; Mrs Agnes McAllister of Scotland; Mrs Susan Arnett of Clarksburg.  Burial is in Rose Hill Cemetery.


LAYMAN 16 Mar 1916 Frostburg- Mr Algie Layman, aged 29 years, formerly of Carlos and now from Arch Street in Cumberland, died yesterday of pneumonia.  His mother, Louise [Mrs George Layman]; and seven brothers and 4 sisters survive: George Layman and Benjamin Layman of Shaft; Robert Layman of Carlos; William Layman at home; Ernest Layman of Shaft; Lawrence layman at home; Owen Layman of Cumberland; Mrs Willie Long; Mrs Russell Diehl; Mrs Charles Wolfe; and Mrs Neat; all of Cumberland; and Misses Ada Layman and Ruth Layman at home.  Burial is in Allegheny Cemetery.


LEAMON 20 Mar 1916 Mrs Mary Elizabeth Leamon, aged 44 years, wife of Joseph Leamon of 35 Boone Street died Saturday (18 Mar) following several months of illness.  Her husband anc these children survive; Amanda Leamon; James Leamon; Ruth Leamon; and Melvin Leamon.  The funeral is from the trinity ME Church, South.


LEWIS 25 Mar 1916 Frostburg- William "Billie" Lewis, aged 80 years, died yesterday at his home at 26 Loo Street of heart failure.  He moved here 33 years ago from Culpepper VA and lived at Moscow prior to that.  A native of Wales, he was a huckster of the area providing farm products.  He is survived by his wife and his daughter, Mrs Joe Confrode of Philadelphia and one son, and invalid, George Lewis.  Burial is in Allegheny Cemetery.


MAINE 10 Mar 1916 Keyser- Mrs John Maine, aged 36 years, died at Hoffman Hospital following an operation.  Surviving are her husband and two children, aged 12 and 8, plus these brothers and sisters; Crouder S Liller and Tom P Liller of Keyser; Wade Liller of Antioch; Mrs Kate Kessinger and Mrs Ada E Ellifritz.  Burial is in Queen's Point Cemetery.


MALLON 29 Mar 1916 George F Mallon, aged 75 years, died yesterday in Baltimore.  A former police officer of Cumberland, he left 25 years ago and was a B & O RR detective on the wharves at Baltimore.  His wife, the former Miss Eliza Bean died years ago.  The body will be brought to Cumberland for burial in St Patrick's Catholic Cemetery.


MANSEL 25 Mar 1916 Miss Annie Mansel, formerly of Cumberland, died yesterday at the home of her brother Thomas Dixon at Nyssa OR.  A native of Cumberland, she is a former sales lady at Rosenbaum's department store.  Her sister, Mrs Thomas Dixon had died three months ago also at Nyssa.  The bodies of both sisters will be returned to Cumberland for burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.


MARTIN 03 Mar 1916 James T Martin, aged 33 years, son of the late ex-sheriff, James Martin, died of bright's disease last night.  He is survived by his mother, Mrs James Martin of 14 Charles Street; two brothers, Robert Martin of Canute KS; and Harry Martin at home; and three sisters, Mrs Lawrence Shaffer of Cumberland; Mrs John Bradburn of Lonaconing; and Miss Mary Martin at home


MARTIN 14 Mar 1916 Miss Stella Martin, aged 18 years, daughter of Mr & Mrs John A Martin of Westernport, died in Washington DC yesterday.  Her father, six sisters, and two brothers survive; Agnes, Loretta, Katherine, Mary, Florence and Clara Martin and John and Thomas Martin. 


MARTZFELDT 29 Mar 1916 Mary L Martzfeldt, a 17 month old daughter of Mr & Mrs William Martzfeldt of 234 Columbia Street died yesterday following a short illness. 


MATTHEWS 15 Mar 1916 Mary Ellen Matthews, aged 83 years, widow of Harry Matthews, died today at her home in Corrigansville from grippe.  Surviving children are; Mrs Riley Winters and Washington Matthews of Westernport; William Matthews; Jacob Matthews; James Matthews; and Albert Matthews of Corrigansville.  Services at Corrigansville Church and burial in Greenmount Cemetery.


McHUGH 20 Mar 1916 Mrs Catherine McHugh, aged 63 years, wife of James McHugh, died yesterday at her home, 151 N Mechanic Street.  A native of Cumberland, she was the former Miss Catherine O'Shea. She is survived by her husband and these children; J Joseph McHugh of Baltimore; Warren E McHugh and Stanislaus McHugh; Regina McHugh; Catherine McHugh; and Cecelia McHugh of Cumberland.  Also, a sister, Mrs Mary Fahey of Cumberland.  Services at St Patrick's Church and burial at Rose Hill Cemetery.


MILLER 04 Mar 1916 Denton Miller, aged 2 years, son of Mr & Mrs Sanford Miller of Cumberland Valley died yesterday after several weeks illness.  Burial is in the Fellowship Church Cemetery, Cumberland Valley.


MORGAN 01 Mar 1916 Helen Frances Morgan, aged 10 months, a daughter of Mr & Mrs Morgan D Morgan of Barrellville, was scalded on Saturday (26 Feb) by a bucket of hot water and died on Monday (28 Feb).only five years ago, another child died when a lamp exploded and burned her lethally.  Mr Morgan is a miner at Goodtown PA.  Burial is in the M E Cemetery.


MUIR 17 Mar 1916 Lonaconing- Mrs Mary Muir, aged 93 years, wife of John Muir, died yesterday at the home of her daughter, Mrs Henry Atkinson on Jackson Street.  "Grandma" Muir is survived by Mrs Harry Atkinson and Mrs Isaac Bradburn of Lonaconing; William Muir of Paradise Midland; and, Robert Muir, David Muir, and Matthew Muir of Rock Springs WY. Burial is in Oak Hill Cemetery.


NEIS 23 Mar 1916 Miss Clara May Neis, aged 19 years, a daughter of Mr & Mrs Andrew Neis, died at her home, 640 Greene Street of Bright's disease.  She is survived by her parents and these brothers and sisters; Mrs Lizzie Tibedoor of Alabama; William Neis; John Neis; Mrs Annie Zihlman; Mrs Mary Dreyer; Mrs Lucy Kauffman; George Neis; Theresa Neis; Joseph Neis; Rose Neis; Martin Neis; and Charles Neis.  A brother, Charles, who was 14 years old, died 2 years ago.  Her father is a city police officer.  Burial is by Sts Peter & Paul Catholic Church and Cemetery.


ORRICK 02 Mar 1916 Mrs Charles James Orrick who died Feb 08, 1916, in California, has a full column biographical sketch.


ORT 21 Mar 1916 Frostburg- Mrs George Ort of Pittsburgh PA died yesterday at her home of advanced age.   Moving from Frostburg some 20 years ago, she is survived by her husband, George Ort; and these children: Edward Ort; William Ort; Miss Emma Ort and Miss Louise Ort; -all of Pittsburgh; and Mrs Charles T S Case of St Louis MO.  Also, these brothers and sisters; Mrs Conrad Ort; C F Betz; Edward Betz; Daniel J Betz; and Mrs J B Williams of Frostburg.  Burial in Allegheny Cemetery.


OWENS 23 Mar 1916 Oliver P Owens, aged 40 years, a B & O RR conductor of South Street, died yesterday at Western Maryland Hospital from rheumatism of the stomach that caused paralysis and death. Survived by his wife, Mrs Jennie T Owens, and five children, Clarence, Millard, Claude, Dora, and Nora Owens; and his parents, Mr & Mrs George W Owens; and these sisters and brothers; H B Owens of Hagerstown; Mrs J T Mahaney; Mrs Jane Mahaney; and Mrs May Chaney of Cumberland ; and Mrs Joseph Albright of Wellersburg.  Burial is in Rose Hill Cemetery.


PARKER 28 Mar 1916 Mr & Mrs Thomas Jefferson Parker of Elder Street celebrate their 50th anniversary . [Article is 3 paragraphs.  Follow-up article of 30 Mar contains 4 paragraphs.]


PERCY 08 Mar 1916 John Douglas Percy, aged 31 years, died today at his mother's Mrs Anna R Percy home on 207 Washington Street from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.  He had suffered nervous prostration two years ago.  His mother and a sister, Miss Flaville Percy survive. Burial is in Rose Hill Cemetery.


POLLOCK 30 Mar 1916 Robert Pollock, now located in Star Junction PA, is visiting a cousin, James Pollock of 202 Maple Street.  He left here 30 years ago and is the general superintendent of Washington Coal and Coke Co there. 


PRICE 14 Mar 1916 Mrs Ellen Price, wife of James Price, died of a stroke of paralysis on Friday (10 Mar) at her home near Swan Pond at Martinsburg WV.  She was born in 1851 and her maiden name was Anderson.  She is survived by her husband and these children; Mrs Cora McDonald, wife of William McDonald of Cumberland; Mrs F H Baker of Martinsburg; Mrs Joseph Leidig of York PA; Mrs Thomas Towner of Martinsburg; Miss Margaret Price of Portsmouth VA; Mrs Arthur Fisher of Washington DC; and Mrs Harvey Welsh and Mrs Charles Miller.


PRYLE 11 Mar 1916 Frostburg- Frank Pryle, aged 53 years of Vale Summit died Thursday (9 Mar) of Bright's disease.  His wife and three sons and three daughters survive; John Pryle, Leo Pryle and William Pryle of Vale Summit; and Marie Pryle and Rena Pryle at home and Miss Annie Pryle of Pittsburgh.  Also, brother and sisters; Michael Pryle of Vale Summit; Mrs John Shertzer of Vale Summit; and Mrs John Greene of Cumberland.  Burial is in St Michaels Cemetery.


PURINTON 30 Mar 1916 Mrs Florence H Purinton, aged 63 years, a widow of Frank Purinton, died today at the home of a daughter, Mrs A J Gank at 117 Grand Avenue of a 2 year illness.  Survived by; Frank Purinton; Mrs A J Gank; and Dana Purinton of Cumberland; Orpheus Purinton of Keyser; and sisters; Mrs Fannie Adams of Keyser; and Mrs Mary Morris of Terra Alta.  Burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.


RAFFERTY 06 Mar 1916 Frostburg- John Rafferty aged 46 years, a former resident, died Sunday (5 Mar) of a stroke of apoplexy at Pekin.  He was an insurance agent for Mutual Life of Baltimore.  He is survived by his wife, the former Miss Bridget Condon of Pekin and six children; Miss Elizabeth Rafferty; Miss Anna Rafferty; Miss Catherine Rafferty; Miss Rosaline Rafferty; Miss Laura Rafferty; and Miss Veronica Rafferty.  Also, two brother, Charles Condon and Bernard Condon and two sisters, Mrs P F Carroll and Miss Mary Condon.  Services and burial ate at St Gabriel's church at Barton.


REED 23 Mar 1916 John Reed, a 17 month old son of Mr & Mrs George Reed of Seibert MD, died today at Western Maryland Hospital.  The body is at Wolford's Mortuary.


REED 24 Mar 1916 John E Reed, a seven month old child of Mr & Mrs William E Reed of North Branch died yesterday at Western Maryland Hospital after drinking a cup of lye.  The funeral is at North Branch.


REESE 23 Mar 1916 Judge John B Reese of the Orphans Court, aged 73 years, died today at Miners Hospital, Frostburg from pneumonia.  Born at Tirbager, South Wales, he came to America as a young man and was employed as a miner.  His wife died several years ago.  Surviving are these children; John Reese of Colorado Springs CO; David R Reese of Gary IN; Mrs John Adams of Hagerstown; Mrs Martha Mears of Frostburg; and Mrs David Nightengale of Lonaconing. The funeral is from the home of a daughter, Mrs Samuel Means of Frostburg with services in the English Baptist Church and burial in Allegheny Cemetery.


RINKER 27 Mar 1916 Otis A Rinker, aged 9 years, son of Mr & Mrs G W Rinker, died yesterday at his home 150 Elder Street of pneumonia.  Burial is in Greenmount Cemetery.


ROBERTSON 15 Mar 1916 Walter Robertson, aged 28 years, a B & O RR car repairer, died at his home 101 Fifth Street of typhoid.  A wife survives.  The body was prepared and taken to Kifer MD for burial.


ROEDER 02 Mar 1916 Mrs Elizabeth Roeder, aged 76 years, widow of John Roeder, died today at the home of a daughter, Mrs J P Spoerl, 338 Bedford Street.  She is survived by five children; AA Roeder; Mrs George E Shaffer; Mrs George Rank; Mrs J P Spoerl; and Mrs Margaret Erdman and nine grand children.  Burial is in the German Lutheran Cemetery.


ROMAN 16 Mar 1916 Dick Roman, of near Hancock, died in his sleep at his home in Long Hollow.  Mr Roman was a dominant figure in the hills and the leader of the clan in conflict with the McCusker family.  Years ago, Claude McCusker and Jettson Roman were returning from Hancock, when McCusker shot and killed Roman in a drunken rage.  For weeks, Dick Roman roamed the hills looking for McCusker he soon took a long shot at him and wounded him.  Four

years later, he was recognized in Pennsylvania and captured, tried, and convicted of murder and serving 18 years in the Maryland Penitentiary.


RUNCKLES 22 Mar 1916 William Runckles, aged 35 years, died Monday (20 Mar) at her home near Oldtown.  A brother, Charles Runckles of Spring Street survives.


RYAN 31 Mar 1916 Michael Ryan, aged 75 years, a retired B & O RR flagman, died today at Allegany Hospital.  He resides in Meyersdale where the funeral is to take place.


SCHAAB 02 Mar 1916 Mrs Frederika Schaab died Tuesday (29 Feb) at her home on First Street.  The funeral is tomorrow from Grace ME Church and burial in Rose Hill cemetery.


SHAFFER 31 Mar 1916 Mrs Annette Shaffer, aged 50 years, was found yesterday hanging in the barn of Top Rohm, at Rainsburg PA.  A widow of William Shaffer of Friends Cove, she was employed by the Rohm family to assist their moving to another farm.  She was a daughter of Henry Rose who died in the Western penitentiary four years ago.  He was confined for the murder of John Miller, a blacksmith of Rainsburg and the firing of his farm.   She is survived by brothers; John Rose in the west; and Charles Rose and sister, Emma Rose of Cumberland .  Coroner, J G Hanks returned a verdict of suicide by hanging.  The funeral is Sunday from her late home.


SHARPE 21 Mar 1916 Mrs Mary A Sharpe, aged 43 years, wife of Henry  Sharpe of Hancock died yesterday at Allegheny Hospital following a brief illness.  Burial to be in Hancock.


SHUCK 10 Mar 1916 An infant son of Mr & Mrs Harry Shuck of Pinto died yesterday at their home following a short illness.  Burial is at Cresaptown.


SHUE 01 Mar 1916 Lonaconing- Mrs Daniel Shue, aged 76 years, of Davis WV, died yesterday of advanced age and la grippe.  A former resident of Lonaconing, she is survived by her husband and two sons. 


SIDES 25 Mar 1916 John Sides, aged 66 years, a furniture dealer and undertaker, died today at his home in Hyndman after a brief illness.  One son of Hyndman survives.  Burial is in Hyndman.


STECKMAN 16 Mar 1916 Miss Margaret Steckman, aged 22 years, died at Union Protestant Infirmary in Baltimore yesterday from a cheek infection resulting from a pimple.  She had been employed for about one year at a shoe store and boarded at 904 McCullough Street, Baltimore renting from Mrs Sadie Padieloff.  An autopsy will be conducted as to the cause of death.  She is a sister of Curtis G Steckman of 10 Emily Street and of Leslie R Steckman of 17 S George Street in Cumberland. [ Article has 3 paragraphs] 17 Mar 1916 Follow-up story reveals the cause of death to be meningitis, superimposed by blood poisoning. 


STEORTS 28 Mar 1916 Keyser- Mrs Julia Steorts, aged 52 years, died Saturday (25 Mar) at her home on Piedmont Street.  She is survived by her husband, G H Steorts, a son, Aristotle Steorts and one daughter, Miss Louise Steorts; and several brothers and sisters.  Services in Northern Methodist Church and burial in Queens Point.  


STINE 27 Mar 1916 Levin B Stine of Hancock, aged 76 years and 19 days, died yesterday at the home of a foster son, T A Bootman of Ridgeley WV after a brief illness.  His wife, Miss Amanda P Hughes of OH, died 13 years ago.  Burial is in Hancock.  Article of 28 March describes his life.


STULL 15 Mar 1916 John James Stull, aged six months, son of Joseph and Cora E Stull, died yesterday at the home of John Stull near Wiley Ford Bridge.  Burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.


THOMAS 10 Mar 1916 Lonaconing- James Thomas, aged 50 years, died at the home of a sister, Mrs Mary Howard on Douglas Avenue of anemia following a seven week illness.  One daughter, Mrs John Marshall of Church Street; and two sisters, Miss Annie Thomas and Mrs Mary Howard survive.  Burial is in Oak Hill Cemetery.


THOMPSON 07 Mar 1916 Russell Thompson, a two month old son of Mrs Edith Thompson of Cumberland, died while visiting friends at Elkins WV.  Burial is in the Maplewood Cemetery, Elkins.


THOMPSON 27 Mar 1916 Charles N Thompson, aged 53 years, died Wednesday (22 Mar) at Allegany Hospital.  He was the manager of the Cumberland Mattress Co.  The funeral is at St Luke's Lutheran Church and burial in Greenmount Cemetery.


TRENCH 06 Mar 1916 Lonaconing- William Trench, aged 75 years, died at his home today on E Main Street after an illness of three weeks.  He conducted a shoe repair shop.  He is survived by two sons; James Trench of Lonaconing; and William Trench of Baltimore; and one daughter, Miss Catherine Trench of Lonaconing who operates a millinery shop.  Burial is in Oak Hill Cemetery.


TWIGG 15 Mar 1916 Willis Clay Twigg, a 17 month child of James E & Ida Twigg, died today of pneumonia at their home in Lindnerville.  The body is taken to Oldtown for burial. 


UPDEGROVE 13 Mar 1916 Joseph Updegrove, aged 30 years, pulled out a butcher knife and slashed his throat in his Oldtown home yesterday.  This occurred in front of his parents and his sisters.  He missed his jugular vein and will recover at Allegheny Hospital. 


UPDEGROVE 18 Mar 1916 Joseph Updegrove, aged 31 years, died yesterday at Allegheny Hospital.  His body was prepared by Butler Morgue.  The funeral is at the chapel and burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.


WAGNER 25 Mar 1916 Mrs Mary Elizabeth Riley Wagner, aged 77 years, died Monday (20 Mar) at the home of a son-in-law, John T Matt at Everett PA.  A relative in Cumberland is Mrs G T Lippold.


WHITLOCK 25 Mar 1916 Helen Whitlock, aged one year, a daughter of Mr & Mrs C H Whitlock died today at the home, 8 Cecelia Street.  Burial is in Hagerstown.


WILEY 05 Mar 1916 Mrs Lillian G Wiley, aged 62 years, the widow of the late Dr William Wyatt Wiley, died today at her home on Prospect Square. A native of Hagerstown, she was a daughter of the late Samuel Oglesby, married in 1876, and is survived by four daughters; Mrs John L Wellington; Mrs Harry E Weber; Miss Bessie R Wiley; Miss Sarah B Wiley; and a sister, Miss Nancy T Oglesby.  Burial is in Rose Hill Cemetery.


WINN 14 Mar 1916 Lonaconing- Michael Winn, aged 55 years, died Sunday (12 Mar) at his home on Douglas Avenue after a brief illness.  Born in Ireland, he came to this country at age 26 years, when he was employed as a miner for 28 years, and then became a merchant for some 27 years.  Surviving are three sons; Frank Winn, a postal carrier in Cumberland; and John Winn and William Winn at Lonaconing; and Mrs John Lyden of Lonaconing.  The funeral is from St Mary's Catholic Church.


WITT 11 Mar 1916 Charles E Witt of 145 Maryland Avenue learned of the death of his brother Levi Witt in Pittsburgh.  He was 65 years of age and a former resident of Mt Savage.  His wife and two children survive.


WRIGHT 09 Mar 1916 Lonaconing- Lelia Wright, aged 17 months, daughter of Mr & Mrs Albert Wright of Florida Way, died yesterday of bronchitis. Burial is in Old Coney Cemetery.


ZEMBOWER 25 Mar 1916 Josiah Zembower, aged 73 years, 6 months, and 8 days, died Friday (24 Mar) at his home on Little Valley Road of a stroke of paralysis.  A son of Adam Zembower, he is a well known farmer of Cumberland Valley.  His family of 11 children include five sons and 6 daughters; Filler Zembower, Austin Zembower, and Brewster Zembower of Cumberland Valley; Charles Zembower of the far west; Sherman Zembower of Johnstown; Mrs W A Hite of Cumberland Valley; Mrs B A Steckman of Everett; Mrs Albert Faust of Senor PA and two others.  He is one of nine brothers, with only three surviving; Emmanuel Zembower of Cumberland; and CV Zembower and Franklin Zembower of the Mason Road.  Services and burial at Centenary Church


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