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Excerpts from The Cumberland Times
transcribed by Charles Often



1915 - August


ARCHITECTURE 07 Aug 1915 The new Frantz Building at Centre and Bedford Streets is completed and will be ready for occupancy 1 Oct. [ Photo and 6 paragraphs].

BARNES 09 Aug 1915 Peter Barnes, aged 69 years, died last night at Western Maryland Hospital following a brief illness. The funeral is tomorrow from the home of Bertha Long on Boone Street.

BARNES 11 Aug 1915 Peter Barnes, aged 61 years, who died Sunday (8 Aug) at the Western Maryland Hospital, was buried from the residence of a sister, Mrs Bertha Long, 49 Boone Street. Services were conducted by Rev David Pile of Kingsley M E Church.

BARTGIS 24 Aug 1915 Mr C E Bartgis, about 60 years of age, a book keeper for Standard Lime and Stone Co, died yesterday of hemorrhages. His remains will be sent to Baltimore for services and burial.

BOND 25 Aug 1915 Mrs C F Bond, wife of Rev Bond, formerly of Hazen, died Sunday (22 Aug) at Aberdeen MD.

BOWERS 12 Aug 1915 Mr George Bowers of Lonaconing, aged 63 years, died of paralysis yesterday at Mt Hope Sanitarium in Baltimore. He married Miss Bach of Cumberland and she died three years ago leading him into melancholia. One daughter survives, Miss Lorena Bowers, who is operating his confectionary and tobacco store with the assistance of her aunt, Miss Regina Bach. He is also survived by a brother, Mr Joseph Bowers of Youngstown OH and sisters, Mrs Hiram Albright of Berlin PA; and Mrs John Clifford and Mrs James Conlon, both residing in the West. The funeral is from St Mary’s Catholic Church with services by Father Joseph P Nolan and burial in the church cemetery. [Article has 5 paragraphs].

BOYLE 09 Aug 1915 Mr Thomas Boyle, aged 65 years, died Friday (6 Aug) at his home in Piedmont. He was born in Ireland and one brother still lives there. He is survived by his wife and 3 daughters; Mrs Bridget Peters and Miss Mary Boyle of Piedmont; and Mrs Jesse C Sharpless of Keyser. He was a B & O RR employee for 43 years. BOYLES 10 Aug 1915 Thomas Boyles of Piedmont, died Friday (6 Aug) at his home on Childs Avenue after finishing his day’s work on the B & O RR engine #12. He laid down and could not be aroused for the evening meal. He was nearly 70 years of age. The funeral is from St Peter’s Catholic Church and burial in the church cemetery.

BROWN 23 Aug 1915 Hilda Pauline Brown, 6 month old daughter of Mr & Mrs Robert Brown who died on Friday (20 Aug), was buried in Rose Hill Cemetery following services at the house on Haley Street by Rev H E Richardson.

BURGER 14 Aug 1915 Mr Henry Burger, aged 38 years, died last night at Western Maryland Hospital following a lingering illness of a complication of diseases. He is survived by 4 brothers: William S Burger of Queen City Garage; and Earl, Lloyd and Ellwood Burger. The funeral is from the home of Earl Burger on Polk Street and burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.

BUSH 16 Aug 1915 Robert Bush, 69 years of age, colored, died at his home at Streyer and Taylor streets in Frostburg on Saturday (14 Aug). He was born at Moscow Mills and was a slave of the late A B Shaw. At age 18, he ran away from the Shaw Plantation, enlisting in the Union Army as "Robert Johnson". After the war, he returned and began work for the grocery store of John Keller and then, became a miner until retirement. Services by Rev Solomon Gedford of the Brownsville M E Church and burial at Allegany Cemetery.

CARUTHERS 16 Aug 1915 Thomas W Caruthers, 18 months son of William Caruthers of 67 Ascension Street, died yesterday. The funeral is from the home and burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.

CLARK 31 Aug 1915 Mr John Clark died yesterday, a day prior to his 71st birthday, at his home on Railroad Street, Lonaconing from miners asthma. He was born Aug 30, 1844 at Fifeshire, Scotland and married Miss Janet Watt of his home town in 1866. He came to this country in 1870 with his family and located in Barton for 10 years before coming to Lonaconing in 1890. Besides his wife, the following grown children survive: Mrs George Steele; Mrs Patrick Cosgrove; and Miss Nellie Clark; and Mr James Clark, all of Lonaconing; and Mr William Clark of Wendell WV. Another son , John Clark died in Ohio, several years ago. The funeral is from the home and burial in Oak Hill Cemetery, with Rev H L Earnst.

CONSOLIDATION COAL CO FARM 23 Aug 1915 The Consolidation Coal Co farm at Eckhart Flats is prospering and obtaining large yields. The farm supplies feed for the animals involved in the mining concerns. Louis Rase is the Farm Manager. [ Photo and article of 5 paragraphs].

COOK 07 Aug 1915 Mr F Cook of Luke died Thursday (5 Aug) from typhoid fever. A wife and family survives. He was born in Pendleton Co, WV.

COOK 20 Aug 1915Thomas Cook, aged 45 years, died at Allegany Hospital in Cumberland on Aug 15. He was born near Barton on 17 Aug 1870. His wife and these children survive: Dorris, Made, Carl, Earl, Paul, and Ruth. Also, several sisters and brothers including Robert and Harry Cook. The funeral is from the house on Spruce Street, Westernport with Rev Jeffries and burial in Philos Cemetery.

COULEHAN 30 Aug 1915 Mrs Elizabeth G Coulehan, wife of Richard P Coulehan, died Saturday (28 Aug) at Mercy Hospital, Baltimore where she had gone for treatment for cancer. She was the daughter of the late James Reynolds. Surviving are her husband; 3 sons, Bernard and James of Cumberland; and Richard Coulehan Jr of Detroit MI; and 2 daughters, Sister Germaine Marie of Little Sisters of the Poor, NYC; and Miss Dorothy Coulehan, a student of Mt Saint Agnes College. Also, a sister-in-law, Sister Mary Antonio, a sister of Mercy. Funeral services and burial are at St Peter & Paul Catholic Church and Cemetery, Rev A J Conlon celebrating.

COYLE 12 Aug 1915 Charles Preston of Barton is held for the October Grand Jury in a case involving the August 6 death of his brother-in-law, Charles Coyle of Barton. Coyle was struck on the head with a beer mug at Schramm’s Saloon, allegedly by Preston. The events of the case are described.

CROFT 03 Aug 1915 Mrs Rose Croft, age 54 years, of Frostburg, died Saturday (31 Jul) in Cumberland of paralysis. Funeral services to be from the home of step-mother, Mrs Margaret Boettner, Washington Street, Frostburg with Rev R G Saffran.

CUMBERLAND MARKET BRIDGE 20 Aug 1915 The new bridge at Market Street over the Wills Creek is scheduled to open to traffic on September 15th.

CUMBERLAND FLOOD 04 Aug 1915 A flood hit Cumberland and was the most severe seen in terms of damage. [2 articles each full column long].

CUNNINGHAM 25 Aug 1915 Mrs George Thomas, of Wood Street, Frostburg, left for Mattewan VA to attend the funeral of grand son Stanley Cunningham, aged 10 years, son of Mr & Mrs John Cunningham, who was fatally burned last Thursday (19 Aug) by powders in his pocket that somehow ignited. They are former Frostburg residents.

DANAHEY 20 Aug 1915 Mr Mathew Danahey of Pekin, aged 83 years, a flagman of the C&P RR in Lonaconing, died from injuries he sustained in attempting to stop a runaway team of horses. He was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1831, came to America in 1868, and came to Pekin in 1870. His wife died several years ago. He is survived by a son, John Danahey of Lonaconing and Miss Mary Danahey, with whom he lived. The funeral is at St Gabriel’s Catholic Church at Barton with Rev Father A Scorpati and interment in the church cemetery.

DAWSON 11 Aug 1915 C C "Slick" Dawson was found in his room dead at the Imperial Hotel by the chambermaid, Miss Lulu Luttrell this morning. He was a brother to William "Buck" Dawson, currently at Western Maryland Hospital recuperating from an auto accident at Clearspring.. Surviving are his widowed mother, Mrs S A Dawson of Bedford Street; a brother, William Witt; a sister, Miss Florence Witt and a step-sister, Miss Clara Dawson. He was a son of the late Augustave Witt and a step-son of the late Mr S A Dawson. He assumed the dame of Dawson when he was an infant.

DEFFIBAUGH 26 Aug 1915 Mrs Susan Deffibaugh Sutliff, formerly of Cumberland Valley, died July 30, 1915 at Seattle WV. She was a sister of John Deffibaugh of Cumberland Valley, William Deffibaugh of Baltimore; Wayne Deffibaugh of St Louis MO; and Samuel Deffibaugh of Chanote KS; and also of Martha and Carrie Deffibaugh of Lincoln NE. She went West several years ago.

DENNISON 19 Aug 1915 John D Dennison, aged 50 years, farmer of near Bier Station, died last night following a brief illness. His wife, and the following children survive: Mrs Bruce Llewellyn; Misses Marion, Ruth. Alice, and Helen Dennison; and John, William, George, Dennis, Joseph, and Robert Dennison. The funeral is from the home with Rev Wilbur M Snider and burial in the family burying grounds.

DIEBOLD 24 Aug 1915 George Diebold, aged 82 years, for many years, a butcher in North Cumberland, died at his home in Brooklyn NY following a lingering illness. His wife and these children survive: Henry Diebold and Mrs Nicholas Shade of Cumberland; Mrs Nellie Renner, George, Augustus, and Walter Diebold and Misses Dora and Nettie Diebold of Brooklyn NY. The services and burial in Brooklyn NY.

DOWLING 01 Aug 1915 Mrs Virginia Dowling, aged 37 years, daughter of the late Mr & Mrs Nathan Smith, die dat the home of a sister on Center Street, Keyser, where she had been ill since April. She is survived by her husband, Matthew Dowling and 5 sisters: Mrs J O Leary; Mrs Edgar Arnold; Mrs Thomas Sharps; and Misses Mary and Bertie Smith; and one brother, Philip Smith. The funeral is from the home and burial at Queen’s Point with Rev G G Martin.

ECKHART BASEBALL 07 Aug 1915 Eckhart vs. Lonaconing Juniors game. Batteries are Often pitching and Robinson catching against Price pitching and Laughlin catching for the Lonaconing team.

EGLOFF 01 Aug 1915 Albert A Eglof. Almost 52 years of age, died at his home in Asbury NJ where he had resided for several years following his retirement form the Pennsylvania RR. He married Miss Luch Sanders in 1890 who survives with 8 children. The burial services by the Masons Lodge with William Huster and Rev D G Pile.

FIELDS 06 Aug 1915 Miss Ada B Fields, aged 21 years, daughter of Mr & Mrs Samuel H Fields of Saxton PA, died yesterday. Brothers, George, Perry, and Melvin Fields - all of Cumberland survive, as do her parents. The funeral is at Everett PA.

FRESHOUR 11 Aug 1915 William H Freshour, aged 77 years, a veteran of the Civil War, died yesterday at his farm home in Cherry Run WV. His wife and 4 sons survive: C B Freshour of Cumberland; G M; O P ; and William H Freshour Jr and Omar R Freshour of Cherry Run.

GEARE 31 Aug 1915 Miss Muriel Geare, aged 27 years, died yesterday in Baltimore of a complication of diseases. She was born in England and came to America when quite young. She is survived by her mother, Mrs Anna Geare; sisters, Mrs Page Edmunds of Baltimore; and Miss Madeline Geare of Baltimore; and brothers, Cyril B and Ernest Geare of Cumberland. She was first cousin to Captain Falcon Scott, the British explorer, who lost his life in an expedition to the South Pole. Funeral services are form Emmanuel Episcopal Church and burial in Rose Hill Cemetery, with Rev Cleveland Hick.

GEINGER 16 Aug 1915 George C Geinger, aged 65 years, died at Allegany Hospital on Saturday (14 Aug). The body was taken to the home in Buck Valley PA by the Stein Undertakers.

GILLMORE 31 Aug 1915 Mrs Mary Helen Gillmore, aged 59 years, died today at Allegany Hospital of paralysis. A brother, James Gillmore of Piedmont and a sister, Mrs J S Little of Ashley WV survive. Burial is in Piedmont.

GLENN 16 Aug 1915 Albert H Glenn, aged 40 years, a Western Maryland RR conductor of Elkins WV was swimming in the Potomac River by the old canal wharf off Flat Street when he drowned before help could rescue him. It is believed he was unaware of the water depth at that point. A large chew of tobacco was discovered lodged in his throat and an autopsy revealed very little water in his lungs leading to the conclusion that he strangled on the tobacco.

GOODRICH 09 Aug 1915 Helen May Goodrich, a 3 month old daughter of Mr & Mrs Joseph L Goodrich, died yesterday at home, 115 Seymour Street. Burial services are at Frostburg.

GOULD 26 Aug 1915 Mrs Ann Gould, aged 75 years, died yesterday at her home on Douglas Avenue, Lonaconing of old age and general debility. She is the relict of the late Elijah Gould, who died nearly 20 years ago. She was born in England and she and her husband came to this country in 1870. She is survived by 5 daughters: Mrs John Screen; Mrs Adam Orr; Misses Sarah, Ruth, and Millicent Gould; and 2 sons, Messers Eli and Elijah Gould Jr, all of Lonaconing. The funeral is tomorrow form the home and burial in Oak Hill Cemetery, Rev Thomas Wheeler officiating.

HAGER 24 Aug 1915 Mrs Anna Elizabeth Hager, aged 74 years, widow of the late John Hager, died at the home of a son, George Hager of N Mechanic Street, yesterday after an illness of one week. These children survive: Miss Julia A Hager; George Ward and W A Hager. The funeral is tomorrow from Centre Street M E Church with Rev Joseph Dawson and burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.

HAMMERSMITH 18 Aug 1915 Mrs Emma Hammersmith, aged 29 years, wife of Joseph Hammersmith, who conducts a restaurant at the Queen City Pavement, died today. The funeral is from the home with Rev W M Smith and interment in Rose Hill Cemetery.

HARDEN 04 Aug 1915 Lee Roy Harden, aged 31 years and 3 months, died yesterday at his home 1 German Street, after a illness of several months. Surviving are parents, Mr & Mrs Jacob Harden; 2 sisters, Mrs Mary McCoy and Mrs John Williams; brother, Benjamin Harden - all of Cumberland. The funeral is from the M P Church on Bedford Street.

HARDIN 19 Aug 1915 Mrs Elizabeth Hardin of Hyndman, died Sunday (18 Aug), aged 75 years, 5 months, and 10 days. Her husband, James Hardin died 28 years ago. Seven children survive. She was a member of the Church of the Brethern. The funeral was held on Tuesday with Elder W M Howe.

HOPWOOD 21 Aug 1915 Elmer Hopwood, aged 45 years, died today at Allegany Hospital following an operation on Tuesday. His wife and son Luther survive. He was the son of the late Joshua Hopwood and was a painter by trade. Services are from the home, 295 N Centre Street and burial at Rose Hill Cemetery under direction of Rev J L Ward.

HUGHES 13 Aug 1915 Pritchard Henry Hughes, 9 years of age, son of Mr & Mrs James Hughes of 80 Mechanic Street, Frostburg, was found dead in his bed this morning. His mother had entered into the room to attend a smaller child, Charles, and noted a pallor and got no response when trying to rouse him. He had been the subject of epileptic fits.

HUMBERTSON 31 Aug 1915 George Humbertson, aged 45 years, died in Pittsburgh of a railroad yard accident on Sunday (29 Aug). He was the son of the late Asa Humbertson, who also died of a railroad yard accident in Pueblo CO some years ago. He is survived by his wife and one son; also; a sister, Mrs Charles Keller of Water Street, Frostburg and a brother, Frisby Humbertson.

JENNINGS 18 Aug 1915 Mrs Isabella Jennings, aged 50 years, widow of Irvin Jennings, who died in Jan 1914 from injuries suffered at Short Gap in Oct 1913, died last night at Miners Hospital, Frostburg after illness of 10 days. A native of Taylor Co WV, she was Miss Isabella Boyce. Surviving are 5 children, all at home, 3 sons and 2 daughters. William Jennings is head of the Jennings Brothers of Broadway Street, Frostburg.

KREITZBURG 04 Aug 1915 LaVerne Kreitzburg, a nurse at Hebrew Hospital in Baltimore, is visiting her grand mother, Mrs Margaretta Boettner on Washington Street, Frostburg.

LAYMAN 16 Aug 1915 Norman R Layman, aged 83 years, died at the home of a granddaughter, Mrs Harry Dando of Grahamstown. Born at Shades Mills, Garrett Co, he served in the Civil War with 2nd MD Cav. Surviving children are: Mrs J W (Sophia) Smith of Pittsburgh; Miss Dessa E Layman of Sykesville MD; Floyd Layman of Baltimore; and Asa, Olin, and Walter Layman of Frostburg. Also, 6 sisters and 2 brothers; Mrs Harriett McKenzie of Elkins WV; Mrs Nancy Perry of Marlinton WV; Mrs Cordelia Muse of Confluence PA; Mrs Isaac Swauger of New Germany; and Mrs William (Minerva) Connor of Frostburg; Miss Amanda Layman of Frostburg; and John Layman of Frostburg; and William F Layman of Davis WV. Also, grand children Mrs Harry Dando and Emory, Woodrow, and Homer Layman. The funeral is from the home of Harry Dando of Grahamstown, with Dr Bickford and burial is at Allegany Cemetery.

LUPIN 25 Aug 1915 George Lupin, 1 year old son of Mr & Mrs George Lupin of Allegany, died of whooping cough last Sunday (22 Aug) and was buried in St Michael’s Cemetery.

MANN 06 Aug 1915 Samuel J Mann, formerly of Philadelphia, now of Chicago, died yesterday. His wife is the former, Miss Lucy Rizer of Cumberland; and 7 children, 5 daughters and 2 sons, survive.

McELVIE 16 Aug 1915 Mr James McElvie Sr, 67 years of age, died Friday (13 Aug) at his home in New Detmold, Lonaconing, from effects of a stroke. He came to this country in 1880, locating first in Barton, then 20 years ago in Lonaconing. He is survived by his wife, 5 daughters and 1 son: Mrs William Moses, Mrs Andrew Bursee, Mrs James Holmes, Mrs Robert Dodds, Miss Ella McElvie, and Mr James McElvie Jr. Services under auspices of Rev Stanley H Jewell and burial at Laurel Hill.

McMULLEN 12 Aug 1915 Charles McMullen, aged 55 years, of Bedford, son of John and Katherine McMullen, took his life over despondency from ill health. He was the telegraph operator at Bedford PA. After his family secreted his guns and ammunition, he borrowed a gun from a friend to "shoot some hawks". He was twice married: first, to Miss Anna Heckman, who died a few years ago; and second, Miss Nettie Davis of Bedford who survives with son, Russell Davis. A sister, Mrs Lucy Hite of Hyndman also survives.

METCALF 10 Aug 1915 Mr Benton Metcalf, aged 74 years, died at his home near Ridgeville WV on Sunday (8 Aug). He is survived by sons: A H Metcalf; Jacob Metcalf; and Isaac Metcalf, and also by two daughters; Mrs Annie Rogers and Miss Jennie Metcalf.

MICHAELS 25 Aug 1915 Mr Charles Michaels, aged 40 years, formerly of Westernport, died at his sisters home at Morefield WV on Aug 17. The cause of death is congestive fever. The interment will be in the family burying grounds, with Rev G W Leatherman preaching the sermon.

MONTGOMERY 05 Aug 1915 Mrs Susan Montgomery, aged 55 years, wife of William Montgomery Sr., died at her home on Vine Street, Westernport yesterday of typhoid. Her husband and children survive: Mrs Robert Hill of midland; Mrs Cecelia Prosser of Westernport; Mrs John McGowan; Mrs William McGowan of Midland; William Montgomery Jr.; and James Montgomery of Westernport; and 9 grand children. The funeral is from the ME Church, South at Piedmont with Rev Compton.

MURRAY 12 Aug 1915 Mrs Bridget Murray, aged 65 years, of Midland died last night at Allegany Hospital following an operation. Her husband, Robert and these children survive: Paul Murray of Cumberland; Walter Murray of McKeesport; Mrs E F Kelley of McKeesport; and Mrs Price Poland of Midland. The funeral is Saturday with burial in St Michael’s Cemetery, Frostburg.

MUST 06 Aug 1915 Mrs Kate Must, aged 70 years, wife of John Must, a former resident of Cumberland, died at Dayton OH on Sunday (1 Aug). Born in Washington County, a daughter of George Must, she left Cumberland 50 years ago. Surviving are 2 sisters, Mrs Mary Moorhead and Mrs John Mahaney of Cumberland. The funeral services are in Dayton OH.

NEALE 10 Aug 1915 Mrs Neale, aged 86 years, widow of the late Dr H V Neale, who died 28 years ago, died at Washington. Her remains were brought back to Keyser and burial was made at Queen’s Point Cemetery beside her husband’s grave. Survivors are one son, Thomas Neale and one daughter, Miss Lettie Neale, both of Washington.

NICHOLS 16 Aug 1915 Emerson Nichols, 7 month old son of Mr & Mrs John Nichols died Friday(14 Aug) at the family home. Services were yesterday and burial in Rose Hill cemetery.

PATTERSON 30 Aug 1915 Kenneth C Patterson, aged 2, son of Mr & Mrs James S Patterson of 55 N Lee Street, died yesterday of cholera infatum. The funeral is from the residence and burial in Rose Hill Cemetery, Rev Martin L Enders officiating.

PENNELL 18 Aug 1915 David Pennell, aged 55 years, died this morning at his home in Oldtown. He was a blacksmith and had been ill for some time. Two sons survive: Samuel and William Pennell of Windber PA and a daughter at home, Mrs Joseph McAtee. The funeral is tomorrow and interment is at Pine Hill MD.

PRYOR 14 Aug 1915 Mrs Julia Pryor, aged 77 years, widow of the late James Pryor of 5 Shawnee Avenue, died at Western Maryland Hospital following a brief illness. Funeral services are tomorrow at Stein’s Chapel.

REUHL 07 Aug 1915 Mrs Christina Reuhl, wife of Frederick Reuhl, died yesterday at home, 43 Lean Street after an illness of 8 weeks. Besides her husband, she is survived by 4 children: Conrad J Reuhl of St Louis MO; and Howard, William and Lena Reuhl at home. Services are Zion Reformed Church and burial at Greenmount Cemetery.

RICE 27 Aug 1915 Ruey E Rice, infant daughter of Mr & Mrs Dempsey Rice, died yesterday of peritonitis at the home on E Piedmont Street, Keyser. The funeral is from the home and burial at Queen’s Point Cemetery, with Rev Glenn G Martin.

RICHARDS 25 Aug 1915 Mr William Richards of Luke Hill, Westernport, died at his home on Monday (23 Aug), aged 81 years. He leaves an aged widow, 2 sons and 2 daughters. Interment will be in Baltimore.

RIDENHOUR 27 Aug 1915 Martin F Ridenhour, aged 72 years, died Wednesday ( Aug 25) at the home of a sister, Mrs Fannie V Horn on Bedford Street. The funeral is under direction of Rev J L Ward and the Ohr Lodge # 31 A F & A M.

RIZER 03 Aug 1915 Morgan Heyward Rizer, 53 years of age, a former Cumberland resident, died Sunday (1 Aug) at his home in Cedar Rapids IA, where he has lived the past 25 years. His wife was Miss Elsie Bridaham of Cumberland. Brothers, Edwin F Rizer and R Lee Rizer of Cumberland; and Mason Rizer of Chicago IL also survive. Burial services are in Cedar Rapids. [Aug 6 obituary and burial notice has 6 paragraphs].

ROONEY 31 Aug 1915 William Rooney, aged 68 years, died yesterday at his home in Allegany from miners asthma. He is survived by 2 sisters and one brother: Mrs George Keech of Cumberland; Mrs Lucy Hamilton of Barrellsville; and Bernard Rooney of Frostburg. Also, his wife and 3 children: Frank and Lawrence Rooney at home; and Mrs John Tipton of Mt Savage. His father, Patrick Rooney came from Ireland several years ago settling in Morantown, where William was born. Funeral services and burial at the St Michaels Catholic Church and Cemetery.

SCHLEUSS 03 Aug 1915 Mrs Matilda Schluess, widow of Jacob Schluess died on Sunday (1 Aug) at her home in Martinsburg WV, after a short illness. Surviving children are: Albert V Schluess of Charles Street, Cumberland: Mrs Adam Erdman of Decatur Street, Cumberland; Mrs William Buckley of Peru IN; and D W Schluess. The funeral is in Martinsburg.

SCOTT 24 Aug 1915 Mrs Susan E Scott (Aunt Sue), 69 years old, of Wine Street, widow of the late J J Scott, baggage master of the B & O RR, who died 11 years ago, died today at the Western Maryland Hospital where she went to receive an operation on her foot for gangrene. She was Miss Worrell and married at Wheeling WV. These children survive: David and Roy Scott of Cumberland; Richard Scott of Akron OH; Mrs Perry Shipley of Arch Street; and also, these brothers and sisters: David Worrell of Clearfield PA; George Worrell of Gormania WV; Bert Worrell of Johnstown PA; and Mrs Emma Giles of Paw Paw WV. The funeral is from the home on Wine Street and burial in Rose Hill Cemetery by visiting pastor and friend, Rev Wilbur Mann.

SINE 26 Aug 1915 The Sine family of Garrett Co is featured on a front page article with a photo of Five Generations and an article of 10 paragraphs.

SLIDER 23 Aug 1915 Mrs Ruth Ann Slider, aged 65 years, died yesterday at her home in Hazen following an illness on only one hour. She is the widow of the late Stephen Slider, who died in April 1914. These children survive: Mrs Richard Robesson of Cumberland; Mrs Edward Barnes of Flintstone; Thomas Slider of Davis WV; and Henry Slider at home. The funeral is at Union Grove with Rev Pierpont and burial in the church graveyard.

SMITH 30 Aug 1915 Miss Mary Smith, aged 34 years, died last night at her home in Mt Savage after several years of ill health. A daughter of the late Joseph Smith, her mother died when she was a child. Her step-mother and 2 brothers survive: Rev John Smith of Baltimore; and Frank Smith of Mt Savage. The funeral is from St Patrick’s Church of Mt Savage.

STONEBREAKER 27 Aug 1915 Mrs Bessie Stonebreaker died yesterday at her home on Water Street, Keyser from tuberculosis. Four children survive: Gordon 10, Ella 9, Olive 7, and John 3. Also, her mother, Mrs Ellen Welsh and sisters: Mrs Z Stewart, Mrs Aaron Welsh of Keyser; and Mrs Cora Frye of New York City.

STREET CARS 28 Aug 1915 Baltimore Street is to be double-tracked from the Western Maryland RR tracks to the B & O Subway. Street car traffic will no longer be congested. A new illumination system will be mounted on the poles erected for the trolley wires.

TARRING 09 Aug 1915 Edward Tarring, aged 42 years, formerly of Cumberland, died early last month at his home in Washington DC. He is survived by his wife, Mrs Mary Jenks Tarring of Cerrilos NM and Robert Tarring of Bridgeport CN and a sister, Mrs Anne Hodgkins of Cumberland. He was the treasurer of the Anti-Saloon League and of the Presbyterian Alliance. The funeral is form his home and burial in Rock Creek Cemetery

THOMAS 18 Aug 1915 Joseph B Thomas, aged 80 years, the oldest employee of Consolidation Coal Co until a recent illness 4 weeks ago, died at his home in Eckhart yesterday. A native of Wales, he came to Frostburg as a young man. He was a brother to the late James B Thomas, former Superintendent of Consolidation Coal Co. One son, James B Thomas, of Glendale VA and four daughters: Mrs harry Colburn of Frostburg; Mrs C E Metzger of Lutherville MD; Mrs H F Ecker of Reading PA; and Mrs James Taylor of Frostburg; the funeral is from the home with Rev Mr Ecker and burial in Old Percy Cemetery.

WAGNER 18 Aug 1915 Frank Wagner, aged 22 years, a silk worker in Klotts Throwing CO, drowned in the Potomac River in the eddy below the dam yesterday. An orphan, he was raised by Mr & Mrs James P Thomas of Oldtown Road. The funeral is tomorrow and burial in the Porter Cemetery at Eckhart.

WALKER 30 Aug 1915 Harry F Walker, a 4 year old child of Mr & Mrs Henry Walker of N Mechanic Street died Saturday (28 Aug) at home following a short illness. Funeral is from the home and burial in Rose hill Cemetery.

WOLFE 23 Aug 1915 Mrs J G Wolfe, about 70 years of age, died Saturday (21 Aug) at her home in South Keyser. She was the widow of J G Wolfe, who also recently died . The funeral is from the residence with Rev G G Martin of the Southern Methodist Church and burial at Queen’s Point Cemetery.

WOLFORD 27 Aug 1915 Mrs Ann Wolford, aged 30 years, wife of Mr Clarence Wolford of 7 Valley Street, died yesterday of a lingering illness at Allegany Hospital. Her husband and daughter, 3 years old, survive. Also, 3 sisters, Miss Mary Barnard; Mrs Charlotte Pritchard; and Mrs William Taylor. She was the daughter of Mr & Mrs Fuller Barnard. The funeral and burial is at St Patrick’s Cemetery with Rev Charles R O’Hara.


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