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Excerpts from The Frostburg Mining Journal
transcribed by Charles Often





Note: Sep-Oct 1894 and all of the Cumberland Times of 1892 through 1893 were not microfilmed.
Transcriptions of the Frostburg Mining Journal (FMJ) are included for 1892 and 1893.

00Jan1893 The Cumberland Times Newspapers were not available at the time of microfilming and are missing on the microfilm. The Frostburg Mining Journal for this year was researched to provide these notices. This newspaper was published each Saturday.

ARMSTRONG 29 Jul 1893 James Devecmon Armstrong, 86 years, 7 months, and 6 days, died on Friday (21 Jul). He was born at Yough Glades, now Oakland MD, on 15 Dec 1806 and was a grand-son of Capt James Armstrong of the English Army from the command of General Wolf in the Revolutionary War. He married Julia A Lantz of Oldtown on Oct 8, 1833 and had 8 children: Hannah died at age 7 in 1841; William of Frostburg; Mrs J F Ockerman of Mt Washington; Daniel die at age 18 in 1857; Thomas M , a lawyer of Bedford PA; Mrs A Z Hartman of Baltimore; Davisson a agent of Borden Mines and Miss Mollie of Frostburg. The burial is in Allegany Cemetery. [Article is full column of his life].

ARNOLD 04 Mar 1893 Daniel Arnold, living 2 miles west of Frostburg, died of spotted fever. He was about 22 years of age.

ATKINSON 25 Mar 1893 Henry R Atkinson, Justice of Peace, died at his home near Frostburg on Friday (Mar 17), aged 73 years. His wife, 5 sons and 5 daughters, all grown, survive. Burial was in Percy Graveyard. [Article is column long].

BAIRD 23 Dec 1893 Walter E Baird, aged 5 years, 9 months, and 16 days of age, son of William B Baird, died at Eckhart on Tuesday ( 19 Dec).

BAKER 09 Sep 1893 George Baker, 15 years of age, son of J J Baker of Barton, fell upon a nail while playing near a mine on Sunday and died on Monday (3Sep).

BARRETT 04 Nov 1893 Kathleen Barrett, aged 2 years and 3 months, daughter of James Barrett, died Sunday (29 Oct) of a complication of disorders.

BASEBALL 12 Aug 1893 The Cumberland and Frostburg baseball teams met with the following players identified; Frostburg --Dando, Crow, Smith all outfielders; Chris Johns-1b; Tom Dillon-Mgr.; Arthur-2b; McGregor-C; Hott, Tucker, Price, Coleman, James: CumberlandūGV Hobart-Mgr.; Primm-3b; Price-2b; Ohr-of; Buck Robinson-ss; Valentine-1b; Jones-p; Cunningham-c; Kelley, Clay-p; Star.

BATEMAN 08 Apr 1893 Joseph Bateman, salesman of the C H Wade & Co., died on Monday (03 Apr) from spinal disease, aged about 18 years .

BEACH 10 Jun 1893 Noah Beach, aged 18 years, son of John Beach, died at Old Consolidation on Tuesday (6 Jun).

BEALL 16 Dec 1893 Mr Richard Beall died Wednesday ( 13 Dec) at his residence at Frostburg. He was a son of Capt. Dennis Beall, soldier of the War of 1812. On July 6, 1843, he married Miss Susan Uhl, who survives him with sons, Horace of Charlestown WV and Olin of Frostburg. He was 76 years, 2 months, and 7 days of age. Two sisters of this place also survive: Mrs Charles Kalbfus and Mrs James Kane. The funeral was yesterday.

BENSON 08 Apr 1893 Walter Benson, aged 18 years, 5 months and 24 days, son of John N Benson, died on Monday (03 Apr ) from spinal disease. He was a clerical worker at the Borden Mining Co.

BERG 23 Sep 1893 August Berg of Cumberland died there Tuesday (17 Sep), aged 48 years.

BETZ 25 Nov 1893 William C Betz, aged 3 years and 8 months, son of Charles F Betz, died Saturday (18 Nov).

BLASSE 04 Mar 1893 Robert Blasse, 1 year old son , died March 1, at Allegany PA where his father, Charles Blasse now resides. The burial is at Allegany Cemetery, Frostburg.

BOETTNER 18 Mar 1893 The body of George Boettner was found at the rear of Youngermann's Lumber Yard on Sunday (12 Mar). He had been feeble for a few months. He was about 68 years of age, Mrs John Graff of Utica NY will attend the funeral of her father.

BOWEN 02 Sep 1893 Mrs Veronica (Cullen) Bowen died at her home in Cumberland on Friday (25 Aug). She was the wife of C G Bowen. She was buried in the Catholic Cemetery of Frostburg.

BRADY 26 Aug 1893 Maggie Brady, 19 years of age, daughter of John Brady, died yesterday after and illness of several months.

BRADY 28 Oct 1893 Charles Brady, infant son of John Brady, died Tuesday (23 Oct) of membranous croup.

BRODE 04 Mar 1893 Mrs Henry Brode, married only a short time, died March 1 at the home of her father, John F Ort.

BRODE 09 Dec 1893 Mr Charles Brode, aged 72 years, died Sunday ( Dec 03) and the funeral was Wednesday attended by a large number of Odd Fellows.

BURWELL 22 Apr 1893 Miss Mary Burwell, daughter of P L Burwell, general manager of the C&P RR, died at the residence at Mt Savage. She was 20 years of age and died of paralysis. Burial was Wednesday at Winchester VA.

BUSKIRK 15 Apr 1893 Miss Buskirk, aged 15 years, died at Miller Mines on Thursday(13 Apr).

CHANEY 10 Jun 1893 Mrs John C Chaney, aged 70 years, died on Monday (5 Jun) of paralysis.

CLISE 18 Mar 1893 Laura E Clise, 6 years of age, and John S Clise, 3 years of age, both children of Michael Clise of Midland, died on Sunday (2 Mar).

COCHRANE 23 Sep 1893 Willie Cochrane, 4 year old son of James H Cochrane of Cumberland died Tuesday (17 Sep) of diphtheria.

CONNOR 09 Dec 1893 At Glen Roy, OH, on Wednesday ( 06 Dec), Mrs Maggie Connor, wife of John Connor died. Her husband and 3 children survive. She was Miss Ewing formerly of Frostburg.

CONRAD 23 Sep 1893 Blanche Estelle Conrad, infant daughter of E E Conrad, formerly of Frostburg but now of Meyersdale PA, died last Friday (15 Sep).

COVENERY 16 Sep 1893 The body of John Covenery of Cumberland was found in the canal last Sunday(10Sep). It is supposed that he became intoxicated and fell in.

CRAIGEN 23 Sep 1893 Mrs Anna M Craigen fell from a 2nd story balcony at her home in Washington DC on Saturday (16 Sep) and received injuries from which she died. William Freemont attempted to force his entry into her home while intoxicated. She went upstairs to slip onto the balcony to see if he had left the premises and fell 20 feet onto the pavement. She was 45 years old and a widow of the late Dr John S Craigen of Cumberland. Four daughters and 2 sons survive. The funeral was Tuesday in Cumberland and burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.

CREEGAN 23 Sep 1893 Mrs P Creegan Sr of Mullen died Saturday (16 Sep) of heart disease. The funeral was Monday at St Michael's Church at Frostburg.

CROSS 25 Mar 1893 Mrs Louisa D Cross, wife of the late Lemuel Cross, died at the home of a brother, Mr L A Bevans of Paw Paw, yesterday. She was 75 years of age and lived at Frostburg for many years as the proprietor of the McCulloh House. She then made her home with her daughter-in-law, Mrs P A Healy until her death. She had been ill for some time.

CRUMP 28 Oct 1893 Mrs Elizabeth Crump, wife of William Crump of Frostburg, died 22 Oct 1893, aged 71 years, 7 months, and 20 days. Her husband and 7 sons survive, one of whom is an invalid.

DAVIS 15 Apr 1893 A two year old son of John R Davis died Wednesday ( 12 Apr).

DAVIS 18 Mar 1893 Ruth Davis, aged 8 years if age, daughter of Ephraim Davis of Frostburg, died Thursday (16 Mar).

DECKER 02 Sep 1893 Mrs Eliza Decker, aged 75 years, formerly of Frostburg, died at the County Asylum yesterday where she had been confined for about 7 months.

DEREMER 21 Oct 1893 W A Deremer, formerly a teacher in Allegany County, died at Atlantic City, NJ, on Friday of last week (13 Oct), aged 39 years. His remains were buried at Cresaptown on Monday.

DILLON 03 Jun 1893 Genevieve Dillon died at Hoffman Mines on 17 May 1893.

DILLON 27 May 1893 Genevieve Dillon, 8 year old daughter of J Aden Dillon of Hoffman, died Wednesday ( 24 May) of the spinal disease.

DIXON 22 Jul 1893 John Dixon, aged 22 years, died of typhoid fever in Lonaconing on Sunday (16 Jul).

DONAHUE 02 Dec 1893 William Donahue, aged 73 years, died Saturday (25 Nov). A family of 3 sons and 2 daughters, all grown, survive. William Jr. is a supervisor of elections for the county.

DORSEY 26 Aug 1893 Susie Pearl Brady, 5 years and 6 months of age, daughter of Philip Dorsey colored, died on Tuesday (22 Aug).

DRUM 23 Dec 1893 Francis Drum, about 60 years of age, died 17 Dec at his home in Vale Summit. A wife and 2 children survive. He was a miner the whole of his life.

DUDLEY 02 Dec 1893 Elizabeth Dudley, aged 4 years and 1 month, daughter of Mrs Gwennie Dudley of Eckhart died on Nov 28.

EISENHART 25 Feb 1893 Mrs Elizabeth Eisenhart, former resident of Frostburg, died Feb. 1 at her home in Morrison IL. She is the wife of Jacob R Eisenhart, who survives.

ENGLAR 25 Nov 1893 Charles Henry William Herman Wright Englar, son of the late Dr W J and Margaret V Englar, formerly of Frostburg, died Tuesday (21 Nov) at Baltimore in the 18th year of his age.

ENTLER 23 Sep 1893 A child of Andrew Entler of Eckhart died on Wednesday (18 Sep).

EVANS 16 Sep 1893 Miss Angela Evans, aged 17 years, died at her home in Borden Mines of Consumption on Monday (11 Sep). Interment is in Allegany Cemetery.

EVANS 29 Apr 1893 John Evans, 11 year old son of W H Evans, died yesterday of an illness of 9 weeks duration.

FARADAY 27 Amy 1893 Mrs Ann Faraday, aged 75 years, died at the home of son John Faraday at Frostburg on Monday ( 15 May). Two daughters and a son, all fully grown, survive.

FELDSTEIN 23 Dec 1893 Oscar Feldstein, clothing merchant and partner of Louis Rubin, complained of a headache on Friday (22 Dec) and died of a ruptured blood vessel of the brain. He was aged 22 years. His remains were shipped to Pittsburgh PA.

FIRLE 27 May 1893 J Henry Firle of Midland died on Thursday ( 18 May) at age of 53 years.

FOOTEN 01 Jul 1893 William Footen, aged 15 years, son of John Footen died 30 Jun of the spinal disease. His brother John died earlier.

FOOTEN 01 Jul 1893 John Footen Jr, 17 years of age, son of John Footen, died yesterday (30 Jun) of the spinal disease.

FROST 30 Sep 1893 N S Frost left today to take up residence in Kansas City MO. He was born in Frostburg 69 years ago and lived here all of his life. His son, Meshack lives in Huntington WV. Mrs Frost and Miss Haidee preceded him to Missouri.

GALE 22 Jul 1893 Mrs John Gale died at Coketon WV on Tuesday (18 Jul) leaving 3 orphaned children as the father's whereabouts is unknown.

GEHAUF 25 Mar 1893 On Monday (20 Mar), Lydia Gehauf, 4 years of age and on Wednesday (22 Mar), Albert Gehauf, 1 year old, both children of John H Gehauf died and were buried on Thursday.

GEIS 27 May 1893 Walter Geis, 5 year old son of John Geis, died on Wednesday ( 24 May). The funeral was yesterday with Rev A G Geheler officiating.

GERLACH 29 Apr 1893 Nathan Gerlach, 8 year old son of Charles Gerlach, died Sunday (23 Apr) of spinal fever.

GRIMES 02 Sep 1893 A young son, aged 6 years, of William Grimes of Carlos, died Friday of last week.

GUNNING 04 Mar 1893 James Gunning, an old resident of Eckhart, died there on Wednesday (01 Mar),

GUNNING 07 Oct 1893 Thomas W Gunning, aged 7 years, son of the late Thomas W Gunning of Eckhart, died at Cumberland on Monday (2 Oct).

HABERLEIN 27 may 1893 Freddie Haberlein, 7 year old son of J H Haberlein of Johnstown PA, formerly of Frostburg, died May 18. This is the 2nd son to die in this week of diphtheria.

HARRIS 04 Mar 1893 Aubrey Harris of Barton, ill for the past 5 months from injuries received while playing ball, died Monday (27 Feb) at the home of brother- in-law, R K Snyder of Barton.

HARRIS 13 May 1893 Osborne Harris, aged 2 years and 4 months, son of George Harris, died Wednesday (10 May).

HARTZIG 04 Mar 1893 Kate Hartzig of Frostburg, died Thursday (2 Mar), aged 19 years. She was a teacher at Borden Shaft.

HAVERSTICK 15 Apr 1893 Earl Sprigg Haverstick, aged 6 years and 1 month, son of Rev. A C Haverstick, died Thursday ( 13 Apr).

HENSELL 22 Apr 1893 Edward Hensell, 1 year old son of Peter Hensell, died Monday ( 17 Apr) of pneumonia.

HENSELL 22 Apr 1893 Mrs Ann E Hensell, wife of Peter Hensell, died on Monday (17 Apr), a mere 5 hours later than her infant daughter, of the spinal disease, aged 38 years. Both were buried on Wednesday.

HOBLITZELL 08 Apr 1893 Harmon Hoblitzell, aged 17 years, son of Mrs Michael Palvo, died on Monday (03 Apr) of typhoid fever.

HOBLITZELL 15 Apr 1893 Julia Hoblitzell, youngest daughter of W T Hoblitzell of Myersdale PA, died on Saturday (8 Apr).

HOLTZSNYDER 04 Nov 1893 Frederick Holtzsnyder, a miner, was killed in Eckhart on Tuesday (31 Oct) by a fall of breast coal. He was about 60 years old.

HOPKINS 02 Dec 1893 A 2 year old daughter of William Hopkins died on Sunday (26 Nov).

JENKINS 01 Apr 1893 Laura Belle Jenkins, aged 3 months, daughter of Thomas Jenkins, died Friday of last week (24 Mar).

JONES 16 Dec 1893 Mr J J Jones, father of our physician, J J Jones, died 18 Nov at Rockland WI, aged 82 years, 4 months and 15 days .

KEATING 23 Dec 1893 Mrs John Keating, wife of a junior member of the James Clark & Co. of Cumberland, died Wednesday ( 20 Dec) of pneumonia. Her husband and one child survives.

KELLY 28 Oct 1893 Mr Anthony Kelly of Vale Summit, died on Sunday (22 Oct) of advanced age, the burial is at St Michael's Catholic Church on Tuesday.

KIDWELL 16 Sep 1893 Eva Kidwell, daughter of John S Kidwell, died of diphtheria on Wednesday (13 Sep).

KNODE 29 Apr 1893 Mr David Knode, blind for years, died at the home a daughter Mrs George Goodwin on Monday ( 23 Apr). A son, John is in the West. He was a brother of the late Joseph Knode.

KREITZBURG 15 Apr 1893 An infant of Mrs Lena Kreitzburg died on Sunday (9 Apr) aged 2 years.

KROPF 18 Mar 1893 Charles Kropf, son of Zach Kropf, died Tuesday 14 Mar of measles.

LATHAM 16 Sep 1893 John Latham, 1 year old son of George Latham, died of diphtheria on Thursday (14 Sep) and burial in Allegany Cemetery with Rev W A Sites officiating.

LEHR 01 Jul 1893 Willie Lehr, aged 7 years, son of John Lehr, died on Monday (26 Jun), of the spinal disease.

LEWIS 04 Mar 1893 Mary Lewis, 3 year old daughter of John S Lewis of Frost Mine, died last Friday (Feb 24).

LEWIS 15 Apr 1893 George Lewis, 14 years of age, son of John S Lewis of Allegany Mines, died Tuesday (Apr11).

LEWIS 29 Apr 1893 Anna Lewis, 3 year old daughter of Daniel Lewis, died Monday ( 24 Apr) of diphtheria.

LOGSDON 09 Sep 1893 Diphtheria claimed the lives; on Aug 22 of daughter 4 years old and on Sep 01 of son 6 months old, of Enoch Logsdon of Clarysville.

LYONS 15 Apr 1893 An infant son of Thomas Lyons died on Tuesday (11 Apr).

MARKEL 23 Sep 1893 Miss Elizabeth Markel of Cumberland died Wednesday (18 Sep) following a lingering illness.

MASON 01 Apr 1893 Thomas Mason, 56 years of age, died at his home in Borden Shaft on Saturday (25 Mar). The funeral is from St John's P E Church, Frostburg.

MAUREY 16 Dec 1893 Francis A Maurey, a longtime resident of Frostburg, died at Cumberland (12 Dec), aged 72 years. He was a magistrate for several years. His wife and large family, all grown, survive. Son, Frank Maurey of Newark OH attended the funeral.

McCAUGHAN 30 Sep 1893 John McCaughan Jr., son of John McCaughan of Frostburg, died at Baltimore on Friday (22 Sep), aged 21 years. The funeral was in Frostburg.

McCULLOH 22 Apr 1893 Ernest McCulloh, went west to Colorado to pursue civil engineering.

McMULLAN 16 Sep 1893 Rose Marie McMullan, infant daughter of D F McMullan, died on Friday (8 Sep).

MEARS 03 Jun 1893 Mary E Means, aged 3 years, died Wednesday (May 28) at Allegany Mines.

MERRBACH 03 Jun 1893 An infant daughter of Henry Merrbach died yesterday, aged 1 year.

MICHAEL 08 Apr 1893 Loren Michael, infant daughter of Lewis C Michael, 6 years of age, died Friday (07 Apr) of diphtheria.

MOBERLY 22 Apr 1893 Mr H M Moberly has gone to West Newton PA for a new job in civil engineering.

MYERS 18 Mar 1893 Benjamin Myers of Eckhart had a third child to die within the last 2 weeks on Wednesday (15 Apr).

ORT 27 May 1893 George Ort, son of Conrad Ort Sr of Frostburg, drowned near Cottage Grove, OR on Saturday (20 May). He was unmarried and 34 years of age. He left here 7 or 8 years ago and resided at Kelso, Wash, but was on a tour in Oregon. His remains were shipped East for burial.

PAYNE 04 Mar 1893 William Payne, age 43 years, of Frostburg, died Wednesday (1 Mar) morning of erysipelas. He was principal of the William Payne & Co. merchandising firm on Main & Broadway streets. Besides his wife and infant daughter, he is survived by his mother, Mrs Peter Payne and his sister, Mrs A F Palmer.

PORTER 01 Apr 1893 George W Porter, aged 56 years, of Eckhart, died Thursday (30 mar).

PORTER 18 Feb 1893 J E Porter, son of J M Porter of Eckhart, was killed at Trinidad Colo. On Monday (13 Feb) of typhoid fever. He was lately, a butcher at Frostburg.

PRESTON 16 Sep 1893 Mrs Sarah Preston, 67 years old, widow of the late John Preston, died at her home on Thursday (14 Sep). She was born at Gettysburg and has been a resident of Frostburg for 43 years. One son and 3 daughters survive. Funeral is tomorrow from her late residence and interment at Allegany Cemetery.

PURNELL 11 Nov 1893 Mrs Henrietta Spence Purnell, in the 74th year of her age, died Monday (06 Nov) at the residence of her son Clayton Purnell. She was a widow of the late William Thomas Purnell of the Eastern Shore and at one time was the US Consul of Babia. She was born at Gennesar, Wicomico Co., MD and was a daughter of Dr John Selby Spence, US Senator of MD. Surviving are: two sons; William M of Baltimore and Clayton, an attorney at Frostburg; and daughter, Miss Louise, who resides at Frostburg with her brother. Burial at Berlin on the Eastern Shore of MD.

PURNELL 18 Nov 1893 William M Purnell, brother of Clayton Purnell, attorney at Frostburg, died in Baltimore yesterday, aged 43 years. He had been an invalid for some time. His mother died only last week. Clayton Purnell is going to Baltimore to make arrangements.

RAVENSCROFT 01 Apr 1893 John Ravenscroft of Sand Patch PA, died yesterday, aged 53 years. He owned valuable properties in Frostburg, Garrett Co., and in Pennsylvania. A large family survives. The funeral is at the M E Church South at Johnson's.

Reid 22 Jul 1893 James Reid died Tuesday (18 Jul) at the home of Mrs Martha Martin. He was born at Milford Haven, Wales and would have been 57 years old in October. He came here at the beginning of the war and has remained here since and was unmarried and quite thrifty. A brother, sister, and niece live in Wales. A blacksmith by trade, he was a member of the Masons. The funeral was at Allegany Cemetery with Rev A C Haverstick.

RICHARDS 08 Apr 1893 Thomas Richards, aged 17 years, died last Saturday (01 Apr) of the spinal cerebral disease at Old Consolidation mines.

RYAN 15 Jul 1893 Mrs John Ryan of Cumberland was burned to death by an explosion of an oil lamp on Thursday (13 Jul). She was a daughter of mine inspector Frank J McMahon. She leaves a husband and 2 infant children.

SCHNEIDER 16 Dec 1893 At Clarysville, on Tuesday ( 12 Dec), John Schneider, aged 72 years, died.

SEALY 23 Dec 1893 Peter Sealy, an aged citizen, died on Monday ( 18 Dec).

SEMLER 29 Jul 1893 Ellsworth Semler, aged 4 years, son of Charles Semler, died on Tuesday (25 Jul).

SHAFFER 10 Jun 1893 Mrs Rhinehart Shaffer, aged 60 years, died near Mt Savage on Saturday (3 Jun). Her husband is a brother of H B Shaffer of Frostburg.

SHELL 18 Mar 1893 The story of the SHELL FAMILY and of John Shell dying in the mines. [Article is 2 columns long].

SHRIVER 01 Apr 1893 At Frost Mine on Monday (27 Mar), Mrs Mary Shriver, wife of Frederick Shriver, died.

SHUCK 16 Sep 1893 Miss Eliza Shuck, aged 60 years, died at Cumberland on Monday (11 Sep).

SKIDMORE 07 Oct 1893 Charlie Skidmore, aged 6 years, son of William Skidmore of Borden Mine, died Monday (2 Oct) of diphtheria.

SLOAN 05 Aug 1893 Mrs Margaret Sloan, wife of David Sloan, died at Lonaconing on Sunday (30 Jul). She was a daughter of the late Douglas Percy of Frostburg. She leaves her husband, two girls and two boys. Also, 4 sisters and 2 brothers; William R Percy-Frostburg; Douglas G Percy of Cumberland; Mrs L T DeWitt of Westernport; Mrs W H LeFevre of Cumberland; Mrs James Shaw of Cumberland; and Mrs C W Shaw of Frostburg. Burial is in the Porter Graveyard on the Rose Meadow farm.

SMELTZ 27 May 1893 Carl Smeltz, aged 4 months, son of C A Smeltz, died on Monday (13 May).

SMITH 09 Dec 1893 Alexander B Smith of Carlos, aged 54 years, died Saturday ( 02 Dec).

SMITH 22 Apr 1893 Mrs Margaret Smith, mother of Mrs Joseph Timmons of Frostburg, died at Cumberland, aged 78 years.

SMITH 29 Jul 1893 Capt. J P Smith, his wife and 4 daughters and 2 sons left Thursday to relocate at Pittsburgh PA where eldest son George T already lives.

SONNENBERG 16 Dec 1893 Edward Sonnenberg, injured in the wreck at Midlothian switch, last Saturday, died Monday ( 10 Dec). He was about 19 years of age.

SOYSTER 16 Sep 1893 Michael Soyster of Cumberland, aged 71 years, died at the home of a brother in Flintstone.

STEIN 23 Sep 1893 James Stein of Carlos was killed by passenger train #2 on Thursday (21 Sep). He was sitting on the track at a curve near Ocean when struck. He was 45 years of age and leaves a wife and 5 children.

STEVENS 01 Apr 1893 Minnie Stevens, 14 months daughter of Theophilus Stevens of Allegany Mines, died Sunday (26 Mar) of pneumonia.

STEVENS 09 Dec 1893 Nannie E Stevens of Allegany Mines died Monday ( 04 Dec), aged 6 years.

STEWART 18 Mar 1893 Russell Stewart, a young man of Midlothian, died there on 11 March from the effects of a strain at work. He had been ill only a few days.

STRUBY 15 Apr 1893 A child of John Struby died on Sunday (9 Apr), aged 2 years.

SULLIVAN 05 Aug 1893 Beatrice Sullivan, 6 years of age, daughter of Charles F Sullivan, died Saturday (29 Jul) of diphtheria.

SULLIVAN 05 Aug 1893 Sadie Sullivan, 8 years of age, daughter of Charles F Sullivan, died Saturday (29 Jul) of diphtheria.

TAYLOR 26 Aug 1893 Col. Samuel H Taylor died at Washington IN last Sunday (20 Aug). He was formerly of this county and a friend of the Beall family.

TENNANT 07 Jan 1893 Edgar M Tennant, 27 years of age, second son of A W Tennant, formerly of Frostburg, died at his house in Baltimore on Jan 2. He was a native of Frostburg and an efficient newspaper man. George W Tennant of here attended the funeral.

TENNANT 27 May 1893 At Borden Mines on Friday (19 May), Mrs Marion Percy Tennant, relict of the late George Tennant, died in the 84th year of her age. She was sister of the late David and Douglas Percy of Frostburg and of James Percy of Cumberland, and all were natives of Scotland. A large family of grown children survives.

THOMAS 05 Aug 1893 An infant child of John M Thomas of Grahamtown, died Thursday (3 Aug).

TIMMONS 19 Aug 1893 Mrs Mary A Timmons of Mt Savage, aged 85 years, died of paralysis on Sunday (13 Aug) at Mt Savage. A native of Staffordshire, England, she came to this country 50 years ago. Three daughters and one son, Thomas Timmons of Frostburg, survive.

TWIGG 16 Sep 1893 Mrs Alice A Twigg, aged 23 years, died on Sunday (10 Sep) of consumption at her home in Cumberland.

WADE 03 Jun 1893 Gilman Wade, aged 3 years, son of Charles Wade, died of diphtheria on Monday (29 May). KROLL 03 Jun 1893 A grown son of Harmon Kroll of Frostburg died on Thursday (1 Jun).

WADE 22 Jul 1893 Henry B Wade, son of Mayor C H Wade, died Thursday (20 Jul) of congestion of the bowels, aged 2 months.

WALKER 03 Jun 1893 A full column biographical sketch of Charles H Walker, the retiring postmaster at Frostburg.

WALKER 15 Jul 1893 John Walker of Eckhart, brakeman on the railroad, was run over by a train at the cement mill at Cumberland and killed.

WALSH 23 Dec 1893 Edward Walsh, aged 40 years, died on Monday (18 Dec).

WARN 25 Mar 1893 Albert Warn, son of Jabez Warn, died yesterday of heart trouble and inflamation of the lungs. He would have been 10 years of age on May 15.

WEIMER 15 Apr 1893 Ira Weimer, 18 years of age, son of Perry Weimer, died Saturday (08 Apr).

WELD 22 Jul 1893 H T Weld of Mt Savage, died there Thursday (20 Jul). He was a pioneer of this county.

WELLINGS 27 May 1893 Mrs Sarah Wellings, relict of the late Henry Wellings, died at Scranton PA on Tuesday (16 May), at age 73 years. Her remains were brought here for burial in Allegany Graveyard on Saturday, with Rev Owen Enoch of the Congregational Church presideing.

WELLINGTON 16 Dec 1893 At Cumberland, a few days ago, Mrs Margaret Wellington, mother of US Sub-Treasurer, the Hon. G L Wellington, died at an advanced age.

WELLS 07 Jan 1893 Benjamin Wells, the dock boss at Ocean, was killed this morning. A trip ran off the track, he was helping to replace it, a wrong signal was given, the trip moved, and crushed Wells.

WELSH 18 Mar 1893 Albert Welsh, son of James Welsh, was 5 years old on Feb 20 , but died on Tuesday (14 Mar) of spinal disease.

WENK 15 Apr 1893 Henry Wenk, 12 years of age, son of William Wenk, died Friday (07 Apr).

WILLIAMS 02 Dec 1893 William Williams, aged 67 years, 5 months and 4 days, died at his residence on Wednesday ( 29 Nov) from asthma. He was born in Mammothshire, England and came to this country many years ago. His wife and a large family of grown children survive. He was an industrious miner and served as Supervisor of Streets for several terms.

WILLIAMS 09 Sep 1893 Mrs Julia A Williams died at the home of a son-in-law, Jordan Wilderman at Sand Spring on Thursday (7 Sep). She was 71 years of age and leaves 4 sons and 2 daughters, all grown. Burial is in the Catholic Cemetery at Frostburg.

WILSON 11 Feb 1893 Lola Wilson, 8 years of age, daughter of Thomas M Wilson of Frostburg, died Wednesday (8 Feb) of diphtheria. The funeral was Thursday with Rev T C Easson of the Main Street Baptist officiated.

WILSON 29 Jul 1893 Robert Clayton Wilson, aged 5 months, 10 days, infant son of Frederick Wilson died on Friday (21 Jul).

WITHERS 16 Dec 1893 W M Withers of Cumberland died Monday (11 Dec) . He was 31 years of age and leaves a wife and 2 children. He was a journalist of the Cumberland Times.

YOUNGERMAN 19 Aug 1893 Emma Youngerman, aged 7 years, 11 months, and 7 days, daughter of J C Youngerman, died Saturday (12 Aug) with spinal fever.

ZAIS 28 Jan 1893 James B Zais, 35 years of age, unmarried son of Frederick Zais, died on 21 Jan at his father's residence in Frostburg.


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