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Excerpts from The Cumberland Times
transcribed by Charles Often






ALLEGANY CO 16 Jul 1910 Report of Fatal Accidents in Coal Mines in Allegany and Garrett Counties for the year May 1909- April 1910--- Deaths of 19 miners included: Charles Hunt, James Miller, Phillip Dickel, William Hale, John W Arnold, Jesse Hartley, John Hamilton, Joseph McGann , David Powell, Thomas Williams, John Hogan, Homer Davis, Karl Lutance, George Schriver, George Dawson, Bransom Keller, Samuel Berry, Steve Shepos, Leslie Wolfe.

ATHEY 14 Mar 1910 Mr James Athey, a former Cumberlander, died at Coffeyville Kansas on March 7 of organic heart trouble, aged 67 years and the body was brought here for interment at the Rose Hill cemetery. Mr Athey, born 22 Jan 1843 in Cumberland, entered the Confederate Army and served throughout, being wounded at Gettysburg, went west in 1869, settled at Ft Scott Kansas and then to Coffeyville Kansas. Mr Athey was a bachelor.

BARNES 30 Aug 1910 Fairmont WV- The Barnes Family Association, which will hold its annual reunion here August 31, has been making a canvass of the family records and claims to have discovered that Joseph Barnes, who settled in Shephardstown VA before the revolution, was the inventor and maker of the first steamboat. He and his brother, Captain John Barnes and Rumsey the mechanic, made the first trip in the boat. He then went to England to secure more skilled mechanics to build a bigger boat, but it was against the law in England to take mechanics to America and Barnes was arrested and never returned to America. Rumsey claimed the invention and a man names Fitch also claimed it and during the long controversy over it, some friends permitted Robert Fulton to examine the machinery and obtain measurements of Barnes' boat as it was stored in the barn of Captain John Barnes. Fulton then went to New York and made and steamed up the Hudson in the first steamboat of history, while Joseph Barnes said to be the real inventor, was a prisoner in England.

[From a Barnes family history issued by the Barnes family of Fairmont WV in 1920 which contended that their branch of the family orginated from one William Barnes who migrated from Georges Creek, Maryland.

"William Barnes, the progenitor of the Barnes family in Western Virginia, came from Georges Creek, Maryland, to what is now Marion County, West Virginia, some time before 1782. The first census of the United States, taken in that year gives the name of William Barnes living in Monongalia County, Virginia (Marion County was then a part of Monongalia), whose family consisted of six white persons. As our ancestor was the only Barnes living in this part of the country at that time, it is very evident that the family mentioned in the first census, was ours. William Barnes was a mill-wright and had operated a mill on Georges Creek, Maryland...."

Maryland records show a William Barnes, smithy, in the vicinity of Georges Creek during this era, but there are so many differences with the information reported by the Fairmont clan, that I have been unable to confirm the purported connections in Maryland. NOTES contributed by Walt Warnick]

BARNES 22 Feb 1910 Today, at Lonaconing, at the home of his son, William T Barnes, surrounded by his children residing in this county, Mr George W Barnes is celebrating his 85th birthday, having been born in Fulton County, PA on Feb 22, 1825. From his home there, in 1845, he removed to Bedford PA, where later he enlisted in the service of the government for the war with Mexico, serving only a few months until the close of the war. He later returned to Bedford and in 1852 he came to this city where he resided for several years. Mr Barnes was here during the cholera scourge in 1853 and in 1854 he removed to Barton, where he resided until 1902. In 1853, he was married to Mary Constantina Lentz in this city and seven children, 4 sons and 3 daughters, all now living, were born to them. Mrs Barnes died in August 1891. The children are: Mrs Dr. JB Muir -Oskaldosa Iowa; George W Barnes -Phillipi WV; John H Barnes -Stillwater OK; William T Barnes -Lonaconing MD; Mrs SD Young, Miss Sheila Barnes, and attorney PC Barnes of the local bar, residing in this city. Mr Barnes makes his home with his son, William T Barnes at Lonaconing, however, making frequent trips to his children in this city. Mr Barnes enjoys excellent health and facilities (with the exception of sight which is much impaired) and bids fair to see his nine score years of existence.

BOOR 02 Apr 1910 Miss Ella Boor died at her home in Cumberland Valley on Sunday evening, March 27, aged about 58 years . She was a daughter of Nicholas and Martha Boor and spent most of her live in that section. The following brothers and sisters survive: James Boor of Bedford; Samuel Tobias Boor; William N Boor; Henry Boor; Mrs Thomas Elliott; and Misses Amanda and Eliza, all of Cumberland Valley; and Mrs Annie Morgart of Johnstown. Services at the Burning Bush ME Church and interment in the adjoining cemetery.

BROADWATER 15 Aug 1910 Reunion and story of the Broadwater family of Western Maryland as they meet in Merrill MD. Original pioneers included Charles, William, Guy, and Samuel Broadwater who came from Louden County VA in 1777 to Allegany Co MD. (Story 8 paragraphs long).

CHAMBERS 12 May 1910 Lorenzo D Chambers, wife Anna D Chambers and son Lorenzo H Chambers, living on a farm at Pinto MD were hoodwinked by Pittsburg people over the selling of his farm (4 paragraph story).

CHENEY 30 Dec 1910 Isaac Cheney, a well known farmer of Flintstone, died at his home in Twiggtown on Murley's Branch, this morning at 3 o'clock, aged 82 years. He is survived by the following children: Mr Lee Cheney; Mrs Edward Ash; Mrs AG McElfish of this city; and Mrs J Robinette of Flintstone. The funeral will be held at the church at Murley's Branch and interment in the churchyard.

CUMBERLAND 14 Mar 1910 City Hall and the Academy of Music Destroyed by Fire. Articles continue for several days with photos in the March 16th issue.

CUMBERLAND 18 Aug 1910 New city hall plan accepted- Photo of the new planned city hall and photo of old city hall that had burned.

DEFFENBAUGH 03 Mar 1910 Mrs Margaret A Deffenbaugh, widow of the late Richard Deffenbaugh, died Monday (Feb 28). Funeral took place Wednesday at Rawlings MD, at the home of a daughter Mrs Hiram Robesson and interment was in the Rose Hill Cemetery. She is survived by her children, 4 boys and 4 girls: Daniel S Deffenbaugh; Edward Deffenbaugh; Richard Deffenbaugh, and Roman Deffenbaugh, all of Cumberland; Mrs JP Largent of Paw Paw; Mrs Sue Carder of Oldtown; Mrs Jennie Sprigg of Cumberland; and Mrs Hiram Robesson of Rawlings; and brothers, AJ Hamilton of South Cumberland; Riley Hamilton; Hanson Hamilton; Mack Hamilton; Sanford Hamilton; and Ulysses Hamilton.

DOWDEN 05 May 1910 George F Dowden [Photo] celebrates his 86th birthday (6 paragraph story of his history).

FLETCHER 09 Feb 1910 Mrs William Fletcher, died a few days ago (2 Feb) at Pratt MD, in the lower end of the county. She was a sister to Barney E Weimer of Wellersburg, well known in this county by many.

GANNON 25 Apr 1910 Mr Thomas Gannon died last night at his home in Barton, MD after an illness of 3 weeks from pneumonia. He is survived by his wife and 13 children, four of which being married; Mrs Annie Lannon, wife of John Lannon; Mrs Stella McGuigan; Mrs Bessie Philpot; and Thomas Gannon, who married Annie Gentry. His wife was Miss Bessie Creutzburg, a sister of Henry Creutzburg, merchant of Barton MD and a former county roads director. Mr Gannon was a member of St Gabriel's Catholic Church of Barton. He was a miner and employed in Swanton mine. The deceased was a lifelong democrat and served quite a while as constable in his district. Burial in St Gabriel's cemetery.

GREUZEBACK 26 Apr 1910 Piedmont News-Miss Bertha Greuzeback and Mr Harry Ravenscroft, both of Westernport MD, married Sunday, April 24th by Rev HC Fehey of St Johns ME Church. They will reside in Westernport.

HARDMAN 05 Jul 1910 Mr & Mrs Raymond Hardman of Morgantown are visiting their parents in Hyndman.

HARDMAN 13 Jul 1910 Carl Hardman of Pittsburg spent Sunday with his parents Mr & Mrs JH Hardman, Hyndman PA.

HARDMAN 13 Jul 1910 Robert G Bowden was buried at Pleasant Grove Cemetery. A son of JB Bowden and a sister of Mrs Sallie Hardman (Mrs Shannon Hardman) of Elkins WV.

HARDMAN 28 Dec 1910 Hyndman Personals- Carl Hardman of Pittsburgh and his brother Robert Hardman of Morgantown are here visiting their parents, Mr & Mrs JH Hardman on 4th Avenue.

HENDRICKSON 15 Jun 1910 Miss Josephine Hendrickson, a stenographer and daughter of Mr & Mrs JA Hendrickson of Pleasant Valley, 10 miles East of Cumberland was married at 2:00 o'clock to Mr Claude Mullenax, chief clerk of Marley & Co. , Cumberland at the home of the brides parents by Rev CW Lanham, pastor of Union Grove circuit. The couple took a train to Manassas VA, the former home of the groom. They will reside in Weigard's Flat, Fayette St.

HINKLE 27 Jan 1910 Mrs Emma A Beall, wife of James B Beall, died yesterday at Western Maryland hospital after an operation for gall stones, when she turned for the worse on Sunday night resulting in death. She was the daughter of Mr & Mrs Leonard and Catherine Hinkle and was united with the Mt Pleasant ME Church, living a majority of her life in the country, 5 miles east of Cumberland. Besides her husband, she is survived by children; Amos W Beall, a sanitarium on Wills Mountain; Miss Lily Mae Beall; Miss Minnie A Beall; Mr Zane H Beall; Miss Golda V Beall and Mr Richard HC Beall- all living in the Beall home, 7 Waverly Terrace. Interment will be in Rose Hill Cemetery.

HINKLE 14 Feb 1910 Miss Nellie Amanda Hinkle, aged 24, dau of the late James Oliver Hinkle, died at 7:00 o'clock last night at her home on Bedford St after a very short illness. The deceased was a young woman well known and highly esteemed. She suffered from an infirmity which left her somewhat crippled but her patience and light heartedness through her affliction was particularly noticeable. The immediate members of the family are: Mrs Daisey Boward; Mrs Bertha Mathews; Miss Carrie Hinkle; Miss Jessie Hinkle; Miss Helen Hinkle; and Messers, Leslie and Roy Hinkle.

IAMES 12 Dec 1910 Jesse Iames, 56 years old, died yesterday at the home on Rose Hill Addition, this city. He was a widower and is survived by 2 sons; Miller Iames of Hagerstown; Theodore Iames of Cumberland; and 3 daughters, Mrs Ida Fletcher of Pratt MD; Mrs Goldie Ashenfelter- Rowellsburg WV; and Miss Nessie Iames of Cumberland. Burial in the Hewitt PA Cemetery.

JOHNSON 23 May 1910 Abel Johnson, a veteran of the Civil War, died at the home of a niece in Everett PA on Tuesday, 17 May at the advanced age of 85 years, 4 months, and 23 days. Born in Southhampton Township PA and raised in Chaneysville PA until 3 years ago when he moved to Everett. He was blind the last 4 years of his life. A member of the 91 PA Inf, he also served as the director of the poor for the county and was a member of the Rainsburg Lodge of IOOF. His wife, Miss Sarah O'Neal died about 15 years ago and the only living descendant is a grandson, Lloyd Lashley of Oklahoma; 2 sisters and a brother survive him; Mrs Catherine Hymes of Everett; Mrs george Elbin of Elbinsville and Asa Johnson of Sullivan IL. The funeral is at the ME Church of Chaneysville, Rev.s DG Hetrick and John Bennett officiating.

LASHLEY 22 Sep 1910 Mt Savage- Mr Amos Lashley, who has been ill for the past 6 months, passed peacefully away yesterday morning at his home on Calla Hill at 4 o'clock . Mr Lashley is survived by his wife, formerly Miss Harvey of Frostburg, his parents, Mr & Mrs Lashley and the following brothers and sisters; Warren of Evansville PA; Milton-Cumberland; Wayne, Benjamin, Charles, Robert, and Ralph-Mt Savage; Mrs William Creiger, Mrs Henry Bennett; Mr Samuel Frankenberry, and Miss Jennie Lashley.

LASHLEY 28 Dec 1910 The Lashley Family of Elbinsville Have Reunion--- Those present :Mr & Mrs Jacob H Lashley and children; Mr & Mrs Theodore Lashley and children of Mannford OK; Conda Lashley -Baltimore Ave; Edmund Lashley-Huntingdon College; Miss Gladys Lashley; Mrs George Foster-Pittsburgh.

LEWIS 28 Feb 1910 Mr John H Lewis, whose sudden death on Saturday (26 Feb) at the age of 69 years, was one of the most respected and oldest men of this place. He had been a miner since he was old enough to work and recently accepted a position of watchman at the residence of Mr HV Hesse, superintendent of Consolidated Mine Co, a position he held at his death. He is survived by his wife and the following children: John G Lewis, David G Lewis, Benjamin Lewis, George Lewis, and Elmer Lewis; Mrs Lincoln Reed; Mrs John Devore; Mrs George Brode,- all of Frostburg; and Mrs Robert Wills of Mt Savage; and one sister, Mrs Eliza Thomas of Frostburg. The funeral is Tuesday from the home with interment in Allegany Cemetery.

LEWIS 15 Oct 1910 Mrs Anna M Lewis, a worthy woman of this city, has just been granted a pension of $12 a month as the widow of Charles A Lewis, a veteran soldier of the Civil War in Company D, 13th Maryland Regiment. Her certificate is No. 710,040, a long list of widows of the great war. Mr Jacob Brown was her attorney.

LLEWELLYN 24 Oct 1910 The death of Mr & Mrs John Wesley Llewellyn, both dying within hours of each other yesterday of typhoid fever at their Diamond Dairy Farm on the Valley Road, near Cumberland. Mr Llewellyn died at 4:30 o'clock and Mrs Llewellyn died 5 minutes before midnight. Mr Llewellyn was 58 years old and a native of Ocean Mines and Mrs Llewellyn was 52 years old . She was the daughter of John Hansel of Frostburg. She was Delphin Hansel and her marriage to Mr Llewellyn was solemnized in 1876. Mr & Mrs Llewellyn are survived by 4 children: Stanley Llewellyn who lives on a section of his fathers farm and is connected with the Farmers Supply Co of this city; McKee Llewellyn and Lulu Llewellyn at home and Mrs WH Milholland of Henry WV. Burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.

O'NEAL 08 Jan 1910 Miss Estelle O'Neal, a daughter of Mr & Mrs James O'Neal of this city, married to Daniel C Moore of Raleigh NC yesterday at St Mary's Church, Oldtown Road , by Rev. John Roth. They were attended by John O'Neal, brother of the bride and Miss Lena Mattingly. A reception followed at the home of the bride, 25 Race St. The groom is employed as a salesman at the National Biscuit Co., Raleigh. After a trip to eastern cities they will reside in Raleigh.

O'NEAL 25 Feb 1910 The funeral of the late James L O'Neal, who died at this home on the Baltimore Pike yesterday morning, will take place on Sunday morning at 11:00 o'clock with services in the Pleasant Grove church and interment in the church cemetery.

PERDEW 02 Dec 1910 Mrs Mary Elizabeth Perdew, widow of the late Otis K Perdew, died last night at the home of her daughter, Mrs Mary Bennett, near Mt Savage, aged 80 years. The following children survive; four sons, Asbury, William, and Charles of near Flintstone; Aaron Perdew of Iowa; four daughters, Mrs Julia Huff of Flintstone; Mrs Mary Bennett of Mt Savage; Mrs Francis Baxter of Green Ridge; and Mrs Louise Bradour of Barrellville. Burial in Mt Hope Cemetery.

PERDEW 26 Oct 1910 Rev. Thomas Robert Gettys Gibson of Frankville PA and Miss Estelle Pool Perdew of Beans Cove, were married this morning at the residence of Mr John Perdew, a brother of the bride, by Rev. Thomas of Flintstone. The bride is a daughter of Mr & Mrs Elijah Perdew and a sister of Mr Frank A Perdew, a well known attorney.

PERRIN 24 Sep 1910 Miss Estelle Perrin, a daughter of Mr & Mrs Frank Perrin, living on the Bretz Farm on the Baltimore Pike, died yesterday at 12 o'clock at the Allegany Hospital from the effects of an operation for appendicitis, aged 17 years. Burial in Pleasant Grove cemetery.

PRICE 13 Apr 1910 Everett PA- Mr David Price, about 65 years, was found dead near Mench, 4 miles South of Everett, Monday (11 Apr) morning, after he had been to church and had started home on the prior evening. He was twice married and leaves the second wife, a Miss Caroline Fletcher, daughter of the late Baltzer Fletcher and 10 children from his first wife.

RECKLEY 16 Jun 1910 Marriage at Wills Mountain Inn-- Mrs Blanche Catherine Reckley, a daughter of Mr & Mrs WA Reckley to Mr James Robert Dyche by Rev. John Gormer, Christian and Missionary Alliance Mission (5 paragraphs).

RICE 24 Feb 1910 Mrs Susan Rice, died yesterday afternoon after a brief illness with pneumonia at the home place, 3 miles beyond the city on the Bedford Road, aged 70 years. She is survived by her husband, JF Rice, a retired well known farmer, one son, Milton Rice and a daughter, Mrs Laura C Brown, living in this city. Mrs Rice was a Valentine prior to her marriage and a daughter of a pioneer settler in this county. The funeral will take place at the home tomorrow and the burial will be made in the Hite burying grounds on the Little Valley Road.

ROBINETTE 03 Aug 1910 Daniel Robinette, a carpenter of this city, died at the Allegany Hospital this morning, aged 62 years. He was a native of Cumberland and is survived by his brother Jacob Robinette.

ROBINETTE 12 Oct 1910 A decree has been issued by the court granting an absolute divorce to Mrs Rose Robinette from her husband Harvey E Robinette. Mrs Robinette was granted custody of her child Charles William Robinette and the right to assume her maiden name Rose B Baker. Urner G Carl represented Mrs Robinette.

ROBINSON 14 Jan 1910 Hiram Robinson, a noted veterinary surgeon of Robinsonville, Bedford County, died Tuesday (11 Jan), aged 76 years. His wife, Elizabeth Miller Robinson is a sister of David Miller and Daniel Miller of Bedford County. He leaves one son Amos Robinson, at home and one daughter, Mrs Judah Snyder of Kansas. He also leaves a brother, Ephraiam Robinson, near Clearville, also a veterinary surgeon. Harvey Robinson of this city is a nephew.

SHAW 08 Sep 1910 John Shaw, aged 47, died at his home near Moscow last Monday (5 Sep) after an illness of 3 weeks. He was the son of the late Mr & Mrs John Shaw and was survived by: brothers George, William, Zadeck [Zedock], Frank [Charles Francis], Allen; and sisters, Mrs Gass [Gasper] Beaver [Rebecca], and Mrs George Anderson [Andrews] [Mary Jane]. Interment in Laurel Cemetery. [Other siblings also alive, but not mentioned are James Peter, who married Johanna Creutzburg and Sidney, who married John Boal. Both were living in Barton.]

SHAW 25 Jan 1910 Mr William Shaw, one of the oldest residents of Grafton WV, was struck by a train on the B & O line on Saturday and hurled into the Tygarts Valley river and died. He had been residing with his son Edward at Grafton Park for the past two months and was walking into Grafton on the railroad tracks. Mr Shaw was 75 years of age and a native of Scotland. He came to America at 4 years of age and settled in Allegany County. Hi wife, Miss Sarah Conrad of Frostburg survives him and the following children: Crawford Shaw- Fairmont; Robert Shaw-Elkins; and Daniel, Thomas, William , John and Edward Shaw; Mrs John Britt and Miss Elizabeth Shaw - all of Grafton. Mr Shaw was well known in Frostburg having lived here a great number of years. He was an uncle to Mrs Margaret Jeffries and to Messers Douglas, George, and Joseph Shaw of Frostburg.

SILLS 12 Apr 1910 John Amer Sills died at his home at 202 Bedford St, at 10:00 in the morning of an illness of 6 months of Brights disease, aged 68 years. Born in Cumberland, he entered the Civil War in Company E, 2nd Maryland Regiment, serving 3 years and mustered out in Sep 1864. After the war, he boated on the C & O canal and had 10 years on the Cumberland Police Force. He married Miss Catherine Reckley. He was also a brick maker employed up to the past year in local plants. He is survived by the following children: J Walter Sills, Mrs Bertha M Woolard ; Harry E Sills; Effie Sills; Reginald Sills; and Mrs Cora Woods, all of this city. Burial in the German Lutheran Cemetery.

SMITH 17 Aug 1910 Mrs Barbara Smith, widow, 59 years old, died Monday night (15 Aug) at the home of a daughter, Mrs AV Twigg, 84 Union Street, whom she was visiting. She had been ill for one week. her body has been taken to the Fairview Church, Bedford Co. for interment.

SMITH 22 Jul 1910 Mr John Smith died at his home on Hill St (20 Jul) from an attack of inflammatory rheumatism. He had been ill 10 months and confined to his house most of the time. He was born in Germany in 1844, came to the US with his parents at the age of 6 months, and lived in Mt Savage.He began work at the Mt Savage furnace and worked there until 1869 when he came to Frostburg to work as a miner up until last December when he was forced to retire due to ill health. He married Miss Anna Farraday of Mt Savage in 1868, she having died a number of years ago. He is survived by 1 son and 4 daughters; John Smith and Miss Annie Smith of Frostburg; Mrs Albert Weimer of Frostburg; Miss Effie Smith, employed at Rosenbaums in Cumberland; and Mrs Clifford Beddington of Mt Savage; and 2 brothers, Charles Smith and George Smith of Mt Savage. Interment in Allegany Cemetery.

SMITH 29 Jan 1910 Mrs Nancy Smith, widow of the late Isaac Smith, died this morning at her home near Flintstone at the age of 90 years, 11 months, and 7 days. She leaves 2 sons, Edward of Baltimore Pike and Charles W Smith of Flintstone and 5 daughters, Emeline Cheney, wife of Isaac Cheney of near Rush MD; Mrs Cassandra Twigg, wife of Bernard Twigg of East Cumberland; Mrs helen Robinette and Mrs Clair E Growden -both of Fostoria Ohio; and Miss Rebecca Smith at the home. The maiden name of Mrs Smith was ?aken. She was a lifelong member of the MP Church at Fairview. The funeral is Monday with interment at the IOOF cemetery.

SPARKS 02 Feb 1910 Silas H Sparks, formerly of near Everett PA, died 13 Jan at Winfield Kansas. He was married to Miss Julia Kerr who survives him with one daughter Mary. Mrs Mary McDaniel of Gilman Iowa is a sister.

STALLINGS 20 Jan 1910 Mr William Beatty Stallings, of Hammersmith Row on the Baltimore Pike, was killed yesterday evening about 6 o'clock near Confluence PA. Mr Stalling's train was a westbound local freight on a siding. He was in the act of climbing down from his train, when a westbound freight sideswiped the train of Mr Stallings. One of the box cars struck him in the head causing death instantly. He leaves a wife, former Miss Cable and two boys and one girl. He was aged 24 years . He was the son of Mr & Mrs Aaron Stallings of near Twiggtown who survive along with a brother Raymond Stallings and three sisters, Mrs Blanche Robinette; Misses Susie and Stella, both at home.

TWIGG 05 Feb 1910 Personals- Mr & Mrs GC Hershberger, who were married some months ago in South Cumberland, are now located at 506 Neosha St, Emporia Kansas. Mrs Hershberger was formerly Miss Olive Twigg.

TWIGG 28 Mar 1910 Mr Robert F Twigg, died at noon today at his residence 110 Elder St, aged 68 years. He was a well known stone mason and was known as "Uncle Bob". He is survived by a wife and a number of children . The funeral will be from the home and a service in St Johns Lutheran with burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.

TWIGG 07 Apr 1910 Miss Leona May Twigg, daughter of Bernard A Twigg of 3 Weber St, this city and Rev. John Ralph Wright of Lynchburg VA and son of Mrs Luther Wright of this city, were married in a ceremony performed by Rev. EL Beauchamp, pastor of the Bedford ST MP Church. (8 paragraph article).

TWIGG 20 Jul 1910 On Saturday evening July 16, a most pleasant social took place at Glenrose Farms, the beautiful farm of Mr & Mrs AD Twigg. The occasion was the silver anniversary of Mr & Mrs Twigg. Mr Twigg first met his wife, who was formerly Miss Nannie Burdine of Nicholsville KY, while attending college in Lexington KY. After their marriage, they came to Twiggtown where they have lived since. The union has been blessed with six children, all living except one daughter, namely: Miss Lillian B Twigg; Messers, Carl C Twigg; Homer L Twigg; Lester A Twigg; and Austin D Twigg Jr. One pleasant feature of the occasion was a family reunion of Mt Twigg's brothers and sisters, which was a source of much joy to his mother, who is eighty-seven years of age, a mother of ten children, all living and a grand mother to more than one hundred children. This is the first time all her children have been together for more than 40 years. Among those who were present were: From Cumberland- Mr & Mrs S. McElfish, TF Smouse, DC Twigg and family, J Dixon, HR Twigg and family, Mrs H Footer, Mrs J Shertzer, Misses, Rose Hinkle, Edna Wilson, Winifred Footer, Blanche Wilson, Florence Wilson, Sophia Lears; Messers, David Wilson, Charles Murray, Albert Keyser, and Perry Wilson. From Frostburg- Mr & Mrs A Oder and daughters , F Wilmer, Misses Rose McElfish and Eleanor Gracie. From Lonaconing- Misses Daisy Cline and Margaret Connor. From Bedford- Mr & Mrs Brightbill. From Davis WV- Mr NB Twigg. Mr & Mrs Twigg received many beautiful presents which may be handed down to their children with pride.

TWIGG 29 Oct 1910 Mrs Jane E Twigg, widow of Thomas Twigg, died last evening at her home near Twiggtown, aged 84 years. The deceased was a Miss Newell prior to her marriage and was a native of this county. Six sons and one daughter, all grown, survive and a number of grand children. The funeral will take place from the home and burial in the family burial ground, Twiggtown.

WEIMER 04 Feb 1910 Mrs Anna Weimer, widow of the late Joseph Weimer of Clearville, Bedford County, died Monday (31 Jan) at the home of a daughter, Mrs Chester Horton of Huntingdon PA. A native of Flintstone and the only daughter of Mr & Mrs John and Mary Norris. She was in her 64 th year.

WERTZ 11 Feb 1910 Henry Wertz, one of the oldest men in the Cumberland Valley, died Wednesday night (9 Feb) at his home in Centreville, aged 82 years. His funeral took place this afternoon at the Lutheran Church, two miles above Centreville, with interment in the Smith cemetery, near there. The deceased was a cabinet maker, great reader and fond of merriment and argument. He is survived by four sons, Rev. Irvin Wertz at Hagerstown; Charles, Howard, and Frank Wertz. He also leaves two brothers, David and Daniel Wertz living in Fostoria Ohio. He was twice married, both wives passing before him to the grave.

WILLISON 11 Oct 1910 Miss Edna Ada Willison died yesterday afternoon at the home of her brother Mr Charles W Willison, 6 Decatur Street, where she had been visiting for the past 10 days. While Miss Willison had been in ill health, there was no premonition of death and she had partaken of her dinner but a short time before the end came. She had been up and about. She was about 28 years old. Miss Willison had lived in Flintstone where her parents, Mr & Mrs WF Willison, reside. Her father was with her when she died. She is survived by three brothers; Messers, Norval and Robert Willison of Flintstone; and Charles W Willison, head of the Flintstone Hardware Co of Cumberland; and 5 sisters, Mrs Charles Simpson and Mrs Josie Henderson of Cumberland; Miss Blanche Willison of Washington DC; Mrs Hartsock and Miss Myra Willison of Flintstone. Burial in the IOOF cemetery.

WILLISON 21 Jul 1910 Mr Charles Willison, son of Mr Alfred Willison, a farmer in Black Valley PA, 3 miles north of Flintstone, met with a fatal accident yesterday afternoon. Mr Willison, about 30 years, married less than a year, lived at the home place and while raking hay with a 2 horse rake, the horses attached to the rake, ran off throwing Mr Willison in such a manner that he was caught in the rake and dragged a long distance, injuring him in such a manner that he died at 11 o'clock last night without regaining consciousness.

WILSON 05 Aug 1910 Miss Essie Wilson, a daughter of Mr & Mrs Argyle Wilson of near Flintstone married William Clarence Henry, a son of Mr & Mrs Albert Henry of Oldtown at the Centre Street Methodist Episcopalian parsonage on Wednesday, August 3rd and left on the No. 8 train for New York and other eastern points.

WINEBRENNER 07 Apr 1910 Mt Savage- Mr John Winebrenner, in poor health for the last few years, died Tuesday morning (5 Apr) at 6 o'clock. The following children survive: Jesse Winebrenner, Stewart Winebrenner, Thomas Winebrenner, Lawrence Winebrenner, William Winebrenner and Mrs Nathan Crawford. The funeral is this afternoon and interment in the Porter Cemetery near Eckhart.

WOLFORD 10 Mar 1910 Mrs Ada Wolford, wife of Perry Wolford, living at Black Valley near Flintstone, died yesterday afternoon at 3:30 o'clock of dropsical affection, aged 29 years. Besides her husband, she is survived by a child, 2 years old. Mrs Wolford was a Miss Ritchey of Bedford PA and a public school teacher before her marriage and is also survived by her parents living in Bedford. The deceased is the second wife of Mr Wolford. The burial will be in Bedford PA.

ZEMBOWER 14 Jan 1910 A. Wilson Zembower, a dairyman and farmer, residing 4 miles east of Cumberland on the Mason Road, died yesterday after a lingering illness of 3 years. He is survived by his wife, a daughter of Henry Rose of Centreville; and sons Clayton, Gerald, William, Earl, and daughter, Olive Zembower; brothers Emmanuel Zembower of Cumberland; Josiah Zembower of Little Valley; W. Pierce Zembower of Cumberland Valley; and Frank Zembower of Mason Road. Deceased brothers are Marion, James, Lewis, and George. His father was Adam Zembower, a justice of the peace in Cumberland Valley and grist mill operator in Cumberland Valley. Burial in Centenary Cemetery.


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