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Excerpts from The Cumberland Times
transcribed by Charles Often





BARKMAN 24 Jan 1895 On Monday, the 14th inst., Miss Amanda Barkman, the eldest daughter of Philip Barkman of Clear Ridge, Bedford Co, PA, took her life by saturating her clothing with coal oil and setting fire to it. This was done in an outhouse when no one was home but her sister who discovered the fire too late. She was about 40 years of age. She was buried on Wednesday at the family graveyard on the Joseph Barkman homeland. For some time now, the girl's mind had been demented on religious matters, but the real cause may have been traced to the intermarriage of her father and mother who were first cousins.

BECK 28 Jan 1895 Mrs Mary Sophia Beck, relict of the late Frederick Beck, died at her residence on Valley Street yesterday afternoon, aged 68 years. The following children survive: Mr Henry Beck of Piedmont WV; Mrs John Rephorn; Mr John D Beck; Mrs Julia Sibley; Mr George Beck; and Mr Robert Beck. The funeral is tomorrow at the German Lutheran Church with interment in the cemetery connected with the church.

BORTZ 05 Sep 1895 Ruth Bortz , the daughter of Frank & Bessie Bortz of Hyndman has 14 parents due to intermarriages. Frank's mother is Mrs Martin F Bortz a daughter of Rev John Growden etc. ( 3 paragraph story of parentage).

BRADY 14 Jan 1895 Mr James T Brady, proprietor of the Brady House, died Saturday (12 Jan) at his home in Lonaconing after a long and painful illness, cause of death being Bright's disease complicated by pneumonia. He came to Lonaconing from Pennsylvania in 1865, living here the rest of his life. He was about 65 years of age and leaves a wife and seven children to mourn his loss. Children; Misses, Nellie, Mary and Kate Brady; Messers, Edward, John, and Joseph Brady; and Mrs John Byrnes of Midland. The funeral is tomorrow with interment at Oakmont Cemetery in Lonaconing.

BRENAMAN 08 Apr 1895 Mrs Virginia Brenaman., wife of A T Brenaman, agent for the C&P RR, died Saturday (6April), aged 43 years. Mrs Brenaman was born at Elk Ridge landing MD and was married for 23 years. Beside her husband she leaves 4 children: Scott, Edgar, Eva, and Homer. Funeral from the Centre St M E Church with interment on Rose Hill Cemetery .

BRUCE 22 Jan 1895 Mrs Columbia Sprigg Bruce, wife of the late Dr J J Bruce, died at her home at the corner of Fayette & Smallwood streets yesterday after a long illness. She was born April 20, 1844 and was thus 55 years of age. She was the eldest daughter of Judge Motter of Hagerstown, a half sister to Mrs Arthur Shriver and a mother of 7 children: Misses, Mazy and Columbia Bruce; Messers, W M, and Richard Bruce of this city; Duncan J Bruce of Washington PA; and 2 married daughters; Mrs Jesse Schley of Savannah GA and Mrs Harley of southern Virginia. The funeral is tomorrow from Emmanuel Episcopal church and burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.

CARPENTER 16 Apr 1895 Mrs Amanda Carpenter, nee Ash, formerly of this city and a sister of Mr Owen Ash and of Mr Henry Ash and of Mrs George W Davidson, all of this city, died at Hyndman on Sunday (14 Apr) after a few hours of illness. She leaves a husband to mourn his loss. The funeral is in Hyndman.

CHANEY 21 Nov 1895 On Nov 16, 1895. Mrs Lovina Chaney, aged about 76 years, died of typhoid fever and malaria after a one week illness. She lived with her daughter, Mrs Oliver Garland, her husband having died some years ago. She was formerly a Miss Wilson of Flintstone. Her funeral was preached at Springfield by Rev S A Parker with interment at Springfield.

DAVIS 01 Mar 1895 Mr John Davis, who lived on the Maryland side opposite Patterson's Creek, died last night in his 85th year. He was ill for about 10 days due to a stroke of paralysis. "Uncle John" as he was known, married a Miss Dicken, daughter of Moses Dicken of Cumberland Valley, survives, aged 81 years. He was the father of 9 children, 8 of whom survive him. He was born and raised in Allegany County and a member of the M E Church for over 40 years. He was a brother-in-law of Squire John B Weidner of this city. Interment will be on the family farm.

DREYER 04 Apr 1895 Mrs Margaret Dreyer, wife of Frederick Dreyer, died this morning at the residence of her son-in-law, Mr Nathan Zimmerly, 280 N Centre Street. She had not felt well for a few days and complained yesterday of a headache. She was 72 years old and the mother of 12 children, the following of whom survive: Messers, George Dreyer; and Henry and Charles Dreyer, well known bakers of this city; and John and William Dreyer of this city; Mrs Nathan Zimmerly and Miss Maggie Dreyer of this city; and Mrs Lizzie Bohn of Pittsburgh. The funeral is Sunday from the German Lutheran Church with interment in the cemetery connected with the church.

FROST 17 Jul 1895 Mr Meshack Frost died at his home "Quiet Dale" yesterday near Rawlings in the 69th year after several weeks of illness. He was the 5th son of Meshack Frost, founder of Frostburg where he was born. His wife and the following children survive: Mrs John McNeill of Moorefield WV; Mrs D A Porter; Messers Harry, Joseph, Meshack and Miss Carrie of Rawlings. Funeral form the home tomorrow with burial in Rose Hill.

GRAHAM 17 Jul 1895 Information has been received about the death of Mrs N K Fairbank, daughter of the late John A Graham as she died at her home in Chicago on Monday 15 July after an illness of six weeks. She was formerly a resident of Mt Savage. Mr Graham came from New York and was president of the Mt Savage iron works between 1850-1856. Mr Fairbank is connected with N K Fairbank packing house of Chicago.

HARTSOCK 08 Jan 1895 George Hartsock died at the Home today of Bright's disease. He lived 6 miles out on the Bedford Road but came to the Home 2 weeks ago for treatment. He will be buried tomorrow at Zion Lutheran Cemetery 4 miles out on the Bedford Road. He was in his 66th year. Two sons; George and Frederick will arrive from McKeesport PA this evening. One other son, William, lives at the home place. Daughters, Rebecca of this city; Mrs Belle Sliger of the Cumberland Valley and Emma who lives in the West. He was a brick burner by trade.

HILLEARY 08 Apr 1895 Mrs Julia Hilleary died at the residence of her son Levi Hilleary on Greene Street. She was in her 75th year and leaves 4 children: Mr Levi Hilleary of the firm Hilleary & Birmingham; Misses Ella and Mary of this city; and Mr James W Hilleary of Colorado.

HINKLE 05 Aug 1895 Mrs Josephine Hinkle wife of Mr Milton Hinkle died at her residence in Baltimore on Saturday night (3 Aug). She was 27 years of age and the daughter of Mr Oliver Cromwell of this city. A husband and child survive. Burial will be in Baltimore.

HINKLE 25 Jan 1895 Mr Morgan Hinkle died last night at his residence 6 miles east of the city near the Baltimore Pike. He was a highly prosperous farmer and was in his 61st year. He spent his entire life on the farm where he was born and which he inherited from his father, Capt. A B Hinkle, a soldier in the war of 1812. A widow and 6 children survive: H Filmore; Zane C ; Levi; and Henry T Hinkle; and 2 married daughters; Mrs F B Beall of this city; and Mrs Henry L Bowden of Elkins WV. The funeral is Sunday from the residence, Rev. Mr Lynwood Hammond of Flintstone and interment in the family burying ground near the residence.

JAMMER 20 Dec 1895 Mrs Jammer, wife of Mr Henry Jammer, a well known Baltimore Street tailor, died last night at her late residence on Decatur Street in the 39th year of her life. She was a daughter of the late Mr & Mrs Detrick Lear and a sister of Mrs George Wellington, Mrs Benton Twigg, and Mr Detrick Lear of this city. She had been married only about one year. The funeral is Sunday from the German Lutheran Church with burial in the cemetery connected with the church.

KELLER 05 Mar 1895 Mr Charles T Keller, a well known constable of the city died today at the residence on Ann Street, in his 43rd year following a long illness. He was born and raised in Cumberland Valley, moving to the city 14 years ago. He leaves a widow and 4 children: Messers, G W; Milton, and Owen Keller; and daughter Miss Bessie Keller. The funeral is Thursday and burial is in Rose Hill Cemetery.

LUMAN 13 Jul 1895 Mr Samuel Luman, aged 85 years, died at his residence on N Centre St following a lingering illness and surrounded by his wife and children. He was born April 1, 1810, in the Folck's Mills vicinity. In 1832 he began his career as stage driver on the "Opposition Line" operated by Mr Thomas Shriver, running from Clarysville to the foot of Martins Mountain. He leaves a wife and these children: Mr Thomas Luman, Allegany County clerk; Mrs Will H Lowdermilk of Washington DC; Miss Bessie Luman of city; Mrs A J Gill of Baltimore; Mrs C C Hedges and Mr Frank Luman of Cumberland. Funeral is tomorrow with burial in Rose Hill. ( 10 paragraph story about adventures as stage driver).

McELFISH 18 May 1895 Flintstone MD- While Mrs Philip Swartzwelder, her two children and Mrs Jonathan McElfish of Chaneysville were driving near Gilpin, thier horse became frightened by a dog and ran off. Mrs McElfish attempted to jump off and fell striking her head against a rock, killing her instantly. Mrs Swartzwelder dropped one of her children out of the vehicle while the horse was running and remained in the carriage with the other until the horse fell. They escaped uninjured except with slight bruises. 20 May 1895 The funeral of Mrs Jonathan McElfish took place this morning at Chaneysville, the ceremony being conducted by Rev. George Harris of Flintstone. Mrs McElfish had been married only a short while and leaves her husband to mourn. She was the daughter of Mr Henry Oster of Bedford County. 23 May 1895 ( 6 paragraph article of the Report of Accident as reported in the Alleganian newspaper.)

McELFISH 30 Nov 1895 Real Estate Sale of Thomas McElfish to occur Dec 3, 1895. This includes: David's Enlargement; Resurvey on Deer Park; Deer Park Resurveyed; Warm Springs; Needle; and Three Sides properties.

McGEE 24 Oct 1895 Mrs Dennis Beall of Pratt went to Clearville to attend the funeral of her brother Philip McGee. 31 Oct 1895 Everett- Philip McGee dropped dead Friday night (18 Oct) while looking upon a fire at Pennell's shop in Everett. He had been ill for several years and was 49 years of age and was buried at Clearville on Sunday.

McKEE 17 Apr 1895 Mrs Margaret McKee, widow of the late Alexander McKee, died at her late residence on N Centre Street this morning, aged 75 years. She leaves to mourn the following children: Mr John McKee; Mrs William Young; Mr William T McKee; Mrs Frank Laing; Mrs Charles Whittman; and Mrs E R Neff. The funeral is Friday from the residence with burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.

MILLER 05 Jul 1895 Artemas- The Miller Brothers of Monroe Township have moved their planing mill to Mr Riley's sawmill near Mr Aaron Mountain's place.

O'NEAL 21 Feb 1895 Mr David W O'Neal, residing on Baltimore Avenue, died yesterday of scarlet fever following an illness of 2 weeks. He was in his 50thyear of age and a son of the late Mr Edward O'Neal who resided near the 6 mile house on the Baltimore Pike. He leaves a wife and three children: Claude aged 16, Carl aged 11 years; and Mabel aged 1 year. The funeral is tomorrow from the home with burial in the German Lutheran Cemetery on the Baltimore Pike with Rev B W Knidly of the Bedford Street M E Church officiating.

RALEY 16 Sep 1895 Mr Vincent Raley died Saturday (14 Sep) at his home in Frostburg after a long illness. His wife and eight children survive: Mrs Dr Pfeiffer of Frostburg; Mrs John Bachman of Cumberland; Misses, Mary, Bertha, and Nellie; also Frank, Charley, and William, who lives in Lynn MA. The funeral today was largely attended.

RICE 15 Jul 1895 Mr Levi Rice died Saturday (13 Jul) at his residence on Colliers Run, 8 miles east of the city, nearly 80 years of age. He was the father of Mr Malichi Rice and Mrs John Bramble of this city. Burial is in Mt Pleasant cemetery.

SMITH 28 Feb 1895 Everett- Benjamin J Smith, a son of Harrison Smith, who had to have his leg taken off recently from being hurt by the fall of a tree, is dead.

TWIGG 19 Aug 1895 Trial in Oldtown District in Squire King's court- Will Hartley shot Peter Twigg two weeks ago. Also, his brother George Twigg is cited for assault. ( 8 paragraph story).

TWIGG 14 Jan 1895 A sentence of 10 years in the penitentiary was imposed upon Frank Williams, by Judge Coles of Washington DC, charged with the murder of William H. Twigg on the canal towpath near Georgetown on the 7th of August last, a full account of which appeared in the newspaper at the time. The killing of Twigg resulted from a quarrel over the possession of a whip. The deceased was in a drunken condition and was shot by Williams after the quarrel had ended. A verdict of murder was urged by the prosecution despite a contention that the shot was fired in self-defense.

TWIGG 22 Oct 1895 This morning on the B&O tracks near the lower glass works, a man was badly mangled by a train and a view of the remains and a well polished shoe leads to the conclusion that it is not a tramp. Later: Mr Alfred Twigg called the "Times" to advise that his son Alfred Twigg is missing. Mr E Zimmerly of North Branch called the "Times" and offered that it was his opinion that the deceased was Mr Twigg who was at North Branch for the purpose of transferring his name from District 3 to the North Branch work roster. He was under the influence of liquor and was persuaded by Mr Zimmerly to return home about 3 miles from North Branch, but he took the railroad route up towards Cumberland instead. He was married and leaves his wife and one son. He was about 26 years of age and a son of William Twigg (not Alfred) and a brother to James Twigg who kept a store on Maryland Avenue. 28 Oct 1895 An inquest panel with testimony from the father and sister of the deceased determines that the deceased is Alfred Twigg who met his death with no witnesses by a means unknown by the jury. The remains were taken to Town Creek and the funeral was from Paradise Church with interment in the cemetery associated with the church.

WIGFIELD 09 Aug 1895 Piney Grove MD- Last Aug 5, Miss Lina Wigfield, a daughter of James Wigfield died at the residence of her father of consumption following six years of illness. She was the eldest daughter. Burial is Tuesday at Fairview, Rev Garland officiating.

WILLISON 14 Sep 1895 Miss Zella A Willison, daughter of Mrs Alfred Willison of Black Valley near Flintstone, married Thursday evening (13 Sep) to Mr Charles O Snavely, a prosperous businessman of Gibsonville OH at the bride's home with Rev G C Harris of the ME Church at Flintstone, presiding.

WINEBRENNER 05 Apr 1895 Isaac Winebrenner, aged 91 years, died Wednesday on his farm between Frostburg and Eckhart Mines. He was born near Frostburg and resided all his life near his birthplace. He was the father of 11 children; 6 sons and 5 daughters and his descendants number 265. 06 Apr 1895 (follow-up article with 3 paragraphs) Mr Isaac Winebrenner died at the home of his son Morise near Eckhart Mines on 3 April. He was buried from English Lutheran Church at Frostburg, Rev Britt officiating. He was born near Midlothian in 1804 and he was a great hunter. His remains are buried in the Old Porter Cemetery.

WINTERS 27 Mar 1895 Mr John S Winters, a well known farmer of Cresaptown, died Monday (25 Mar) in his 72nd year of life. The deceased had been ill for a long time and leaves a family of grown children. The funeral is this afternoon and burial in the family burying grounds.

WOLFORD 08 Apr 1895 Mrs Ary Wolford died at the residence of her daughter, Mrs Peter Morgret on Decatur street this morning. She was 85 years old last Friday (5 Apr) and was confined to her bed for one week. She leaves 3 children: Daniel Wolford Jr.; Jacob E Wolford; and Mrs Amanda Morgret. Also, brothers in law, Mr Daniel Wolford Sr and Mr Hiram Wolford. The funeral is from the home on Thursday with interment in Rose Hill Cemetery.

ZEMBOWER 17 Dec 1895 Adam Zembower died last night at his home in Cumberland Valley, aged 89 years, 1 month, and 23 days. His burial is at Fellowship Church tomorrow with Rev H S Williamson preaching. He was a father of 10 boys and 2 girls. Still living are: Franklin, Marion, Josiah, Wilson, Emmanuel, George, and Pierce; all of Cumberland Valley. James, Filler, and 2 daughters are deceased. He operated the Zembower grist and woolen mills for some time and was also the justice of the peace in Cumberland Valley. His brother, Josiah lives near Everett PA.

ZINK 09 May 1895 Mrs Margaret Zink, wife of John Zink, died at her residence this morning in the 81st year of her life. The funeral is Saturday from the Bedford Street German Lutheran Church.

ZINK 21 May 1895 Mr George Zink, a well known west side gardener, died at the family residence 52 S Lee St this morning in the 82nd year of life, just 12 days following the death of his wife. They have 4 children: Mrs Joseph Farber; Mrs John A McCormack; Mr John Zink; and Mr Frederick Zink. The funeral is Thursday from the German Lutheran Church with interment in the cemetery connected with the church.


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