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Excerpts from The Cumberland Times
transcribed by Charles Often



1916 - January


ALKIRE 24 Jan 1916 Mrs Mary Alkire, aged 76 years, a widow of Hiram Alkire, died Saturday (22 Jan) at the home of Mr & Mrs Malone at Short Gap WV following a brief illness. Two sisters, Mrs Sarah Daniels of South Cumberland and Mrs Addison Martin of Ridgeley WV and one brother, Jacob A Marker of Alaska WV survive. Burial is in Frankfort WV cemetery.

ALLEE 01 Jan 1916 William Allee, aged 67 years, of 162 E Maryland Avenue, died Thursday 30 Dec 1915. Burial is in Rose Hill Cemetery.

BOOR 14 Jan 1916 William Boor, a former resident, died on Jan 2, 1916 at his home in Vancouver WA. His wife, the former Miss Miriam Vickroy of Cumberland Valley survives with two sons, Martin Hugh and Daniel W Boor. And also, three daughters, May, Lee and Emma, who is crippled, all living in the west. They left for Yampa CO thirty years ago moving to WA only four years ago. A brother, John W Boor of Mechanic Street and these sisters; Mrs Nora Vickroy and Miss Maggie Boor of Terre Haute IN; Mrs Kate Snyder of Greene Street; Mrs Jennie White; and Allison L Boor of Brazil IN.

BOWSER 06 Jan 1916 Mrs Sarah Bowser, aged 54 years, wife of Joseph Bowser of 38 Bellvue Street, died yesterday after a brief illness. She was born Miss Sarah Gears at Kates Hill, Dudley Co., Stafford England on Feb 14, 1859. Burial is in the Beneficial Cemetery.

BRINKMAN 21 Jan 1916 Westernport- Nelson Thomas Brinkman, aged 20 years, died Tuesday (Jan 18) and his body was prepared and shipped to Piedmont for burial from the home of his parents on Poplar Street. Surviving are his parents, and several brothers and sisters. Burial in Philos Cemetery.

BROOKMAN 25 Jan 1916 Mrs Margaret Brookman, , wife of John A Brookman, died Sunday (23 Jan) at home in Scottsdale PA. While a resident of Cumberland, she and her husband conducted the Cumberland Hotel on Harrison

Street. These children survive: Mrs V Hagus; Mrs Ernest Stanton; Mrs C Myers, and Floyd Brookman, all of Scottsdale PA. Also, sisters, Mrs Henrietta Dickerhoff; Mrs A E Marean; and brother, John H C Rank.

BRUNER 17 Jan 1916 Mrs Amanda Bruner, aged 68 years, wife of Joseph Bruner of Cumberland Valley, died Saturday, 15 Jan after an illness of 10 weeks. Surviving children are; Calvin P Bruner; H Orter Bruner; Samuel E Bruner; and Mrs Uarla Bruner. Burial at the Bethel Church in Cumberland Valley.

BURNER 01 Jan 1916 Mrs Tirzah Burner, (born E.D. Pfeiffer), died at Washington PA and is to be buried from her late home, 49 Elm Street.

BUSKIRK 18 Jan 1916 William Buskirk, aged 71 years, died Friday, 14 Jan of stomach trouble at his home near Midland Junction. Surviving children are; Mrs George Miller of Klondike; Mrs AL Coleman of Midland; Mrs Frank Mosure of KY; James Buskirk of Midland; William Buskirk of Gilmore; and Louis Buskirk at home, Burial is in the family cemetery.

CARTER 14 Jan 1916 Levi Carter, aged 66 years, a miner, died today of asthma and bronchial affliction. A wife and these children survive; James, Robert. Frank. John, Albert. Also surviving are these brothers and sisters; Elias Carter of Bloomington; Mrs Rachel Porter of Eckhart; Mrs David Yates of National. Burial is in Porter Cemetery.

COLEMAN 21 Jan 1916 Frostburg- L. J. Coleman, aged 83 years, a local merchant, died yesterday of old age. A Civil War veteran, he conducted a grocery at Grant and McCullough streets. Several children survive.

COLLINS 31 Jan 1916 Henry Collins of Hancock, aged 24 years, a son of Mr & Mrs A B Collins, died at the Wills Mountain Tuberculosis Sanitarium yesterday. The funeral will be in Hancock.

CONNOR 17 Jan 1916 Charles Connor Sr, aged 74 years, died at his home in Eckhart yesterday of bronchitis. Born near Glasgow, Scotland, he came to America at 12 years of age. His wife and these children survive; Mrs William Watson of Columbus OH; Mrs Charles Neff of Mt Savage; Mrs J J Carter; Mrs J Charles Carter; and Miss Jennie Connor; all of Eckhart. Also, Mrs Edward Grey of Mt Savage; John, Lewis B; and Thomas Connor of Eckhart; Crawford Connor of Detroit MI; and Walter Connor of Pittsburgh PA. Burial is in Eckhart Cemetery.

COSGROVE 24 Jan 1916 Frostburg- Thomas Cosgrove, aged 61 years, died at home on Saturday (22 Jan) at his home on Park Avenue. A miner all of his life, he was born at Mt Savage. His wife and 3 daughters and 4 sons survive; Mrs James Clark; Misses Kate and Agnes Cosgrove; and Michael, Robert; Ronald; and Leo Cosgrove, all of Frostburg. A brother, Patrick Cosgrove of Frostburg and a sister, Mrs James McCaughan of Pittsburgh survive also. Burial is in St Michaels Cemetery.

CRABLE 24 Jan 1916 Mrs Lura V Crable, aged 49 years, wife of O G Crable, a jeweler of Hyndman, died today at home in Hyndman. A daughter of William Cole who had died only 4 weeks ago and Mrs Ella Cole of Hyndman, she is survived by  her mother, husband, and one child, Mrs Ida V Hitchcock; a brother, William H Cole; and sisters, Mrs Mamie Frantz of Cumberland and Mrs George S Mullan of Hyndman.

CRABTREE 24 Jan 1916 Edmund Winfield Crabtree, aged 54 years, of Green Spring WV died yesterday. He was a B & O RR employee for 35 years. The funeral is from the home of Luke Twigg, with whom he had resided and services at Forest Glen Church, Romney WV.

CRAIG 10 Jan 1916 Mrs Elizabeth Craig, aged 68 years, formerly of Frostburg, died of a two week illness at her son's  home at Old Point Comfort VA. She is survived by her husband, Edward Craig of Cumberland; daughters, Mrs Kate Spiers of Frostburg; Mrs Algie Price of Cleveland OH; Mrs Edward Craig of Petersburg VA and Mr John W Craig of Old Point Comfort VA. The funeral is to occur in Old Point Comfort VA.

CUMBERLAND NEWS 01 Jan 1916 Chronology of Events for the year 1915 include deaths.

DAVIS 31 Jan 1916 Mrs Sophia Louise Davis, aged 76 years, died yesterday at her home 254 N Centre Street following a three week illness. She is the widow of the late George W Davis, a veteran of the 1861-65 war; and a daughter of the late Joseph Shuck; and a grand daughter of the late Captain George Shuck of the Revolutionary War; and also a grand daughter of the late Thomas Clinton of the Revolutionary War. These nephews and nieces survive; Miss Benjamin Chenoweth; Miss Maria Shuck of Cumberland; Miss Alice Semmes of Hastings NE; Charles Day; James and Thomas Shuck of Pittsburgh; George Shuck of Newark OH and George T Hughes of Cumberland. Burial is in Rose Hill Cemetery.

DELANEY 21 Jan 1916 Frostburg- Mary Delaney, aged 4 years, child of Mr & Mrs Joseph Delaney, died at home on Mt Pleasant street today from spiral meningitis.

DILFER 04 Jan 1916 Lonaconing- Frederick F Dilfer, aged 71 years, died on Saturday, 1 Jan 1916 at the home of a daughter, Mrs John Wilson of Braddock PA. He operated a meat market in Lonaconing before retiring and moving in with his daughter. These children survive; Miss Emma Dilfer; Frederick Dilfer and John Dilfer of Lonaconing; Mrs Thomas G Wilson; Mrs John Wilson; Mrs Harry E Click and William Dilfer, all of Braddock PA; and Charles Dilfer of Denora PA.  Also, brother Adam Dilfer and sister Mrs John Metz of Cumberland. Burial in Oak Hill Cemetery.

DIXON 01 Jan 1916 Laura V. Dixon, wife of George Dixon, died Thursday, 30 Dec 1915, at Keyser WV. Besides her husband, George Dixon, she is survived by 2 sons, Chester G and Howard Dixon. Also surviving are these brothers and sisters; Miss Ida Pickens; Mrs Tom Johnson; Mrs Russell Lewis; Mrs George Fazenbaker, and George Pickens. Burial at Queens Point Cemetery.

DONAHOE 17 Jan 1916 Mrs Anthony Donahoe of Lancaster OH died. Her husband died within the past year. She was the daughter of the late Judge Donahoe of Bean's Cove and a sister of Michael Donahoe of Cumberland. Also survived by a sister, Mrs James Dallard of Huntingdon PA; brothers, William and Peter Donahoe of Bean's Cove; Jonathan Donahoe of Bedford and Augustus Francis Donahoe of Chehalis WA. Also survived by 4 sons and 2 daughters.

EHRBAR 31 Jan 1916 Mrs Sophia Ehrbar, aged 50 years, wife of Martin Ehrbar, died today at her home 104 Columbia Street from apoplexy. Her husband and these children survive; C Edward Ehrbar of Osinning NY; John M Ehrbar of Williamsport PA; Robert M Ehrbar; Charles W Ehrbar; Ralph F Ehrbar; and Mrs J C Kennedy, and Miss Helene Ehrbar all of Cumberland; also her mother, Mrs Margaret Fries; a sister, Mrs John Betzold; and a brother, Charles W Fries and four  grand children. The funeral is from St Luke's Lutheran Church with burial in their cemetery.

FAIRALL 22 Jan 1916 Bernard Francis Fairall, an infant child of Mr & Mrs M V Fairall, died on January 18, 1916. Mrs Fairall was Miss Nixon prior to her marriage. Grand parents are Mr & Mrs A V Brant of 88 Harrison Street and attended the funeral.

FANNON 21 Jan 1916 Mt Savage- Edward Fannon Sr, aged 71 years, died yesterday at his home on Railroad street following ill health of the past few years. His wife died 6 years ago. He was a retired brick layer for the Union Mining Co. Surviving children are; Rev John F Fannon of Catonsville MD; George, Joseph, and William Fannon of Youngstown OH;Edward Fannon of Piedmont WV; Mrs Patrick Conroy of Barton MD; Patrick Lawrence, Michael, and Mary Fannon of MtSavage. Services and burial at St Patrick's Church of Mt Savage. Funeral service and burial information in follow-up article of 24 Jan 1916.

FINNAN 15 Jan 1916 Mrs Catherine Finan, aged 78 years, widow of Thomas Finan, died today at the home of a son, Bartholomew J Finan on Cumberland Street. A native of County Cork, Ireland, she and her husband came here in the sixties, residing firstly at Flintstone, then in Everett, and finally in 1891 in Cumberland. Her husband died in 1901.  Surviving children are; John Ford Finan; Thomas B Finan; James E Finan; B J Finan; and Margaret Finan. The funeral is from St Patrick's Church and burial in St Patrick's Cemetery.

FLANNAGAN 14 Jan 1916 Mrs Thomas Flannagan, formerly of Midland, died at Pittsburgh PA yesterday. Before her marriage, she was Miss Rose Coburn of Lonaconing. She was 32 years of age and is survived by her husband and 3  children. The funeral is at Woodlawn PA.

FROST 25 Jan 1916 Keyser- Mr J L Frost died this morning at Pittsburgh Hospital where a throat ailment was being treated. He was an engineer at the Potomac Milling and Ice Co for many years. A wife and child, Jean Emily survive.  Funeral from his late home on Sharpless Street.

GARLITZ 14 Jan 1916 Sherman Floyd Garlitz of Westernport was killed in the Detmold mine of Maryland Coal Co in Lonaconing on Wednesday, 12 Jan. The accident was from a fall of coal and rock. The funeral is from the home of an uncle, Calvin Fazenbaker and burial is at Philos Cemetery. .

GIGANDELLA 29 Jan 1916 Angella Gigandella, a small child of Mr & Mrs Guire John Gigandella of Eckhart died from injuries yesterday when she fell into a tub of boiled water.

GLEN 17 Jan 1916 John Glen, aged 67 years, died at Detmold from a complication of diseases yesterday. Born at Barkston, Scotland in 1859, he came to Lonaconing when 22 years of age. Surviving are his wife and children; John, James, and Harper Glen of Lonaconing; Annie, Jean, and Minnie Glen of Pittsburgh, and also, Grace, Elizabeth, and Mary Glen of Lonaconing. Burial is in Oak Hill.

GORDON 06 Jan 1916 Frostburg- Miss Leona Gordon, aged 14 years, died yesterday due to heart trouble. Parents are Mr & Mrs Abram Gordon of Hill Street who survive and also 7 other children. Burial is in Allegany Cemetery.

GRAY 04 Jan 1916 Albert Gray, aged 18 years, died this morning at the home of an aunt, at 380 N Center Street. A salesman for the Kenney tea Co, he suffered a fainting spell while at work and the co-workers carried him to his aunts home where he died. He is a son of Peter Gray of WV and his mother is deceased. He and brother, Ernest Gray lived with their aunt, Mrs Sarah Harris. Burial is in Montrose WV.

GREEN 01 Jan 1916 Mrs Mary Regina Green, aged 35 years, was fatally burned at her home in Mapleside when a lamp exploded yesterday, 31 Dec 1915. The funeral is from the home at Thomas and Lamont Streets and burial in the Sts Peter & Paul Cemetery.

GRIMM 12 Jan 1916 Charles Grimm of Barton, aged 71 years, formerly of Lonaconing, died at the home of a son, Frank Grimm of Gilmore. He had suffered from Bright's disease.

HAGER 01 Jan 1916 Miss Anna May Hager, aged 12 years, daughter of Mr & Mrs Martin Hager, of 63 S Lee Street, died at Allegany Hospital yesterday from lockjaw, after getting a splinter under her nail doing chores. She did not complain during the last week until it was too late. These brothers and sisters survive her; William, Earl, John, Ralph, Mary, Lelia, and Ethel.

HARDING 27 Jan 1916 Miss Clara E Harding, died at Frederick City Hospital yesterday. A daughter of the late Norman Bruce Harding and Ann Maria Ogle Harding, the former proprietors of the Revere House, which is now occupied by the Kenneweg CO. Miss Harding was an aunt of miss Genevieve Gonder and Frank J Gonder and also to Mrs Mary Carpenter of Cumberland. Her sister, Emma B Owner left for the funeral at Frederick MD.

HAYES 20 Jan 1016 Mrs Elizabeth Hayes, aged 92 years, widow of the late Samuel Hayes, died today at her home on German Street, Frostburg, following a long illness. Her husband died about five years ago. Surviving sons and daughters; Mrs Alfred Thomas; Mrs George Long; Price Hayes; Charles Hayes; George M Hayes; and Sarah Hayes.

HERSHMANN 17 Jan 1916 Harrison L Hershmann, aged 51 years, died at his home, 189 Madison Street today. He had owned and operated a transfer business before selling out to Luther p Shaffer. Never married, he lived with his mother, Mrs Minerva Hershmann who survives, and with three married sisters, Miss Jennie Hershmann; Mrs C P Crawford; and Mrs C C Groff of Washington DC and Mrs Daisy Hyde. Burial is in Rose Hill Cemetery.

HILLEARY 05 Jan 1916 Mr Ernest Hilleary, aged 28 years, of Keyser, died on Sunday, 2 Jan 1916, from pneumonia at his home in Gormania MD. A wife and infant son survive and are also ill with pneumonia.

HOLMES 17 Jan 1916 Melvin Holmes, aged 2 years, son of David Holmes of paradise, fell into a tub of hot water on Friday 15 Jan and died shortly thereafter. Burial is in Old Coney Cemetery.

KANE 31 Jan 1916 Albert K Kane, aged 79 years, a North Cumberland shoemaker, died Saturday (29 Jan) at his shop on Valley Street. His father, John M Kane has recently moved to Pittsburgh. Surviving brothers and sisters; Mrs Howard Fuller and Frank W Kane of Cumberland and Mrs (James) Rebecca McNabb of Pittsburgh. Burial is in Rose Hill Cemetery.

KEAN 17 Jan 1916 Miss Viola Agnes Kean, aged 22 years, daughter of Mr & Mrs Michael Kean of Oldtown Road, died yesterday of TB. Surviving brothers and sisters; Mrs John Boyd of Coshocton OH; Mrs Henry Poling of Cumberland; Miss Della Kean of Lonaconing; M J Kean of Keyser WV and Frank and Thomas Kean at home. Funeral from St Mary's Catholic Church and burial in St Patrick's Cemetery.

KEIFER 25 Jan 1916 Mrs Mary Keifer, aged 45 years, died today at Allegheny Hospital from dropsy. A sister in Cumberland survives. Services and burial at Sts Peter & Paul Catholic Church and Cemetery.

KENNY 18 Jan 1916 Frederick Ashby Kenny, aged 47 years, died last night at Western Maryland Hospital. A farmer in LaVale, he had received blood transfusions from his nephew John Leidy of Vale Summit and from a brother, Thomas Kenny of Westernport and showed some improvement. His wife is home with pneumonia.

KIMMEL 03 Jan 1916 Keyser WV- Mrs Sophia Jane Kimmel, aged 64 years, died Saturday, 1 Jan 1916 at the Hoffmann Hospital. Survived by husband, D L Kimmel; these children, Mrs E B Claggett of Wayland KY; Miss Earl Haskell of Thomas; Misses Ida and Bessie Kimmel and William, Earl, Edward, Russell, and Frank Kimmel. Burial is at Queen's Point Cemetery.

KUYKENDALL 26 Jan 1916 Mrs Lucy Kuykendall died yesterday at the home of a sister, Mrs Nannie McCoole, with whom she made her home. Surviving are two sons, Edward and M S Kuykendall and four daughters, Miss Lucy Kuykendall; and Mrs Frances Blue of Springfield; Miss Hallie Kuykendall of Winston Salem NC; and Miss Nan Kuykendall, a teacher at Keyser WV. Burial is at Springfield WV.

LEWIS 06 Jan 1916 Frostburg- John L Lewis, aged 62 years, died yesterday at his home, 12 Frost Street following a illness of almost one year. He was born in 1853 at Mt Savage, MD. His wife died several years ago. These children survive; Thomas Lewis; John Lewis; Miss Sarah Lewis; Mrs William D Howson; William Lewis; and Professor Earl Lewis of  Shenandoah Military Academy.

MALAMPHY 03 Jan 1916 James Malamphy, aged 15 years, a son of Mrs J M Malamphy of 15 Woodside Avenue, was found dead of internal hemorrhage on the Mattingly Estate near Wiley Ford bridge. He was employed by the George W Martin meat market and had driven a horse and wagon to dump some dirt at the estate. His father, James W Malamphy died 18 months ago. He is survived by his mother and several siblings. Funeral and burial in the Sts Peter & Paul Church and cemetery.

MALLOY 24 Jan 1916 Mt Savage- John T Malloy, aged 47 years, died yesterday at his home on New Row following an illness of the throat of 2 years. He was a machinist at the Cumberland & Pennsylvania Railroad shops. His wife, the former Miss Mary Hady died three years ago. These children survive: Martha, John, Minnie, Margaret, Hazel, and Charles. Also, his parents, Mr & Mrs George Malloy and these brothers and sisters; Mrs William Noonan; Mrs J C Graham; Mrs Catherine McDermitt; Gertrude, Lawrence, George, and Nellie Malloy. Services and burial at St Patrick's Church and Cemetery.

MARTENEY 21 Jan 1916 Simon Marteney, aged 64 years, a farmer of Meyersdale PA, died today at Western Maryland Hospital, being a patient there for several weeks. Wolford's parlor is preparing the body for return to Meyersdale to his wife and children for burial.

McCARDELL 28 Jan 1916 Thomas C McCardell, aged 36 years, a son of the late Capt Thomas F McCardell of Cumberland, died today at the home of a sister, Mrs James S Smith at Rossville, Baltimore County MD. Afflicted as a child by scarlet fever, he was a lifelong cripple. These brothers and sisters survive; Roy L McCardell of Santa Barbara CA; Richard P McCardell and Mrs Henry Fonner of Cumberland; and Mrs James S Smith of Rossville MD. Burial is in Rose Hill Cemetery.

McDONALD 04 Jan 1916 Mrs George F McDonald, a sister of Thomas B Kean of Greene Street, died yesterday at Chicago IL. Her husband and 2 children survive. Uncles are George Kean and Daniel E Kean of Cumberland. Funeral is at Chicago.

McDONALD 24 Jan 1916 Eckhart- Elmer McDonald, 15 month old son of William McDonald, died on Friday, 21 Jan from  an attack of membranous croup.

McDONALD 26 Jan 1916 George W McDonald, aged 43 years, of 106 Laing Avenue, died at Allegheny Hospital yesterday following an accident in the B & O yards at South Cumberland. An iron bar was propelled into his neck at great force. A wife and three small children survive. Parents are Mr & Mrs Isaac B McDonald of Martinsburg. Burial is in Martinsburg WV.

MEYERS 04 Jan 1916 Mrs Mary Virginia Meyers, aged 77 years, widow of George Meyers, died yesterday at the home of a brother, Albert Wingert, 171 N Centre Street. He is also survived by brothers, James and John Wingert of Pittsburgh PA.

MOORE 13 Jan 1916 Ceph Moore, alias "Mike" was arrested at Everett PA on Monday following a series of robberies in Bedford County during the last six weeks. It brings to mind his daring attempt to rob the German Savings Bank in Cumberland on 17 Jan 1901, when he and his two pals were captured and sent to the penitentiary. (Story has 7 paragraphs). Follow-up article 21 Jan 1916- Thomas Moore, alias Hugh Lane, alias Cork Slim, alias Mike Moore, alias Mr Howard gets six years in the Western Penitentiary for safe cracking in Charles Ott's office at the Everett Telegraph office.

MOWER 26 Jan 1916 Mrs E E Mower, aged 71 years of Hendricks WV, died yesterday. Her husband, and 5 children survive: Mark, Edward, Charles, and William Mower of Cumberland and J E Mower of Hendricks WV. Burial is in Hendricks WV.

NORTHCRAFT 28 Jan 1916 James Northcraft, aged 72 years, a farmer of Pratt MD, died yesterday following an operation at Allegheny Hospital. He was a member of the GAR in Co. B, 2nd MD Rgt., Potomac Home Brigade under Captain Roberts. He is survived by sisters, Mrs J P Roby of Cumberland and Mrs Rachel Cessna of Magnolia WV. Burial is in Greenmount Cemetery.

NOVATNY 21 Jan 1916 Albert Novatny, aged 27 years, a son of Albert Novatny of Berlin PA, died yesterday at Allegheny Hospital from typhoid fever.

O'ROURKE 04 Jan 1916 Mrs Alice O'Rourke of Midland, died yesterday at the home of a son, Patrick W O'Rourke of O'Mara Avenue, Midland. She was born at Killmaco, County Wicklow, Ireland in 1834 as Miss Mary Atkinson. She and her husband came to America a year after her marriage in 1869. Death was due to old age. Two sons, Patrick and Martin U O'Rourke of Westernport; and two brothers, John T and William P Atkinson of Midland survive. Burial is in St Michaels Cemetery, Frostburg.

OGLE 25 Jan 1916 Mrs Cecelia Ogle, aged 69 years, widow of Theodore Ogle, died yesterday at Allegheny Hospital. Her husband died 14 years ago. Born in Ireland, she was a daughter of Mrs & Mrs James Cavanaugh, and they came to this country when she was just 3 years of age, first residing in Harrisburg PA and later moving to Cumberland. She first married the late John Morrissey of Harrisburg and later married Theodore Ogle 31 years ago residing in Cumberland. Surviving are a son of the first marriage, Thomas Morrissey of Harrisburg and daughters Mrs Charles Meine of Baltimore, and Mrs Mary Wilkerson and Mrs Jesse Law of Cumberland. Also surviving, a son of her second marriage, Daniel Ogle.  Services and burial at Sts Peter & Paul Catholic Church and Cemetery.

OHR 04 Jan 1916 Mrs Sarah Katherine Ohr, aged 76 years, died at her home on Highland Street yesterday. She is the widow of William D Ohr. A daughter, Mrs Mary Schutz survives. Burial in Sts Peter & Paul cemetery.

PARKER 01 Jan 1916 Audleigh Bruce Parker, aged 31 years, an embalmer for the Stanley Butler Mortuary, died Thursday 30 Dec 1915, at Allegany Hospital. The burial is at Belleville OH.

PENNINGTON 28 Jan 1916 Miss Naoma Pennington, aged 25 years, a daughter of Philip Pennington of 53 Polk Street, died today at the Haystack Mountain Sanitarium. Her father and one sister survives. Burial is in Paw Paw WV.

PICKEN 03 Jan 1916 Lonaconing- Thomas Picken, aged 47 years, died Saturday, 1 Jan 1916, of Bright's disease.  Brothers, James and William Picken survive. Burial is in Oak Hill Cemetery.

POLLOCK 31 Jan 1916 James Pollock, aged 76 years, of North Branch, died Thursday (27 Jan). His wife and these children survive; Mrs Earl Whitman; Edward, Nellie, Bertha, James, and Edith Pollock, all at home. He was a veteran of the Confederate Army in the Virginia Regiment.

PORTMESS 01 Jan 1016 Mr J Robert Portmess, aged 62 years, died while sitting in a chair at his home on 30 Dec 1915.

PRATT 13 Jan 1916 John Pratt, aged 59 years, formerly of Mt Savage, now of Minneapolis MN, died. He had left this area as a young man years ago. Brothers surviving are; Frank of Meyersdale PA and James and Richard Pratt of Mt Savage.

RADA 20 Jan 1016 Josephine Rada, age 8 years, died at Allegany Hospital today. Her mother, a widow lives in the Mollinari Hotel. Services are at Sts Peter & Paul Catholic Church.

RAFFERTY 20 Jan 1916 Miss Elizabeth Rafferty, aged 14 years, daughter of Mr & Mrs Charles Rafferty of miss Street in Frostburg, died yesterday after an illness of seven months. She is also survived by these brothers and sisters; Ellen, Mary, Anastasia, Charles, Joe, John, Stanislaus, Robert, and Omer. Burial is in St Michaels Cemetery.

RAYBOULD 14 Jan 1916 Charles Raybould, a laborer, of 18 Elder Street, died at Western Maryland Hospital today. A wife and two children remain.

REITMEIER 21 Jan 1916 George Charles Reitmeier, aged 10 years, of 16 W. First street, drowned in the C & O Canal while skating on the ice. Hi is the eldest child of Frank Reitmeier, a fireman at West Side Engine Co #3.

RESLEY 21 Jan 1916 John Resley, aged 73 years, son of Col. Horace Resley, was found unconscious in his home at Maryland and Altamont Avenues. A sister, Miss Belle Resley and a younger brother, William Resley died some years ago. [ Article has three paragraphs]. Follow-up article 24 Jan 1916 John McLanahan Resley, aged 73 years, a Civil War veteran, died Saturday 22 Jan 1916, at his home on Maryland Avenue from a stroke suffered on Thursday. Burial is at Rose Hill Cemetery.

RICE 03 Jan 1916 Mrs Catherine Lydia Rice, aged 72 years, wife of Malachai Rice, died today at the home, 26 Glenn Street. Surviving are two daughters; Mrs Tilden Brotemarkle of Mapleside and Miss Frances Rice. Also, sisters, Mrs C V Durr; Mrs Mollie Allen; and a brother, Mr Edgar Flury of Cumberland. Burial is at Greenmount Cemetery.

RICHARDSON 24 Jan 1916 Dewey T Richardson, aged 16 years, a son of Mrs Flora Richardson of Fairhope PA, died at Allegheny Hospital of Saturday (22 Jan) from gunshot wounds suffered on Christmas Day 1915 while hunting. He is survived by his mother, a sister, Mrs George Merkel of Fairhope and E brother, C W Bear of Cumberland.

ROBINETTE 01 Jan 1915 Jacob Robinette, 66 years of age, and old painter, died yesterday at the TB Sanatarium. His late sister was Mrs Thomas Willison. Burial is at the Fairview Church, Flintstone.

RUBY 05 Jan 1916 Henry Ruby, 91 years, 7 months, and 6 days of age, died yesterday at the home of a daughter, Mrs Oliver McCoy of Corrigansville. Surviving children are; Mrs Luther Robinette; Mrs N Z Robinette of Utah; Mrs Oliver McCoy; Mrs Ezekiel; Mrs McCoy; Mrs Asbury McCoy of Flintstone; Mrs Frank Davis of Neri MD; Mrs Belle Norris; and Henry, Live, and Marion Ruby. The funeral is at Chaneysville PA.

RUSHTON 17 Jan 1916 Mrs Sarah Rushton, aged 85 years, wife of the late Joseph Rushton of Lonaconing who died on July 12, 1909, died last night. Born 28 Sep 1820 at Bilston England; married 23 May 1852 at Wolverhampton, England; and came to America settling in Lonaconing. Children who survive are; Mrs James Bates of Weir City KS; Mrs George Massey of Parsons KS; Mrs Conda E Wilson of Frostburg; Mrs James T Tennant of Lonaconing; George Rushton of Gilmore; Joseph Rushton Jr of Thomas WV. Also, a niece, Mrs John Treiber of Maryland Avenue, Cumberland. Burial is in Rose Hill Cemetery.

SEXTON 28 Jan 1916 Lonaconing- Mrs Janet Hotchkiss Sexton, aged 76 years, died at her home in Detmold on Thursday (Jan 27). Born in Lenarkshire, Scotland on 22 Nov 1839, she came to this country with her parents at age 14 years.  Surviving are children; Mrs James Steele of Helen PA; Mrs Frank Gwynn of Gilmore; Mrs Joseph Morgan; Mrs George Thomas of Lansing OH; a sister, Mrs Thomas Stafford of Lonaconing; and brothers, James Hotchkiss of Lonaconing and Michael Hotchkiss of Glendale PA. The funeral is from the home of Mrs Thomas Stafford of Detmold. Burial is in Laurel Hill Cemetery.

SHANNON 20 Jan 1916 Edward Shannon Sr, aged 71 years, died today at his home in Mt Savage after a lingering illness.  Surviving children are; Rev John Shannon of Catonsville; George, William, and Joseph Shannon of Youngstown OH; Edward Shannon of Piedmont; and Patrick, Lawrence, Michael, and Mary Shannon at home.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     SHAW 04 Jan 1916 John Shaw, a former resident of Lonaconing, died at Washington DC. His wife, Mrs Jennie (Milford) Shaw was also from Lonaconing and survives with one son and one daughter. A sister, Mrs James H White of Furnace Street also survives.

SHIELDS 26 Jan 1916 Mrs Mary A Shields, aged 56 years, died today at her home, 302 Humbird Street after an illness of three days. She is the wife of Edward Shields, who survives and these children; Mrs Silas Irons; Mrs William Spiker; Miss Elizabeth Shields, Miss Leah Shields ( a nurse at Allegheny Hospital) and William, Thomas, and Frank Shields of Cumberland. Services and burial at Sts Peter & Paul Catholic Church and Cemetery.

SMITH 12 Jan 1916 Frank Smith, aged 52 years, died today at his home on Washington Street, Frostburg. His wife and 10 children survive; Mrs Frank Spates, Cora; Theresa; Regina; Angela Smith; and; Elmer, Francis, Joseph; Edward; and William Smith. Burial is in St Michaels Cemetery.

SNELLING 24 Jan 1916 Mrs Sarah Snelling, aged 64 years, died yesterday at her home, 62 Union Street following a 3 week illness. Her husband and 6 children survive: Mrs T H Swigers of Grafton WV; Rose, Grace, Macy, Boyd, and Powhatan at home. Burial is in Fredericksburg VA.

SNYDER 07 Jan 1916 Mrs Henry Snyder, aged 33 years, died today at Allegany Hospital. She was formerly of Pittsburgh where her parents reside. She is also survived by her husband, a former city policeman, and 4 children; John, Charles, Henrietta, and a 7 day old baby boy. Burial is in Rose Hill Cemetery.

STREETS 28 Jan 1916 Miss Bessie Streets, aged 27 years, died at the home of her mother, Mrs William Streets on Wednesday (26 Jan) from typhoid fever. Besides her mother, she is survived by; a brother, Fred Streets; and sisters, Mrs Charles W Pegg of Wellsburg WV; Mrs Frank L Pegg and Mrs James Harbaugh of Uniontown PA; Mrs Robert Plummer of Orrisville OH; and Miss Irene Streets of Frostburg. Burial is in Allegany Cemetery.

TEASDALE 17 Jan 1916 James Teasdale Jr, who died Friday, 15 Jan, had a funeral from his Jackson Street home in Lonaconing and was buried in Oak Hill Cemetery.

THOMPSON 22 Jan 1916 Lonaconing- William Thompson, aged 58 years, died last evening at home on Railroad Street following an illness of 5 months. He was a son of the late Adam Thompson and Mrs Ellen Thompson, who survives. Also surviving are, a son, Alban Thompson; a brother, George Thompson of Lonaconing; and sisters; Mrs Annie Fulton; Mrs Elizabeth Love; Mrs Josephine Screen; Mrs Helen Lloyd, Miss Gertrude Thompson, all of Lonaconing; and Mrs Jennie Reagan of Washington DC. Burial is in Oak Hill cemetery.

WILLIAMS 10 Jan 1916 Alexander Williams, aged 69 years, died Sunday, 9 Jan 1916, at his East Main Street home after a six month illness. Employed by Consolidated Coal Co. for 30 years, he was a outside man for Mine Number 4 at Eckhart. He fell six months ago and received an injury from which he never fully recovered. Surviving are his wife, and children; John, George, Martha, And Jeannie. Also surviving, brothers and sisters; Miss Agnes Williams of Barton; Mrs May Powell of NM; and George and William Williams.

WILLIAMSON 05 Jan 1916 Eugene L Williamson, aged 48 years, a druggist, died today of acute angina pectoris at the home of Mr Robert W Little at Schely and Magruder Streets. His wife, Grace Bazel Williamson and son, John Basel Williamson survive. Also surviving, his father, Mr W H Williamson of Washington DC; a brother, A H Williamson of Piedmont; a sister, Mrs Albert Hodges of Washington DC. Another brother, Albert Williamson died in the Lusitania sinking. Burial is in Rose Hill Cemetery.

WILSON 18 Jan 1916 Mrs Matilda Wilson, aged 82 years, died at Flintstone last night. Children are Henry A Wilson of Johnstown; Harry G Wilson of Keyser WV; Mrs Agnes Miller of Chattanooga TN; Mrs Liston (Lucy) Ash of Frostburg; Cora and Laura at home; Thomas J Wilson of Rush and Mrs Hanson Wilson.

WILSON 27 Jan 1916 Lewis F Wilson, aged 88 years, died today at his home, 290 Central Avenue after an illness of three weeks. He was a member of the Mosley Guerilla Company for the Confederate Army during the war. His wife and six children survive; Miss Belle Wilson of Cumberland; Mrs Meyer Wolfson of NY; Mrs Eli Wilson of Cumberland; Miss Justine Wilson of NY; Clifton Wilson of Mt Union PA; and Edward Wilson of Montana.

WILSON 31 Jan 1916 Frostburg- Mrs Clarence Wilson, aged 41 years, died at her home in Amsterdam OH on 20 Jan 1916. Formerly Miss Ruth Davis of Grahamtown, she was the daughter of the late William Davis. Her husband and three children survive. Her infant baby was buried with her. Her mother and several brothers and sisters live in Ohio. A sister, Mrs Arthur Rizer of Frostburg also survives. Burial is in Amsterdam OH.

WINKLER 31 Jan 1916 The trial of Joseph Winkler begins. He is charged with murder of Thomas Howell at the Red Onion Saloon in Reynolds MD on 19 Dec 1915, by the discharge of a gun into his head. [Added coverage in Feb 1 and Feb 2. The trial ends in an acquittal of Joseph Winkler].

WOOLFORD 07 Jan 1916 Mrs Sarah Woolford, aged 48 years, died yesterday at home in Vale Summit from tuberculosis.  Her husband died several years ago and she is survived by a son, Otis Woolford and a daughter, Miss Inez Woolford.

WUXTON 31 Jan 1916 Michael Wuxton, 45 years old, an Austrian miner, died Saturday (29 Jan) at Allegheny Hospital from typhoid fever. The body is being prepared at the Butler morgue for burial at Meyersdale PA.

ZEMBOWER 20 Jan 1916 Louis Zembower, a 14 day old son of Mr & Mrs Charles Zembower of 319 N Centre Street died today. Services are at Sts Peter & Paul Catholic Church.

ZIMMERLY 01 Jan 1916 Mrs Samantha Zimmerly, aged 50 years, died yesterday, 31 Dec 1915, at the home of a daughter, Mrs Harry Graves, 16 Wine Street, following a 3 week illness. These sisters survive; Mrs William Howell of Williamsport PA; Mrs Jennie Bell of Indianapolis IN; and, Mrs Sarah Sturtz of Cumberland. Burial is at Mt Hermon Cemetery.


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