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Excerpts from The Cumberland Times
transcribed by Charles Often



1915 - May


AMBROSE 05 May 1915 Jesse Harlan Ambrose, aged 60 years, died May 1 at his home near Paw Paw. His wife, former Miss Susan E Cann and 8 children survive: Ed C Ambrose of Martinsburg; Mrs John Keller of Lorain OH; Hayes Ambrose of Cumberland; Scott Ambrose of Brunswick; Thomas O Ambrose of Berkeley Springs; and Miss Sallie and William Ambrose of Paw Paw; and also, several brothers and sisters.

ARCHITECHTURAL 15 May 1915 Wright-Butler homes of WL Speery on Mountain View Drive; Louis Stein and Thomas Stakem on Schley St and Guy Nefford and Robert Little on Schley St. [Photos].

BENNETT 20 May 1915 James A Bennett of Slanesville WV died suddenly at his granary as he and his young daughter were filling sacks with grain. His widow is ill in bed and a physician was called before notifying her. A son, at Bethany WV is studying for the ministry and his young daughter survive.

BISHOP 20 May 1915 Mrs Mamie M Bishop, aged 24 years, died today at Allegany Hospital following an operation performed a few days ago. Before marrying, she was a Miss Cunningham of Westernport . Her husband, John F Bishop was killed on the B&O RR last January. She is survived by one daughter, Mary Bishop. Also, her mother, Mrs Bridget Cunningham of Westernport; sister, Miss Mollie Cavey and brothers, William Cavey of Mineral Co, WV; Frank Cavey of Eckhart; and Joseph Cavey of Frostburg. Her body was removed to the home of father Joseph Cavey at Frostburg where it will remain until burial at Terra Alta beside her husband.

BROOKMAN 11 May 1915 Mrs Katherine Mills Brookman, aged 27 years, wife of F J Brookman of 138 Race Street, died Monday (10 May) at Allegany Hospital where she underwent an operation. Surviving are, her husband; parents, Mr & Mrs J P Mills of Uniontown; and sisters and brothers; Mrs Corhne of WI; Mrs George Finley of Youngwood PA; Mrs Busby of Philadelphia PA: Mrs Carpenter of PA; Harry and Bert Mills of Youngwood PA and Roy Mills of Uniontoown.

BURKETT 06 May 1915 J Russell Burkett, aged 35 years, of 30 E N Centre Street, was killed while at work last night as a brakeman for the Western Maryland RR, in a car derailment of 11 cars of his train at Warnock's, near Piedmont WV. Engine #784 with engineer, C E Meader of Ridgeley WV and conductor W Conroy of Cumberland, left Thomas WV with 50 cars of loaded coal heading for Cumberland. A burst wheel caused derailment of 11 of the cars and buried Mr Burkett under tons of coal, where he was smothered and dead when extricated. Surviving besides his parents, Mr & Mrs Josiah Burkett of Corrigansville, a brother, Benjamin Burkett of Corrigansville; 4 sisters, Mrs John Null of Cincinnati OH; Mrs Joseph Snyder of Ridgeley WV; and Misses Lillie and Ruth Burkett at home. The funeral is at the Reformed Church at Corrigansville with Rev Eugene P Skyles and burial in the cemetery near Corrigansville. [Article has 5 paragraphs].

CAMPBELL 17 May 1915 William Reeford Campbell, aged 40 years, a crane operator of the B & O RR was found dead in the ash pit at the B&O Shops on Saturday (15 May). It is thought that he was seized with an illness and fell into the pit and drowned. When workmen were cleaning up the pit on Saturday, the body was brought up with the crane bucket used to draw ashes from the pit. He had resided on Lafayette Avenue with his wife and 4 children. The Stein morgue prepared the body for burial and it will be tomorrow at Rose Hill Cemetery.

CARSKADON 18 May 1915 Mrs Susan Carskadon, aged 78 years, widow of the late Isaac Carskadon, died on Sunday (16 May) at her home in Headsville WV. She was a daughter of the late James Sheetz. Surviving children are: Mrs Belle Harmison; Mr James Carskadon; and Attorney, Ned Carskadon of Fairmont WV. The funeral is today at the Methodist Church and burial in the Headsville WV Cemetery.

CLARKE 31 May 1915 Miss Lillian M Clarke, 32 years of age, daughter of Mr & Mrs Marion C Clarke, died yesterday at her home, 31 Ridgeway Terrace. She was a ticket agent for the B & O RR. She is survived by her parents, and two brothers, Monroe Clarke of Camden NJ and L W Clarke of Baltimore; and also, one sister, Mrs G R Brooks of Baltimore. The burial is at Mt Olivet Cemetery, Baltimore. CONNOR 22 May 1915 Patrick Connor, formerly of Midland, died at his home in Pittsburgh, yesterday. He was formerly a miner for Consolidation Coal mine #1. His wife and family of grown children at Pittsburgh survive. Also, 2 sisters, Mrs Michael O'Brien and Mrs George Kearney and John Connor, all of Midland survive.

DAVIS 26 May 1916 Mrs Bridget Davis, aged 74 years, died at the home of nephew, Francis Hull in Mt Savage from acute indigestion. She was a resident of Weston WV but made her home with Mr Hull for the past few years. A son, Frank P Davis survives. The funeral with a High Mass will be celebrated at St Michael's Catholic Church in Frostburg and burial in their cemetery.

DAWSON 10 May 1915 John E Dawson, residing near Rawlings, attended a circus in Cumberland on Saturday night (8 May) and was killed on the way home. He was watching for a train on the far track but did not notice B&O #55 that was switched to the near track. DIEHL 10 May 1915 Solomon F Diehl, a retired farmer, died yesterday from pneumonia at his home in Lutzdale, near Bedford PA. Surviving children are: Mrs Michael Diehl of Cumberland; Mrs Philip Smith of Cumberland; Mrs John Hale of Hyndman; Mrs William Wolfe of Hyndman and Reader and Harvey Diehl at home in Lutzdale. Attending the funeral at St Mark's Lutheran Church in Friends Cove were Mr & Mrs Michael Diehl and daughters, Loretta and Marie; Mr & Mrs Philip Smith and son Thornton; Mr & Mrs Solomon Diehl and Charles Diehl and Mr & Mrs George Ullery.

EICHELBERGER 21 May 1915 Captain Eli Eichelberger, aged 75 years, a well known businessman of Bedford and a Union Army Veteran, died at his home in Everett PA. He was a member of the 8th PA Reserves and was in a number of engagements and was captured in the Battle of the Wilderness. He was twice married and is the father of several sons. The funeral and burial is at Everett on Saturday.

FAIRGRIEVE 08 May 1915 Mrs Annie Fairgrieve, aged 43 years, wife of William Fairgrieve of Carlos, died Thursday (6 May) at Miner's Hospital. She was a daughter of Mrs James Hitchins of Carlos. Surviving are, her husband and 4 children: Mrs James Stevenson of Cumberland; and James, Mabel, and Mildred Fairgrieve at home. Also, 3 brothers and 1 sister all at Carlos: Henry, John, James Hitchins and Mrs James Dunn. Burial is from the residence with Rev Stanley H Jewell and burial in Allegany Cemetery.

FITZPATRICK 25 May 1915 Miss Mary L Fitzpatrick, aged 39 years, daughter of Mrs Mathilda Fitzpatrick formerly of Cumberland, died yesterday at her home in Martinsburg WV after a 2 year illness of a complication of diseases. Her widowed mother, 2 sisters, and 1 brother survive: Mrs Taylor Hardey and Mrs William D Myers of Martinsburg and Harry Fitzpatrick of Latrobe PA.

FLINTSTONE 11 May 1915 The town of Flintstone is the feature of an article written by Mr Robert Bruce for the "Club Journal" , magazine of the Automobile Club of America. [Full column article].

FROST 14 May 1915 Mrs Lottie Frost, aged 37 years, wife of J R Frost of 12 Baltimore Avenue, died last night at Western Maryland Hospital of pneumonia. Besides her husband, there are 2 small children surviving. The body is at the Stein morgue.

GEARY 01 May 1915 Mrs Mary Geary, aged 65 years, widow of John Geary, died last night at her home on Allegany Street, Lonaconing. She was born in County Clare, Scotland in 1850 and came to America with her parents while quite young. She is survived by: Mark Geary of Lonaconing; Misses Bridget and Nora Geary of Lonaconing; and Miss Rosalita Geary of Boston MA. She was a member of St Mary's Church. GETSON 31 May 1915 Benjamin Franklin Getson, aged 32 years, died Saturday (29 May) at Western Maryland Hospital from injuries suffered by the stone crusher at Builders Supply in Corrigansville. He was struck on the head by a large rock. His wife and child survives. Also, 2 brother, Charles and Henry Getson and 1 sister, Mrs Thomas Crabtree. The funeral is from the Reformed Church at Corrigansville and burial in Greenmount Cemetery.

GRIFFIN 06 May 1915 John T Griffin, aged 66 years, died this morning at the home of a daughter, Mrs F B Moreland, 218 Race Street. He ran a meat market in the city for 40 years. He also was engaged in politics and served on the city council. Besides his wife, he is survived by these children: Mrs Andrew Buskey; Mrs Joseph Mullen; Mrs Patrick King; Mrs Raymond Crane; and Mrs Frank Moreland; and Joseph H Griffin. The funeral is from the home with services at St Mary's Church and burial in St Patrick's Cemetery. Attending the funeral are Mrs Loretta Kidd and Mrs Alice Smith of Baltimore.

GRINDEL 28 May 1915 Hubert Grindel, aged 65 years, a business man of Frostburg, died last night from a paralytic stroke suffered in recent months, at the home of a son, Thomas R Grindel, 1113 McCullough Street, Frostburg. Born in England, he came to Maryland when he was 17 years of age with his parents, worked in the mines around Frostburg. In 1893, he engaged in the butchering business from which he retired. He married Miss Margaret Thompson who died 2 years ago, and is survived by these children: Thomas R Grindel of Frostburg; Mrs Thomas Nelson of Richmond VA; David T Grindel of Hammond IN; also, a brother, Aaron Grindel of Cumberland; and 2 sisters, Mrs Isaac Howells of Gerard OH, and Mrs John Williams of Mineral Ridge OH. The funeral is at the home by Rev J H Bickford and interment at Allegany Cemetery.

HAMILTON 13 May 1915 Mortgage Sale of Valuable Farm, the "Hamilton Farm" on Frog Hollow Road, 2 miles from Twiggtown MD. Notice appears announcing a public auction on June 5, 1915.

HERSHISER 13 May 1915 Mr David C Hershiser, aged 42 years, a trainmaster for the Western Maryland RR, died today at his home, 25 Greene Street. He was a son of John & Mary Hershiser of Bedford PA. He is survived by his wife, the former Miss Nettie Spidel and 3 sons: Van Horn, John, and David Hershiser, all at home; and these brothers and sisters: James F Hershiser, a telegrapher for the WMRR; George H Hershiser, a merchant of Hyndman; John M Hershiser, an engineer for the WMRR; Miss Mary Hershiser and Mrs Margaret Walshone of Knoxville TN; Mrs Jennie Baughman of Cincinnati OH; Mrs C F Stephenson of Johnston NB; and these E brothers and sisters, SD Hershiser of Manns Choice PA; Lewis H Hershiser of Johnston NB; and Mrs R S Deniker of Ruffsdale PA. Services at the First Presbyterian Church of Bedford PA.

HINKLE 31 May 1915 Mrs Bergman Hinkle, aged 45 years, dropped dead at her home at Murley's Branch from a heart attack on Saturday (29 May). Her husband and 5 children survive. The funeral is from the Fairview M P Church with Rev Bauscher and burial in the church cemetery.

HITE 17 May 1915 Mrs Harriett Hite, aged 70 years, wife of Lewis Hite, died at her residence 11 miles out of Cumberland on the Bedford Road on Sunday (16 May)following a stroke of paralysis she suffered 3 months ago. She was a daughter of the late Mr & Mrs Samuel Elliott. Her husband; a brother, Nathan Elliott; and a sister, Mrs Joseph Bruner survive. The funeral is tomorrow from the Bethel ME Church.

HUBBARD 11 May 1915 Elbert Hubbard is listed among the victims of the Lusitania sinking. His first wife, Miss Bertha Crawford, a native of near Flintstone, is a daughter of James Crawford and Miss Elizabeth Hinkle.

HUYLMUN 31 May 1915 Mrs Lucy Huylmun, wife of James Huylmun of Westernport, died on Thursday (27 May) at Westernport after suffering for several months. Surviving are her husband; 3 sons; and 1 daughter: Charles 18 years; James 10 years; Mary 5 years; and Johnnie at 15 months. Services will be celebrated at St Peter's Church, Westernport with a High Mass.

JENKINS 17 May 1915 William Jenkins, aged 62 years, died today at Miners Hospital in Frostburg of blood poisoning following an indigestion attack after eating cucumbers and rhubarb pie. He was a miner and lived at Grahamtown and is survived by 11 children. He was a native of England and has a brother living at London.

KREITZBURG 29 May 1915 Lists of GAR soldiers buried in Frostburg area cemeteries for Decoration Day beautification opportunities, including Eckhart Cemetery -Henry A. Kreitzburg.

KRELING 25 May 1915 Joe Kreling, aged 8 years, son of Arthur Kreling of Braddock PA, died from injuries suffered after being hit by a street car at Braddock PA yesterday. The father moved there from Frostburg about 10 years ago. The child's uncles, Charles, Joseph, and William Kreling reside in Frostburg.

LANCASTER 04 May 1915 Mr Robert A Lancaster, aged 75 years, died today at his home in Eckhart of liver cancer. He was born near Hoffman and served 3 years in the Civil War with Co. C, 3rd MD Reg. His wife, aged 75 years survives with these children: John T Lancaster; Mrs R M Carr; Henry E Lancaster; Mrs Charles A Hilleary; Mrs B W Snyder of Eckhart and Wolford Lancaster of Cumberland. The funeral is at the residence with Rev J A Grose and burial at Eckhart Cemetery.

LANTZ 07 May 1915 Miss Bertha Charlotte Lantz, aged 18 years, daughter of Mr & Mrs Charles W Lantz of 72 Decatur Street, died today of a complication of diseases. Besides her parents, one sister, Miss Georgia Lantz survives. The body is at the Butler morgue and services are to be at the home of Mr & Mrs Lantz and burial will be in Baltimore, their former home.

LINDNER 25 May 1915 Frank Lindner, a tin worker, aged 53 years, son of Lawrence Lindner after whom Lindnerville is named, died last night at his home, 206 Thomas Street from cancer of the stomach. His wife, Elizabeth A Lindner died several years ago. He is survived by daughters, Mrs Charles L Deter with whom he lived; and Mrs Edward V Daulbaugh of Baltimore; and brothers, Lawrence and George Lindner.The services and burial will be at Sts Peter & Paul Catholic Church and Cemetery.

LINTZ 18 May 1915 Mrs George Lintz, aged 39 years, formerly of Lonaconing, who died on the C&P RR train on Sunday (16 May) coming from her home in Rockville to Cumberland to enter the Western Maryland Hospital, will be buried in Oak Hill Cemetery following services at her home. Surviving are her husband; 4 children, Margaret, Ella, Jessie, and John Lintz; and also, 2 brothers and 4 sisters.

MACBETH 11 May 1915 Miss Estella Redmond Macbeth died last night at her home, 25 S Allegany Street after an illness of short duration. She was a public school teacher in Allegany County for 30 years. A daughter of the late James W Macbeth, D.D., and Sarah Redmond Macbeth, she is survived by a sister, Mrs Theodore Luman; a nephew, Ralph M Luman; and niece, Miss Jessie G Luman. The funeral is at the Presbyterian church with interment at the church cemetery with Rev Dr. Moffatt.

MALLOY 14 May 1915 Patrick Malloy, aged 71 years, died yesterday at his home on Lonaconing Street after being ill for several months. A native of Ireland, he was born in Mayo Co in 1844, and came to this country at 4 years of age and was a resident of Allegany County the rest of his life. He married Miss Mary Ann Quinn of Cambridge OH in 1879. Surviving are his wife, and these children: John Malloy of Cumberland; Mrs Peter Monahan and Miss Annie Malloy of Midland; and Patrick Malloy Jr of Massillion OH. The funeral is Saturday with a Requiem High Mass at St Joseph's and interment in St Joseph's Belviedere Cemetery.

MARTIN 03 May 1915 Mr W C Martin was killed Saturday night (1 May) when he fell from a buggy descending a steep mountain near Belle Grove. Mr Martin had heart trouble and it is thought he fell from the buggy hitting his head. The horse and buggy continued to Belle Grove creating a search party when he was discovered, deceased. The body was taken to Chaneysville for burial.

MARTIN 21 May 1915 Elmarion Martin, 14 month old daughter of Mr & Mrs George Martin, died of pneumonia at eh home of her parents, 21 Hammond Street.

MATTINGLY 25 May 1915 Miss Ella L Mattingly, aged 43 years, eldest daughter of Mr & Mrs William F Mattingly, died yesterday at her home at Thomas and W Second Streets of diphtheria following an illness of three days, she had conducted a grocery store at Thomas Street for many years. Surviving besides her parents are 2 sisters, Misses Mary and Edith of Cumberland; and 2 brothers, William and Joseph Mattingly, both living away from Cumberland.

McCUTCHEON 17 May 1915 Samuel McCutcheon, aged 66 years, a miner, died on Saturday (15 May) at his home in Midlothian MD. He was a native of Ireland and he was a resident of Barton for many years. He is survived by many grown children. The funeral is tomorrow at Moscow MD.

McELFISH 24 May 1815 Mrs Philip H McElfish died this morning at 1 o'clock at the Six Mile House on Baltimore Pike after an illness of several months. She was born Lula Bennett on 03 Nov 1860 and resided here the greater part of her life and was held in high esteem by all who knew her. She is survived by her husband and the following children: Raymond McElfish -Columbus OH; Mrs Lawrence Quinn -Moose Bank Saskatuan Canada; Mrs WJ O'Neal -Braddock Road; Mrs EJ Vogel -formerly of Battle Creek MI, now of Cumberland; Mrs James Twigg -Baltimore Pike; Joseph McElfish -Cumberland; Prentice McElfish -Baltimore Pike; Miss Izetta McElfish -Baltimore Pike and sister, Mrs Lem Roberts -Mapleside. Burial in IOOF Cemetery Flintstone.

McFERRAN 08 May 1915 Mrs Ann Rebecca McFerran, wife of Alex McFerran, died yesterday of Bright's disease at her home on Columbia Street at age 61 years. Her maiden name was Athey and she was married 40 years ago at the home of an uncle, Levi Brant. Her husband and 3 children survive: John C and Charles McFerran of Cumberland; Mrs Edna M Byers and husband Thomas of Washington DC; and 3 grand children; Mary McFerran and Helen and Furman Heinz. The funeral is at the home tomorrow with Rev Joseph Dawson and burial at Rose Hill Cemetery.

McKAY 26 May 1915 John McKay, a stonemason, aged 70 years, was struck and instantly killed by a speeding auto last night at the concrete "speedway" on the National Pike in LaVale. A native of Ireland, he worked the past 40 years building coke ovens and other stone works and was once employed as a stone mason foreman for Bennett & Talbott, contractors. His body was found by Horace G Evans of Frostburg in front of the home of William Buckholtz of LaVale. Mr Evans placed him into his auto and drove him to Western Maryland Hospital where Dr Leo Franklin declared him to be dead for about one hour. He was short, heavy set, and blind in one eye. The coroner will make an investigation.

McKENZIE 31 May 1915 Mrs George McKenzie, who lives on a farm in Garrett Co., 3 miles from Frostburg, died yesterday. She leaves her husband, and 2 daughters, Pearl and Fannie; and also, 4 brothers, Victor, Bruce, Richard, and Olin D Robinson and 2 sisters, Mrs Annie Garlitz and Mrs Rhoda Garlitz- all of the Frostburg area.

McLAUGHLIN 06 May 1915 Michael McLaughlin, former express guard of Wells Fargo between Cincinnati and Cumberland, died this morning at his home in Cincinnati. He was one of the oldest Wells Fargo employees and when in this city, roomed at the home of E E Seaber, 36 Decatur Street. The funeral is in Cincinnati.

McMULLAN 15 May 1915 Miss Lola McMullan, aged 28 years, daughter of Mr & Mrs Robert McMullan, was accidently killed at Akron OH on Monday (10 May) while returning home from work. She is survived by her parents and these brothers and sisters; Mr Frank McMullan; Mrs John Folk; Mrs Robert Balls; and Miss Cora McMullan. The body is returned to Eckhart for burial on Thursday with Rev Gross and Rev Thomas officiating.

MORGAN 08 May 1915 Joseph Morgan, aged 28 years, died at his home in Carlos last night after a lingering illness. His mother, Mrs Mary Davis and these brothers and sisters survive: David Morgan of Carlos; Samuel Morgan of Midland; William Morgan of Carlos; Mrs Charles Richardson of Carlos; Mrs Clarence Cooper of Carlos; and also, two E brothers at home. The funeral is Monday from the home with Rev J A Grose of Eckhart officiating.

MURPHY 29 May 1915 Mrs Ellen Murphy, 84 years of age, widow of William Murphy, died this morning at her home in Franklin. The funeral with Mass is at St Peters Church in Westernport today. MURRAY 05 May 1915 Dallas Murray, accused of striking William Swarner, his brother-in-law, with a bottle and killing him, is tried for his murder. [Article has 5 paragraphs].

NORWOOD 17 May 1915 Mrs James Norwood died Friday (14 May) at her home near Burlington after a lingering illness. She is survived by her husband; and 2 daughters, Mrs Harry Dawson and Mrs Joseph N Shobe; and 2 sons, William And Marshall Norwood. The funeral and burial is at the Burlington Church under Rev Wilhite.

NUSE 20 May 1915 Daniel Nuse, aged 74 years, of Oldtown, died yesterday at Allegany Hospital of an illness of 5 weeks. He was a lock tender at Oldtown for the C&O Canal for 25 years. He is survived by 3 children: Frederick Nuse of Cumberland; and William Nuse and Mrs C K Stump of Oldtown. The funeral will be at Oldtown tomorrow.

PENDLETON 08 May 1915 Mr W H Pendleton, brother of Miss Claudia Pendleton of Frostburg, died at his home in Lawrence KS on May 6 of a 2 week illness. The funeral will take place there on Sunday. PENDLETON 14 May 1915 Mr William Henley Pendleton, former Cumberland resident, died at Lawrence KS last week. His only sister, Miss Claudia Pendleton lives at Frostburg. He was born 22 Jul 1858 at Williamsbur VA of English ancestors that helped settle Jamestown. H moved to Lawrence in Feb 1877, married Matilda Poehler on 17 May 1882, who survives with 6 children. He was a nephew of the late Mrs James C Orrick (nee Pendleton) and was associated with the J C Orrick Co, here. He was in the grain and farming business these in Kansas [Article has three paragraphs].

PETTET 17 May 1915 Miss Edna Pettet, aged 24 years, a student nurse at Washington Asylum Hospital, died there yesterday following a week of illness from ulcerated kidneys. She is a daughter of Mr & Mrs R S Pettet of Ridgeley WV. Also surviving is a sister, Miss Leona Pettet. The funeral is on her 25th birthday tomorrow leaving the home to the Baptist Church for services and then to Rose Hill Cemetery.

PRICE 05 May 1915 Owen Price Sr, aged 81 years, died this morning at his home in Eckhart. He was born in Blaen Avon, Mammouthshire, Wales and came to this country as a young man following the occupation of miner until he retired several years ago. One son, Owen Jr. ; one sister, Mrs James Dando of Frostburg; one brother, John Price of Lonaconing; and 4 grand children survive. The funeral is from Eckhart Baptist Church with Rev John A Grose and interment is in Eckhart Cemetery.

PRICE 10 May 1915 Henry Price, aged 22 years, was killed on Pitt Street in Bedford PA when he lost control of a motorcycle and crashed into a telephone pole. He had made arrangements to buy the vehicle form Simon Smith and was learning how to drive it. Henry was a tinner and made his home with a brother, Harvey Price.

REINHART 04 May 1915 Mrs Fannie A Reinhart, aged 52 years, widow of former County Treasurer, W A Reinhart, died today at her home, 70 Decatur Street of a complication of diseases and illness of two years. Surviving are daughter, Mrs Terrence Boyle of Decatur Street and a brother, George E Ways of Union Street. The funeral is at St Patrick's.

RINKER 05 May 1915 Mrs Pearl Rinker, aged 52 years, wife of E R Rinker of Oldfields WV, died last night at the Western Maryland Hospital following an operation. The body has been removed to Wolford's morgue to prepare for burial at her home in WV. SHUCK 21 May 1915 Mrs Mary E Shuck, 33 years of age, husband of Ralph B Shuck, died at Allegany Hospital yesterday of pneumonia. The funeral and burial is at St Patrick's Catholic Church with Rev Father O'Hara celebrating, and burial in Rose Hill Cemetery. SMITH 13 May 1915 Mrs Kate A Smith, 55 years of age, wife of John A Smith, died of cancer at her home yesterday. She was born in Reading PA in 1857, a daughter of Mr & Mrs C B Walk, now of Philadelphia. Surviving are her husband and 4 daughters, Misses Dale, Marie, and Eleanor Smith and also Mrs J Arthur Smith of Columbia SC; 3 sons, Ray, Bernard, and Paul of Cumberland; 3 step-sons, Arthur F of Lonaconing; Albert of Douglas WV; and Ralph of Cumberland. The funeral is from the home with Rev J H Bickford f the First ME Church and burial at Allegany Cemetery.

SOMMERVILLE 17 May 1915 Miss Belle Sommerville of Lonaconing, died at the home of a sister, Dr & Mrs Clinton Brotemarkle of Salisbury MD yesterday where she had been visiting for some time following an operation in Baltimore. She was born and raised in Barton MD and resided with her aged mother on E Main Street with a younger brother, A B Sommerville. Surviving are these brothers and sisters: John Sommerville Sr a merchant and A B Sommerville of Lonaconing; Howard Sommerville of Baltimore; Arch Sommerville of Portsmouth OH; Mrs George H Shaw of Lord; Mrs C Brotemarkle of Salisbury MD; and also, the late Col RL Sommerville, superintendent of the George's Creek Coal Co was a brother. The remains will be brought to Lonaconing for services under Rev H L Earnest of the Presbyterian Church and burial is at Allegany Cemetery of Frostburg.

SPRIGG 22 May 1915 Mrs Katie Sprigg, aged 42 years, wife of Joseph Sprigg, died last night at her home 533 Glenn Street following a lingering illness. Children surviving are: William, Percy, Robert, Ross, John, Thomas, and Lina, Rebecca, Elizabeth May, and Marie Sprigg, all at home. The funeral is from the home with Rev York of the ME South Church and burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.

STAPLETON 24 May 1915 Mrs Margaret Stapleton, aged 58 years, died at her home in Vale Summit yesterday following a stroke of paralysis suffered one week ago. She is survived by her husband, Thomas Stapleton and these children: Mary, Margaret, Patrick, Lillian, Mervin, and Mrs James Finn of Pitcairn PA. The funeral is from the St Patrick's Catholic Church in Frostburg.

STEGMAIER 17 May 1915 Leonard Stegmaier, aged 75 years, died Saturday (15 May) of paralysis at his home 1 E miles out the Baltimore Pike. Born in Whittenburg Germany, he came to this country in 1851 and was a successful farmer and dairyman. His wife and the following children survive: Elizabeth, Clara, Anna, Bose, John A, Michael L, Frank, Andrew T, and Joseph V Stegamier. A son, John A Stegmaier who is seriously ill at his home on Williams Road with pneumonia is not aware of his father's death. The funeral and burial is at the Sts. Peter & Paul Catholic Church.

STEVENS 10 May 1915 Mrs Agnes Stevens, aged 80 years, widow of Job Stevens, died Saturday (9 May) at the home of son-in-law, George Miller of Allegany. She was an invalid for the last 20 years of life and was a native of Gloustershire, England; being born there in 1835. Surviving children are: George of Borden; Mrs William Sweene; Mrs John Downton; Mrs George Miller; Miss Minnie Stevens, all of Allegany; and Walter Stevens of Mt Savage. Services are at the residence with Rev J H Bickford and burial at Old Percy Cemetery.

TWIGG 08 May 1915 Lester A Twigg, son of Mr & Mrs Austin D Twigg of Twiggtown wins oratorical contest at Western Maryland College. TWIGG 14 May 1915 Preston Twigg, aged 80 years, died at his home yesterday near Oldtown. He was born at Oldtown and engaged in farming. The funeral is today at his late home and burial is in Oldtown Cemetery.

WAUGH 19 May 1915 John B Waugh, aged 78 years, of Narrows Park, died last evening from overexertion while mowing his lawn. He was a native of Virginia, moving as a child to Friends Cove, Bedford County PA and spent his youth at Rainsburg PA. He was a printer by trade and worked for the late Henry J Johnson, the first editor of the NEWS. He was one of the first mail carriers of Cumberland serving for 36 years and was on duty yesterday. He has no living relatives but had two sisters, now deceased. He was related to the Buckey, Withers, and Taylor families. The funeral is Thursday with Rev Joseph Dawson and burial at Rose Hill Cemetery.

WILLIAMSON 11 May 1915 Mr Frank Williamson, a native of Cumberland, about 45 years of age has been declared dead in the Lusitania sinking by the Cunnard Steamship Co. He was unmarried and had amassed a small fortune as a dealer in art goods and furnishings in Paris and London.

WILT 07 May 1915 Mrs Elizabeth Wilt of Barton, about 74 years of age, died Thursday (6 May) at her home, services are at her home with Rev Mumford and burial at the Morrison Cemetery. WILT 10 May 1915 Mr James Alexander Wilt, aged 70 years, died at his home on Bloomington Road on Friday 8 May. He was in poor health for some time. He was born at Bond MD on 5 June 1845, and leaves a widow and 11 children: Morris Wilt of Keyser; Mrs May Lantz of Westernport; Lewis Wilt; Mrs Daisey Reitz of Bond; Cleveland Wilt of Olive WV; Harrison at home; William Wilt of Bond; Hillery at home; Walter and Jacob of Ridgeley WV; and Raleigh at home. The funeral is at the ME Church with Rev CM DeArcey and interment at Bond MD.

ZIMMERMAN 08 May 1915 Richard Zimmerman, aged 58 years, died today at his home, 302 Columbia Street. He was a miller for the Cumberland Cement Works and is survived by his wife, Ellen and 8 children, all at home: Frederick; Dorothy, Richard; Dewey; John; William; Mary; Lucy; and George Zimmerman. The funeral is from the home with Rev J M York and burial at Greenmount Cemetery.


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