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Excerpts from The Cumberland Times
transcribed by Charles Often




ALLEGANY COUNTY 15 Sep 1908 Military Lots For Soldiers-Act of 1777 gave many locations for homes in Allegany County. There were 4165 lots of fifty acres each. Names arranged in alphabetic order by a friend of the newspaper as a matter of history (2 Columns).

ALLEGANY COUNTY 10 Sep 1908 Early Settlers on Military Lots in this County, compiled by J Brown. List in alphabetic order of the settlers upon military lots westward of Fort Cumberland when they were surveyed and located in 1787 by Francis Dicken and his assistants. Several paragraphs.

ARCHITECTURE 18 Jul 1908 Frostburg Brewery [Photo] near the foot of Grant Street.

ARCHITECTURE 04 Mar 1908 The Greene Street School cornerstone is Laid ( Photo) Another article on 15 May 1908.

ATHEY 08 Dec 1908 Herbert, aged 20, youngest son of Mr & Mrs Aaron Athey of green Ridge, died yesterday morning from the ravages of pneumonia at the home of his sister, Mrs LV Harbaugh of that place. He is survived by his parents, 2 sisters, Mrs LV Harbaugh-Oldtown and Mrs Columbus Alderton of Green Ridge; and 3 brothers, Sherman of Philadelphia; French of Cumberland; and Jesse of Green Ridge. Burial in the family lot in Green Ridge.

B&O 24 Jul 1908 Engine #2400, a Mallet type engine known as "Old Maud" is being transferred from Connellsville division to the Cumberland division to help between Cumberland and Sand Patch. Edward Connolly is the engineer and SS Jolly is the fireman.

BARNES 28 Mar 1908 Miss Myrtle Barnes of this city, formerly of Green Ridge, and Mr Gustav E Clingerman of this city, formerly of Purcell PA, married 26 March at the parsonage of St John's Lutheran Church, Grand Avenue, by Rev L A Mann, Pastor.

BARNES 16 Apr 1908 Miss Edith M Barnes, Flintstone, a dau of Mr & Mrs Edward Barnes, was married yesterday afternoon to Mr Walter E Wilson at the parsonage of the Grace ME Church, Rev Osborn Belt, pastor officiated.

BARNES 26 Mar 1908 Robert A Barnes has initiated divorce proceedings against his wife Ella A Barnes. The petition states that they were married at Youngstown OH 20 years ago, and lived together until 1902. The defendant left the home and now lives in Chicago IL.

BOOR 11 Jan 1908 William D Boor, aged 68 years, a prominent resident of the Cumberland Valley, died this morning at his home. He had not been ill but several of his family members had died suddenly also in the past. William Boor was the youngest son of the late Michael Boor of the Cumberland Valley and leaves the following survivors: 3 sons, Curtis and Cromwell of the valley and Perry in Minnesota; 3 daughters, Misses Adna, Pearl, and Elva; and 3 brothers, John, Oliver, and Henry all of the valley.

BOOR 26 Dec 1908 Mrs Elmira Boor, aged 63 years, widow of the late Henry M Boor, who lived at Fellowship Church, Centreville, died at her home on Dec 24. She is survived by the following children: Mrs JE Boor; Mrs Charles Oster, and Miss Minerva Boor. Funeral services at the Bethel Church.

BROWNING 01 Apr 1908 The remains of Henry Browning, whose death occurred at midnight on Sunday (Mar 29) were taken to Flintstone and interred into the family burying ground. The deceased was 80 years old and a Union veteran.

BROWNING 06 Mar 1908 Mt Savage MD- Mrs Annie Browning, wife of Elmer Browning, died yesterday afternoon at the home of her mother, Mrs JL Barrett on Mamie St. She had been ill for sometime but had been worse as of late. She leaves behind 4 sisters and a husband, and a child Alice aged 2 years and 4 months.

BUCY 17 Aug 1908 Reginald Palmer Bucy, aged 22 years, a well known young employee of the West Virginia and Maryland Gas Company, died at 12 o'clock today at Western Maryland hospital of typhoid fever. He was admitted there only yesterday. He is survived by his widowed mother, Mrs Lloyd Bucy; 2 brothers, Harry and Elmer residing in this city; 6 sisters, Mrs George Brotemarkle; Mrs SE Hartsock; Mrs George O'Neal; Mrs W Welsh and Mrs E Welsh- all of this vicinity; and Mrs B McClellen of Bedford PA. The funeral is tomorrow at the Pleasant Grove Church on the Baltimore Pike, Rev. WL Hoffman officiating with burial in the church cemetery.

CREUTZBURG 28 Nov 1908 Matilda Creutzburg died and undertaker Boal with funeral and burial in Laurel Cemetery. (6 paragraphs).

DAVIS 11 Feb 1908 Rev. John M Davis, St Pauls ME Church, Oakland and of the JM Davis Hardware Co, pioneer family of Western Maryland9 personal sketch 17 paragraphs long of the family and photo).

DAVIS 24 Feb 1908 The funeral of Mr Isaac Davis, who died suddenly Saturday (22 Feb) morning of heart failure at the home of his son, Mr William Davis, 41 Thomas St, will be at Rush MD, twelve miles from the city where services will be conducted by Rev. Ball of the ME Church at that place. Interment will be at the family burying grounds at the Old Davis place.

DAVIS 18 Jul 1908 Amos Davis, farmer at Pattersons Creek on the Maryland side of the river, died at home yesterday afternoon at 3 o'clock after a 5 week illness with paralysis. Eight grown children survive: John at the home place; Wheeler in the city; Charles at Siebert MD; Mason at North Branch; Mrs GA Zimmerly at North Branch; Mrs Henry Twigg in Twiggtown; Mrs CP Helman of McKeesport; and Mrs EM Ambrose at Spring Gap. The funeral will be held at the home on Monday and interment at Spring Gap.

ELBIN 14 Aug 1908 When Mrs Henry Betz went to see why Henry Elbin, an aged carpenter in this city and a Union veteran, did not respond to her calls for him to come to his breakfast at Mrs Eaton's boarding house on North Liberty Street this morning, she found him lifeless. It is thought that Mr Elbin, who had not been well for the past year, was a victim of appoplexy, as the indications were that he had probably died in his sleep during the night. The deceased was 65 years of age and a member of a large connection in this county and was born near Flintstone. For many years, he was a resident of this city, working at the trade of carpenter. At one time he was engaged in the grocery business but of late years he had retired from the trade of carpenter as he was a pensioner. He is survived by the following children: Mrs Katherine Craig, wife of a former newspaper man of this city now living in Indiana; Mrs George Fradiska and Edward Elbin living in this city; brothers, Henry, Leonard, and George living in the city. His wife was a Miss Amanda Willison who had died several years ago.

EYLER 14 Apr 1908 Miss Martha Marydell Eyler and William McLellan Welsh, both of Hazen, this city, married 17 Mar 1908 by Rev WW Barnes. The bride is a sister of the Eyler Brothers in this city and Mr Welsh is a farmer.

FLETCHER 28 Mar 1908 Miss Julia Fletcher of Chapman's Run, Bedford County, a sister to Attorney Fletcher of Bedford, was married on 25 Mar to Mr Herman R Clabaugh at the Catholic Church in Bedford by Father William Downs.

FLETCHER 04 May 1908 Mr David Fletcher, aged 79 years, died at the residence of Mr Peter Clingerman, who resides 2 miles east of Piney Creek, Bedford County, Pa, and about 25 miles from this city, died at 12.20 o'clock Saturday( 2 May) at mid-day.Mr Fletcher had been a resident of this city for the last year coming from his farm in Murley's Branch. He was a cattle dealer and at the time of his death, was in Bedford County buying stock. He left here on Tuesday evening last accompanying by his son William, to drive to Mr Clingerman's, at which place they arrived on Wednesday evening. Thursday morning, he and his son started to go to the Murley's Branch farm and had gotten about three hundred yards when he was attacked with apoplexy. He was at once taken back to the home of Mr Clingerman and a doctor was sent for, but Mr Fletcher was beyond medical skill.Death came to his relief at the time stated. His remains were brought here yesterday afternoon in Wolford's ambulance and taken to his residence, 17 Independence Street. Mr Fletcher is survived by his wife and the following children: Mr William Fletcher and Mrs William McElfish of this city; Mr Raymond Fletcher of Bristol Tenn; Mr George R Fletcher of Wayesville NC; Mr JC Fletcher and Mrs LA Wilson of Chattanooga Tenn; and Miss Alice Fletcher of Everett. Burial in Rose Hill Cemetery. GLICK 25 Aug 1908 Mrs Mary F Glick, widow of the late John Glick, died today at 10 o'clock at her residence at 111 North Mechanic Street, aged 86 years. She was twice married; the first husband, Mr Kornhoff and one son of that marriage, William Kornhoff; and by 3 sons and 2 daughters of the second marriage, George, Joseph, and Henry J Glick and Misses Mary and Lucy Glick; and 2 sisters, Mrs Frances Wegman and Mrs Mary Bricker. Burial in SS Peter & Paul.

GROWDEN 27 Nov 1908 Mrs Thomas Growden, who was taken to a Harrisburg hospital last Wednesday morning, suffering from a nervous condition, died Wednesday night (25 Nov) after admittance to the hospital, aged 32 years. The deceased was wife of Mr Growden on near Centreville, in the Cumberland Valley and is survived by her husband and 3 children. The funeral was at the Bethel church, Cumberland Valley.

HAMILTON 04 Mar 1908 Mrs Melvin Hamilton, relict of the late Levi Hamilton, died at the residence of her daughter, Mrs Martha Allen on Bedford St this afternoon. The deceased leaves the following children: Frank J Hamilton, Grampion PA; Mrs Emma Rice, wife of JC Rice of Twiggtown; Martha J Allen widow of Arthur B Allen; Mrs Agnes Leasure, wife of LaFayette Leasure living near the city; and Mrs FC Hendrickson. Burial in Mt Pleasant Cemetery.

HARTLEY 15 Jun 1908 Mrs Margaret Metzger Hartley died yesterday morning at the residence of her son-in-law, Mr Carlton Lewis Bretz, on Washington St, following a prolonged illness. Mrs Hartley was the wife of William Hartley of Bedford PA and was born in that city on Jan 12, 1833. She is survived by a husband and 2 daughters; Mrs John M Reynolds of Bedford and Mrs Carlton Lewis Bretz of this city. She had come to this city some time ago with the hope of benefitting her health. Her body will be sent to Bedford over the Pennsylvania Railroad where the funeral will be conducted from the family home and burial in the Bedford Cemetery.

HARTSOCK 19 Jun 1908 Miss Amanda Hartsock, daughter of Mr & Mrs Ensley Hartsock, Flintstone married Mr George Eifert of South Cumberland on Wednesday 17 June. Mr Eifert is a fireman on the B & O . MORRISON 26 Jun 1908 Personals- Mr & Mrs Robert Morrison of Marribel WV, came down on the noon train today and went to visit her father, Mr Charles Smith and daughters near Flintstone. Later they will visit his people at Marienville WV.

HARTSOCK 29 May 1908 Albert Scott Hartsock, proprietor of the Olympic Hotel, Baltimore and Mechanic Streets, died suddenly of heart trouble at 10:20 o'clock this morning. He had been unwell for several days but his illness was not deemed serious. He was 38 years old and a son of James Hartsock, a well known citizen of Flintstone. Besides his wife who was Miss Mary E Huster of Cumberland Valley, and a son Charles, he is survived by two brothers and 3 half-sisters. Burial in Bethel Church Cemetery, Cumberland Valley.

HENDRICKSON 23 Nov 1908 Mrs Caroline Eyler, widow of the late Raphael Eyler, died yesterday afternoon at a private hospital, aged 66 years, after a week of illness. She leaves the following children, all grown: M M Eyler; William Eyler; and George D Eyler, all of this city; Addison H Eyler of Pittsburgh; and Mrs Clem Welsh of Hazen, this county. She is also survived by the following brothers and sisters: Summerfield Hendrickson, attorney at law, this city; Milton C Hendrickson of Dickens; and Mrs Egbert Willison of Hazen. Before her marriage to Mr Eyler, she was Miss Caroline Hendrickson, a daughter of the late O P Hendrickson of Hazen, near which place she was born. Interment at Bald Hill Cemetery of Hazen.

HENDRICKSON 20 Apr 1908 A beautiful home wedding took place this morning at 11 o'clock at the residence of Ex-County Commissioner, JA Hendrickson of Pleasant Valley when his accompanied daughter Daisy and Mr WJ Hammond of the clerical force of Kenneweg Co, this city, were united in marriage by the Rev CW Bond of Union Grove Circuit. Both bride and groom are popular and have a wide acquaintence of friends who wish them a smoth and happy voyage on the matrimonial seas. They left their wedding trip this afternoon over the Pennsylvania Railroad and upon return will make their home in this city.

HINKLE 10 Sep 1908 Sale of 33 acres of land, "Snow Valley", from the estate of Catherine W Hinkle deceased, patented to her on 21 Mar 1865, she having died in July 1907, leaving property to children as follows: son, Francis A Hinkle and wife Nora; son, George AL Hinkle; dau, Emma Beall wife of James Beall; dau, Cora Robinette wife of Perry Robinette; dau, Maude House wife of William House; dau, Lulu B Elliott wife of Edward Elliott; dau, Anna Maria Hinkle; son, John H Hinkle; dau, Minnie Fredericks wife of Charles Fredericks; and gr-dau and great gr-ch, Leonard Smith and Hazel Smith. Notice of intent to sell to be published 4 weeks prior to intended sale on 14 Sep 1908.

IMES 25 Mar 1908 Mr Daniel Lewis Imes and Miss Julia Means, both of Chaneysville PA, were married yesterday afternoon at St Marks Reformed Church, Park St and Harrison St. They will reside in Chaneysville.

KREITZBURG 10 Aug 1908 Personals-Mrs George Kreitzburg of Ridgeley left today to visit her mother Mrs Mary Griffin of Irona WV.

LINABERG 24 Oct 1908 Daniford Linaberg, aged 51 years, a prominent farmer of the Little Orleans district, died at his home early this morning. He is survived by a wife and 4 children. The funeral is tomorrow there from the house with interment in the church cemetery in Little Orleans.

McELFISH 01 Apr 1908 The McElfish Land- Sold at Springfield, Brought Fairly Good Prices. The second sale of the McElfish land was held at Springfield on Saturday last as advertised in the Alleganian. All the land was offered and sold at fairly good prices. The tract sold, the price paid, and the name of the purchaser is listed below: (12 Listed sales), none copied but this one. The Home Place-near Springfield where Amos McElfish lived, sold to Mrs Henry Fields for $3000.

PARKER 29 Oct 1908 Frostburg-Mr Arthur Cunningham, of Carlos and Miss Katie Parker of this place were married this morning at St Michael's Church. Mr Cunningham is a son of Mr & Mrs Michael Cunningham and Miss Parker is a daughter of Mr & Mrs John Parker.

REDINGER 09 Oct 1908 Peter Redinger, a soldier of the Civil War, aged 65 years, died in Everett on Saturday. He was the brother of John Redinger of Chaneysville, a well known man in this city.

ROBINETTE 23 Apr 1908 Miss Blanche Ash, dau of the Route #2 mail carrier of Flintstone, Mr Mac Ash married at 8 o'clock last night to Mr Charles Robinette, a son of the Honorable John B Robinette of Flintstone, officiated by Mr Halpenny, new pastor of ME Church of Flintstone.

ROBINETTE 24 Oct 1908 Personals- Mr & Mrs Calvin Robinette of Fostoria Ohio are visiting old friends in this city and will spend some time around Flintstone. Mrs Robinette is a daughter of the late Isaac Smith and a sister of Mrs Bernard Twigg on Marion Street. Mr Robinette left here 28 years ago. Mrs Robinette's mother, Mrs Isaac Smith is 91 years old and goes about yet.

ROBINETTE 30 Sep 1908 Daniel Roy Robinette, aged 15 past, brother of Hugh Robinette of this city, died at his home near Chaneysville on Friday 25 Sep. He fell last winter and injured his left knee which later developed into bone cancer. His leg was later amputated above the knee and was up and about on crutches, apparently well. Two months ago he took ill and was in bed. He was a son of George & Delilah Robinette.

SHAW 03 Feb 1908 The funeral of the late John A Shaw took place yesterday from the home of a daughter, Mrs Elmer Rice of 13 Emily Street. Rev. WW Barnes, pastor of Centre St ME Church officiated and interment was in Rose Hill Cemetery. Mr Shaw was a soldier in the union army with an honorable discharge and the following comrades acted as pallbearers: Capt. HJ Blough; FX Millman; John P Heck; Joseph Cahill; William Murray; and Patrick Broderick. Mr Shaw was ill only a few weeks although he was in impaired health for quite a period. Mr Shaw is survived by the following children: Mrs Charles Johnson; Mrs Sallie Hensel; Mrs Elmer Rice: Mr LC Shaw; and Miss Lizzie Shaw-all of this city; and Mrs Richard Stewart of Frostburg. This is the second death of recent in the Shaw family; as six months ago, a daughter, Mrs Katherine Puriton passed away at Eckhart. Among the attendees are a brother, Mr Zack Shaw and a sister- in-law, Mrs William Shaw.

SHAW 31 Jan 1908 John H Shaw, a well known citizen and a Union veteran, died at his home on Hay Street today , aged 68 years. He had been in ill health for several weeks. For many years he was a resident of Frostburg, employed as a miner for Consolidation Coal Co. A few years ago he held the position of constable, being a splendid specimen of physical manhood, tall and erect. He is survived by a widow and 6 children; Mrs Elmer Rice; Mrs Nellie Johnson; Mrs Sallie Hensel; Misses Lizzie Shaw and Mr Lewis Shaw. His remains are at the residence of a daughter Mrs Elmer Rice from whence the funeral will take place on Sunday.

SHAW 30 Nov 1908 Mr Robert Shaw of Moscow, this county and Miss Isabella Wiland were married at Meyersdale on Thursday morning (26 Nov); John M Martin, assistant B & O agent at Rockwood was best man and Miss Nellie Wiland, sister of the bride was bridesmaid. Rev VJ Wright of the First Methodist Church officiated. They will reside in Lonaconing.

SHOBER 01 Aug 1908 B & O flagman, AF Shober, aged about 42 years, residing on Walnut St in the city and employed on the Connellsville division, fell from his train near Sand Patch and had one of his limbs severely crushed. He was brought to the Allegany Hospital in the caboose of the train and it is thought that his limb may be amputated. He has been on the road several years and is an extra conductor. Three brothers of the injured man live in the city; CC Shober, William Shober, and FA Shober; and a sister, Mrs George Himler.

SMITH 03 Feb 1908 Philip Smith, aged 31 years and unmarried, died yesterday at the county home and will be buried tomorrow in the county cemetery. Mr Smith was from Little Orleans. He was accidently hurt as a boy being struck in the hip with a stone aimed at his father by a boatman, from which he never fully recovered. He has a sister living in Piney Plains.

STALLING 18 Jun 1908 Mr Norman A. Stalling and Miss Lethe J Robinette, both of Flintstone district, married yesterday evening by Rev. G T D Collins, pastor of Trinity ME Church south, on Grand Avenue at the church parsonage.

TEWELL 07 Apr 1908 Mrs Martha Jane Tewell, aged 76, widow of the late George Tewell and a mother to Johnson Tewell, a grocer of this city, died Friday night (3 Apr) and was buried Sunday at Clearville.

TROUTMAN 21 Sep 1908 Miss Troutman, wife of Mr M Troutman, died in Western Maryland Hospital at 1:30 this morning, aged 31 years. She leaves husband and several young children residing on Cecelia St. She was the daughter of Mr Amos Perdew of Flintstone and was taken to the hospital on 16 August from a complication of diseases.

TWIGG 21 Jan 1908 James Augustus Twigg, aged 9 years, 3 months and 3 days, a son of Mr & Mrs Moses Twigg of Eckhart, died Saturday (18 Jan). Burial in Porter Cemetery.

TWIGG 18 Feb 1908 Information has been received here on the death at Paris Ill of Eli Twigg, a former resident in this county. He was about 81 years of age and had resided on the Read farm on Evitts Creek. He was an uncle to Sheriff William Hodel and also leaves a daughter living in the city, Miss Mayme Twigg. His wife died about 2 years ago and he had been residing with a son. Burial will be in Illinois. [Another article dated 07 Mar 1908] Eli Twigg, who died in Paris Ill on Feb 17, 1908 of paralysis was a former resident of Cumberland MD. He resided on the Read farm on Evitts Creek until he moved to Illinois after the war. He was the son of Eli Twigg of Allegany County and was the last of 8 children. His mother was a Miss Hoover who died at his birth. He was the father of 12 children, all of whom still survive with the exception of one son, Joseph, who died last March. His wife died 2 years ago and Miss Mayme T Twigg of this city is a daughter. One daughter of his second marriage, Mrs Pennell of Oldtown also survives him. Francis Twigg and William I Twigg of Wine St, this city, are nephews also, sheriff William Hodel and William Twigg of Terre Haute In. He was about 81 years old and received his first stroke of paralysis on March 15, 1906. Since then he has been helpless and unable to speak. A second stroke occured Feb 17, 1908, and he lingered until death relieved him of his suffering.

TWIGG 06 Nov 1908 Mr George Twigg, one of the oldest and most highly respected farmers of Allegany County, died at the age of 81 years at his home in Rush, this county, yesterday at 8:00 o'clock. Mr Twigg's death was rather sudden. Wednesday afternoon, he was seized with cramps, to which he had been subject all of his life. He was put to bed and seemed to be better yesterday morning as he arose and began dressing when he was again overcome with his old trouble. He called his son who was in the house at the time and while he was undressing his father, he fell back on the bed and expired. Mr Twigg's wife died some 20 years ago. He is survived by his one son Mr Jarius Twigg and one daughter.

VOLKER 01 Sep 1908 Mrs Robert Volker died Saturday (29 Aug) at her home in McKeesport PA. The body was brought to Cumberland on the #10 train and conveyed to the home of Mr & Mrs William Davis on the baltimore Pike. The funeral took place yesterday afternoon and burial in the cemetery near North branch. Mrs Volker was 23 years of age and leaves a husband and 2 young children, aged 2 years and 11 months respectively. Her death was caused by typhoid fever. Until a month ago, Mr & Mrs Volker were residents of South Cumberland and kept a store on the corner of Arch and 3rd streets.

WEIMER 02 Jul 1908 Mrs Barbara Weimer, aged 59 years, widow of the late JP Weimer of Clearville, Bedford Co., PA, died Wednesday (01 Jul) at her home in Clearville of paralysis. Mrs Weimer was the third daughter of the late Baltzer and Mrs Sarah Mills Fletcher and was an aunt of Mr Chauncey Clabaugh of Independence Street and a cousin of DW Snyder of Paca St. Her funeral will take place on Friday.

WERTZ 09 Dec 1908 Mrs Amanda Wertz, wife of Henry Wertz, the undertaker at Centreville in the Cumberland Valley, died Wednesday last (2 Dec), aged 78 years.

WERTZ 11 Dec 1908 Dr Irvin M Wertz, of Hagerstown, married in Baltimore to Miss Jane Price Gaines, a daughter of Dr John Gaines of Hagerstown. Mr Wertz is a son of Henry Wertz of Centreville in the Cumberland Valley. His Step-mother, Mrs Amanda Wertz, aged 78 years died Wednesday morning and was buried this morning at bethel Church, Cumberland Valley.

WIGFIELD 10 Jul 1908 Miss Nora B Wigfield, aged 25 years, the youngest child of Mr & Mrs Jno B Wigfield, residing 12 miles east of this city near the Baltimore Pike, died at the home of her parents at 12 noon yesterday. Funeral tomorrow from the home place and interment in the family graveyard at the homeplace.

WIGFIELD 10 Sep 1908 Mrs Mary J Wigfield died at home on N Mechanic St at 2:00 this morning after a short illness, aged 53 years. The deceased was a widow of Alexander Wigfield and was Miss Fox and a native of Bedford County before her marriage. Seven children, all grown, survive. The remains will be shipped to Little Orleans on Saturday for interment.

WILLISON 25 Jul 1908 Mrs Harriet Willison is celebrating her 80th birthday today at her home in Rush. Her children are: Miss Rhoda Willison at home; Mr EB Willison of Hazen; Mrs Hettie Chaney, wife of Millard Chaney of near Flintstone; Mr George S Willison of Williams Road; Mr Frank Willison of Hazen; Mrs Belle Robinette, wife of DW Robinette of Gilpintown; Mrs Burch, wife of Rev Thomas A Burch, pastor of the ME Episcopal church south, Berkeley Springs WV; Mr John Edwin Willison of Cumberland; Mr James Willison of Oakland; Mrs Mary Twigg, wife of Daniel C Twigg of South Cumberland.

WILLISON 18 Nov 1908 Miss Ruth Willison died at the home of her mother Mrs Jennie Willison, North Mechanic St at 7:30 o'clock this morning after an illness of 3 weeks of pneumonia. Miss Willison was in her 19th year and was admired as a milliner. Besides her mother, she is survived by the following brothers and sisters; Misses Ada and Edith Willison residing at home; and Messers. Richard, Edward, Harry, and Arthur, residing in the city. Her father, Richard Willison died several years ago. Interment in the Rose Hill Cemetery.

WILLS 27 Apr 1908 Mt Savage- Mrs Edna Wills, who was seriously ill for the past two months, died peacefully on Sunday (26 Apr) at 10 o'clock in the morning.She is survived by her husband, 3 sons and 3 daughters.: Mr Edward Wills of this place; George and Herman Wills of McKeesport PA; William Wills- Piedmont WV; Mrs Charles Hady of Baltimore; Mrs Lawrence Maloy and Miss Rose Wills. Mrs Wills was born in Mt Savage, 61 years ago. The funeral is Tuesday from St Patricks church.

WILSON 14 Jan 1908 Mr Charles S Wilson, a prominent farmer, died yesterday afternoon at his home near Flintstone, aged 58 years, due to a stroke of paralysis that he received a few moments before his dying. He is survived by: his widow, a daughter of Jasper Robinette Sr and the following children; Mrs Frank P Wolford; Mrs Scott Robinette; Mrs William I McCray of Cumberland; also, Mrs Nellie Wilson of Parkersburg WV; and Misses Effie and Carrie Wilson of Flintstone; and his aged mother, Mrs James Wilson. His late father from Flintstone represented Allegany County in the Legislature 25 years ago.

WORKMAN 13 Jan 1908 A sketch of the Workman family of the Frostburg area [8 paragraphs].

YONKER 16 Jan 1908 Mrs Riley Yonker died at her home near Piney Grove on Tuesday (13 Jan) evening, aged 47 years, 1 month, 9 days from pneumonia. The funeral was today from the ME Church at Belle Grove. She leaves a husband and 3 boys and 3 girls. Her maiden name was Charlotte Norris.

ZIMMERLA 20 Jan 1908 Mr John Zimmerla, a well known farmer of Linderville, died today at his home, aged 54 years. He was unmarried and lived at the home place with 2 sisters, Alice and Marsley. Mr Zimmerla was a carpenter and a son of Samuel Zimmerla, a noted Flintstone cabinet maker. The following brothers and sisters survive also: Mrs Margaret Smith of Idaho; Mrs Jennie Farstell of St Louis; Mrs Mime Shirley of Ft Leavenworth KS; Mrs Mary Deetz, wife of William Deetz of this city; Nathan Zimmerla of Cumberland; Daniel Zimmerla of Kansas. Burial in Greenmount cemetery.

ZIMMERLY 04 Aug 1908 Mrs Catherine Zimmerly, a lifelong resident of this city, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs Elmer Johnson of Peach St, shortly after noon today, aged 78 years. The aged lady had been in bad health for several months, her extreme age gradually hastening dissolution. Mrs Zimmerly was born in the city and was a Miss Campbell before her marriage to Marine Thomas Zimmerly, a contractor and builder who died 25 years ago. Four children survive: Mr JM Zimmerly, a painter and newspaper man residing in Frostburg; Mrs WG Hamilton and Mrs Elmer Johnson residing in this city and LT Zimmerly. Funeral will be from the home of Mrs Elmer Johnson and interment in Rose Hill Cemetery.


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