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Excerpts from The Cumberland Times
transcribed by Charles Often




ACHESON 11 Jan 1889 Mr James C Acheson, 40 years of age, died last night at the home of his sister, Mrs David Lynn at Rose Hill. He was born at Wheeling in 1848 and had been ill for several years from consumption, coming here 2 months ago to be attended by his wife. The remains will be conveyed to Wheeling for burial beside his only son.

ALLEN 07 Feb 1889 Mr Robert Allen died last night of heart trouble. He was born on Patterson's Creek near Frankfort in 1849, learned the carpenter trade, moved to Cumberland in 1869, and operated a contracting business. He married Miss Flury who survives with 5 children from 2 to 15 years of age and also; 3 brothers and 4 sisters. The funeral is from the English Lutheran Church with Rev Finkbiner and burial in the German Lutheran Cemetery.

ASH 12 Aug 1889 Mrs Emily Ash, wife of Amos Ash, a prominent farmer of near Flintstone, died at her residence on Saturday (10 Aug). She was the mother of Mrs Melissa Boor of this city. The funeral is from the home with Rev Bennington and burial in the Grange Cemetery near Flintstone.

ASH 27 May 1889 Mr Jasper Ash, who lived near the 6 mile house on the Baltimore Pike, had suffered for some time of an affliction of the head which caused his death. He leaves 2 daughters; Mrs Dr AP Twigg; and Mrs Hewlet Ash; both of Flintstone. The funeral is from the Pleasant grove Church with Rev Mr Long and Rev Mr Bennington of the Methodist Church South and burial in the IOOF Cemetery at Flintstone.

BAKER 15 Nov 1889 Mrs William Baker, about 40 years of age, died at her home on Polk Street yesterday of consumption. A husband and 6 children survive. Mr Baker is also a victim of the same disease and is unable to work as a tailor. The funeral is tomorrow at St Patrick's Catholic Church and interment in the cemetery connected with the church. 23 Nov 1889 The six children of Mrs Baker, who died on 14 Nov, were sent to different Catholic Institutions throughout the state by Squire Gonder from a petition sworn out by their aunt, Mrs Theresa Shaffer of Oakland. Three girls to St Mary's Orphanage for girls; one boy to St Mary's Industrial School for boys; one boy, only 6 years of age, sent to Dolan Aid House connected with the St Mary's School until he is 8 years of age. Another child is placed into the custody of Mrs Shaffer, the aunt. They were committed on the 18th.

BAKER 24 Sep 1889 Mr George Baker, a stone mason, died Sunday (22 Sep) at his residence on Lena Street. He was born in Bavaria in 1812 and leaves a wife, and 14 children, 8 boys and 6 girls. The funeral is from the Sts Peter & Paul Church with burial in the cemetery of that church.

BARNDOLLAR 15 Jul 1889 Mrs Barndollar, the mother of Mr JJ Hetzel of this city, who is also well known in this city, died Saturday (13 Jul) at Sulphur Springs, aged 77 years. She was buried in Everett, her home town, yesterday.

BAUER 15 Aug 1889 Mrs John Bauer died at her residence on Charles Street today of cancer of the brain in the 54th year of her life. She leaves 2 children: Douglas H and Miss Emma Bauer, both of this city. Also, 2 brothers, CF & JL Hetzel; and 1 daughter, Mrs George F Shaffer. The funeral is at the German Lutheran Church with Rev Dr Geise and burial in the German Lutheran Cemetery.

BLACK 30 Jan 1889 Mrs H D Black, wife of Harry D Black Esq., the Allegany County Historian, died in new York City after an illness of 24 hours. Her maiden name was Mary Halderman and she was from Columbia PA. She married mr Black in 1842. Several grown children survive her. The funeral is from St Patrick's Catholic Church, Rev Father Casper Ebert officiating and burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.

BLUBAKER 17 Jun 1889 Mr Jacob Blubaker, 45, a well known boatman, died at his residence on Wineow St yesterday. He leaves a wife, Louise Anna Blubaker and children; Mary C; Nonnie May; and Lilia Belle. The funeral is today from his residence. 06 Aug 1889 Attempts to place the children in St Mary's in Baltimore is met with some resistance as the action is not in the best interests of the children. [ column article]

BOOR 07 Feb 1889 Mrs Boor, living out in Cumberland Valley, died last night aged 80 years.

BROTEMARKLE 11 Mar 1889 Mr Henry Brotemarkle died yesterday at his residence on Little Valley road, 4 miles from the city. He was 87 years of age and had been ill for 2 weeks. He leaves the following children: Henry S, living in the city; 2 married daughters in Washington IA; and, a son, Samuel in Kansas City. The funeral is from the residence with Rev Finkbiner and interment in Rose Hill Cemetery.

BROWN 29 Jul 1889 Mrs Jacob Brown died at her residence 20 N Liberty Street last Saturday (27 Jul) of dysentery in her 63rd year. A native of Hagerstown, her maiden name was Ellen Brumbaugh. She leaves a husband and 5 children: Joseph; Mrs Daniel Chisolm of Oakland; Kate; Fannie; and Newton. The funeral was from the home yesterday with Rev Mr Moffatt.

BUCKHOLTZ 07 Feb 1889 Mrs Mary C Buckholtz of Martinsburg, died at age 82 years. She leaves 3 sons and 1 daughter: William Buckholtz, Mrs Harry Koelker, and Frances M Messman of this city; and John Buckholtz of Washington DC. The funeral is at Sts Peter & Paul Catholic Church with Rev Father Benedict officiating.

BUELL 22 Apr 1889 Charles H Buell died at the residence of brother- in-law Frank B Jenvey at 45 Harrison Street yesterday from typhoid fever. He was 21 years of age, a druggist by profession, and lived at Marietta Ohio, coming here only a short time ago to improve his health. His remains will be sent to Marietta Ohio for internment.

BURKE 21 Mar 1889 Miss Annie Burke died at the home of Mr Charles Rizer on Polk Street of a complication of diseases which she suffered for many years. Her remains were taken to Mt Savage on the C&P RR with the funeral at the Catholic Church there with Rev Father O'Connor.

BURTON 28 Jan 1889 Mr J Wesley Burton of Frostburg died on Friday (28 Jan), aged 58 years. He leaves a wife and 7 children. He had resided in Frostburg all of his life.

CAGE 09 Sep 1889 Andrew Cage died at his home on Lena Street on Saturday (7 Sep) of consumption, aged 62 years, 11 months and 0 days. A native of Jefferson Co WV, he came to Cumberland 40 years ago. His wife and 2 children survive: Mrs Mary Jane Witt of Cumberland and Mrs Sarah Ann Day of Williams Station PA. Funeral from the St Patrick's Catholic Church, father Brennan celebrant and burial in St Patrick's Cemetery.

CARTER 30 Dec 1889 Mary Ann Carter, familiar as "Granny Carter" of Mt Savage, died yesterday at the advanced age of 106 years and 10 months. She was a lifelong resident of Mt Savage and will be buried at Maryland Mines tomorrow. She was a member of the Catholic Church.

CONNOR 16 Mar 1889 Mrs Hannah Connor, aged 50 years, wife of W M Connor, died at her residence on Valley Street today of a complication of diseases. Mrs Connor was married in Iowa City, IA in 1856, her maiden name being Chandler. She was a sister of Thomas Chandler of this city. She leaves a husband and 2 children: Mrs Annie M Gross and Charles W Connor. The funeral is Monday from the Centre Street M E Church and burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.

COOK 17 Apr 1889 James Cook, 17 years of age, came to his death by the accidental discharge of a gun from the hands of William Patterson, 21 years of age. The two friends were out for the purpose of shooting a dog with a double barrel gun. Patterson carried the gun and when they arrived at the dog, he took aim but did not observe his friend who was also in range. The result of the inquest is death by accidental firing of the gun. The funeral is at the Allegany Cemetery at Frostburg.

COOK 25 Jul 1889 Mr Perry Cook, a freight agent on the Bedford Division of the Pennsylvania Railroad died as a result of a train crash into the rear of a freight. He was a married man with one child and was about 40 years of age and lived at Ellerslie. 26 Jul 1889 Follow-up story reveals he will be buried at Cooks Mills PA.

COULEHAN 21 Jan 1889 Bernard C Coulehan Sr died at his residence on Williams & Wineow Sts. He was born at Kings Co, Ireland about 1803. There, he married Miss Mary Walsh and in 1852, came to this country living in Baltimore and Harpers Ferry until 1871,when he came to Cumberland. His wife and these children survive: Michael of Baltimore; Richard of Washington DC; Bernard & William T of Cumberland; Ellen and Mary (Sister Antonia) of Mt Washington. The funeral is Wednesday at St Patricks Catholic Church.

CRABTREE 20 Nov 1889 James Crabtree, son of Ross Crabtree, aged 17, died at the residence 3 miles North of Oldtown yesterday of typhoid fever.

CRAIGEN 26 Apr 1889 John S Craigen, youngest son of Jacob J Craigen of Hampshire Co, WV, died at his residence in Washington DC, last night after a lingering illness. He came to Cumberland in 1868, and entered the drug business at the Old Johnson stand at the corner of Baltimore & Mechanic Streets. He married the 2nd daughter of Frederick Minke, who survives with 6 children. In 1884, he removed to Washington DC continuing in the drug business. His brother Dr W J Craigen was in ill health in Cumberland this summer and he visited him several times. The funeral is from the home of his brother on S Centre Street to the Presbyterian Church with Rev Moffatt officiating and burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.

CREEGAN 18 Feb 1889 On Sunday morning in Midland at the saloon of Frank Enease, John J McGady and Bernard Creegan had words then escalated into a fight. They then went outside where McGady shot Creegan in the throat. Barny Creegan, a miner, was 21 years of age, unmarried, and a son of Patrick Creegan, a saloon keeper at Midland. John J McGady, also a miner was 24 years of age and had recently married a daughter of Patrick Cavanaugh of Ocean. McGady has fled the scene. CREEGAN 16 Feb 1889 The remains of Barney Creegan, who was shot last Sunday at Midland by J J McGady were brought from Ocean to Frostburg on the C & P RR and the funeral was this afternoon in the Frostburg Catholic Church. CREEGAN 12 Mar 1899 The sheriff has placed an article to assist in the apprehension of John J McGady, who on Sunday 17 Feb 1889, at Midland Mines shot and killed Barney Creegan and made good his escape and is still at large. The sheriff believes he is still in the area. A sketch of McGady is published with personal information; 24 years of age, a miner by occupation; 5 feet 5 inches tall; light hair; blue eyes; and has prominent front teeth. CREEGAN 30 Apr 1889 John J McGady, who killed Barney Creegan of Midland, is arrested in Helena MT by Marshall G H Hard and has notified Cumberland sheriff Hohnig that he is on his way and will arrive Friday. [ 10 paragraph article recounting the murder of 17 Feb 1889] CREEGAN 03 May 1889 Additional article about the murder, flight, and arrest.

CREUTZBURG 07 Mar 1889 Marriage Licence Issued- John Creutzburg of Allegany County and Miss Maggie Lutz of Frostburg.

CUMBERLAND BREWERY 03 Aug 1889 Paul Ritter of #34 and #44 Paca Street has begun the Washington Brewery at his place. [Article is column]

CUMBERLAND CENTENNIAL 25 Sep 1889 Supplement to the Cumberland Times consisting of 12 pages of the history of the city, leading citizen sketches, pioneer families, business profiles and other tributes.

DAMM 26 Dec 1889 Henry Otto Damm, son of Otto Damm, died yesterday at his father's residence 145 Baltimore Street of a liver ailment. He was 38 years of age and his father is 80 years old. He and his brother William G Damm conducted a pharmacy at 143 Baltimore Street and then Henry moved to Myersdale to conduct the same type of business and his brother William has moved to Baltimore. The funeral is from the home to the German Lutheran Church and then to the cemetery connected with the church, Rev Finkbiner officiating.

DANDO 26 Apr 1889 Frostburg marriage on Thursday, 25 April at the bride's parents residence on Welsh Hill by Rev James Miller. Mr James Dando and Miss Jennie Harris , both of Frostburg. The groom is the son of Hon James Dando formerly of the State Legislature.

DARNETTLE 14 Jan 1889 Mrs Darnettle, aged 78 years, died last night at the Alms house. She became an inmate on Aug 2, 1888. She will be buried at the German Lutheran cemetery.

DAVIS 07 Feb 1889 Miss Emma Davis, daughter of Isaac Davis of Murleys Branch, died Thursday (7 Feb) from measles and pneumonia. The funeral is from the ME Church with Rev Bennington officiating.

DAWSON 06 Feb 1889 The 3rd daughter of Mr John Dawson of Midland Mines died yesterday morning of measles followed by whooping cough and pneumonia. The funeral is from the home of Mr Edward Schilling on Greene St.

DAWSON 28 Jan 1889 A child of Mr & Mrs John Dawson of Midland Mines died Friday (26 Jan) and was buried from the residence of Edward Schilling on Greene Street. Mrs Dawson is a sister of Mrs Schilling.

DAWSON 02 May 1889 Mary A Dawson, 27, wife of N A Dawson, died at her home this morning on Maryland Avenue. She was the youngest daughter of Daniel Donegan, formerly of Rawlings and leaves a boy, age 7. She was confined to her home for 8 weeks from consumption. The funeral is from St Patrick's Catholic Church.

DAWSON 18 Nov 1889 Mr W A Dawson (or N A Dawson) died yesterday of consumption at the residence of Mr Louis Herpich on Maryland Avenue where he had been boarding. He lost his wife about a month ago and leaves a son, 8 years of age. He was born and raised at Rawlings Station. The funeral is from the boarding house, the body taken to St Patrick's Catholic Church for the funeral and interment in the graveyard connected with the church.

DAWSON 13 Jul 1899 Rich Find at Rawlings Station- A young man by the name of Mr Pritt Dawson, while plowing on the Greenwade farm near the site of an old house turned up an old rusty pot which was filled to the amount of $1800.00 in old Spanish and Mexican coins. The pieces contain dates 1716 through 1800. The oldest inhabitants of the area cannot remember when the old house was last occupied. Nothing now marks the spot except ruins of an old chimney. The young man is jubilant over the find and expects to go into business in Keyser.

DEETZ 04 Sep 1889 Henry Deetz, aged 38 years, died at the Allegany County Insane Asylum yesterday. His remains were brought to the residence of brother George Deetz on S Mechanic St from whence the funeral took place today.

DEMPSTER 09 Jan 1889 Mr James Dempster of Borden Shaft was struck and killed by a coal train while walking home from Frostburg at the Midlothian Cut, 1 miles from Frostburg. He was a widower and had 7 grown children.

DEREMER 14 Feb 1899 Reuben Deremer, formerly of Cresaptown, the son of Robert Deremer, died in Newark NJ after falling from a bridge while at work with the construction company. Several months ago he returned to this city to marry Miss Maggie Fleegle, daughter of John Fleegle. On Wednesday (13 Feb) he fell to his death. The funeral is tomorrow from the home of his father at Bradys.

DEVORE 06 Feb 1889 Jacob Devore died today at the residence of sister-in-law Mrs Thrasher at Mt Savage in his 87th year. He had a farm on Little Valley Road, 5 miles from the city, and leaves 2 sons, John & Frank Devore and one daughter, Maggie, married to Mr Thrasher at Mt Savage.

DRAKE 29 Oct 1889 Mrs Drake, an aged lady of Hazen was buried Sunday. Her son, David Drake from McKeesport returned to his home today.

DURKIN 23 Jan 1889 Mrs Ellen Durkin of Eckhart, aged 90 years, died today at the residence of her son-in-law, George Trieber at 47 Liberty Street. The funeral is tomorrow at Frostburg.

EDWARDS 04 May 1889 Frostburg- Daniel Edwards, an old citizen, died Sunday. He was a fancier and had some of the best game fowls in the county. Besides his wife, he leaves several grown children to mourn.

EDWARDS 07 May 1889 Benjamin R Edwards, 77 years of age, died at his home on Harrison Street from a stroke of paralysis of a few days ago. He came to Cumberland in the spring of 1836, and clerked in the Old national Hotel, owned by Mr JT Edwards. He married the daughter of Joseph Dilley in 1841. He moved to Frostburg and engaged in the hotel business himself, his hotel being the stage stopover. He then gave up the hotel business and became a sea captain on the Chesapeake Bay. He then gave that up and returned to Frostburg and was appointed a superintendent on the National Road. Then, he moved to the Greenware Farm engaging in the carriage manufacturing business with his son-in-law the late EJ Russell. His 5 children who survive are; Mrs EJ Russell; Owen; Emory; John T.; and Mrs Annie of Harrisonburg. Also, a brother Dr EW Edwards of Chicago. The funeral is tomorrow from the home of son John T Edwards on Harrison Street. [ 6 paragraph article].

ELBIN 16 Aug 1889 Mr Henry B Elbin died suddenly at his home near Flintstone in his 73rd year of life. He had suffered a stroke last night and died today. The funeral is tomorrow with Rev Mr Bennington of the ME Church South and interment is in Mt Pleasant Cemetery near this city.

ELLIOTT 06 Aug 1889 Mrs Elizabeth Elliott, widow of the late George Elliott, died at the residence of her step-daughter, Mrs JB Deneen, 161 Madison street. The deceased is a sister of Michael & Henry Soyster of this city. The funeral is tomorrow from the home with Rev JW Finkbiner of the English Lutheran Church with burial in the churchyard of the Centre Street ME Church.

FAGEL 17 Jun 1889 John Fagel, 68, died at his residence on Independence Street from paralysis from which he was stricken 10 days ago. He leaves his wife and 2 grown children; John in McKeesport PA and Mrs GW Webster in this city. The funeral is today from the German Lutheran Church with Rev Fricke today.

FECHTIG 25 Jun 1889 Mr Levi R Fechtig died today at his residence on Bedford Street. He had been ill for a year, but only confined to his bed for 2 weeks. He leaves his wife and the following children: Mrs Clarence Brengle; Mrs WE Turner; and Misses Allie, Ida, and Lucy. FECHTIG 26 Jun 1889 He was born in this city Nov 8, 1827. On Feb 5, 1850, he married Miss Mary Louise Taylor, a sister of Robert E Taylor of the 2nd National Bank. On Jul 20, 1863, she died leaving Clara (Mrs Clarence T Brengle); Mary (Mrs WE Turner) and Alice. Two years later, he married Miss Mary Cain of Canton OH who bore him 2 girls; Ida and Lucy. The funeral will be tomorrow with burial in Rose Hill cemetery. [Article has 5 paragraphs]. FECHTIG 27 Jun 1889 A description of the funeral procession from the home to Centre Street ME Church and thence to Rose Hill Cemetery. [Article with 3 paragraphs].

FLINTSTONE 27 Jul 1889 Flintstone Is Healing Waters– The Flintstone Springs and Improvement Co publishes an article extolling the area. Officers are: BL Turner-President; AP Twigg-Vice- President; James Ash-Secretary; and D Convey-Treasurer. [A full column article].

FOX 25 Apr 1889 Mrs Elizabeth Fox, aged 77 years, relict of the late Joseph Fox, died at the residence of her son on Independence Street yesterday. She took up residence here in 1848, and her husband was a stone mason and carpet weaver. The funeral is from Sts Peter & Paul Catholic Church.

FROST 23 Jul 1889 Mr Thomas H Frost, formerly of Frostburg, died at Pittsburgh on Sunday (21 Jul) at age 68 of diabetes. He was a brother of Nathan, William, Meshack, and Ormond Frost and of Mrs Col. Daniel C Bruce of Cumberland, and Mrs CH Hammill of Frostburg. He moved to Pittsburgh about 10 years ago and was a purchasing agent for Union Salvage Co. He leaves a daughter and 4 sons, all grown, in the Pittsburgh area. His remains will be shipped for burial here in Frostburg tomorrow.

FROSTBURG 01 May 1889 Centennial Celebration of Frostburg-3 columns of activity.

GANTT 23 Aug 1889 Mrs Elizabeth Chapman Gantt died this morning at the residence of a grandson, CM Thruston on W Washington St in her 85th year from a fall 2 weeks ago. She was a Virginian at birth, a daughter of Nathaniel Hunter of Alexandria VA. Early in life, she married William Henry Gantt and has survived him by several years. Her daughter, Rose Hunter married Charles B Thruston Esq and her death last winter was a shock to Mrs Gantt. Grand-children present were: Mynna and Charles Thruston; Mrs Rose McDermott of Dayton; and a gr-gr-granddaughter Lilly Loveall. Her brother Rashrod Hunter USN, died several years ago. Funera Sunday from Emmanuel PE Church and burial is at Rose Hill Cemetery.



GILPIN 28 Feb 1889 Yesterday, Col Charles H Gilpin died at his residence at Decatur & Davidson Streets for injuries received by being struck by the #3 express train. He never regained consciousness after being struck. The funeral is tomorrow at the Emmanuel P E Church and burial in Rose Hill cemetery.

GRANNAN 15 Apr 1889 Thomas Grannan, brother of Chief Engineer Eugene Grannan of the B&O Secret Service, and of Mrs Peter Yarnell of this city, died yesterday in Baltimore in his 46th year. He was a native of Cumberland.

GREENE 08 Nov 1889 Mrs Jane Greene of Wineow Street, died at her residence, aged 80 years. The funeral is Sunday from St Patrick's Church and burial in the St Patrick's Cemetery.

GRISMAN 12 Feb 1889 Mrs Eva Grisman of Valley Street died this morning, aged 71 years. She was the relict of Mr George Grisman and leaves 3 daughters: Mrs Backhouse; Mrs Schwaucker, and Mrs Jacob Reihl, all of this city. The funeral is from the German Lutheran church.

GROSS 22 Mar 1889 Mrs Catherine Gross, an aged lady residing 6 miles east of the city, died last night at the advanced age of 83 years.

She leaves 4 children: Mrs Morgan Hinkle; Henry Gross; Miss Martha L Gross of this county; and Mrs Jonathan Wilson of Everett PA. The funeral is tomorrow form the residence with interment in the family burying grounds on the farm.

HAMILTON 06 Dec 1889 Miss Emma Hamilton died at her residence at Liberty & Harrison streets today, aged 25 years. She had suffered a long time. Her remains will be sent on the B & O train east for burial at Green Ridge.

HAMILTON 21 May 1889 marriage of Charles A Howser and Miss Alice Hamilton today at the residence of the bride, Harrison & Liberty Streets, by Rev W A Bird.

HAMILTON 13 Nov 1889 Mr William Hamilton of Midland was in Lonaconing last evening until a late hour and started home walking the C & P RR tracks, when near the Peebles tannery about 50 yards from the bridge, he sat dawn and fell asleep. Freight engine # 18 came along, hit Hamilton and hurled his body down a bank 20 feet. The body was found this morning. After an inquest, the body was removed to the home in Midland Mines. He was about 45 years of age, married and with 5 children. He had been a candidate in the last County republican Convention held in Lonaconing. He was employed by the Pine Hill mine of the George's Creek Coal & Iron Co. The funeral is tomorrow under the auspices of the knights of Pythias Lodge and burial in Lonaconing.

HARTSOCK 23 Sep 1889 Mrs Mollie Hartsock, wife of Capt H H Hartsock, died today of consumption, aged 40 years. She is a daughter of the late Joseph McCullough, of which family all have died from consumption. She leaves a husband and 6 children.

HAST 15 Apr 1889 John Hast of Chaneysville, died at his home yesterday. He is a brother to Frederick and Henry Hast of this city. He was a farmer, aged 53 years, and had just recovered from an illness. The funeral is tomorrow at Chaneysville.

HAYS 12 Oct 1889 The death and burial of John B Hays, formerly of this city and now of St louis MO has been made known. He is the brother-in-law of Mrs Jacob Brengle and Mrs Henry D Carleton of this city.

HIMMLER 06 Apr 1889 John Himmler, 44 years of age, reached the office of Fred Himmler & Sons, 18 Bedford Street, after a long walk in driving snow from his home near Cumberland Glass Works where he lived. He sat down to read his papers for 10 minutes, arose, took a step and fell dead of apoplexy. He was the second son of Bartholomew Himmler, who came from Germany in 1838, located in Cumberland and married Miss Kate Foster of Cumberland and had the following children: Christian; John; George; Henry; Margaret; William; Frederick; and Mary. George is deceased; Christian is in Kingston PA; Margaret married Karl Schwartzenbach and now lives in Baltimore; and the others live in Cumberland. His father died 16 years ago and John operated the Himmler Brewery with brother George Himmler until 1877, when he retired from the brewery and concentrated on the distillery business. His wife, a Miss Elizabeth Thrise, died 4 years ago. In 1863, he enlisted in Ringgold's Cavalry and served in the Civil War under Capt W E Griffiths company for 8 months. His remains were removed to his mother's residence on N Centre Street and will be buried form the German Lutheran Church tomorrow.

HINKLE 22 Dec 1889 Mr Edward M Hinkle, 88 years old, son of George P Hinkle tried to kill himself with a .32 revolver on the Williams Road. He did not die immediately and discussed his plight with family and friends. In 1877, he married Hattie Twigg in Flintstone, a daughter of Frank Twigg. Domestic infelicity developed and in 1880 he decided to kill himself and secured poison, but could not resolve himself to take it. He then moved from the farm of his fathers on the Christie Road near Folck's Mills, to his brother's home, Oliver Hinkle, 3 miles form the city. His health declined and he began to drink and moved into the present home last February. They have 6 children. His wife offers her description of the situation. (Article is column long). 27 Dec 1889 Edward M Hinkle died this date of his wounds. 30 Dec 1889 The funeral is from Kingsley M E Church, Rev W E Bird officiating and burial on the Hinkle Farm near Folck's Mills.

HOBAN 03 Jan 1889 Mr John Hoban died yesterday evening as a result of an accident while at work on the C&P RR, coupling cars in the yard. He leaves a wife and 6 children. The funeral is tomorrow with a High Mass at St Mary's Catholic Church and burial at the Catholic Cemetery at Westernport.

HOLTZMAN 05 Nov 1889 John Holtzman, 53 years of age, died today at the residence 249 N Mechanic Street. He was a carpenter for George Landweher and was unmarried but very popular. Burial is tomorrow in Rose Hill Cemetery, Rev Van Dyke officiating.

HOOK's Graveyard 17 Dec 1889 For some time now, the Old Hook's cemetery on the northern part of the city has been open to complaints of a general desecration of graves. The TIMES reporter investigated and found indeed the cemetery is open to wagons, hogs, cattle and young boys. Such a state of affairs should be given proper attention and trespassers prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

HOOVER 02 Jun 1889 Mrs Sarah M Hoover, wife of Mr George Hoover, died last night at the residence 35 Harrison Street of cancer of the stomach and bowels. Funeral is from the home and burial in Rose Hill Cemetery, rev W Bird officiating.

HUMBERTSON 24 Jun 1889 Mrs Mary E. Humbertson of Ormond Street Frostburg wife of George Humbertson, died Saturday (22 Jun) of strangulation caused by a severe spell of coughing. She was a sister of Mrs Snyder, formerly Mrs Loudermilk on Polk Street in this city.

HUTSON 25 Mar 1889 Freddie G Hutson, aged 14 years and 12 days, the eldest son of Lynn & Maggie Hutson, died yesterday of pneumonia at the residence of his grandma, Mrs E A Hutson of Rawlings. The funeral is tomorrow with interment in the family graveyard.

INSKIP 02 Mar 1889 Mr James H Inskip of Romney WV, died there yesterday. He is a brother of Mrs Sarah Reed and an uncle of Misses Edward, Lee, and Hayward Rizer of this city. The funeral is tomorrow at Romney.

KEEL 21 Mar 1889 Conrad Keel, a woodsman cutting timber at the Black Sulphur Springs Lumber Camp on Green Ridge for Mertens' & Sons Co, was killed by the fall of a large tree. He was unmarried and the sole support of his aging parents on Green Ridge.

KIRKPATRICK 24 Jun 1889 Mrs Lizzie Kirkpatrick, nee McKnight, died yesterday of cancer. Her husband was killed several years ago in a railroad wreck. She leaves 3 children; 2 girls and 1 boy.

KIRTLEY 21 Dec 1889 Mr Joseph Kirtley, 82 years of age, died last night after suffering for 6 years and confinement due to blindness and spinal disease. On 26 Jul 1861, he enlisted in Co. E; 2 Regt., PHB; under Captain Lynn and was discharged in Sep 1864. A wife and 2 children, who are grown survive. The funeral is tomorrow Rev W E Bird with interment in the G A R lot at Rose Hill Cemetery.

KLUPP 18 Feb 1889 Mr Klupp, 82 years of age, of Cash Valley, died yesterday of hemorrhage of the lungs. He resided about 5 miles from the city. He leaves his wife who is 92 years of age. The funeral is from the German Catholic Church.

KLUPP 18 Feb 1889 The funeral of George Klopp took place from the Sts Peter & Paul Church with a high mass and interment in the Sts Peter & Paul Cemetery.

KREITZBURG 21 Feb 1889 Mr George L Kreitzburg and Miss Annie Dundon, both of Eckhart, will be married this evening at 5:30 by Father DeWolt. The groomsman is Joseph Mowery and the bridesmaid is Miss Florence Donahue.

LAING 27 Aug 1889 Mrs Ana Mary Laing, wife of Frederick Laing Sr, died today at their residence, 31 N Mechanic St, aged 62 years, 2 months, and 7 days. Born in Oldenberg, Germany, she came to this city quite young. She leaves a husband, 3 sons: Frederick Jr; Frank; and Henry. The funeral is from Sts Peter & Paul Catholic Church with Father Felix as celebrant.

LIPPOLD 08 Nov 1889 Mrs Catherine Lippold, wife of the late Lewis Lippold, died this morning of a long standing disease, aged 57 years, 7 months. She had been ill for the past 5 years. She leaves 5 children and one step-son, William L Lippold. She is the sister of Mr Peter Heins. The funeral is from the home on Bedford Road and burial in the Sts Peter & Paul Catholic Church, Father Felix celebrant.

MANLEY 13 Feb 1889 Mrs Patrick Manley, 26 years of age, died at her residence yesterday at Maryland Avenue. She leaves a husband and 2 small children. The remains were taken to Frostburg for burial and the funeral is tomorrow from St Michaels Church.

MARTIN 28 Mar 1889 Mrs Barbara E Martin, aged 39 years, who was the daughter of the late John Fetter, a victim of the Civil War and her mother, now an object of charity in Bedford Co, PA; has been abandoned by her husband Robert J Martin with 5 children. They married 12 years ago and then moved to "Frog Hollow" on Patterson's Creek. Four years ago he became unemployed and went to Kentucky for work, initially sending her $10.00 a month, which has since stopped, leaving the family destitute. Local families; JJ Robinson, Joseph Crabtree, John W Stallings, Joseph Esler, and John Hixon whose home they live in, have since provided for the family. They will live in the Almshouse for some time until authorities decide their disposition. 04 Apr 1889 Emmanuel Martin, 10 years of age, will be placed in the home with Mr Alexander McKenzie, a substantial citizen of Lonaconing. Mr McKenzie promises the mother to pay for her fare to Lonaconing for visits and to make her home with him there during the visit, and to bring him along to Cumberland during his visits to that town to permit a reunion during the trips. Mr McKenzie has 5 daughters and no sons. The Indenture of Apprenticeship was approved by the Orphan's Court. 16 Apr 1889 Squire Thompson has disposed of the Martin Children to fine homes in the area. Emmanuel has been placed with Mr Alexander McKenzie of Lonaconing; the oldest girl has been taken by Mr Twigg, living near where the Martin family formerly lived; the next oldest child will make his home with Mr Brotemarkle and the youngest with their mother until they are a little older. 22 Apr 1889 Today, Squire Thompson bound Ada, the last of the Martin Children to Mr Upton Brotemarkle of Murleys Branch.

MARTIN 22 Nov 1889 Lonaconing- Mr John L Martin, a miner in the Koontz Mine was killed today while at work by a fall of roof and breast coal. He was married and had 8 children.

MARTZ 03 Dec 1889 Miss Maggie Martz, 29 years of age, of Baltimore, died on Saturday (30 Nov) of inflamation of the bowels. Funeral and burial form the home of a brother-in-law, Mr Edward Baldwin, 12 Knox Street, with burial in the Sts Peter & Paul Cemetery.

McDONALD 02 Jan 1889 Mrs Archibald McDonald of Barton died yesterday at her home, aged 64 years. She had been in ill health for the past 6 years. She was the eldest daughter of the late David Percy and was born in Muirkirk, Scotland on 25 Sep 1825. On 04 Jul 1836, she came to America. She was twice married; first to John Porter of Frostburg with 2 children surviving; David R Porter of Parkersburg WV and George W Porter of Elk Garden WV. From her 2nd marriage from 34 years ago, to Archibald McDonald she leaves Captain Robert H McDonald, the editor of the Cumberland Independent. Her husband is prominent in the coal area being a member of the old firm of Percy's and for 20 years, superintendent of Swanton Mines. The funeral is from the home with burial in Percy Cemetery, Frostburg.

McELFISH 20 Apr 1889 Miss Carrie M McElfish of Prosperity Valley, 9 miles east of the city, who is a daughter of Norman McElfish, died yesterday of brain fever at age 20 years. She had a number of friends and had been ill only a few weeks. The funeral is tomorrow from the home and services at the Catholic Church in Beans Cove PA.

McELFISH 23 Aug 1889 Bonnie, the 3 year old daughter of P H McElfish of near Flock's Mills, died yesterday of pneumonia and was buried at Flintstone today.

McELFISH 03 Jan 1889 Rush- Mr David McElfish, will be buried from the Lutheran Church in Rush tomorrow. He was 80 years of age. Surviving are 3 sons, Upton, George, and Luther and also 2 daughters, Mrs Moses Wilson and Mrs Dennis Wolford of Ft Wayne IA.

McKNIGHT 06 Aug 1889 Mr Frank McKnight, 28, formerly of this city, died at Youngstown OH on Sunday (4 Aug) and his remains were brought to this city to his sister, Mrs Dr. Phillips on George Street from where the funeral took place this afternoon.

MILLER 24 Jul 1889 Mr Peter Miller died at the residence of his son- in-law, Mr John Hensley on N Harrison Street (Stoney Battery), in his 89th year, from old age. He was a farmer by occupation, retiring and moving into the city due to his age. The funeral is Friday with a High Mass at Sts Peter & Paul German Catholic Church with interment in the SSPP Cemetery.

MONETT 05 Apr 1889 Adam Monett, a track hand of the B&O RR, was struck in the neck by a piece of window glass from a passing train while at work. The glass lodged near the carotid artery causing much bleeding and the wound was dressed by Dr Carr before moving him to his home in Rawlings. He left instructions not to remove the bandage until the 3rd day. These instructions were not followed and a secondary bleeding occurred which caused him death before assistance could be summoned. He was married and leaves quite a little family.

MORGAN 01 Nov 1889 Mrs Caroline M Morgan died at her residence in Washington DC on Sunday last (Oct 27) from congestion of the lungs. Her husband, Major Thomas P Morgan a former Commissioner, survives. She was the daughter of the late Mr Townsend Waugh of Georgetown and her son Thomas P Morgan, married the daughter of Col R D Johnson and was engaged in business in Cumberland. She leaves 6 children, 5 of whom live in this city. The funeral was from the residence 1341 Q Street in Washington last Thursday.

NICKEL 20 May 1889 Mr Adam Nickel, aged 76 years, died at his residence at Polk & Centre Streets. He was born in Bavaria, landed in Brooklyn NY some 45 years ago. He married and then moved to this city conducting business where he lived. He leaves a wife and 5 children; Mrs Philip Smith; Miss Kate; William; Henry; and George. The funeral is from the German Lutheran Church with interment in the German Lutheran Cemetery.

O'HALLERAN 17 Jul 1889 Pat O'Halleran died today in the New Detmold mine from a fall of breast coal. A wife and 6 children mourn the loss. He was about 40 years of age. The funeral takes place at the Catholic Church in Frostburg.

PAISLEY 01 Jul 1889 Donald Paisley, 65 of No. 86 Greene Street, died this morning of an illness of 4 months. He was born in Galashilds, Scotland and came to this city in 1870 and is survived by a wife, 1 son, and 1 daughter. The funeral is from the home with burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.

PAUL 07 May 1889 Mr Robert C Paul Jr, aged 32 years, died at his home near the court house of consumption. He married a Miss Rose Devacmon of Frostburg who survives with a son and a daughter. Burial in Frostburg Allegany Cemetery, Rev PN Meade officiating.

PEACOCK 23 Aug 1889 Mrs Lucy M Peacock, wife of Lewis Peacock, died yesterday at North Branch of cancer, aged 48 years. She leaves a husband and 7 children. She came here from Clark Co VA, 17 years ago. Funeral from the home today with Rev WE Bird and burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.

POLLOCK 22 Jul 1889 William Pollock, a well known miner, committed suicide last evening at Lonaconing. He is a widower, having lost his wife a year ago. He was about 53 years of age and boarded with Mr George Schantz. Mr Pollock stabbed himself 8 times in the stomach and jumped form the second story window.

PORTER 10 Dec 1889 Joseph Porter of Mt Savage was killed at Dunbar PA, 3 miles south of Connellsville by Marion Crowel of Mt Pleasant PA over jealousy. Miss Birdie McCoy, daughter of Mr James McCoy, a boardinghouse keeper at Dunbar was the object of the jealousy as she had jilted Crowel. Porter had given up railroading and had secured a job at a brickyard at Dunbar. Crowel, likewise, had given up railroading and obtained employment in a machine shop at Connellsville. He took to drink, boarded a train to Dunbar and shot Porter at the brickyard. PORTER 12 Dec 1889 The remains of Joseph Porter arrived in the city in the accompany of Mr Joseph Porter, an uncle of the deceased. Mr Moses Porter, a brother of the murdered man and his mother arrived from St Elmo TN and the remains were conveyed to Frostburg on the C&P RR and then to the home of Mr Joseph Porter on the Trimble farm, known as the "Porter Settlement". Burial took place on the Trimble Farm in the lot with the young man's father. POOLE 12 Dec 1889 Yesterday, the remains of Mr Thomas Poole and 2 children were removed from Hook's Graveyard to the family lot of his son, Mr Thornton Poole, in Rose Hill Cemetery. Mr Poole had been buried for 29 years.

PORTER 27 Dec 1889 Dr. G. Ellis Porter, died. He was born 09 Jul 1830, at Frostburg, married Oct 1853 to Alcinda Gibson of Rappahanock VA, who was also born in 1830; Nine children were born, 6 of whom are deceased. Dr Porter's remains are being sent to Frostburg on the C&P RR and then to Allegany Cemetery. Services are at the residence in Lonaconing, with Rev J P Wilson of the ME Church. ( column article outlining his parentage back to 1715 when John Porter emigrated)

PUGH 13 Mar 1889 Mrs Margaret E Pugh, wife of Solomon J Pugh, died at her home on Hanover Street today. Her maiden name was McDonald from Hampshire Co, WV. She came to this city in 1859 with her husband and has resided here since. She was born in 1835 and was thus in her 54th year. She leaves a husband and 4 children: Furman G; Maude; Florence; and Will. The funeral is Saturday from the Centre Street M E Church with interment in the Rose Hill Cemetery.

PURCELL 07 Jun 1889 Mrs Susan A Purcell died last evening at her home on Independence Street, aged 66 years, of pleuro-pneumonia of 2 days duration. She was the mother-in-law of Walter B Clark; George Rabold, and Harry ?old of this city. She leaves 6 children, 3 daughters and 3 sons. The funeral si from the home to the MP Church, Rev EH VanDykes, with burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.

RANK 11 Mar 1889 Conrad Rank was killed today in the New Hope Mine at Frostburg, from a fall of breast coal. He was 18 years of age and was working with his father John Rank, and a brother, both of whom were also injured and taken to their homes on Federal Hill in Frostburg.

RIZER 08 Nov 1889 Mr M Hayward Rizer has accepted a position with the Chicago & Northwest RR and has moved to Clinton Iowa.

ROBINETTE 11 Nov 1889 The funeral of Mr John Robinette of Williams Road near the city, who died Friday (8 Nov) of advanced age after a protracted illness, took place yesterday and burial was in Rose Hill Cemetery.

RUSH 21 Jan 1889 George Rush died this morning in his 58th year at his home on Walnut Street. He came to this country in 1852, and has worked as a tailor for many firms in the city. He took sick on Sunday and has several brothers and sisters in this area. The funeral is at Sts Peter & Paul Catholic Church and burial in the SSPP Cemetery.

SCHAIDT 01 May 1889 Peter Schaidt of Lonaconing to be buried from the home of John Schaidt, 16 Decatur Street.

SCHILLING 04 Feb 1889 John Schilling, a former resident, died at Washington IA , a few days ago from abscess of the liver. He has several sisters: Mrs Weisenmiller; Mrs Casperline; Mrs martin; and brother JC Schilling and a wife and 6 children, all grown.

SCHILLING 08 Jun 1889 John Schilling died this morning at his residence on N Mechanic St following an illness of several months. Born in Bavaria on 26 Sep 1831, he came to this country with his father, John C Schilling at age 6 years. He learned the trade of his father, shoemaking. He married a Miss M E Gary. He was an overseer at a cotton factory in 1855-1857, banking in 1857-1872and when the Queen City Savings Bank began he joined and it converted to 3rd National Bank in 1883, he served as cashier until 1886 when he retired due to health. He leaves a wife and 7 children, all of Cumberland excepting one in Newark OH; two brothers in Cumberland; one in Spencer WV; and one in Long Island NY. The funeral is on Monday.

SCHROEDER 03 Jan 1889 Mrs Henry Schroeder, 65 years of age, died at her residence last night on Vinegar Hill. The funeral is tomorrow from the German Lutheran Church, Rev E F Geise officiating.

SCOTT 29 Aug 1889 Mrs Margaret Cordelia Scott, daughter of late Sheriff Dowden of this county and the widow of Charlie A Scott who died at Keyser several years ago, died at her residence of 1 year at Sonora KY, last night, aged 61 years, o months, and 18 days. She was sister of George Dowden and a sister-in-law of Mrs Samuel Luman; a sister of Mrs Craggs of Keyser; and aunt of Col Theodore Luman and of Mr A H Dowden, the register of wills, and also a brother in Ohio. She leaves 3 children: Winfield still in Washington Territory, and 2 daughters in KY. A son, Bertram was brought to this city for burial a short while ago. Funeral from the home of Mr George Dowden at Baltimore Avenue & Decatur Sts, Rev JW Finkbiner of the English Lutheran Church and burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.

SEYBOLD 02 Aug 1889 Henry Seybold, assistant teller at the bank of Wheeling, has $24.000 missing from his safe. [ column article]. 03 Aug 1889 He is free on $4000 bond.

SHAHAN 10 Jun 1889 Mrs Bessie Shahan, nee Morris, died at her fathers residence, 20 Frederick Street of consumption, aged 24 years. She married Albert Shahan on 23 Feb 1887 and they have a little girl, Lelia, aged 1 year. She had been ill for several weeks. The funeral is from the Centre Street ME Church, Rev Richard Norris officiating and burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.

SHAULIS 01 May 1889 Somerset PA- Jacob D Shaulis, 60, wealthy farmer was found hanging dead from a tree behind his residence. In the barnyard, his young wife was fatally shot through her body. Detective T J Pinking arrested sons David & George Shaulis, step- sons of Mrs Shaulis, and brought them to the Somerset jail for trial charged with the crimes of murder. They allege that he had hung himself and they killed her to keep her from inheriting the farm hoping to secure the farm themselves as heirs. SHAULIS 18 May 1889 The mystery still unfolding and the boys David & George Shaulis freed on bond of $10,000.

SHELLHOUSE 30 Apr 1889 Mr John Shellhouse, former resident of the city but now of McKeesport in the employ of John G Greenfield, died last Saturday (27 Apr) from heart trouble. The funeral is from the home of brother Matthias Shellhouse tomorrow with services at the Sts Peter & Paul Catholic Church.

SHERIDAN 18 May 1889 Mrs Mary Agnes Sheridan, 66 years of age, wife of Thomas Sheridan, died at her residence today. She had been confined to her home at 26 Decatur Street for many years. She was born in Belmullet, Co Mayo, Ireland as Mary Agnes Donelly and in 1844 she married Mr Sheridan and has lived in Cumberland since. She is survived by her husband and also was the mother of Thomas E Sheridan of Cumberland; Henry T of Wyoming; and the late Denis and John Sheridan. The funeral is from the home with interment in St Patrick's Cemetery.

SIMPKINS 18 Feb 1889 Mrs Louise Simpkins, a widow of Benjamin B Simpkins, died at her residence on N Centre Street, aged 84 years. She had been ill for some time but not confined to her bed. Surviving children are: Mrs Mary Shuck, widow of William Shuck; Mrs Ruth E Keller of Cumberland; and Mrs Hattie E Miller, wife of John B Miller of Annandale NJ. The funeral is from the Centre Street M E Church and burial in the ME Cemetery.

SMITH 01 Nov 1889 Miss Kate Smith, daughter of Lewis & Nancy Smith, died this morning at the residence N Centre Street of consumption from which she suffered for the past year. For a number of years she resided with her father at the Smith Hotel on N Mechanic Street. She graduated with highest honors at the St Edwards Academy in 1873. The funeral is Saturday from the English Lutheran Church with burial at the Rose Hill Cemetery.

SPEELMAN 17 Dec 1889 the funeral of Mrs Susan Speelman will take place on Wednesday at 2:30 o'clock and burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.

STAFFORD 02 Dec 1889 Lizzie Stafford, a grandchild of Mrs Clusterman, an aged lady of this county living near the Eckhart Branch Railroad, died a ghastly death last night. Mrs Clusterman is about 75 years of age, is blind and deaf, living in a country home seven miles from Frostburg on the Pike. Two grandchildren, Lizzie, aged 11 years and a little brother Willie, reside and sleep in the same home. In the night, Lizzie got up for a drink, fell onto the red hot stove and set her clothes on fire. The grandmother and boy did not hear or see her agony but arose and calls for Lizzie received no answer. The boy was sent to arouse the neighbors who conducted a search of the area. An uncle, Mr John Clusterman noticed a foot between the stove and the cupboard. In picking up the lifeless body of the girl, he found his niece deceased. When he picked up the body, flesh fell off of the body from the shoulders to the knees, as she had been roasted to death. The funeral is from the Sts Peter & Pauls Church with interment in the graveyard associated with the church.

STUBBLEFIELD 14 Jan 1889 J Clark Stubblefield, son of the late Dr George Stubblefield, died at the residence of his mother on Washington Street last night. He was born in Cumberland on 18 Jan 1847 and was schooled at the Allegany County Academy and at St Mary's of Emmitsburg. For years he conducted a boot & Shoe business. In Sep 1869, he married Miss Anna F Whiting, a daughter of James S Whiting of Moorefield WV. For the past few years, his health had declined due to a heart problem.

STUMP 13 Aug 1889 Mrs Sevilla Stump, aged 90 years, died at her place 2 miles from Oldtown. She was born in Bedford Co, PA on 1799. She has about 95 descendants.

STUMP 08 Nov 1889 Mr Joseph Stump, an old resident, died at his home near French's Station on the B & O RR line yesterday, aged 80 years. The funeral is tomorrow and burial in the family lot.

SWEARINGTON 25 Jan 1889 Mrs S Swearington died this morning at the farm of her daughter near Rawlings Station, aged 80. She was the daughter of Mr J Scott and the widow of Dr Charles Swearington. The funeral is Sunday and burial from the farm where she lived.

TALLEY 15 Mar 1889 Mrs Mary Talley died on Wednesday (13 Mar) at the home of daughter Mrs Annie Fawver on Thomas Street, aged 76 years 11 months. She leaves 6 children: Mrs Fawver; Mrs Samuel Penn and Steven Talley of Cumberland; Martin Pitzer and William Talley of Martinsburg and Mrs Sarah McMillan of Ohio. The funeral is today from the Centre Street M E Church with interment in the Rose Hill Cemetery.

THRUSTON 11 Feb 1889 Mrs Rosalie Thruston died in her 55th year at her residence 180 Washington St from a paralytic stroke suffered Wednesday (6 Feb) followed by a stroke of apoplexy on Thursday and death on Sunday (10 Feb). She was the relict of Charles B Thruston who died in 1868, and was born 5 Apr 1834, 2nd daughter of William Henry & Elizabeth Chapman Hunter Gantt, in the home of her grandfather John Gantt "Strawberry Vale" at Fairfax Co, VA. Her mother and 3 children survive: Mrs Rosalie McDermott, wife of Horace McDermott of Dayton OH; Miss Mynna Thruston and Charles M Thruston of Cumberland. About 2 years ago, her daughter's death Mrs Elizabeth Leavell and the death of her son-in-law Rev Francis Leaveall of Baltimore, caused great shock. The funeral is from the Emmanuel PE Church.

TRAVERS 27 Dec 1889 Mrs William Travers of Barton died of heart disease yesterday evening. She leaves a husband and a large family of children.

TURNER 08 Jan 1889 Henry Turner died Monday (7 Jan) at the residence of Mrs Binger on Oldtown Road in his 82nd year. He has been employed for 24 years by the Himmler Brewing Co and was known as "Old Henry". The funeral is to take place at Sts Peter & Paul Catholic Church.

TWIGG 04 Dec 1889 Frank Twigg is given a trial of charge of vagrancy. Neighbors witness that he refuses work and the family is always hungry. The witnesses called were; Albert Frazee; George R Hamilton; Laurence Twigg; George McElfish; Fred Strickman; Mr Crabtree; Argyle Wilson; William A Hamilton; A. Bottenfield and others who did not testify as the judge had heard enough, and Twigg was found to be a worthless and trifling fellow. The two children were taken away, to be given homes or sent to a charitable school. ( column article).

VALENTINE 16 Mar 1889 Mrs Lucinda Valentine died at the home of a son-in-law at 31 Bellvue Street yesterday of dropsy, from which she suffered for some time past. She was 64 years of age and resided in the county all of her life. She leaves a husband and several grown children. The funeral is tomorrow from the English Lutheran Church with Rev J W Finkbiner and interment in Greenmount Cemetery.

WALKER 22 Apr 1889 Edward C Walker, age 31 years, son of the late David Walker, a yard engineer for the B&O who died about one year ago, died from inflamation of the bowels at his residence on Lindel Street. For some time Mr Walker had suffered from rheumatism. About 9 years ago he entered employment at the Merwin Mckaig foundry and worked his way up to foreman. The funeral is to be conducted from the home and to Emmanuel Protestant Episcopal Church.

WANKENSHAIDT 04 May 1889 Mrs John Wankenshaidt of Eckhart, died Monday and the funeral was Thursday (2 May). She had been married only 4 months.

WAYS 22 Apr 1889 Miss Jennie Ways, 35 years of age, a daughter of Mr George Ways Sr, died at the residence on Lee Street today. She had been ill for some time until death relieved her suffering. A requiem mass will be observed at the St Patrick's Catholic Church tomorrow.

WHITE 27 Mar 1889 The murder of Leah White by Melvin C Garlitz. They were married on 21 Jan 1885 and after 2 years of living in her family home as a improvident and neglectful husband, the mother-in- law refused him admission to her room and access to the daughter and grand daughter Eunice Theresa White. He broke some furniture but went away and since that time he has been separated form this wife. The only contact was by mail and he came to Cumberland and stayed with his brother Alonzo Garlitz at Linderville. On Tuesday, they met in the presence of her sister, Myrtle, to return some photographs, which he tore up and accused Leah of being with other men which she denied. He then shot her with a .32 cal revolver. Her funeral is tomorrow from the home of the parents Maryland Ave & Spring Streets. She leaves her child, her parents Mr & Mrs Joseph White, a sister Myrtle, and a brother in Boston and a sister, Mrs Mary Cowherd of Huston WV. ( 2 articles each 1 columns long) 28 March 1889 The write up of the funeral and another article of the murder. 01 April 1889 A hearing of the murder. 01 May 1899 The White Murder Trial begins. [ 3 column article of the testimony in the Death of Leah White by Melvin Garlitz.] Daily articles also 2 May, 3 May, 4 May. Guilty in the 1st degree. Case will go to Court of Appeals. 29 Jun 1889 The Court of Appeals sustains the lower court ruling, Garlitz will hang. [Full column article]. 05 Jul 1889 Sentencing of Garlitz- To hang by the neck until you are dead. [full column article]. 23 Jul 1889 The execution date for Garlitz is set as Aug 30 by Governor Jackson at Annapolis. [a full column article. Petitions for parole are started.] 30 Aug 1889 Front Page- Garlitz Is Dead- Events recounted yet again throughout the newspaper. Previous hangings also described: hanging 06 Jan 1871, John Howard for the murder of Henry Miller, a boatman from Washington Co; hanging 10 Jan 1873, William Craig, colored, for the rape of Mrs Lottie Dayton at New Creek; and 27 Sep 1888, scheduled hanging of Henry J Spencer for the murder of Winfield Scott Dawson at Rawlings Station who was given a reprieve by the governor.

WIESEL 20 Aug 1889 Prof. Michael Wiesel, 76 years, 4 months, 8 days of age, died yesterday. Born on 16 Apr 1813 in Lower Franconia, near Frankfort on the Main, Bavaria. In 29 Jun 1839, he married Miss Mary Eva Roth in Baltimore. He came to Cumberland in 1841. His wife died last October. Surviving children; John M in Baltimore; Margaret, Michael L., and Joseph P of this city; a daughter Sister Kostke of Mt St Vincent Convent in NY; and deceased, Annie in 1855 and Dr henry at Wheeling, several years ago. The funeral is from Sts Peter & Paul Catholic Church , Father Felix celebrant. (3/4 column article).

WILLIAMS 25 Apr 1889 Piedmont- The remains of Mrs Warren J Williams, who died from consumption yesterday, will be buried from the ME Church today. She was 33 years of age and was married for only 6 years. A year ago, her son Wyland died of the membranous croupe. A son, Howard who is 4 years old survives her with her husband, mother and many friends to mourn her death. Mrs Williams was formerly a Miss Eva McDonald and formerly lived in Frostburg. Her brother Alexander McDonald of St Paul MN is at death's door with the same illness. Mrs Mollie Johnson, an aunt, will attend the funeral.

WILLIAMS 02 Jan 1889 Mr George Williams of Water Street died Monday (31 Dec 1888) after a 1 year illness, age 53 years. Born in Carlisle, England, in 1835, he came to this country in 1864. He leaves a wife and 6 children. The funeral is from the ME Church, Rev Watson Case officiating and burial in the Lutheran Cemetery.

WOLFORD 05 Feb 1889 Daniel Wolford, a former resident, now of Ottumwa IA died in early January. He was a brother of Samuel Wolford of Flintstone.

WUNDER 13 May 1889 Mrs Kate Wunder, aged 59 years, died at her residence on Cumberland Street from a stroke she received on may 6. She was a widow and a consistent member of Sts Peter & Paul Catholic Church from which her funeral was held this morning.

YOUNG 31 May 1889 Jesse Young died today at his residence on Bell St of brain fever. He was the youngest son of John Young and the brother of William Young, the boat builder. He married a Miss Long, who with a daughter, survives.

ZAPF 15 Apr 1889 John Zapf died at his home in North Cumberland on Saturday night (13 Apr). He was 67 years of age and a well known carpenter and leaves a wife but no children. The funeral is today from the German Lutheran Church.

ZILCH 17 Dec 1889 Yesterday, Mrs Henry Zilch of Pittsburgh PA had the remains of her son and mother removed from Hook's Graveyard to the family burial lot in the German Lutheran Cemetery on the Baltimore Pike.


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