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Excerpts from The Frostburg Mining Journal
transcribed by Charles Often





Note: Sep-Oct 1894 and all of the Cumberland Times of 1892 through 1893 were not microfilmed.
Transcriptions of the Frostburg Mining Journal (FMJ) are included for 1892 and 1893.

00 Jan 1892 These items are recorded from the Frostburg Mine Journal as the pages are not included in the Cumberland Times microfilms.

ANNAN 30 Jan 1892 W L Annan died in Baltimore on Thursday (28 Jan). Brother, Daniel Annan is cashier at the 2nd National Bank in Cumberland.

ARNOLD 26 Mar 1892 Henry Arnold died Tuesday ( 22 Mar). His wife and 2 children survive. His remains were taken to Piedmont for interment.

ASPINALL 30 Apr 1892 Mary Aspinall, an infant of John Aspinall, aged 3 years, 2 months and 15 days, died on Friday ( 29 Apr).

BARRETT 21 May 1892 Mrs Rachel Barrett, wife of Thomas Barrett, aged about 55 years, died at her home on Wednesday (25 May). The funeral is from St Michael's.

BLASSE 08 Oct 1892 Mrs Mary Blasse, 66 years of age, died Friday (30 Sep). She was born at Dryas, Hesse Cassel, Germany and came to this country in 1852. She died of stomach cancer. Her husband and two children survive: Mrs Josiah Ford of Eckhart and Charles R Blasse of Allegany City PA. The funeral was Monday at the English Lutheran Church with Rev C A Britt officiating.

BOYD 13 Feb 1892 Robert Boyd, father of county commissioner Boyd, died at his son's residence at Lonaconing yesterday, aged 65 years.

CABLE 14 May 1892 Mrs Cable, an aged lady, died Wednesday ( 11 May) at the home of son, George Cable of Frostburg.

CALLAGHAN 10 Dec 1982 John T Callaghan, a worker in the Jackson mine was killed by a fall of top coal Thursday (31 Nov). His wife and 3 children survive.

Campbell 16 Jan 1892 James Campbell, aged 45 years, died at Borden Shaft on Friday ( 08 Jan).

CHANEY 12 Mar 1892 The mother-in-law of Rev J P Wilson of Lonaconing, Mrs Martha E Chaney, died last Saturday ( 5 Mar) in Calvert Co., MD in the 73rd year of her life. She was the relict of the late Rev J T Chaney, a Methodist minister and a grand mother of Mrs R P Mason of Frostburg.

CROW 16 Jan 1892 Mrs Annie Crow, wife of Abraham Crow, died Thursday ( 14 Jan) , aged 53 years.

CUSTER 03 Dec 1892 Emmanuel Custer, father of Gen. George H Custer, died at Monroe MI on Tuesday (29 Nov), aged 93 years. Many years ago, he lived at Cresaptown MD where the general was born. About 15 years ago, Mr Custer visited for several weeks as a guest of Marx Wineland.

DUNDON 09 Apr 1892 Michael Dundon died Sunday (3 Apr) at his home in Eckhart form the effects of injuries received in the Eckhart mines 7 weeks ago. He was 58 years of age, and leaves a wife and 5 children. The funeral was Tuesday at St Michael's Catholic Church. NAIRN 09 Apr 1892 Mrs Jane Nairn died Saturday ( 26 Mar) at her home. She was the wife of Jacob Nairn, who, with 5 children, survives. The funeral is Tuesday at St Michael's Catholic Church with a High Mass of Requiem celebrated by Rev S J Clarke.

DUNSTON 223 Apr 1892 Thomas Dunston, aged 62 years, died last Sunday ( 16 Apr). He was a stone mason and a veteran of the war.

DURKIN 29 Oct 1892 Hugh Durkin, 55 years of age, died at Eckhart last Sunday (23 Oct). The funeral was Tuesday at St Michael's Catholic Church.

EISLE 16 Jan 1892 Christian Eisle, 84 years of age, died Thursday (14 Jan) at his home.

EISLE 12 Nov 1892 Rachel Eisle, aged 5 years and 8 months, daughter of Peter Eisle, died Friday (4 Nov).

EVANS 15 Oct 1892 Mrs Ann Evans, aged 70 years, died Saturday (8 Oct) at the residence of son-in-law D J Williams. The funeral was Monday at the Presbyterian Church with Rev A C Thompson officiating. Her remains were interred with her husband.

FAGAN 07 May 1892 Mrs Bartley Fagan died Sunday ( 01 May) at her home in Vale Summit. The funeral was at St Michael's in Frostburg.

FAZENBAKER 14 May 1892 Perry Fazenbaker of Lonaconing was killed in Koontz's mine last Saturday ( 7 May) by a fall of roof coal. He had been married only for one week.

FOLK 02 Jul 1892 Mrs Webster Folk died Wednesday (28 Jun) following a long illness. The funeral was Saturday at the reformed Church with Rev A G Gekeler.

FORCEY 05 Nov 1892 Mrs Jane Forcey, sister of the late Curtin M Graham, died at Walnut Level on Thursday (3 Nov) at an advanced age.

GRAHAME 30 Jul 1892 Richard Grahame Jr, 3rd son of Richard Grahame of Johnson's in Garrett Co., died 12 Jul 1892. He was born 22 Feb 1878 and burial was in the family graveyard.

GROVE 09 Apr 1892 John S Grove died Saturday (2 Apr) at his mother's home in Sharpsburg MD. He settled in Frostburg in 1872, taught school and practiced law here. He married Miss A M Devecmon in 1877 and had three daughters; Misses Allie, Maggie, and Mamie. Brother-in-law, W C Devecmon of Cumberland, attended the funeral at Sharpsburg.

HIGGINS 05 Mar 1892 The body of Timothy Higgins, engineer of the B&O RR, was found on the tracks near the glass works at S Cumberland. He is the son of Patrick Higgins of Vale Summit. Although the body had been run over, there is evidence of foul play.

HILL 27 Feb 1892 Thomas Hill, aged 61, died at his home near Elizabeth PA on Thursday (25 Feb). He was one of the pioneer families of Frostburg. He was brother of George Hill and William Hill of this area.

HITCHENS 13 Feb 1892 Robert Ruskin Hitchens, aged 1 year and 9 days, son of Owen Hitchens, died Sunday (07 Feb) of a digestive problem.

HOCKING 09 Jan 1892 Mrs Sally Taylor Hocking, wife of John Hocking of Meyersdale PA, died there Wednesday ( 06 Jan). She was formerly of Frostburg.

HOLLE 16 Jan 1892 Albert Holle, 37 years of age, died on Monday (11 Jan). His mother, Mrs Albert Holle Sr. of Frostburg and sister, Minnie, wife of Rev Homrighaus of Washington DC survive him. His father died in 1881. He was not married.

HOSKEN 05 Mar 1892 An infant child of George Hosken Jr died on Wednesday (2 Mar).

HOSKEN 16 Apr 1892 Mrs Elizabeth Hosken, wife of John Hosken Jr, died on Friday ( 8 Apr) leaving a husband and 4 children.

HUNTLEY 30 Jan 1892 Mrs Napler Beall Huntley, relict of E K Huntley, superintendent of the Allegany Coal Co., died Monday (25 Jan) of apoplexy in the 77th year of her age. She was born Feb 29, 1816, and leaves son Major J H Huntley and brothers, Capt. Nelson Beall and Richard Beall of Frostburg; and sisters Mrs Kalbfus and Mrs James Kane of Frostburg. Burial is in the Beall family plot in the Percy Cemetery.

JONES 05 Nov 1892 Mrs Ellen Jones, wife of Evan Jones of Youngstown Ohio, died at the home of daughter, Mrs John Bone of Carlos. She was born at Ayshire, Scotland and came here 49 years ago, living here until 6 years ago when the family removed to Youngstown. She returned to Frostburg in June and experienced heart failure and dropsy. Her remains were brought from Carlos to the residence of son-in-law, C O Towles at Frostburg. The funeral was Sunday at the English Lutheran Church. Her husband and 3 children survive: Mrs John Bone of Carlos; James Tennant of Kansas City KS and Mrs C O Toles of Frostburg. Step-son William B Jones, Mrs Isaac Thomas of Benwood; and Mrs Charles Seabright of Wheeling, nieces, attended the funeral.

JOYCE 03 Dec 1892 Winifred Joyce, 14 years of age, daughter of Peter Joyce of Carlos, died Tuesday (29 Nov).

KEAR 09 Jan 1892 Mrs Maria Kear, aged 74 years, wife of George Kear, died Sunday ( 03 Jan) at her residence. Her husband and 6 grown children survive.

KENNEY 03 Sep 1892 Sarah Kenny, aged 83 years, died at her home on Water Street, Frostburg yesterday. She had been a slave one-half of those years.

KNODE 13 Feb 1892 Joseph Knode, aged 86 years, died Sunday (07 Feb).

LANCASTER 27 Aug 1892 Eli Lancaster of Marshalltown Iowa is visiting his old home town of Frostburg . He had left here 24 years ago.

LARGENT 03 Sep 1892 Jasper Newton Largent, 6 months old son of Arthur R Largent, died of strangulation with a piece of peanut shell lodged in his breathing tube. The shell was taken from his little sister 3 days ago.

LEWIS 23 Sep 1892 William D Lewis, 61 years of age, died at his home on Friday (11 Sep) and was buried Sunday in Allegany Cemetery.

LEWIS 30 Jul 1892 John W Lewis, 84 years, 6 months, and 7 days, died at the home of son-in-law, Edward Price, last Saturday (23 Jul).he was born at Blaen Avon, Wales and had been a resident here sine 1855 and he was a member of Mr Price's family since 1866. The funeral was Monday at the Welsh Baptist Church with Rev Henry Thomas and burial at the Percy Cemetery. Mr Price had returned home from work and learned of Mr Lewis's death. His daughter Mrs James Stewart and infant daughter Mary Ann arrived and Mary Ann went into the room where the corpse lay and drank from a saucer of embalming fluid laying nearby. A physician was called and applied the usual remedies and she was thought to be well. She took ill later and died on Sunday (24 Jul). She was 2 years, 11 months and 21 days of age. Her funeral took place 1 hour following her grand-father's and burial was in Allegany Cemetery.

MALLEN 13 Aug 1892 George Mallen, son of Benjamin Mallen, living at the Workman Farm, accidently and shot and killed himself while out hunting. He was 22 years old and unmarried.

MASON 12 Nov 1892 Nora Mason, aged 12 years ,eldest daughter of Thomas G & Annie Mason, died Friday,(04 Nov) at Pittsburgh PA. They were formerly of Frostburg.

MATHENY 10 Sep 1892 R R Matheny, son of Robert Matheny, agent of the C&P RR at Lonaconing, fell to the pavement at his father's home on Monday night. He came home, found the house locked, climbed to the porch roof to make entry and fell backwards, severely injuring himself. He was employed as a manifest clerk at #1 Mine of George's Creek Coal and Iron Co. He died from this fall yesterday morning.

MATTHEWS 21 May 1892 Mr John Matthews, aged 72 years, died Tuesday ( 17 May) at Walnut Level. The funeral was Wednesday and Rev C A Britt of Frostburg officiated.

McDONALD 19 Mar 1892 Archibald McDonald, citizen of Barton, died yesterday, aged 62 years. Burial in the Percy Cemetery.

McGANN 10 Dec 1892 Miss Ellen T McGann, aged 44 years, died Tuesday (6 Dec) at the home of brother-in-law, James Scalley. Funeral yesterday at St Michael's.

McGOVERN 26 Mar 1892 Owen McGovern, working at the Carlos Mine of the Barton & George's Creek Valley Co., was killed by a fall of roof coal. A wife and 6 children survive.

McKENZIE 16 Jan 1892 Thornton McKenzie of Cresaptown, aged 62 years, died on Wednesday ( 13 Jan).

McKENZIE 12 Mar 1892 John W McKenzie, a 17 month old son of John F McKenzie of Borden Shaft fell into a kettle of boiling turnips on Monday ( 7 Mar) and died. The funeral was Wednesday with Rev H A Brown of Frostburg officiated.

McKENZIE 01 Oct 1892 Mrs G Thornton McKenzie died at her home "Delta Farm" on Friday (22 Sep). Several children, all grown, survive.

McMILLAN 17 Sep 1892 Mrs William McMillan, formerly of Eckhart, died of typhoid fever at McKeesport. She was the sister of John Kirby of the Vale Farm. Her remains will be brought here for interment.

McMULLAN 09 Jan 1892 Mrs Mary E McMullan, aged 63 years, died Sunday ( 03 Jan).

MEYERS 03 Dec 1892 Henry Meyers died last Sunday (27 Nov) at his home near the six mile house of an advanced age.

MOODY 08 Oct 1892 In Connellsville on Monday (3 Oct), Mr Joseph D Moody, aged 48 years, a former resident of Frostburg several years ago, died and the remains were returned and interred at St Michael's Catholic Cemetery on Wednesday.

MURPHY 22 Oct 1892 James Murphy of Elk Garden WV was injured in a mine there on Thursday and died on Friday. His remains were brought to Frostburg Sunday and interred in the Catholic Cemetery of St Michael's Catholic Church.

MURRAY 29 Sep 1892 Charles Murray, 74 years of age, died here on Saturday (17 Sep). The funeral was Monday at St Michael's Church.

MYERS 09 Apr 1892 Mrs Henrietta Myers, wife of John Myers of J., aged 65 years, died on Saturday ( 4 Apr).

MYERS 01 Oct 1892 Raphael Myers, 6 month old son of Benjamin Myers, died Sunday (25 Sep) and the funeral was Tuesday by Rev. H R Savage.

NATHAN 05 Nov 1892 Mrs Nathan, the mother of Squire Michael Nathan of Grantsville, died Tuesday (1 Nov) and the funeral was Thursday at St Michael's Church.

PARKER 04 Jun 1892 Walter J Parker, only son of James N Parker, aged 4 years, died on Monday (31 May).

PARKER 23 Sep 1892 Mrs Lucilla Parker died Saturday (17 Sep) at the residence of son, William Parker at Eckhart, aged 86 years. The funeral was Monday with Rev H R Savage officiating. Interment was at the Porter Cemetery.

PARKER 06 Feb 1892 Harry E Parker, son of John T Parker, aged 13 years, 7 months, and1 day, died Friday (29 Jan) of blood poisoning from an injured knee. The funeral is at St Michaels.

PORTER 03 Sep 1892 George W Porter, aged 52 years, a veteran of the war, died at his home in Borden Mines on Sunday (28 Aug).

PORTER 19 Mar 1892 Mrs Sallie A Porter, relict of the late Dr J M Porter, died at her home on Sunday ( 13 Mar), aged 67 years. She had been ill for one week. She was born at Wheeling WV but lived in Frostburg since her marriage 28 years ago. Her sister, Mrs Ellen French and two step-children; Glissan T Porter of Cumberland and Mrs Frank Tiddy, survive. The funeral is at St Michael's Catholic Church on Tuesday.

PRESTON 11 Jun 1892 Miss Helen Preston, aged 38 years, 3 months, and 21 days, the eldest daughter of John & Sarah Preston, died on Wednesday ( 8 Jun). The funeral was Saturday from the English Lutheran Church.

PRICE 26 Nov 1892 Johnny Price, aged 3 years, son of John Price, died Wednesday (23 Nov).

REESE 23 Jul 1892 Mrs John B Reese died Wednesday (20 Jul) following a long illness. The funeral is at Main Street Baptist Church with Rev Henry Thomas.

RICHTER 16 Jan 1892 Mrs Annie Richter, aged 28 years, died yesterday.

ROBB 11 Jun 1892 Sarah Robb, aged 7 years, died at Borden Shaft last week and was buried Sunday with Rev C L Kennard officiating.

SCHMEIDER 08 Oct 1892 Mrs Catherine Schmeider of Eckhart, died Monday (3 Oct) and the funeral was Wednesday at the St Michael's Catholic Church.

SCHOFIELD 05 Nov 1892 The Schofield family will relocate at Davenport Iowa. Misses Sarah A and Mary J and Master John G H and Wesley L Schofield, all children of B T Schofield left Wednesday and Mr & Mrs Schofield will remain here to maintain the business on Mechanic Street, Frostburg with Alfred and Samuel.

SCHOFIELD 15 Oct 1892 A child, aged 6 months, of Alfred Schofield, died yesterday.

SEIFKER 10 Dec 1892 Mr Conrad E Seifker, aged 70 years, died Tuesday ( 6 Dec) at the residence of a son-in-law, W J Cooper after an illness of several months. He was born in Germany, came to the United States at age 16, settling at Frostburg. A brother in Germany and a son-in-law, W J Cooper and children survive. The funeral is Tuesday with Rev C A Britt. He was a Free Mason. Burial in the Old Cemetery.

SHEARER 23 Sep 1892 Mrs Sarah Maitland Shearer, widow of the late C W Shearer, died at the home of a daughter, Mrs J C Beach on Wednesday (21 Sep), aged 66 years. She was born at Muirkirk, Ayreshire, Scotland and came to the US in 1879 and has lived here since in Allegany County. Six children survive: Robert; Mrs William Hoblbitzell; Mrs J C Beach; Mrs M W Keller of Frostburg; Mrs William G McCulloh of Elkins WV; and Mrs William Hansell. The funeral is tomorrow.

SHRIVER 23 Jul 1892 Arthur Shriver, journalist of Cumberland, was found dead in his bed on Monday (18 Jul). He had been sleeping at home but taking his meals at a hotel while his family had been away for several weeks. He did not appear for work at the office on Saturday and by Monday, employees called at his house and found him deceased. He was head of the Arthur Schriver & Co. printers and was about 45 years of age. A wife and 2 children survive.

SHUCKHART 12 Nov 1892 At her home at Borden Mine, Miss Nettie Shuckhart, aged 18 years, daughter of William Shuckhart, died Tuesday ( Nov 8).

SIEGMUND 18 Jun 1892 Charles Siegmund, son of Mrs Julia Siegmund and a grand son of Charles C Heintz of Frostburg, drowned while bathing in the Potomac River opposite Cumberland last Sunday (12 Jun). He was aged 16 years, was born and raised in Frostburg, but lived with uncle John L Heintz at Cumberland, for some time. His widowed mother and brother George survive. [This article had 4 paragraphs].

SMITH 09 Jul 1892 Edward Smith of Mt Savage, was killed at Midlothian Trestle on Tuesday (5 Jul) by being run over by coal hoppers. He was aged 53 years, a miner and unmarried.

SMITH 09 Jan 1892 James McDonald Smith, aged 3 years, son of Alexander Smith, clerk of the Town Council, died Tuesday (28 Dec 1891).

SPIER 09 Apr 1892 Mrs Allan Spier of Midlothian, died on Saturday ( 4 Apr). Her husband and 5 children survive. Mrs. John Hartig of Frostburg is a sister.

STEINEMAN 27 Aug 1892 Ulrich Steineman, aged 77 years, agent of the C&P RR at Eckhart, died on Monday (21 Aug) in Cumberland.

STORY 17 Dec 1892 Mrs Story, aged about 50 years, died at Boston Mine near Eckhart on Sunday (11 Dec).

SULLIVAN 16 Jan 1892 Miss Margaret E Sullivan, aged 23 years and 20 days, daughter of William Sullivan of Eckhart, died Tuesday ( 12 Jan).

SWEEN 14 May 1892 A child of William Sween of Borden Mines died last Friday ( 6 May) and was buried Sunday, Rev C L Kennard officiated.

TAYLOR 03 Dec 1892 Henry Taylor, aged 75 years, died at his home at Midland last Sunday (27 Nov).

TAYLOR 17 Dec 1892 A child of John E Taylor of Borden Shaft died Monday (12 Dec) , aged 3 years.

THOMAS 16 Apr 1892 A L Thomas, 27 years of age, eldest son of Joseph B Thomas, superintendent of the Hoffman Mine, died at his home on Saturday (9 Apr). He was an engineer. His wife, the eldest daughter of Arthur Baker, survives with one child.

TIMMERS 04 Jun 1892 Joseph Timmers Jr, son of Joseph Timmers of Frostburg, died returning from work in Ocean Mine on Thursday ( 2 Jun). He jumped from a coal train at the brick yard and fell toward the wheels by his momentum, and was crushed to death. He would have been 15 years old on July 1. The funeral took place at St John's P E Church.

TRIMBLE 27 Aug 1892 Noah Trimble, aged 84 years, formerly of Frostburg, died at Cumberland on Thursday (25 Aug).

TRIMBLE 17 Sep 1892 Miss Delia Trimble, aged 26 years, daughter of the late Noah Trimble, who died a few weeks ago, died on Friday (9 Sep) at her home in Cumberland. Her remains will be brought to Frostburg and interred beside her father's body.

WARN 26 Mar 1892 James H Warn and family left for Blue Earth City Minn, their future home.

WATSON 29 Oct 1892 Mrs Margaret Watson, wife of James Watson of Eckhart died Monday (24 Oct) after a protracted illness. She was born in Arborie, Lamarkshire Scotland on April 13, 1845 and immigrated into the US in 1853, where she settled at the Washington mine, living there for 39 years in the same house. She was the mother of 9 children, 5 sons and 4 daughters. Four sons died in infancy in Scotland and the fifth, John H Watson, died in Cumberland in 1885. She leaves her husband and 4 daughters. Burial was at the Eckhart Cemetery. [Article is 3 paragraphs long].

WELLINGS 05 Mar 1892 Henry Wellings, an aged citizen, died on Wednesday ( 2 Mar). His wife and several children survive.

WINEBRENNER 01 Oct 1892 Mrs Emma Winebrenner of Garrett Co., died Monday (26 Sep), aged 26 years. The funeral is at Borden Shaft with Rev C L Kennard.

WINEBRENNER 27 Feb 1892 Mrs Rebecca Winebrenner, aged 70 years, wife of William S Winebrenner, died at her home at Borden Shaft on Friday (19 Feb).

WINTER 30 Jan 1892 Mrs Hester Winter, relict of the late John Winter, died at her home on Dan's Mountain, Wednesday ( 27 Jan), in the 93rd year of her life. She was born at Mt Savage and moved to Dan's Mountain after marriage. Sons John and Enoch of Iowa and daughter, Mrs James Sharer of Frostburg, survive. The funeral was yesterday at St Michael's in Frostburg.

WINTER 12 Nov 1892 Enoch Winter of Washington, Iowa is in Frostburg to visit his sister, Mrs James Shearer.

WOOD 21 May 1892 Mrs Alfred Wood died at her home in Midlothian last Saturday (15 May) and was buried Monday. Her husband and 1 child survive.

ZIMMERLY 13 Aug 1892 At his home in Covington KY, on Wednesday (10 Aug), Charles W Zimmerly, formerly of Cumberland, died, aged 42 years. A wife, and 3 children of Covington survive; along with; a mother, 2 sisters and a brother, John M Zimmerly all of Cumberland.


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