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Excerpts from The Cumberland Times
transcribed by Charles Often



1915 - July


ARCHITECHTURE 17 Jul 1915 [Photo and story] New Columbia Street School

BARKMAN 10 Jul 1915 David Barkman, aged 75 years, died Tuesday (6 Jul) at his home in Harlem IA. The deceased was the last survivor and youngest of a large family of Joseph Barkman of West Clear Ridge, north of Chaneysville. He was a Civil War veteran of the 138th PA Reg. He was an uncle of Basil Browning on Independence St, Cumberland and a cousin of the late Frank Barkman of South Cumberland. Mr Barkman's mother died of overjoy some 2 years ago when her youngest son David, suddenly came in upon her after being out West for many years. He had not notified her that he was coming, wishing to surprise her. She had been wishing lovingly to see him again while she lived but being overcome with joy when he so suddenly came, died in a very short while after embracing him.

BEAL 14 Jul 1915 The body of Charles Beal, aged 22 years, a barber by trade was found yesterday floating in the C & O Canal near Patterson's Creek. The body was identified by his sister, Mrs H Crosby of 325 Maryland Avenue. Besides his sister, he is survived by his mother, Mrs Mary Beal of Cumberland; and brothers, Edward Beal of Mt Savage; Thomas Beal of Mt Savage and Michael Beal of MN.

BRENNAN 06 Jul 1915 John Brennan of Uniontown, aged 41 years, boarding at 97 N Mechanic Street while working with Vang Construction Co, was swimming in the Potomac River below the dam and was drowned after being seized with cramps. Surviving are his mother at Uniontown; a wife and 2 children; and a sister in a Pittsburgh convent. A brother, Charles Brennan of Clymer PA claimed the body and burial will be in Indiana PA.

BRENNAN 31 Jul 1915 Edward Brennan, aged 81 years, died yesterday at Allegany Hospital from a prolonged illness. He was born in County Queens, Ireland in 1834, and came to Lonaconing in 1865, living here ever since on Douglas Avenue. His widow and 3 sons and 2 daughters survive: Edward Jr; Neal; and John Brennan; Mrs Bernard McPartland; and Miss Mary Brennan, all of Lonaconing. The funeral is from the home on Monday with Rev Father Joseph P Nolan and burial at St Michael's Cemetery, Frostburg.

BRODE 13 Jul 1915 George P Brode, 54 years of age, a native of and former resident of Hoffman, died Saturday (10 Jul) at St Agnes Hospital Detroit MI form paralysis. He had been ill for the past 4 years with a nervous condition. His wife and 10 children survive in Hoffman. Also, 3 brothers and 3 sisters: Philip Brode of Hoffman; John & Jeff Brode of Cumberland; Mrs John T Scalley of Detroit MI; Mrs Mary Adams and husband Fred of Frostburg; and Mrs Conrad F Nickel of Frostburg. The funeral was yesterday at Detroit MI at the Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Church and burial at Holy Cross Cemetery at Center Line, near Detroit.

CAPPELLO 27 Jul 1915 Charles Carlo Cappello, aged 24, was struck by the C & P RR, engine No. 30, with engineer Lammert yesterday near Hoffman Switch and he died of his injuries at Miner's Hospital. He had given up his position with the Washington Mine #2 just today to enlist into the Italian military services involved in the War in Europe. He was carrying his tools and was on his way to Washington Hollow to prepare to leave the area for New York. He is survived by his wife and one child and a brother and sister in New York. No neglect is assigned to the railroad for the accident. CARR 06 Jul 1916 Rosby Carr, an employee of Consolidation Coal Co. Mine #4 at Eckhart, was killed today setting the brake on a heavy steel car under the dump when the brake chain spanned and he fell beneath the wheels. The car ran over him and killed him instantly. He was 50 years of age and leaves a widow; one daughter; and 3 grand children at Eckhart. The funeral is from the home with Rev L A Thomas and burial in Eckhart Cemetery.

CHANEY 23 Jul 1915 Ezekiel Chaney, former policeman and carpenter, died at his home yesterday after an hour's illness. Surviving are 2 sons; Leo and Paul Chaney; and 2 daughters Mrs Charles Fry and Mrs Ellwood Jolly. Services from the home of Mrs Elwood Jolly on Independence Street and burial in Sts. Peter & Paul Catholic Church and Cemetery.

DAVIS 06 Jul 1915 Fred W Davis, aged 25 years, a son of Mrs C M Davis of Romney WV, was found dead beside the B&O RR tracks between Cumberland Street and Fayette Street. It is supposed that he was riding atop a box car and was knocked off and killed. The body was sent to Romney for services and burial.

EATON 06 Jul 1915 Mrs Lona Eaton, 43 years of age, died yesterday at her home, 128 Thomas Street. The funeral is by Rev Pyle and burial at Rose Hill Cemetery.

ECKHART BASEBALL 13 Jul 1915 The Eckhart Stars desire games with any 18 to 20 year teams in the county. Communications may be sent to their manager, Roy Often at Eckhart MD.

ECKHART RESCUE from MINE 28 Jul 1915 Elmer Kallmyer of Frostburg, William McMahon and two sons, George and William of Eckhart were imprisoned for 18 hours in Mine No. 4 of Consolidation Coal Co at Eckhart and were rescued and escaped injury. Lizzie McMahon went to the mine at 2:00 AM due to their failure to come home after work and notified miners their of their lateness. An investigation revealed that they were the only ones in that portion of the mines and many tons of material were down between the face of the mine and their workplace. The workmen dug them out at 11:00 AM this morning, ending this rescue. [Article is 4 paragraphs].

EVANS 24 Jul 1915 Mr Edward D Evans, 84 years of age, died yesterday at the home of a daughter, Mrs William Yates of E Main Street, Lonaconing from a illness of 5 weeks due to complications super-induced by old age. He was born at Coalsrookville, Wales in 1831and came to this country in 1869, locating at Ocean MD until moving to Lonaconing 6 months ago. Besides his wife, he is survived by children: William J Evans of National; Edward Evans Jr of Phillipi WV; Mrs John Longham and Mrs George Meager of Cumberland; and Mrs William Yates of Lonaconing. Funeral services at Mt Zion Welsh Baptist Church of Frostburg and burial in Old Percy Cemetery.

FAIR 13 Jul 1915 Mr William Fair, aged 74 years, died yesterday at his home in Paradise, near Midland. A native of Scotland, he came to this country in 1873. His wife and the following children survive: Mrs Thomas Murphy of Austin WV; William and Francis Fair of Midland; Thomas Fair of Austin WV; Mrs George Smith of Midland; and Mrs Matthew Gilchrist of Turtle Creek PA. Burial is in Belvidere Cemetery.

FINZEL 21 Jul 1916 Mrs Sarah Finzel, wife of Henry Finzel, aged 67 years, died Monday (19 Jul) at her home in Finzel, Garrett Co, MD from cancer of the stomach. She is survived by her husband and 11 children: Patrick E Finzel of Union Mining CO, Mt Savage; Ira Finzel, proprietor of the Summer garden; and Henry and William Finzel of Frostburg; Lawrence Finzel of Charleston WV; Thomas Finzel of Finzel MD; and Misses. Margaret, Alice, Sarah, Clara, and Lulu Finzel at home; and a brother, Francis McKenzie of State Line. Services at the Catholic Church at Pocahontas and burial in Finzel Cemetery.

FISHER 07 Jul 1915 Henry Fisher, aged 65 years, died last night at his home in Cumberland Valley after an illness of 2 years with a complication of diseases. His wife and 6 children survive: Miss Pearl Fisher at home; Mrs Edith Bruner of Cumberland Valley; Ira Fisher of Baltimore Pike; Mrs Blanch Cook of Jeanette PA; Lester Fisher of Sweikley PA; and Carl Fisher of Rainsburg PA. His father, Thomas Fisher, 88 years of age attended the funeral also. Funeral and burial is at the Bethel Church.

FLEEGLE 15 Jul 1915 Miss Mamie Fleegle, aged 22 years, daughter of Mr & Mrs C V Fleegle, 276 Maryland Avenue, drowned yesterday in the James River at Lynchburg VA while bathing with friends at the Lynchburg Boat Club. She had dived from a canoe and did not re-surface. She was employed at the Virginian hotel as a manicurist. Surviving are her parents; 3 brothers, Earl, Clell, and Donald Fleegle; and 2 sisters, Miss Ruby and Miss Stella Fleegle, all at home. Funeral services are at Emmanuel Episcopal Church with burial at Rose Hill Cemetery.

FLETCHER 08 Jul 1915 Mrs Judy Means Fletcher, wife of H. Clay Fletcher, died Wednesday (7 Jul) at home in S. Brownsville PA of paralysis. She leaves her husband and 2 daughters. A relative of Thornton Means and sister of Miss Betty Means who visited frequently. Interment will be in S Brownsville Catholic Church.

FLETCHER 30 Jul 1915 Thomas M Fletcher, 49 years of age, a saloon keeper on Front Street, died at Allegany Hospital yesterday following an operation for appendicitis. One brother, John Fletcher, the proprietor of the Brunswick Hotel and 5 other brothers at Front Royal VA survive. The burial will be at Front Royal on Saturday.

FOLK 19 Jul 1915 Joseph Folk, aged 37 years, died Saturday (17 Jul) at the TB Sanitarium on Haystack Mountain, Cumberland from a lingering illness. His wife and 5 children of Frostburg survive, along with his father, S F Folk; 2 sisters, Mrs J H Wiegand and Mrs C C Pollock of Cumberland; and 3 brothers, C B; Arthur; and Frisby Folk of Frostburg. The funeral is from the home of Arthur Folk at Frostburg and burial at Allegany Cemetery.

FOLK 19 Jul 1915 Joseph Folk, 37 years of age, died Saturday (17 Jul) at the TB Sanitarium on Haystack Mountain in Cumberland after a lingering illness. He is survived by a wife and 5 children in Frostburg. Also survived by his father SF Folk; 2 sisters, Mrs JH Wiegand and Mrs CC Pollock of Cumberland and 3 brothers, C.B.; Arthur; and Frisby Folk all of Frostburg. The funeral is from brother Arthur's home in Frostburg and burial in Allegany Cemetery.

FRENCH 19 Jul 1915 Chester Lee French, aged 48 years, son of Robert French, died Sunday (18 Jul) at Atlantic City where he had gone to benefit his health from a blood disorder. His wife, the former Miss Chrissy Meyers, and his only child, Miss Ruth French survive. Mr French was the superintendent of the B & O RR Cumberland Division. The following brothers and sisters also survive: Mrs E P Bopst of Los Angeles CA; Mrs Belle Troxell of Cumberland; Robert and William French of Oakland CA; and George J French. Another sister, Mrs A A Poole, died at Santa Barbara CA a year ago. The funeral is from the Emmanuel Episcopal Church. [Photo and article is 1 E columns long] 21 Jul 1915 Funeral notice is 1 column long.]

FROELICH 30 Jul 1915 Pearl Froelich, aged 14 years, daughter of Mrs Valentine Froelich of Carlos and formerly of Lonaconing, drowned while wading in Savage River in Garrett Co. A number of young girls were picking berries and went to wade in the river after filling their pails. Her father, Mr Froelich was killed several years ago being run over by a C & P RR train. Her mother and several brothers survive. Services are from the home, 6 miles from Lonaconing in Garrett Co and burial in Oak Hill Cemetery under direction of Rev John Green.

GATEHOUSE 28 Jul 1915 Mrs Diana Gatehouse, aged 69 years, widow of the late James Gatehouse, died Jul 15 at her home in Banning PA after a short illness, superinduced by a complication of diseases. She was well known around Frostburg residing on Bowery Street. Judge Thomas Gatehouse is a brother-in-law. A sister resides in Austrailia.

GOODWIN 14 Jul 1915 Charles Goodwin of Washington DC died and will be buried tomorrow there. He is survived by a wife and 2 children and sisters Mrs Paul Ritter of 53 Lee Street, and Mrs Alfred Ritter also of Cumberland.

HAMILTON 14 Jul 1915 William Hamilton, 25 years of age, a miner living at Allegany, was buried for 2 hours under twelve feet of top coal and slate and was rescued alive yesterday by fellow miners with only a dislocated shoulder injury. This accident occurred at the Keeley Mine of the Union Mining Co. His shoulder was dislocated as miners pulled him from beneath the pile and were much amazed that he was unhurt. [Article has 3 paragraphs].

HESS 12 Jul 1915 Charles C F Hess, aged 64 years, died at his home 184 Fayette Street today following an illness of 6 months. His wife. Mrs Catherine Hess and six children survive: William Hess of Newark NJ; Henry & George Hess of Cumberland; Mrs Verona Graves and Misses Edna and Nellie Hess of Cumberland. The funeral is from St Luke's German Lutheran Church and burial at Rose Hill Cemetery.

HUBNER 06 Jul 1915 Henry H Hubner, aged 40 years, a lswyer of Baltimore City and a brother of Mrs Martin L Enders of Cumberland, died Sunday (4 Jul) at his home in Catonsville from a fall down stairs at his home. He is survived by his parents, wife, brother, William Hubner of Baltimore, and 2 other sisters: Mrs Stringer and Miss Rachel Hubner, both of Catonsville. Burial is in Catonsville.

JONES 09 Jul 1915 T Jones,a ged 50 years, was killed by a fall of top coal in Garrett Coal Co. mine at Dodson MD today. He was employed at the mine for several years and Charles Jones, his son, is a foreman at the mine and a catcher for the Piedmont ball team. His wife and several children survive.

KAUMAUFF 07 Jul 1915 Conrad Kaumauff, an aged German, died Saturday (3 Jul) at his home in Ocean. He is survived by his widow; sons, John, William, Emil, and Charles; and one daughter, Mrs William Landfelt of Ocean. Burial is at the German Lutheran Church of Frostburg.

KEAN 12 Jul 1915 Thomas S Kean, aged 57 years, died today at his home on Smallwood Street after a lingering illness. A son of the late Bartholomew Kean, he was born in the city on Sep 26, 1857, and was a contractor and public servant. He married in Jan 1881 to Miss Cosgrove, who survives with these children: Mrs John F Kelly of Troy NY; Miss Nellie Kean at home; Michael and William Kean at home; Thomas S Kean Jr at the U of Maryland medical school; and Eugene Kean of Cumberland. Also, brothers and sisters: former postmaster Daniel E Kean; former mayor George A Kean; Mrs FX Laing; and Miss Jane Kean of Cumberland and M E Kean of Columbus OH. Services are held at St Patrick's Catholic Church and Cemetery with Rev A J Conlon celebrating High Mass.

KELLY 13 Jul 1915 Daniel Kelly, aged 68 years, of Mt Savage, died yesterday at Allegany Hospital following his stay for a critical condition of his health. Born in Ireland, he came to this country as a boy. One son, Edward Kelly of East Liverpool OH; a brother, Michael Kelly of Cumberland and a sister, Ellen of Mt Savage survive. The funeral is from St Patrick's Catholic Church at Mt Savage celebrated by Father Fealy.

KLEIN 12 Jul 1915 Solomon Klein, aged 12 years, son of Mr & Mrs Lewis Klein of 98 Bedford Street, died this morning. He was the oldest son and was buried in Hebrew Cemetery this evening;.

KREITZBURG 31 Jul 1915 Magistrate Henry E Weisenborn is one of the busiest men in Eckhart at present. To him are taken various kinds of troubles for settlement. Patrick Often entered a suit against Andrew McClosky, claiming that McClosky's cow ruined his garden. Often was represented by Attorney Young. The case was appealed to court.

LEASURE 13 Jul 1915 Mrs Linnie Leasure, aged 56 years, wife of B F Leasure, died yesterday at her home in Chaneysville PA after a lingering illness of mumps. Survived by children: John E Leasure of Cumberland; Mrs Arnold Fetters of Piney Creek; Alvey Leasure of Barnes' Gap; Henry Leasure of Artemas PA; and Marshall, Victor, and May at home. The funeral is from the Mt Zion Church with Rev William C Garland and burial in the church cemetery.

LEWIS 24 Jul 1915 A reunion of the Lewis family to honor the visit of David D Lewis of Pueblo CO, who left Frostburg 33 years ago and has just returned for a visit. The families and children present in parenthesis are: M/M Edward Lewis (7); M/M Lewis Lewis (3); M/M William Lewis (1); M/M David D Lewis (2); M/M James Lewis (5); M/M John Lewis (4); M/M George Lewis (1); M/M Henry Levellings (4); M/M John H Lewis (9); M/M John G Lewis (4); M/M John Devore (5); M/M David Lewis (5); M/M Benjamin Lewis(3); M/M Lincoln Reed (3); M/M Robert Mills (3); M/M George Brode (1); M/M Elmer Lewis (2); M/M George Lewis; Miss Emma Hanna; M/M William Herman; M/M William Thompson; M/M James Richards; Thomas Richards; Mrs Lotie Moore; Mrs Mary Ann Moses; and Conrad Mauler.

LYONS 17 Jul 1915 John W Lyons of Frostburg, aged 39 years, died last night of Bright's disease at his home on Water Street after a year of illness. His wife and 4 children survive; Joseph, John, Mary, and Laura Lyons. Also, his parents, Mr & Mrs John R Smith of Bowery Street and several brothers and sisters: Mrs Norman Gerdeman of Cumberland; William and Charles Lyons of Frostburg; George Lyons of Texas City TX; and step- brother, Francis Smith of Frostburg. Services and burial are at St Michael's Church in Frostburg.

MATTINGLY 15 Jul 1915 Samuel John Mattingly, aged 72 years, died at his home last night near Bedford PA after being in bad health for many months. A native of Muskhogean Co, OH, he came to Bedford in 1878. His wife was Miss Donahue of Bedford County, and she survives with these children: Miss Bernadette Mattingly and Francis Mattingly of Gettysburg PA; Legore Mattingly of Seattle WA. The funeral is from St Thomas Catholic Church at Bedford.

McCAUGHAN 06 Jul 1915 Mrs Anna K McCaughan, aged 63 years, of 40 Broadway in Frostburg, died in Miner's Hospital on Saturday (3 Jul). Born at Barrellville, she is survived by husband, 2 daughters, Mrs W J Davis and Miss Mae McCaughan of Frostburg; and brother John Firlie of New Baltimore PA. The funeral and burial are at St Michael's Catholic Church and Cemetery.

McCLELLAND 17 Jul 1915 Mildred McClelland, the two year old daughter of Mr & Mrs Robert McClelland, died at home in Ridgeley WV. The funeral is from the home on Blocher Street and burial in Rose Hill Cemetery with Rev White.

McGILL 17 Jul 1915 Mr Edward McGill died Thursday (15 Jul) at his home on Fort Avenue in Keyser of stomach cancer. Born in Levels WV, he has been a resident of Keyser for the past 10 years, the funeral is at Levels with Rev George A Gibbons.

McKENZIE 28 Jul 1915 Mrs Jacob McKenzie, aged 31 years, died yesterday at her home on National Pike near Johnson, Garrett Co. from an illness of 6 days from stomach trouble. She was formerly Miss Lucy McKenzie, both families are old residents of this section. She was mother of 6 children, ranging in age from 3 months to 6 years. Also surviving are 4 brothers and 5 sisters: Olin, Noah, George, and Peter of Garrett Co; and Anna and Laura at home; Mrs Robert Walker of Salisbury PA; Mrs Richard McKenzie of Garrett Co; and Mrs Edward Lynch of WV. Burial services in Garrett Co.

McKINNON 01 Jul 1915 Mrs Mary McCornall McKinnon, wife of Councilman, Thomas McKinnon, died at her home on Douglas Avenue, Lonaconing yesterday following 8 months of illness with diabetes and complications. A native of Scotland, she married there in 1872, and came to Lonaconing in 1880. Besides her husband, she is survived by 11 children: Mrs Ward Barnard of Cumberland; Mrs J C Wood of Jersey City NJ; Mrs J C Lewis of Frostburg; Mrs Bertha Winn of Akron OH; Mrs Gred Wayne of Carrollton OH; Mrs James Martin of Lonaconing; Misses Margaret and Mary McKinnon of Lonaconing; and Sarah McKinnon of Columbus OH; and Henry McKinnon of Ethel WV; and James McKinnon of Pearce WV. The funeral is from Lonaconing with Rev H L Earnest and burial in Oak Hill Cemetery.

METZNER 24 Jul 1915 Edward Metzner, aged 74 years, died today of infirmities at his home near Winchester Bridge, LaVale. He had been a lieutenant in the Austrian Army serving in the Austrian-Prussian Conflict of 1866; the battle of Bostonia in 1870; and the French and German War of 1871, serving a total of 13 years. Surviving are a daughter, Mrs Henry Martz and a son, John Metzner.

MOSES 13 Jul 1915 Charles H Moses of Pekin and Miss Carrie K Sloan of Lonaconing married in German Lutheran Church in Cumberland by Rev C F Bergner. They will reside with the bride's family, Mr & Mrs Duncan N Sloan on Douglas Avenue in Lonaconing.

MOXLEY 23 Jul 1915 Benjamin P Moxley, aged 74 years, died of a stroke of paralysis today at his home, 1 Hay Street. Surviving are his wife, and 3 children: Mrs Frank Raley of Johnson Street; Roland Moxley of Baltimore MD; and Harry F Moxley of Pittsburgh. Also, 4 brothers and 2 sisters: Ira and Lafayette Moxley of Cumberland; Roland Moxley of Trenton NJ; George Moxley of Balcony Falls VA; Mrs G W Smith of Hancock; and Mrs I Easton of Washington DC. The funeral is from the home with Rev Loomis and burial is at Rose Hill Cemetery.

MULLEN 12 Jul 1915 Edward R Mullen, aged 76 years, a retired B & O conductor, died last night at Allegany Hospital following a lingering illness of infirmities. He resided with a son, Joseph Mullen at 16 Grand Avenue. He is survived by 2 sons, Joseph Mullen, a B&O RR engineer; AA Mullen of Columbus OH; and 2 daughters, Miss Chrissie Mullen and Mrs Joseph Johnson of Chicago IL; and also, brother John Mullen and sister Mrs Martin Fallon both of Piedmont. The funeral is from St Mary's Church and burial in Piedmont.

NOLAND 06 Jul 1915 William Leon Noland, 15 years old, only child of Mr & Mrs Samuel C Noland, died Sunday (4 Jul) with trouble in his head. He had suffered over a year, including several operations. The funeral is with Rev C F Bergner and burial in Rose Hill.

POLLOCK 26 Jul 1915 James Pollock, aged 72 years, died today at Shaft MD form blood poisoning developed from an injury to his finger suffered some time ago. He formerly lived at Vale Summit and was a miner for 20 years. Surviving are his wife a son, James Pollock of Frostburg; and 2 daughters, Mrs Harry Williams of Frostburg; and Mrs Cane of Midland.

PRICE 19 Jul 1915 Mr Stanley A Price, a B & O RR brakeman of 120 W Third Street, Cumberland, about 40 years of age, was killed near the station at Oakland MD, as he slipped from the pilot of the engine and fell beneath the wheels. His widow, the former Miss Anna Edwards of Martinsburg WV; and 5 children survive. The funeral is from the home and burial at Rose Hill Cemetery with Rev H E Richardson..

RAWLEY 09 Jul 1915 Richard Rawley, aged 68 years, died last night at his home in Mapleside, due to a complication of diseases. Surviving are his wife, Mrs Jane Rawley,; 5 sons, Harry, Thomas, James, Merten, and Joseph Rawley; and one daughter, Mrs Charles Hewett of Pennsylvania Avenue. He was born in England and came to this country in 1875 and for many years, was employed as a roller at the B&O Rolling Mill. He also was a dog and horse breeder. Burial is at Rose Hill Cemetery.

ROHMAN 19 Jul 1915 Mrs Rose Rohman, wife of John Rohman, aged 25 years, died yesterday at her home, 420 N Mechanic Street following a 9 month illness. She is survived by her husband and 9 month old baby. Also, her mother, Mrs Michael Schwankhaus; a sister, Miss Anna May; and brothers; Henry, Frank, Michael, William and Albert Schwankhaus. Services and burial iis from the Sts. Peter & Paul Catholic Church and Cemetery, Rev Alban officiating.

ROSENMARKLE 01 Jul 1915 The funeral of C Ellsworth Rosenmerkle was from the home, 265 Columbia Avenue with Rev M L Enders and Rev Joseph E Dawson celebrating. Mrs Rosenmerkle was formerly Miss Ada Peebles, a daughter of Mrs Rachel and the late John Peebles of Lonaconing.

RUSSELL 06 Jul 1915 Mrs Mary C Russell, who died a week ago at Los Angeles CA at her daughter's home, Mrs Lyon, where she had resided a number of years, was returned to Cumberland. Mrs Lyon and son William E Russell accompanied the body to this city. She was also mother of Mrs D P LeFevre and a sister of John T Edwards of this city. Funeral services are at the Presbyterian Church and interment at Rose Hill Cemetery.

SMITH 06 Jul 1915 Mrs H E Smith of Meyersdale PA, died Sunday (4 Jul) of heart failure at Keyser WV and will be buried from the home of Mr J J Burke, 81 James Street, Keyser. Interment will be in Keyser Cemetery with Father Harney celebrating.

SNYDER 09 Jul 1915 John C Snyder, aged 63 years, died at home today, 71 Springdale Street. He was a contractor, building boats for the canal and homes. Surviving are his wife, children John, Henry L, Fred, and Edward Snyder; also, Mrs Frank Hartzell and 2 grand children, all at home. The funeral is at home by Rev F W Barry and interment is German Lutheran Cemetery.

STAKEM 19 Jul 1915 John C Stakem, aged 27 years, son of Patrick Stakem of St Mary's Terrace, Buck Hill, Lonaconing, died Saturday (17 Jul) at the Sabillasville State Sanitarium where he had gone a short time ago for treatment of tuberculosis. He had lived at Cincinnati before returning to Lonaconing and thence to the sanitarium. Surviving brothers are: Patrick Stakem Jr and Daniel Stakem of Lonaconing; and Thomas E Stakem, a merchant in Midland. The funeral services are from St Mary's Church and burial in the church cemetery with Rev Father Joseph P Nolan.

STEWART 01 Jul 1915 The body of Archibald J Stewart was sent from Pittsburgh to the home of a daughter, Mrs Allen Muncey, 5 Hanover Street, Frostburg and the funeral was conducted by Rev J N Beall with interment at Allegany Cemetery.

STRICKLAND 19 Jul 1915 Mrs Della Strickland, wife of Jacob Strickland of Garrett County just over the county line from Lonaconing, aged 57 years, was killed on Saturday (17 Jul) as her horse became frightened and broke from her buggy, the reins tangling onto her feet, pulling her over the rough and dragging her on the ground. She sustained bruises, lacerations, and internal injuries causing her death. Her daughter, Helen, was thrown from the buggy and was not seriously hurt. She is survived by her husband and daughter Helen and another daughter, Ruth; also, 2 sons, John at home and Harry Strickland at Allegany. Services at Cherry Grove Church and burial in Robeson Cemetery. [Article is 3 paragraphs].

TRIGG 08 Jul 1915 Walter Osborne Trigg, aged 34 years, a statistician for the B & O RR, died of stagnation of the blood at Mt Airy MD near Baltimore where he had gone for his health 3 years ago. Born in Cumberland, March 8 1881, he joined the railroad at age 16 and had advanced in positions. He is survived by wife, Leslie Chaney Trigg. The funeral to take place at Prospect, near Mt Airy.

UMSTOT 17 Jul 1915 Phillip W Umstot, aged 66 years, a bachelor, died today at the home of a sister, Mrs James P Blue of South Branch of dropsy. Burial services are at Springfield WV. WELLS 06 Jul 1915 Francis Marion Wells of Paint Rock NC, died just past his 96th birthday. He was father of H J Wells of the Farmer's Product Co of Cumberland. His wife died just 6 years ago. WHITE 06 Jul 1915 Mrs White, wife of Robert White of Romney WV, the Hampshire Co. prosecuting attorney, died of exertion to catch the train on Saturday (3 Jul), just after boarding it. The white family was going to a family picnic at Wappacomo. She was about 30 years of age and was formerly Miss Fink of Washington prior to marriage. Surviving are her husband and 5 children.

WILLISON 22 Jul 1915 Mrs Almira Willison, 73 years old, wife of Hilleary Willison, died yesterday at her home at the Stone House, 2 miles west of Flintstone, on the Baltimore Pike from paralysis. Besides her husband, the following children survive: Mrs EH Hartsock -Flintstone; Mrs CJ Simpson -Independence St, Cumberland; Mrs Josephine Hendrickson and Mrs Blanche Huerta -residing with their parents; Charles Willison of the Flintstone Hardware Co; NF Willison -Flintstone; and Robert W Willison -at home. Burial in the IOOF Cemetery.

WORKMEISTER 22 Jul 1915 Frank A Workmeister, sales manager for Swartzenbach & Sons of Cumberland, died yesterday at his home 129 Columbia Street. His father, J Adam Workmeister had died when he was an infant and his mother, Mrs Dorothy Workmeister died 3 years ago. He is survived by 2 brothers, John L Workmeister, traveling salesman of Cumberland; and George Workmeister of Detroit MI; and 4 sisters, Mrs Anna Feick and Mrs Conrad Feick of Pittsburgh, who married brothers; and Mrs John Neder of Mt Savage and Miss Marie Workmeister at home. Another sister, Mrs Conrad Weigand is deceased. Funeral services at Zion Reformed Church.

ZIMMERMAN 29 Jul 1915 Miss Eva Elizabeth Zimmerman, the youngest daughter of Mr & Mrs John H Zimmerman died at her home on Mineral Street, Ridgeley WV, yesterday following an illness of 7 months. She was in her 16th year of age. A sister, Mrs Mary Zimmerman Llewellyn, died a few weeks ago. The body will be taken to Cohill MD for burial with Rev Walter White officiating.


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