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Excerpts from The Cumberland Times
transcribed by Charles Often




ALLEGANY CO 01 Aug 1911 Battle of Flocks Mill recounted.

ALLEGANY CO 26 May 1911 Lists of Union Civil War Soldiers by Cemetery for Decoration Day

ARCHITECTURE 23 Nov 1911 The Swartzenbach building to open by June 1914 [Photo] and background description.

ARCHITECTURE 25 Sep 1911 Cumberland's New City Hall [Photo] replaces the one destroyed by fire on March 14, 1910.

ARCHITECTURE 27 May 1911 Masonic temple cornerstone laid for new building, drawling and story. Also 6 Jun 1911.

ARION BAND 24 Apr 1911 Frostburg- The history of Frostburg's Arion band , organized in Dec 1877 now with the leader CF Nickel.

BARNES 28 Oct 1911 George W Barnes, aged 86 years and 8 months, died at the residence of his son William T Barnes of Lonaconing aT 9:30 pm last night after an illness of 2 months. The deceased, long a resident of this county was born in Fulton County, PA on 22 Feb 1825. He removed on to Bedford until 1852, then to Lonaconing and worked for the Powers Foundry. In 1853, he went to Barton where he resided until 1902, when he returned to Lonaconing and resided with his son, in whose home he died last night. The father of a family, all of whom have made their mark in life, he married in 1849 to Mary P Lantz, who died 11 Aug 1891, at Barton. He was a blacksmith and carriage maker. Interment in Laurel Hill Cemetery. Mr Barnes leaves 3 daughters and 4 sons; Mrs Mary B Muir-Chicago; Mrs Alice Young-Kansas City; Miss Stella Barnes -Lonaconing; John H Barnes- Stillwater OK; George W Barnes-Deerfield KS; William T Barnes-Lonaconing and PC Barnes-Cumberland attorney at law.

BERRY 18 Apr 1911 Gilpin MD- The funeral of Mrs Adeline V Berry, wife of Samuel K Berry, who died Thursday (13 Apr) took place at the Flintstone ME Church. The Rev JL Thomas officiated assisted by JW Bible. Mrs Berry united herself with the ME Church in girlhood, living a consistant Christian life, a period covering 45 years.Mrs Berry, before her marriage, was a Miss Eastman, daughter of Simeon Eastman. She was born and raised near Cumberland and was a granddaughter of the late Nathan Wilson. She is survived by her husband and 8 children; Van E Berry; Thomas I Berry; and Simeon D Berry -of Luke MD; Mrs JP George of Cumberland; Mrs Clarence Trenton of Hintoon VA; Charles G Berry of Flintstone Creek PA; Minnie Berry and Jesse berry at home; and one sister, Mrs Mamie Hamilton-Cumberland; and 3 brothers, CE Eastman-Richmond VA; TI Eastman-Dixon IL; and Ellwell Eastman-Iowa; burial in IOOF Cemetery.

BOETTNER 24 Jan 1911 Mr Henry M Boettner died at his home in Shaft, Saturday (21 Jan) of intestinal trouble and miners asthma. He was a miner and worked for the old Borden Mine Co. About 10 years ago he was forced to cease work due to constant suffering. He was 57 years old, a native of Germany, and lived in Allegany County most of his life. He is survived by a wife, 2 sons, and 1 daughter. Burial in Allegany Cemetery ..

BRANT 10 May 1911 The funeral of Mrs Ellen Brant, wife of Andrew Jackson Brant, 236 Bedford St, took place at the Zion Lutheran Church on Bedford Road with interment in the church cemetery. Mrs Brant is survived by 5 sons, Leonard Brant, Peter Brant, Theodore Brant, Grant Brant, and Harvey Brant; and 3 daughters, Mrs Jacob Stein, Mrs John Hickle, and Mrs John Forebeck. Mrs Brant was 83 years old and had 66 grandchildren, 91 great grandchildren, and 1 gr-gr-grandchild..

BROADWATER 29 Mar 1911 Mrs Broadwater, one of the oldest members of the colony, died at her sons home in Merrill last Sunday (26 Mar) night, aged 87 years. She was the widow of Mr John Broadwater and was born where Merrill now stands and spent all of her life there. She was the mother of a numerous family of whom seven survive: Peter, Stephen, Archibald, Perry, Waldo, Albert, and John-all of Merrill and Mrs Hiram Coleman-Sutton WV. Mrs Broadwater was ill more than a year and was paralyzed the greater part of that time. The funeral took place yesterday with interment on the Weltzel farm. Mrs Broadwater's maiden name was Custer.

BROTEMARKLE 23 Sep 1911 Mary C Brotemarkle, aged 46 years, wife of William H Brotemarkle, died at the Western Maryland Hospital at 12:45 o'clock this afternoon, the cause of death is typhoid fever. She is survived by her husband and 4 children; Robert L Brotemarkle; Mrs Mary B Davis; Mrs Michael Long ; and James Henry Brotemarkle; and 2 brothers and 1 sister. Mr & Mrs Brotemarkle resided at 112 Walnut St. Mrs Brotemarkle was the daughter of Mr & Mrs JP Hickle.

CLOVER HILL FARM 04 Oct 1911 Mr Thomas G Pownell, who recently purchased the farm of the late Calton L Bretz on the Baltimore Pike, 6 miles east of Cumberland at Beans Cove road, has sold a portion which includes the farm house and barn to Mr AT McLuckie, who currently lives 4 miles east of Cumberland on the Oldtown Road. The tract purchased is 162 acres in extent and he acquires posession on January 1, 1912. The agreed upon price is understood to be $11,000.00. Mr Pownell retains ownership of 340 acres.

CLOVER HILL FARM 17 Aug 1911 Advertisement for: Private sale of a fine farm, Clover Hill Farm, more commonly known as the Bretz farm, is offered for sale- Mrs CL Bretz, Washington St, Cumberland. NOTE: The farm buildings were since dismantled and the land leveled for the Rocky Gap State Park and Golf Course.

CUMBERLAND BASEBALL 05 May 1911 Baseball begins in Cumberland as the Rosebuds seek games. Members include; Pichers-John and Bill Marean and ? Rice, Catchers-Frank Lippold and ? Drumm; Infielders-Charles Lippold, Clarence Schaffer, ? Ridgeley, ? Goetz, Outfielders- E. Fuller, ? McAllister, Russell Diehl, W "Pickels" Rank, Manager-? Shaffer.

DEAN 21 Apr 1911 Frostburg-Francis Dean, aged 69 years, died this morning at the home of a son John Dean, Lee St, a result of miners asthma. Born in ireland, he came to the US at age 17 and became a resident and with the occupation of coal miner. He served in the Union Army during the Civil War. Survived by these children, John F Dean, Joseph L Dean, James L Dean, Mrs John Crawford, and Mrs Koontz-all of Frostburg. Burial in Allegany Cemetery.

ECKHART 05 May 1911 Eckhart is getting its regular coat of whitewash these days. It has the reputation of being the whitest city on the earth.

FLETCHER 04 Jan 1911 Mrs Mary E Fletcher, wife of the late David Fletcher, died at her home 17 Independence St, Cumberland Yesterday at 1 o'clock, aged 75 years. Surviving sons and daughters are: William Fletcher; Mrs WO McElfish; Alice Fletcher -Cumberland; George Fletcher and Raymond Fletcher and Mrs LA Wilson -Bristol TN; and James Fletcher- Chattanooga TN. The funeral is tomorrow.

FLETCHER 01 Sep 1911 Michael Fletcher, aged 73 years, is died near Clearville, Bedford County. Mr Fletcher married Miss Delilah Snyder. He is survived by his wife and 5 sisters, all older than he. He also leaves 4 grown children. He was a cousin of DW Snyder, this city.

FOLK 11 Jan 1911 Mrs Amanda Folk, a daughter of the late Jesse and Katie McKenzie of Cresaptown MD, died this morning at the home of a daughter, Mrs Peter Langley, 33 Elm St, aged 83 years. She was the widow of George W Folk, who was killed during the Civil War. She was a lifelong member of the ME Church. Survived by children: Mrs P Langley; Mrs James Hussey; Mrs Clara Martin; and Mr JC Folk and also 19 gr-children and 21 gr-gr-children. Burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.

GRIFFITH 07 Jan 1911 Mrs Thomas Griffith, aged 65, former resident, died at her home in Irons WV on Thursday (Jan 5) evening. Children who survive: Edwin Griffith and Evan Griffith-Frostburg; Mrs Annie Kreitzburg-Ridgeley WV; William Griffith; Mrs Lizzie Roth; Mollie Griffith; Thomas Griffith; Arthur Griffith; Alice Griffith. She funeral is from the home of a son, Edwin Griffith, 11 Bowery St and burial in the Old Percy Cemetery.

HAMILTON 20 May 1911 Mrs Emma Hamilton, Orleans Crossroads, Morgan County WV, died yesterday at 8:00 o'clock in the evening following a lengthy illness. She is survived by her mother, Elizabeth Hamilton and 3 sisters and 5 brothers; Mrs Scarlett-Martinsburg WV; Mrs George Light and Mrs James Boxwell-Cumberland; George Hamilton and Beamer Hamilton-Cumberland; Charles Hamilton-North Branch; Frank Hamilton and Grant Hamilton-at home; and the daughter of the late Charles Hamilton, a B & O trackman.

HAMILTON 02 Feb 1911Mr James A Hamilton, Bedford Road and Miss Rena Etta Nave of Mineral Spring, Cumberland Valley, were married Wednesday evening at 9:00 o'clock at the home of CP Arnold, 174 Bedford St. The marriage was performed by Rev GE Brown, pastor of the Bedford St, MP Church.

HARDINGER 30 Mar 1911 Miss Ella May Hardinger of Hazen, daughter of the late Benson Hardinger and gr-daughter of Mr Grafton Brant married to Mr Howard W Bennett of Federalsburg, Carroll Co, MD. They courted by mail and saw each other for the first time today.

HARDMAN 21 Mar 1911 Mrs Amanda Shaffer, died very suddenly last Saturday night (18 Mar) at her home in Bedford PA. Mrs Shaffer was a close neighbor of the late Henry Elliott, who died last Friday morning at the hospital. Mrs Shaffer had done her housework, baking, etc. on Saturday and had made preparations to help at Mr Elliotts home during his funeral . She met the cortege and friends when they arrived in Bedford on the evening train from here.The excitement and sorrow from the death of a near friend brought on heart failure and she died at 1 o'clock. Her funeral takes place tomorrow at 12 o'clock at the Lutheran Church, 2 miles north of Centreville PA.Mrs Shaffer was a native of Cumberland Valley and was the widow of Mr Daniel Anderson, a prominent merchant of Centreville. She, after his death, married a widower named Shaffer and they relocated in Bedford PA.Mrs Shaffer was a sister of Levi Hardman, nine miles out on Bedford Road, and John Hardman near Everett. She was an aunt of Miss Bertha and James Matthews, North Centre St and of the Hardman's of near this city.

HENDRICKSON 14 Aug 1911 Ex-County Commissioner, JA Hendrickson has received word of the death of his brother Mr HC Hendrickson of Indianapolis IN, for many years a resident of this county. Mr Hendrickson is survived by a widow and 1 son. Also, the following brothers and sisters; JA Hendrickson, WA Hendrickson, Mrs JC Robinette, Miss Ree Hendrickson and Mrs Stallings. He was a veteran of the Civil War serving in the Union Army. LINDERVILLE 15 Apr 1911 Description of the community by DW Snyder

HINKLE 20 Feb 1911 Mrs Susanna Catherine Hinkle, aged 37 years, a widow, died yesterday morning at her home, 65 Front St. She was a Miss McKenzie prior to her marriage. Her husband died several years ago. The funeral of Mrs Hinkle took place from the St Patricks church this afternoon.

McELFISH 27 Jan 1911 Upton McElfish, a well known retired farmer, died at his home 148 Maryland Ave at 8:30 o'clock this morning after a brief illness, aged 71 years. A widower, he is survived by one brother, Mr Luther McElfish-Park St and the following children: Mrs Clay Wilson; Miss Clara McElfish; William S McElfish; and Percy G McElfish of this city. His wife died 6 years ago. Born in Flintstone, he followed farming all of his life amassing a comfortable competence. Funeral form Murley Branch ME Church near Flintstone and interment in the church yard ..

MILLER 21 Jan 1911 Mr Lawrence Miller, a native of Germany, who came to this country in 1878 and located in Allegany County where he has resided ever since, and employed as a miner and contracted miners asthma causing his death at his home, 20 Beall St, on Thursday (19Jan) at 9 o'clock. During the last 4 months his health weakened visibly and death became a matter of time. He is survived by his wife, one daughter and 4 sons, all of Frostburg. Miss Mary Miller; Messers, John Miller, Frank Miller, Joseph Miller, and Lawrence Miller, and one brother, John Miller of New York City. Burial in St Michaels Catholic Cemetery.

MILLHOLLAND 06 Dec 1911 James A Millholland, 69 years, died at his home "Glenora" on the Valley Road [Photo] and long story.

NORTHCRAFT 22 Dec 1911 Artemus PA- Mr James Northcraft, aged 83 years, 6 months, 29 days of Mann Township, Bedford County PA was stricken with paralysis last Tuesday and laid unconscious and helpless until Sunday (17 Dec) when death relieved him. He was the last of a large family and married to Miss Mary Tewell, who died nearly 20 years ago. Four daughters survive; Mrs Warren Lashley of Artemas; Mrs WP Lashley of Cumberland; Mrs George Hoopengardner of Buck Valley, Fulton County PA; and Tabitha, yet single. Burial at Mt Zion by Rev May and assisted by Rev John Bennett and Rev AR Garland. "Uncle Jim" was a friend who will be missed by all.

OSTER 14 Jan 1911 Personals- Mr & Mrs Emmanuel Oster of St Louis MI are visiting old friends in the area after being away for 33 years. Mr Oster is a native of Centreville and spent his boyhood days on Flintstone Creek.

PARKER 30 Oct 1911 Walter T Parker, Democratic Candidate for County Commissioner [Photo], resident of Vale Summitt all his life, 43 years old and son of Josiah Parker. Wirte-up of background.

PERDEW 18 Apr 1911 Elijah Perdew of Beans Cove PA, who had been ill several months, died yesterday (April 17) at 8:50 o'clock at his residence, 81 years of age on Feb 12 ultimo. The funeral is Wednesday in the Medothidst Church with burial in the cemetery. Surviving are the widow, who was Malinda Willison, a daughter of the late Jonathan Willison, near Flintstone; 3 brothers, Neri Perdew of Oregon; Prof George M Perdew -Cumberland; William Perdew of Idaho; 3 sisters, Rebecca, wife of Wesley Bennett-Hewitt PA; Mary, wife of Jonathan Robinson-Purcell PA; Mrs Alice O'Neal of Howard St, Cumberland; and these children; Mrs Estelle Gibson, wife of Thomas Gibson of Franktown PA; Martin L Perdew-Beans Cove PA; John M Perdew and Frank A Perdew-Cumberland; Emory C Perdew and Thomas E Perdew -Beans Cove PA; and he was an uncle of Charles Willison of Flintstone Hardward Co; he was the oldest of 14 children and a democrat, as was his father Archibald Perdew.

PERDEW 23 Sep 1911 Word was received late yesterday that Mrs Elijah Perdew has died suddenly at her home in Beans Cove, PA, aged 80 years. Five months ago her husband had died. Mrs Perdew was the mother of Frank A Perdew, of the Cumberland Bar, a Democratic nominee for States Attorney for Allegany County, who is very ill with typhoid fever at Allegany hospital. His condition is such that he cannot be told of the death of his mother. Two other sons survive; JM Perdew-proprietor of the Perdew Meat Market-Glenn St; and Carl, residing at Beans Cove. The funeral is tomorrow at the home with the burial in the family plot.

PORTER 16 Aug 1911 Master William Porter of Eckhart, son of Mr & Mrs Andrew Porter, was severely burned about the face, neck, and hands by an explosion of carbon. The young boy found a large empty can that had contained carbon, which is used by miners for blasting purposes and also in the new safety lamps. The young boy knew this. He filled the can with water, then dropped a match in it. The contents exploded scattering it over the face etc. He was taken home suffering much pain from the burns. It was a miracle that his eyes escaped as he was burned all around them. (24 Aug) Master William Porter is much better although his face is still a sight.

RICE 03 Apr 1911 David L Rice, aged 77 years, a pioneer settler of Beans Cove, Bedford Co, PA, died suddenly at his home there Saturday (1 Apr) night. The deceased was a prominent farmer and formerly the school commissioner of Southhampton Township. His wife died 12 years ago. One son, Thomas L Rice survives, at the home . The funeral will be tomorrow ..

RICE 29 Mar 1911 John F Rice, a well known and highly esteemed farmer of this county, living on the Valley Road, 5 miles beyond this city, died yesterday afternoon after a brief illness at 4 o'clock, aged 67 years. The deceased was a widower, his wife dying a year ago. He is survived by 2 children; Milton D Rice, at home; and Mrs Alfonso Brown. The funeral is tomorrow with interment in the Hite Cemetery.

ROBINETT 09 Feb 1911 Mt Savage- Mrs Mary Robinett, aged 76 years, who had been in poor health for some time, passed away here Wednesday (8 Feb ) at 12 o'clock. Mrs Robinett had been making her home here with her son Edward for the past 6 years. She is survived by her husband Eli Robinett and the following children: Jerry, Harrison, John, Edward, Emily, Sarah, and Jennie. She was a member of the ME Church. Burial is at the Mt Harmon Cemetery, Williams Road.

ROBINETTE 20 Mar 1911 Mrs Cornelia Robinette, wife of James H Robinette, a city patrolman, died Saturday evening (18 Mar) at her home, 57 Ann St, this city, aged 42 years. Death was due to paralysis. The funeral will take place on Tuesday with interment in Rose Hill Cemetery.

ROBINSON 17 May 1911 Mrs Mary Robinson, wife of Ephraiam Robinson, died Friday evening (12 May) at her home 3 miles west of Clearville, Bedford County PA, at the advanced age of 83 years, 6 months and 16 days. The funeral is Sunday at the Bethel White Frame Church. She leaves her husband aged 78 years and these 5 sisters, aged respectivly, Mrs Rachel Means-86, Mrs Honora Means-81, Mrs Ayry Buzzard- 79, Mrs Rebecca Snyder-77, and Eliza Fletcher-75 and a brother Michael Fletcher-73. Her name was Mary Fletcher, a daughter of David and Lydia (Heavener) Fletcher. Also surviving are 3 sons, Harvey Robinson-Terra Alta, George Robinson-Black Valley PA, James Robinson-Elkins WV.

ROBINSON 20 Sep 1911 Job M. Robinson, aged near 69 years, died Friday (15 Sep) at his home in McKeesport PA. Funeral was Monday with burial in Richland Cemetery, McKeesport PA. Born in Robinsonville, Bedford County, he served as postmaster for several years, and then moved to Everett PA and from there to McKeesport. A soldier in the Civil War as a member of the 208 th PA Vol. He is survived by a son, Spencer Robinson-McKeesport; Mrs Agnes Roy-Pittsburgh; Mrs Jacob Weimer- McKeesport; and Misses Cora and Jessie Robinson, living at home. He was known by many around Cumberland and has several relatives in the area.

SIMPSON 10 May 1911 Mr James Simpson, aged 66 years, died yesterday afternoon at his home, 98 Columbia St, after a prolonged illness. He is survived by his wife and the following sons and daughters; Mrs John Rankin-Westernport; William S Simpson-Juniata PA; Misses Leota G Simpson and Maud Simpson- Washington DC; Charles J Simpson, Harry B Simpson, August Simpson, Olive Simpson, and May Simpson-Cumberland; Mr Simpson was a Union veteran of the Civil War serving in Company G, 2nd Maryland Infantry, and was a forman of mines for the Davis Coal & Coke Co. Burial in Philos Cemetery.

SMITH 05 Apr 1911 Inglesmith PA-Mr Levi Smith, an aged citizen of our community, departed this life on March 31 at 11:30 AM, aged 77 years and 9 months. Interment was made in Fairview Cemetery. The funeral service was conducted by Rev WC Garland. Pallbearers were John A Morse, John Elbin, Jonas Clingerman, John Jay, Morgan Clingerman, and McClelland Shipley. The deceased leaves one daughter and 4 sons and a number of grandchildren.

STALLINGS 23 Jan 1911 Mrs Anna Stallings died Saturday night (21 Jan) at Spring Gap. a few miles east of the city, aged 90 years. She was the mother of Thomas Stallings, a merchant at Spring Gap. She had been a invalid for several years and died at 11:25 AM after a long illness. She leaves the following children: Mrs William Middleton-Elk Garden; Mrs Robert Cheney-Spring Gap; Mrs William Hubbs-Gleason WV; HJ Stallings- Cumberland; TM Stallings-Spring Gap; LI Stallings-Cooks Mills PA. Rev John A Shockey of Oldtown will conduct the funeral at 11:00 Tuesday and interment will be in the graveyard at Oliver Garland's farm near Spring Gap.

TWIGG 04 Nov 1911 Austin D Twigg, a Democratic candidate for the House of Delagates. A write-up of his background for the position.

TWIGG 01 Feb 1911 Mrs Christena Twigg of this city, widow of Robert F Twigg, a soldier in the Civil War in Co. C, First Maryland Regulars, has been awarded a pension of $12.00 a month from April 8, 1910. The number on her certificate is 715,821. Jacob Brown was her attorney.

TWIGG 10 Nov 1911 George Twigg, 3 year old son of Mr & Mrs Ira Twigg, died yesterday at the home of his parents, 158 Maryland Avenue. The funeral in Mt Harmon.

TWIGG 17 Jan 1911 Personals- Mr Hanson Twigg, a native of this city but now a resident of Paris IL is visiting his brother James Twigg, 3rd St. after an absence of 35 years.

TWIGG 28 Feb 1911 Miss Laura Twigg, aged 54 years, a dau of Mr & Mrs George Twigg, a farmer living near Flintstone, died last night. The deceased had been an invalid for many years. The funeral will take place tomorrow with burial in the family burial ground.

TWIGG 29 Sep 1911 After an illness of about 3 weeks, Miss Marian Katherine Twigg died this morning at 2:00 o'clock at her home 22 S Centre St. She was the daughter of Dr & Mrs WF Twigg and was one of the most talented and studious ladies of the city. She was only 19 years old, a graduate of Mt St Agnes College, and was the class valedictorian. The cause of her death was meningitis . She is survived by her parents and one sister, Miss Marguerite Ethlyn Twigg and a brother Mr Nial F Twigg, a student of St Johns College, Annapolis. She was the grand-daughter of the late Mr Francis Twigg and the late Mr CF Hetzel. Funeral was at Emmanuel Episcopal Church with burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.

TWIGG 08 Feb 1911 Mrs Samuel Twigg, a widow, aged 84 years, was found dead on the sofa at the home of Mrs George Eline, 236 Columbia Ave, at 3 :00 o'clock this afternoon, by a member of the household. The deceased had been ill for some time. Coroner Beall is investigating the cause of her death which is attributed to a heart failure.

TWIGG 31 Jan 1911 Mrs Sewalla Twigg, aged 59 years, died at the home of her son in law, JM Winterberg, 4th St and Pennsylvania Ave, this morning after a brief illness. The deceased is survived by several grown children. The remains will probably be shipped to Doe Gully WV tomorrow for interment.

WILSON 11 Jan 1911 Martin Luther Wilson, aged 59 years, 8 months, 2 days , died Tuesday (10Jan) at his residence in Flintstone district near Breakneck Road, after some weeks of serious illness terminating in typhoid fever. Survived by Wife, Clarissa Robinette; brother, ER Wilson ; sister, Mrs JB Robinette -all of Flintstone; three daughters, Mrs Benjamin North-Maryland Ave in Cumberland; Mrs Harry Gordon near Flintstone; Miss Eunice Wilson -at home; and a brother deceased, Frank and a sister deceased, Mrs PR Wolford. Funeral services from the home and burial on the old family burial ground on the farm, with Rev Mr Halpenny of Flintstone preaching the funeral.

WILSON 25 Oct 1911 The funeral of Miss Vernelda Wilson, the Western Maryland Hospital nurse who contracted typhoid fever was held yesterday at the home of her parents, Mr & Mrs Thornton Wilson, near Twiggtown. Rev. ML Enders of St Paul Lutheran Church conducted the services. The pall bearers, all cousins, were Homer Twigg; Thornton Twigg; Austin Twigg; Jesse Neff; Jesse Wilson; and Frank Wilson.


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