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Excerpts from The Cumberland Times
transcribed by Charles Often




ADAMS 31 Aug 1888 Mrs Julia Adams, the matron of the Protestant Home and Infirmary on the corner of Union & Ellen Streets, died last night of paralysis of the heart following a brief illness of 4 days, in her 67th year. She was the youngest daughter of Philip and Mary Fletcher, born in Pennsylvania in 1819. Shortly after her birth, her parents moved to Maryland. In 1853, she married Martin Adams of Clear Spring MD and they lived at the Barnum House (now Windsor Hotel) and afterwards managed the City Hotel and the St Nicholas. While in charge of the City Hotel, Mr Adams died. Mrs Adams then moved to Bridgeville PA. Last spring she was offered the position of Matron and accepted and under her management, the Home has prospered. She leaves 4 nieces; Mrs Soyster, Mrs Joshua Wilson; Mrs JB Deneen, and Mrs John Winrick. The funeral is from the Reformed Episcopal Church and burial in Rose Hill.

BAKER 29 Dec 1888 The BAKER family reunion of James Baker, 85 Baker Street with all of the children present; Mr Thomas J Baker of Fetterman WV; Mr George H Baker of Pittsburgh; Mr Joseph O Baker of Baltimore; Mrs Sallie Schoener of Freeland PA; Mrs Matilda Shoemaker; Mrs Esther Norris; and also Misses May and Lucy Baker of Cumberland.

BAKER 26 Sep 1888 John Baker, employed at the rolling mill was struck and killed by the #5 eastbound, while walking along the tracks, about 65 years of age. Three sons survive, Gus, John, and William, all of this city. The funeral is from the home on Davidson Street and burial in Greenmount Cemetery.

BALTIMORE STREET 28 May 1888 Baltimore Street to be paved from the B&O tracks to Wills Creek. An excellent chart reflecting businesses and the owners of all properties facing Baltimore Street. The city is to pay for 1/3 of the costs and the owners to pay for 2/3 of the costs.

BARRETT 09 Jan 1888 Mr Barrett of Mt Savage, died Saturday (7 Jan) of paralysis. He was 72 years of age and lived in Mt Savage for 48 years, working for the Union Mining Co. He leaves a wife and 9 children. The funeral is today from the C & P RR station and burial in St Patrick's Cemetery.

BEACHY 29 Aug 1888 The funeral of the late Russel Beachy, who died at Pittsburgh on Monday, took place from the residence of Dr G J Beachy, 12 N Liberty Street and burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.

BISHOP 03 Jan 1888 Mrs Bishop died Saturday (31 Jan 1887) at her residence on Polk Street of rheumatism, aged 47 years. She was buried yesterday at Rose Hill Cemetery.

BLAKE 23 Jan 1888 Mr William Blake, stable boss for Consolidation Coal Co at Eckhart Mines, died there Friday (20 Jan) from the effects of a mule kick suffered some time ago. A wife and a large family survive.

BOHAN 14 May 1888 Yesterday, Patrick Foley, 32 and John Bohan, nearly 70 who is the father-in-law of Foley, were engaged in a fight at Bloomington. The struggle led to both falling over an embankment but John Bohan fell 110 feet to his death. Foley is in jail at Oakland for suspicion of murder. A special B&O train took Bohan's body to Piedmont for funeral and burial in the Catholic Cemetery. Mr Bohan leaves a wife and 4 daughters: the wife of Patrick Foley; two single girls; and one out of town. 17 May 1888 The jury released Patrick Foley due to lack of evidence.

BOWARD 05 Dec 1888 Mrs Martha Boward, relict of John Broward, died Monday (3 dec) at her home on S Mechanic Street, aged 80 years. She was the mother of John B Broward of the furniture business here who died 3 years ago; and 2 living children; Leonard R Boward carpenter; Mrs Mary C Gephart, the widow of John Gephart of Charles. The funeral was today from her home.

BRANT 07 Aug 1888 Profile and history of Old Citizens John Brant of Westernport; Jonathan W Magruder Esq.; and Israel Thompson of the Glades.

BRENGLE 31 Mar 1888 Mrs Margaret Brengle, wife of C W Brengle, died this morning of apoplexy. She leaves a husband and 2 daughters. The funeral is from the home on S Mechanic Street with Rev Richard Norris officiating, and burial is in the Rose Hill Cemetery.

BUSKIRK 29 Sep 1888 Mrs William Buskirk, wife of farmer William Buskirk living 4 miles from Lonaconing, was killed with a broken neck in a wreck while returning home from campaign speeches near Midland. Her husband and an infant 9 months were not injured in the wreck. The father-in-law of the deceased died in a similar accident a few years ago in the same place.

CAVERN IN AREA 05 Jun 1888 A cavern was discovered on the Ridgeley farm and was explored by Walter Ridgeley and Mr Willard Everstine. The opening is at a place where a pond had disappeared and after a year became overgrown with brush. Two weeks ago when the brush was cleared, the entrance to the cave became apparent. The passageways are from 3 feet to 30 feet in height. (Article is 1 columns) 12 Jun 1888 Mr Ridgeley's cave is dubbed "Potomac Caverns" is explored and named by a party of 6 men; PJ Smith; Dory Smith; WC Devecomon; JT Taylor; JW Avirett; and FS Deakins of Frostburg. (Article is a full column).

COGHLIN 18 Feb 1888 Mr Michael Coghlin, working in Koontz Mines, was killed instantly by a fall of breast coal. He was about 45 years old, unmarried, and has a sister in Cleveland and a sister in New York. The funeral is at Frostburg's St Michael's Church with Rev D C DeWolf.

CONDON 18 Jan 1888 Mr William Condon, who suffered a brain concussion from a fall off a gondola on the George's Creek & Cumberland RR, died last night at his residence on Valley Street. He was 41 years of age and leaves a wife and 6 children. The funeral is tomorrow from St Patrick's Church and burial in St Patrick's Cemetery.

CONLEY 12 Jul 1888 William Conley, farmer of Oldtown, died last night with cholera morbus. He was ill only 4 hours before the end. He was a brother-in-law to Mr E Ginevan. After the recent rain which caused so much damage to the crops, he was endeavoring to same some to the floating crops. He was in waist deep waters and was taken with pain in the abdomen resulting in the cause of death. He was unmarried and had served in the 2nd Maryland in the war.

CRAMER 15 Feb 1888 Mrs Elizabeth Cramer, in her 88th year of age, died today. She was the relict of the late A M C Cramer and died at the residence of Mr John Cruzen on Smallwood Street. She was born at Ballynhinch, near Belfast, Ireland on 03 Dec 1800. She removed to this country with her father, Mr Armstrong, in 1815 locating at Romney WV. In 1843 she married AMC Cramer of Williamsport and in Oct 1844, they moved to Cumberland. They had no children but surviving step children are: Mrs Judge William Hall of Bedford PA; Mr Ambrose Cramer in the South; and Mr Augustus Cramer of Virginia. The funeral is at the 1st Presbyterian church, Rev J E Moffatt officiating, and burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.

CROOK & KELLY 20 Aug 1888 Mr J L VanDever's account of the capture of generals Crook & Kelly in the Civil War. [ 2 columns of article. Continued following day].

CUMBERLAND 04 Sep 1888 A Special 12 page supplement to the newspapers featuring Cumberland, Its Citizens, Business Opportunities, Industry, and History.

CUMBERLAND's Early Days Personal sketches of leading citizens by Harry Black- 15 Dec 1888 George Deneen who married Mrs Davis, widow of Sol Davis 17 Dec 1888 George and Joseph Hughes 20 Dec 1888 Charles F Mayer, president of Consolidation Coal Co 27 Dec 1888 Thomas Schriver and son, Edwin Schriver 29 Dec 1888 Hugh M'Aleer

CUMBERLAND FIRE 14 Apr 1888 Reprint of the Advocate (grandfather of the Times) about the Cumberland Fire of 14 Apr 1833 that destroyed the town ( 2 column article).

CUMBERLAND OLD TIMERS 21 Jul 1888 Old time residents from the Cumberland area are described. These include: John "Fighting John" Willison; Elisha Danison; William "Stuttering Bill" Willison; Lary McElfish; John Twigg; Johnson Cheney; George Isenheart; Joseph Yoder; and Robert Bell. [Article is 1 3/4 columns long]

DAILY 07 Mar 1888 Patrick Daily died yesterday at his residence near Association Park, aged 75 years. He leaves a wife and 1 son. His remains were taken to St Patrick's Church and burial in St Patrick's Cemetery.

DAWSON 18 May 1888 An open letter of Henry J Spencer telling of his conversion and at Peace with Heaven. 26 May 1888 Letter to Governor Jackson of Maryland in Annapolis for the commutation of the death sentence of Henry J Spencer from a former schoolteacher, now of Nebraska. 20 Jun 1888 The Henry J Spencer case goes to the Governor tomorrow for appeal. 21 Jun 1888 Interview with Henry J Spencer ( column article). 02 Jul 1888 Postponement of the Spencer Case by Governor Jackson due to the absence of the Judge. 20 Jul 1888 The Spencer pardon case appeal is being considered by Governor Jackson but no action is taken on it at this time. 15 Sep 1888 Story of Henry J Spencer, who is under sentence of death for the murder of W S Dawson. [3 column article of his story]. 24 Sep 1888 The carpenters are busy erecting scaffolding for the execution of Henry Spencer and it is expected to be completed by Sept 26th. The edifice is 18 feet tall and is being tested by the sheriff. 27 Sep 1888 Many appeals from the public ask Governor Jackson for clemency on behalf of Henry Spencer. The governor granted a 30 day reprieve until Oct 26 to make a decision. (2 full columns of this article). 28 Sep 1888 Henry J Spencer's account of the events of July 27, 1887 with sketches of Scott Dawson, Rachael Dawson, and Henry J Spencer. (2 columns of articles). 03 Oct 1888 A rehash of the story (1 columns article). 05 Oct 1888 More articles on the Dawson-Spencer case including a letter by Andy Dawson, sister of Rachel Dawson (1 column article). 09 Oct 1888 Letters from the public concerning the Dawson/Spencer case. (2 columns of comments). 13 Oct 1888 Circuit Court reviews the Spencer-Dawson case. (1 columns of account). 17 Oct 1888 Extra edition- Governor Jackson commutes the sentence from hanging to life in prison. (Front page, note: articles worn and torn). 18 Oct 1888 Several full page columns of the Spencer-Dawson case. 22 Oct 1888 Sheriff and deputies take Spencer to penitentiary in Baltimore. ( column article).

DAWSON 19 Nov 1888 Mr Charles Dawson, a former resident and brother of Mr Arthur and Miss Nettie Dawson of this city, died at Atlantic City, Cass Co, Iowa last week.

DEAN 31 Aug 1888 Flintstone-Mr Mack Dean died yesterday of typhoid fever. He leaves a young widow to mourn her loss.

DeKALB 02 Apr 1888 Harry J DeKalb, 14, 2nd son of Charles & Ellen DeKalb, died yesterday at the residence, 47 Bedford St after a lingering illness. On 14 Feb 1885, while playing with 2 other boys, he was kicked on the hip which then became infected and untreated and he was in agony and bedfast for the last 2 years of his life. The funeral is at Emmanuel PE Church, Rev P N Meade officiating and burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.

FARRELL 20 Jun 1888 Mr James Farrell of Mt Savage, but recently of Watertown NY in the blacksmith business, died there last Monday (18 Jun) following a short illness. His remains were brought to Mt Savage on the Pennsylvania RR for burial.

FAWVER 05 Sep 1888 Thomas Fawver, 46 years of age, died yesterday at the residence on Thomas Street of Bright's Disease. He was the watchman of the B&O at South Cumberland. He leaves a wife and 4 children. These relatives live in different cities: Father, Mother, and Sister at Martinsburg WV; Mrs Furley at Baltimore; Mrs henry Kindle at Cherry Run WV; Mrs James Connolly at Wheeling. The funeral is from the home with burial in the German Lutheran Cemetery.

FOUTZ 11 Sep 1888 Frederick Foutz died at the Almshouse today, aged 50 years. He was admitted in Nov 1883, suffering from partial paralysis by exposure to the elements in his life of the wild on Dan's Mountain. He had a wife and one child.

GALLAHER 25 Oct 1888 Mrs Mattie E Gallaher, 33 years of age, the 3rd daughter of Mr James J and Martha A McHenry, died of a complication of diseases at the home of her father on S Centre Street this morning. On Feb 2, 1882, she married Mr Carter Gallaher, who is in business in Washington DC. Also, one child, about 5 years of age survives. The funeral Requiem Mass at St Patrick's Church with Rev E Wunder and interment in Sts Peter & Paul Cemetery.

GETZENDANNER 22 May 1888 Oscar G Getzendanner, former young lawyer now of Lake Shore R R in Cleveland OH, married in London England to Miss Annie Clark, daughter of Mrs Henry Clark.

GILBERT 13 Jun 1888 Piedmont- Mrs Elijah Gilbert, wife of Thomas Gilbert deceased, died at the residence of a son in law, Charles A Knight at Westernport yesterday after a lingering illness, 61 years of age. She was born in England, coming to this country 35 years ago. Seven children survive: Mrs CA Knight of Westernport; Mrs Isaac Dawson of Pattersons Creek WV; Mrs Roland Richards of Dunbar PA; Messers Samuel G and William T Gilbert of McKeesport PA; and James and Charles Gilbert of Elk Garden WV. The funeral is at the ME Church, Rev Watson Carr presiding and burial in Shaw Cemetery, Moscow.

GILPIN 27 Mar 1888 Miss Mary or Mollie Hewlett Gilpin, the oldest daughter of Col Charles & Mrs Julia Gilpin, died at her residence Decatur & Davidson Streets this morning of pneumonia. The funeral is from the Emanuel PE Church and burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.

GONDER 06 Jan 1888 Justice Andrew Gonder died at his residence 28 Greene Street, 68 years of age. He was born at Bougeanville, Alsace, France in 1820, moved to Germany in 1832 and then to this country. On 02 Feb 1843, he married Miss Catherine Brown, daughter of Benjamin Brown, and they had 16 children, 6 of whom survive him: AB Gonder of Oakland; Mrs MT Bruce; JA Gonder; Mary B Gonder; Frank J Gonder, and Alphonses Gonder. On 11 Oct 1887, his wife died. The funeral is from the residence and burial in Sts Pater & Paul Cemetery, beside his wife.

GRIFFITH 16 Oct 1888 Frostburg-David Griffith, mine boss at Old Consolidation Mine died on Friday (12 Oct) and was buried yesterday from the Welsh Baptist Church, aged 64 years.

GROSS 06 Mar 1888 William Amos Gross, son of C A Gross, died today from an operation performed n Tuesday, aged 21 years, 6 months, and 21 days. His remains will be taken to his father's residence and buried at Pleasant Grove Cemetery, 6 miles east of Cumberland on the Baltimore Pike. Fathers Ildefons and Patrick of Sts Peter & Paul Church are in charge of the funeral.

GROWDEN 14 Apr 1888 Mrs Sarah Growden died at her residence in Cumberland Valley on last Friday (06 Apr) in the 75th year of her age. She leaves 1 son. The funeral took place Thursday (12 Apr) in Cumberland Valley's Mt Pleasant Church.

HALL 27 Feb 1888 Miss Dina Hall, 35, an invalid, died at the home of a sister, Miss S A Hall yesterday. Also surviving are, brothers, Mr Washington Hall of Cumberland and James Hall of Flintstone. Her body was taken to Bottle Run for burial.

HANE 27 Feb 1888 Mrs Emily Hane, wife of John Hane, a former glass blower, died (25 Feb) following an operation for the removal of two tumors at a Pittsburgh hospital. The body was brought to the city to the home of her father, Mr John Tagard for interment in the German Lutheran Beneficiary Cemetery today.

HARTSOCK 02 Mar 1888 Mr Frederick Hartsock died last night at his residence in Flintstone, in his 65th year of age. He had lived in Flintstone all of his life. His wife and 5 children, all grown and married (4 sons and 1 daughter) survive. The funeral is from the Fairview MP Church and burial in the family burying grounds.

HAST Mrs Henrietta Hast, 70 years of age, died at her residence on Baltimore Avenue last night. She was a Miss Plank and had resided in the city for 45 years, coming from Bavaria, Germany. She married JG Hast who engaged in confectionary business for many years. Children are; Mrs August Miller; Miss Henrietta; George P.; and John T Hast. Burial is in the German Lutheran Cemetery.

HENDRICKSON 04 May 1888 Lulu, 4 year old daughter of M C Hendrickson from near Union Grove Camp Grounds, died this morning following a brief illness of brain fever. Burial is at Union Grove.

HERMAN 23 Oct 1888 Mr Edward Herman committed suicide with a .32 caliber pistol yesterday. He was born June 6, 1860 and was subject to fits and was despondent. This was his second attempt. His father, Dr J Herman and brothers J George and John L Herman are of this city. This is the fourth child lost to this family. The funeral is from the German Lutheran Church and burial in the German Lutheran Cemetery.

HESSER 05 Oct 1888 Mrs Mary Hesser of Paw Paw came to Cumberland to have a malignant tumor removed. Yesterday, Dr Shipley of Paw Paw, Dr Jacobs of Frostburg; and Drs Carr, Orr, and Wilson of Cumberland went to the residence where Mrs Hesser was staying. They removed a 10 pound tumor but the lady later died. She was 46 years of age and leaves a husband and 8 children to mourn. The remains were sent to Paw Paw for burial.

HETTENHOUSER 14 Apr 1888 Miss Valle Virginia Hettenhouser, 15 year old daughter of Mr L C Hettenhouser of Orleans, died Thursday last of a 2 week illness. The funeral took place today at Orleans.

HIGH 11 Jun 1888 Mr J D High, a son in law of the late J W H Pollock, died of heart disease at his home at 25 Decatur Street yesterday. He was about 50 years of age and worked for H U Flurshultz. The body will be taken by the B&O RR to Westernport for burial.

HINKLE 20 Mar 1888 Mr George P Hinkle died yesterday at his residence near the city in his 71st year of age. He was a farmer and lived here all his life. The funeral is tomorrow from the home.

HOFFMAN 09 Jul 1888 Martin Hoffman was killed yesterday on the South Branch bridge of the B&O RR by the eastbound #2, while he was on his way to church. He was on the north track when a freight came. He moved to the south track, when the express came and crushed him to death. He was raised on a farm next to George P Hinkle on Evitts Creek, 2 miles from the city. His mother was a sister to Martin Rizer and he was a brother-in-law to Malichi Rice. Brothers are :Malangton Hoffman of Geothe Street; and George Hoffman of the Baltimore Pike, 5 miles from the city.

HOWELL 20 Jun 1888 Mr Charles Howell, 89, died at his home on Bedford Street extended today. Mr Howell was born in Cumberland on 22 Feb 1800 and was a butcher in the city for many years. His son, Charles Howell is engaged in the cattle business. The funeral is from the German Lutheran Church and burial in the German Lutheran Cemetery.

HUMBIRD 05 Jun 1888 John Humbird died today at the summer house of brother Jacob Humbird, near the 5 mile house on the National Road. He was born in Liganore Valley, Westmoreland Co PA, on 23 Apr 1810, a son of Solomon Humbird of Bedford County. His mother died when he was 8 years of age. He married Miss Jane McKee, the daughter of Thomas McKee and leaves these children: Jacob B and John A, both married; Mrs Lydia Hitchcock, widow of L D Hitchcock; Mrs Sue Morris, wife of R L Morris; Mrs Sallie Swartzwelder, wife of H Clay Swartzwelder; and Mrs Anna DeVries, widow of the late Capt William DeVries. Cause of death is heart failure brought about by dyspepsia. (Article is 2 columns long).

KEIFER 05 Oct 1888 Mrs Margaret C Keifer died at her residence on Valley Street of dropsy, aged 57 years after a 2 week bed confinement. A son and a daughter survive. The funeral is tomorrow from her residence on Payne Spring St with Rev Norris and burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.

KELLER 12 Jul 1888 Mr Joseph Keller of Vinegar Hill, died this morning, age about 50 years. He had been suffering for over a month. He was blind and able to do only a little work at the home. Mrs Keller was the main support of the family which includes several children. The funeral is from the Presbyterian Church and burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.

KELLER 01 Mar 1888 Mrs Miller Keller died yesterday at the home of a niece, Mrs Mollie E Howard, in her 89th year. She had been confined to her room for 8-9 years following an accident rendering her helpless. She was born in Berryville (then known as Battletown), Clarke Co, VA in 1800, moving to Berkeley Co and then to Morgan Co when she married Mr Keller at Cherry Run. After his death, she moved to Flintstone with a brother, John Piper and then following his death, she has lived with her nieces, Mrs Mollie E Howard and Miss Anna Piper. The funeral is tomorrow.

KEMBLE 07 Aug 1888 Dr James Kemble, at one time connected with the Hospital at Clarysville, died last Friday (3 Aug) in Philadelphia, aged 65 years. Shortly before leaving Clarysville, he married Miss Emily McCulloh, daughter of the late Robert McCulloh of Frostburg, and a sister to Mr Frank McCulloh of the clerks office. His wife survives and his remains will be buried in Frostburg's Allegany Cemetery.

KIGGINS 06 Feb 1888 Mrs Patrick Kiggins, middle aged, died at her residence on Maryland Avenue this morning after a brief illness. Her remains will be buried from St Patrick's Catholic Church.

KOELKER 23 Mar 1888 Mr Henry Koelker died this morning from pneumonia, in his 51st year of age. He leaves a wife, the former Miss Buckholtz, and 4 children, the youngest is 7 years of age. Mr Koelker came to this county at age 7 and found employment with Mr M Tearney and the with Messrs J & T Coolehan prominent grocers. The funeral is from the home at 32 Hanover Street with interment in the Sts Peter & Paul cemetery.

KOLB 16 Jan 1888 Mr John Kolb, 60 years, 9 months, and 7 days, died yesterday at his residence 37 N Mechanic Street. He was born near Bayreuth, Bavaria on 08 Apr 1827, and came to America in 1839, learned the trade of shoemaking, and went into business for himself in 1849. In 1847, he married Miss Annie M Hirsch and they had 6 children, 3 girls and 3 boys; Mrs Christ Shober; John A Kolb; Annie M ; Andrew George; and Charles L and Lizzie Kolb. The funeral is tomorrow at the German Lutheran Church.

KORNS Mr Jesse Korns died this morning at his residence 64 Bedford Street after an illness of 6 months; aged 78 years. He was the eldest son of Capt Henry Korns who came to Cumberland from Germany in the later part of the last century, settling on Mechanic Street above the Blue Springs in a house opposite Rabold's Tannery. He began work as a boat builder on Hoblitzell's, now known as Henderson's Island. In 1866, he established a brick yard until 1869, when he formed a partnership with William Landwehr until 1874.He married in 1831 to Miss Ruth Plank and had 1 son and 3 daughters; Mrs M C Little of Cumberland; Mrs William Price of Pittsburgh; Miss Hester Korns, deceased; and Mr C H Korns of Allegany City PA. The funeral is from the Centre Street ME Church and the remains placed in the Korn's vault at Rose Hill Cemetery.

KREIGLEIN 26 Jan 1888 Mrs George Kreiglein, aged about 40 years, died from her residence near Williams Road today following an illness that left her in a critical condition. She was the daughter of Mr & Mrs Joseph Britton. Her husband and 10 children survive. Her remains will be buried at Sts Peter & Paul Cemetery.

LAING 24 Dec 1888 Mrs Frank Laing, aged about 65 years, died on 21 Dec at her home on Williams road, 3 miles from the city. Her remains were buried in Sts Peter & Paul Cemetery today.

LAPP 17 Dec 1888 Mrs Annie Lapp, wife of Philip Lapp of Corrigansville, died today of typhoid fever following a prolonged illness. A son, Conrad also has the disease. Mr Philip Lapp, daughter Barbara, and 2 other children are considered out of danger. The burial is in Wellersburg beside son Andrew.

LAPP 29 Dec 1888 Mr Philip Lapp died this morning of typhoid fever. His wife and son died a few weeks ago and 4 other children are down with the disease.

LAVIN 14 Jul 1888 Sister Philomena from the convent at Mt Washington MD, died yesterday. A former resident of Cumberland, she was known as Miss B C Lavin, and was a sister of Mr M E Lavin and of Mrs J T Hast of this city. She was 45 years of age and had entered the convent 20 years ago. Interment is in Baltimore.

LEASURE 05 Jul 1888 Frances, wife of Daniel Leasure, was buried here last Thursday. Formerly a local resident of Oldtown, they had recently moved to Davis WV. She leaves a husband and an infant child. She was about 20 years of age.

LIPPOLD 04 May 1888 Mr William Lippold died today at the residence of a nephew on Greene Street in his 79th year of age. Born at Buehne-fr-Bergentreich, Germany on 08 Sep 1809, he was 78 years, 7 months, and 15 days old. Mr Lippold and his brother Lewis, who died in 1872, came to this country in 1836 and engaged in the Lippold & Bros stone work in this city. He never married but lived with his nephew, William l Lippold, his brother's only son from the first marriage to Miss Wiesel. His brother's 2nd wife had 5 children. Another brother lives in Germany. The funeral and burial is at Sts Peter & Paul Catholic Church and Cemetery.

LYNCH 06 Dec 1888 Mrs Sidney Ann Lynch, an Allegany County patient at the Spring Grove Hospital, Baltimore, died there on the 4th. She was the mother of Mrs Perry Deetz of this city.

LYNCH 01 May 1888 John Lynch died this morning in the 77th year of his age. He had been ill for some time but old age rather than a malady caused his death. Born in Co Galway, Ireland, in 1812, he came to America at age 24 and lived in Lonaconing and Mt Savage before settling in Cumberland 47 years ago and was employed by the C&O Canal. Two children: Miss Catherine Lynch and Mrs Margaret Murphy survive along with 2 grand children. The funeral is at St Patrick's Catholic Church and burial in St Patrick's Cemetery.

MAGRUDER 07 Aug 1888 Profile and history of Old Citizens John Brant of Westernport; Jonathan W Magruder Esq.; and Israel Thompson of the Glades.

MAHONEY 10 Sep 1888 William Mahoney was shot and killed by W H Horseman in a quarrel on Vinegar Hill. Horseman, married with a child was brutal to his wife who sought refuge in the home of Mahoney, his mother, brother, and sister. Horseman tried to persuade his wife and child from the home , but she wouldn't even let him see the child. Mahoney, who also obtained a pistol, stepped in and was shot. Horseman claims self-defense. Burial is in the German Lutheran Cemetery. [2 columns of article with additional reports the following days].

MATTINGLY 19 Nov 1888 Mrs Mattingly, aged 82 years, relict of Judge James Mattingly, died this morning at the home of a daughter Mrs August Burkey on Legislative Road , 3 miles form Cumberland. Only 3 of her large family live here; Thomas and Henry Mattingly and Mrs August Burkey. The other children are in Ohio, Illinois, and a city on the Muskegon named Mattingly. The funeral is Wednesday at St Patrick's Church with Father Brennan and burial in St Patrick's Cemetery.

MAYER 13 Apr 1888 John Mayer, the brewer, died yesterday at his home in Frostburg after an illness of about 3 months, aged 59 years, 6 months, and 28 days. He was a resident of the county for 30 years, coming from Wurtemburg, Germany. He leaves a wife, 5 sons and 5 daughters to mourn his death. The funeral is from the German Lutheran Church.

McCLEARY 02 Feb 1888 Mr John M McCleary, in his 72nd year of age, died yesterday. The funeral is today from the residence of Mrs Saylor's with Rev J W Finkbiner officiating and burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.

McCULLOH 14 Dec 1888 Mrs John B McCulloh, formerly of Frostburg, died at her home in Elk Garden on Nov 28th. A husband and 2 children survive. She was 37 years of age.

McCUNE 18 Jan 1888 Mr J D McCune died last night at Paw Paw in his 66th year of age. His funeral will occur at his home and his remains will be on a train for the city for burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.

McKENZIE 24 Sep 1888 Silas McKenzie of Rawlings died suddenly from heart disease yesterday while reading his newspaper. He was in his 58th year and had worked for Major Alexander Shaw for some years. Born 13 Mar 1830 his wife and 5 children, 1 daughter and 4 sons, all married, survive. The funeral is tomorrow from the ME Church with Rev F G Porter and burial in Dayton's Cemetery, Keyser WV.

McMILLAN 07 Mar 1888 McMillan's Murder Trial In Frederick City- Philip Laemmert was killed in the saloon of J L Heinz in Frostburg on 27 Apr 1887. Mr Montgomery B McMillan is charged with murder and the case was removed to Frederick for trial. The case testimony reveals that shots were intended for John Stewart who had an argument with Charles McMillan, the defendant's brother, the evening before. 08 Mar 1888 More testimony with participants and witnesses. 09 Mar 1888 Verdict of "Not Guilty" by jury stating that the killing was accidental.

McNAMARA 24 Apr 1888 Miss Fannie J McNamara, daughter of Daniel D McNamara, died at her residence, 39 Elm Street in her 22nd year following an illness of 4 months. She was a clerk in the Fisher's Brothers store on Baltimore Street.

MERTENS 02 Oct 1888 The Frederick Mertens Timber Tract Operations were described in a 1 column article .

MILLER 12 Mar 1888 Mrs Nancy Miller, mother of Mr Henry Miller, the proprietor of the American House, died yesterday in the 108th year of her age. Nancy Rafter Miller was born 17 Jun 1780 in Greencastle PA, and makes her age to be 107 years, 8 months and 24 days. In 1788, her father John Rafter moved to Cumberland. She married John H Miller who died in 1880, leaving 11 children, 2 of whom are still alive: John H Miller of Stirling IL and Henry Miller of Cumberland. The funeral is from the American House with burial in Rose Hill Cemetery. [this article is 3/4 column long]

MILLER 05 Oct 1888 Hyndman- Alfred Robb, about 20 years of age, was returning from a hunting trip and while passing the school yard, he changed the position of his gun which then unaccountably went off killing 2 young lads playing in the school yard. Killed were John A Miller, 16, son of the hotel proprietor in Hyndman and Alfred Gross, son of Mr G W Gross, a foreman of the track for the Pennsylvania RR, Bedford Division.

MONAGHAN 14 Nov 1888 Mrs Margaret Monaghan, widow of the late Darby Monaghan, died at 340 N Centre Street and the funeral was a Requiem Mass at the St Patrick's Catholic Church.

MULLIGAN 06 Aug 1888 Mr Luke Mulligan, 58 years of age, died of dropsy on Saturday (4 Aug) and his funeral took place yesterday at Sinclairsville WV. He was a native of Co. Clare, Ireland and came to this city in 1849. He was a private in the Civil War, Co. E, 2Md Reg., PHB, under Col James C Lynn. He leaves a wife and several children.

MURLEY's BRANCH 22 May 1888 The Murley's Branch stream that flows naturally clear was seen to flow black as midnight by several people.

NORDHAUS 16 Oct 1888 John Nordhaus, about 30, was killed yesterday in an accident at Miller's Lime Kiln on the Valley Road yesterday, one mile out of the city. He had been undermining a bed of limestone when the roof fell in mashing him almost beyond recognition. His body was taken to the home of his step-father John Roeder of Bedford Street. He was also a nephew of Adam Siebert, former county commissioner. The funeral is from the home of Mr Roeder tomorrow. Miller employs seven men and this is the first accident for several years.

NORTON 17 Feb 1888 Mr Timothy Norton, the father of Michael Norton, the night dispatcher of the B&O RR and also of Agent Norton of the Greenspring Station for the B&O RR, died last night at home, 12 Water Street, in his 86th year. He was a retired employee of the B&O after 48 years of employment. The funeral is from the Orleans area on Saturday.

OFFNER 11 Feb 1888 Romney WV- The jury acquitted Annie Offner for the killing of Benjamin Brooks on 01 Aug 1886. Annie Offner, 19 years of age, shot and killed Benjamin Brooks, aged 43, at Romney WV. He was killed instantly from a shot to the head. They had been living at Little Cacapon in a sham marriage when a quarrel ensued and they separated. Later, Brooks met her and threatened to kill her unless she complied with his wishes. He reached for his pistol, but she got off the first shot shooting him in the saddle and she then galloped away. The shooting caused great excitement at the time.

OLDTOWN 19 May 1888 An article about the legend of Spaniards looking for gold in this area but found silver ore at Oldtown in an alum bank. They mined and smelted it into Spanish dollars. A mold was found in the area some years ago.

ORRICK 26 Mar 1888 Mrs J C Orrick died Sunday (25 Mar) of pneumonia, aged 74 years. She was a Virginian, a daughter of Mr William Pendleton and came here with her husband in 1855, living here since then. Her aged father, husband, and 2 sons survive: Rev W P Orrick of the Episcopal Church of Reading PA; and Mr C J Orrick of Cumberland, a well known business man. The funeral is at the Emanuel Protestant Episcopal Church with burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.

PENNINGTON 05 Jan 1888 Mrs Parker Pennington died last night at her home on hay Street. She was an old citizen and a consistent member of the M E Church. She was buried at Rose Hill Cemetery.

PERCY 18 Dec 1888 Yesterday, Mamie, 15 years of age, youngest daughter of William R & Nannie Percy, died . The funeral is from the parents home in Frostburg tomorrow with Rev E C Jessup of the Lutheran Church.

POLLOCK 07 Jun 1888 Jos. W H Pollock, 74 years, 10 months, and 23 days in age, from North Branch, died today of softening of the brain. Born in Liganore Valley PA in 1814, he had taught school in Hardy Co VA, married Miss Hannah C VanMeter, the daughter of Garrett VanMeter. His wife inherited her father's home and, in 1840, Mr Pollock bought out the other heirs and made it his home. Mrs VanMeter who survives, is a cousin of Mrs Capt. McNeil of the Civil War Cavalry fame. Four children survive: James D and Robert S Pollock; Mrs Sallie High, wife of Daniel High of this city; and Mrs Bertie Everett, wife of William Everett who lives on and adjoining farm. Another son, Edward L died in 1883. Also, 2 brothers, Rev Abraham of Warrenton VA and a brother in Plattsmouth Nebraska. The funeral is from the residence with Rev Mr Moffatt of the Presbyterian church and interment is on the farm.

PRICE 18 Feb 1888 Mrs Jane Price, of Eckhart, died last night. She was the mother of John, Owen, and Edward Price of Eckhart.

RARRICK 18 Jan 1888 Mr Peter Rarrick of Mt Savage, employed by the C&P RR as a night watchman, died yesterday morning before reporting for work of apoplexy. He was 48 years of age and leaves a wife and 9 children, the oldest 15 years old. The funeral is tomorrow from his residence in Mt Savage.

RAWLINGS 01 Nov 1888 Mrs Susan C Rawlings, 34 years of age, wife of A L Rawlings died yesterday of asthma at Rawlings MD. She was a Miss Grimminger and leaves her husband and 3 small children. The funeral is from the home 28 George Street with Rev J W Finkbiner and burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.

READ 26 Dec 1888 Mrs Mary J Read died on Monday (24 Dec) following a long period of being an invalid. She was the oldest daughter of Judge William L Lamar and Maria Briscoe. Her grandfather, Col William Lamar of the Revolutionary War is associated with the early years of Cumberland. Her mother's father, Col Hanson Briscoe had been the clerk of the county courts. She was born in Cumberland in 1823. In 1843, she married Dr Nelson C Read, then a practicing physician, but later a farmer at Evitts Creek. He then returned to the city in 1851 and died in 1886. Of the 9 children born of this union, 7 survive; Mrs Otis Johnson and William Read of Washington DC; John M Read of St Louis MO; Nelson C Read of Cumberland; Arnett Read of Patterson NJ; and James McLain Read and Helen H Read of Cumberland. The funeral is from Emmanuel Episcopal Church with interment in Rose Hill Cemetery.

REICHSTEIGER 02 Aug 1888 Mrs Annie Reichsteiger died in her 75th year yesterday morning. She was the widow of Mr Reichsteiger who died some months age in the Almshouse. Burial from the Sts Peter & Paul Catholic Church.

ROBERTSON 22 May 1888 Marriage licence for Archibald Hutchinson Jr of Lonaconing and Isabel Robertson of Midland.

ROBINSON 30 May 1888 Mrs George Robinson, 61, of Frostburg, wife of George Robinson, was stomped to death by the cow in the stable today. She had gone to the stable as usual to milk the cow, who became infuriated somehow and willfully crushed and mangled her. No evidence of the cow using the horns to gore her. Her neck was broken and her body badly mangled. She was the mother of 5 children, all of this area. Burial is Friday at the ME Church with Rev H S France.

ROUZER 04 Apr 1888 A. McClure Rouzer died last night of consumption in his 30th year. A son of Martin Rouzer, he was born at Mechanicstown, Frederick Co, MD on 31 Mar 1858. Martin Rouzer was the superintendent of the Bottle Run Tannery at Hazen. In the fall of 1885, A. McClure Rouzer married Miss Jennie Engler of Linwood, Carroll Co, MD. The funeral is from the home on Harrison Street and burial in Rose hill Cemetery, Rev P N Meade officiating.

RUBENCAMP 15 Aug 1888 Mrs Rubencamp, aged 67 years, from Oldtown Road just below Evans Creek bridge, died yesterday. She leaves a husband and family. The funeral was today.

SCHAIDT 23 Feb 1888 Mrs Christiana Schaidt, wife of Casper Schaidt, died at Lonaconing last Tuesday (21 Feb) and the remains were brought to Cumberland on the C&P RR and taken from the Hay Street Station to the German Lutheran Church on Bedford Street where funeral services were held by Rev Geise.

SCHLUND 10 Sep 1888 John G Schlund died at the residence of a son on Bedford Street this morning, aged 82 years. He came to Cumberland in 1842 from Frederick. He was Bavarian by birth and a blacksmith by trade. He leaves 3 sons; George a gardener; John a farmer; and Henry a blacksmith.

SEIFKER 14 Dec 1888 Mrs Sarah A Seifker, wife of Conrad Seifker, died yesterday at her home in Frostburg, aged 62 years. She is survived by her husband and one daughter, Mrs William J Cooper. The funeral is this Sunday at the ME Church, South.

SHAFFER 24 Aug 1888 Mrs Catherine Shaffer, aged 85 years and 8 months, died at the residence of her son, William Shaffer at 28 German Street yesterday. She had been ill since Monday and leaves 6 grown children, 3 sons and 3 daughters. The funeral and burial from the German Lutheran Church and Cemetery.

SHIPLEY 27 Dec 1888 Mrs Minnie Shipley, widow of William H Shipley, a slater and contractor who died 2 years ago, was found dead at bed at the home of daughter, Mrs Joseph Whaley, 25 Emily Street. She was 39 years of age and ill for 6 months with dropsy. She leaves 3 children; Mrs Whaley and a small girl and a small boy. The funeral is from the Centre Street M E Church.

SHUCK 06 Feb 1888 Mr Jacob Shuck in his 67th year of age, died Saturday (4 Feb) at his residence on Frederick Street from weakness of the heart. He was born 15 Mar 1821, son of Jacob Shuck. He got a job as driver of the Good Intent Stage Co until 1850 when he became an engineer for the Shriver's Brothers at the Fulton Machine Works. He and his brother Henry joined in the painting business and during the war he was a member of the police force and later a bailiff. In 1874 he was a member of the City Council. His wife survives with 6 grown children: Major J W Shuck; Hervey W Shuck; George C Shuck; Mrs W S Jordan; Mrs Edward Rizer; and Mrs H M Trussell, all of Cumberland except Mrs Trussell of Big Rapids MI. Also, two brothers; Josiah of this city; and Daniel of Bedford PA and one sister, Mrs C Korns. The funeral is from the Centre Street ME Church and burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.

SMITH 13 Feb 1888 Mrs Louisa Smith, wife of Solomon Smith, residing 2 miles north of Flintstone, dropped dead Tuesday (07 Feb) at her window. She was about 75 years of age and apparently in good health. She was a prominent member of the Flintstone Grange and community.

SNYDER 12 May 1888 Mr Jacob Snyder, a former resident, died at his home in Rowlesburg WV yesterday after a long illness. At one time he was steward of the Alms House and also conducted a lime business there. He was over 70 years of age and leaves 3 children: Mrs Dr Hale and Mrs Horton of Rowlesburg WV; and Mrs W Jamison of Washington PA. Mr Snyder took ill of bilious fever last March. Burial will be in Rowlesburg.


STEYER 14 Dec 1888 Mr George Steyer died yesterday at his residence in Frostburg, aged 92 years and 8 days. He had been ill for some time. The funeral was Sunday at the English Lutheran Church.

STRONG 17 Sep 1888 David O Strong, brother of coroner JM Strong, died at his residence on N Mechanic Street after an illness of 2 months, aged 87 years. He worked for the City of Cumberland making street repairs. Before the railroads, he was mail carrier and stage driver between Cumberland and Wheeling and had served in the Mexican War.18 Sep 1888 The funeral of David Strong took place from St Patrick's Catholic Church with Rev Wunder.

SYMONS 04 May 1888 William R Symons was killed in Eckhart Mines by a fall of breast coal. He was 34 years, 8 months, and 27 days old, married and had 3 children. According to custom, the miners ceased work and will not resume until after the burial. His burial is Sunday at the Eckhart Baptist Church.

THOMAS 30 Apr 1888 Mrs Mary Thomas, wife of Isaac Thomas, died at her residence on S Mechanic Street in her 60th year of age. She was a native of Aberstwyth, Wales. Her husband, whom she married in 1853, and 5 children mourn her loss: John Lloyd of New York, secretary of the National Prohibition Bureau; Thomas H of the J C Orrick & Sons Co in Cumberland; Mrs Laura Shriver, wife of Ernest Shriver of the Daily News; and Misses Sara and Ella Thomas. The funeral is from the Christ Reformed Episcopal Church with Rev Mr McCormick and Rev Richard Norris and burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.

THOMAS 24 Oct 1888 The funeral of Mrs James B Thomas of Frostburg took place yesterday from the residence on E Main St and interment was in Allegany Cemetery. Services were conducted by Rev James E Moffatt, assisted by A C Haverstick. She was the relict of James B Thomas and was in her 67th year of age. He had been a mining superintendent for Consolidation Mines for several years.

THOMPSON 07 Aug 1888 Profile and history of Old Citizens John Brant of Westernport; Jonathan W Magruder Esq.; and Israel Thompson of the Glades.

TILP 27 Aug 1888 J George Tilp, 87 years of age, died Saturday (25 Aug) at the residence of son-in-law Charles Everline on N Centre Street. Born at Isigan, Bavaria, Germany on 13 Dec 1801, he came to this country in 1846, first to Elyria OH for 5 years and then to Cumberland. He was a shoemaker and had 10 children, 6 surviving him: Henry Tilp of Berlin PA; Mrs Anna Killian of Washington DC; Mrs Christina Wosmuth of Frostburg; Mrs Rosa Stinzing of Washington DC; Mrs Eva Everstine of Cumberland and G H Tilp of Cumberland. The funeral is from the Trinity Lutheran Church on Centre Street.

TOWSER 03 May 1888 Joseph Towser, freight conductor on the Bedford Division of the Pennsylvania RR, died at his residence at Ellerslie yesterday. Death caused by typhoid pneumonia. Mr Towser was married and leaves his wife and 2 children, both small.

TRAIN EXPLODES 14 May 1888 A B&O Engine #479 exploded at Rawlings Station yesterday morning at 9:37 killing fireman, Harry E Kitzmiller of Cumberland and Sterling A Woodruff of Martinsburg, the engineer. The brakeman, JF Rockwell; the conductor RJ Gordon of Martinsburg; and the rear brakeman, H Runkles were unhurt. The inquest concludes that they were killed by an explosion of unknown origin. -Sterling A Woodruff of Martinsburg was 42 years of age, married to Miss McDonald of St John's Run, had 2 children, a boy 12, and a girl 15. The body is taken to Martinsburg for burial. -Harry E Kitzmiller was 21 years of age and a son of Daniel S Kitzmiller and unmarried.

TWIGG 31 Aug 1888 Mrs Catherine Twigg, relict of the late J H Twigg, died at her residence near Oldtown last evening in her 76th year. She leaves 4 children and 40 grand-children and great-grand-children.

TWIGG 04 Jan 1888 Mr Oliver Twigg of Twiggtown died this morning about 80 years of age. His wife and 9 children survive: Bruce Twigg of Davis WV; Daniel Twigg of near Frankfort WV; and John M; Susannah; Alvin; Elmira; Charles; Austin; and Laura - all of the Flintstone district and all are married except Charles.

TWIGG 18 May 1888 Greenbriar Twigg died yesterday at the residence of Mr A M Shuck on Fayette Street in his 98th year of age. A native of Oldtown, he took part in the War of 1812, and had drawn a pension for years. Six months ago he came to live here with his niece, the wife of A M Shuck. His wife and several children survive him.

VOSSLER 07 Aug 1888 Mrs Dena Vossler, wife of Mr Emil Vossler of Mt Storm WV, died after a few hours of illness of Friday (3 Aug). She was formerly known as Miss Dena Nickel. Her sisters Mrs John Rodenhauser and Mrs Adam Werkmeister live in Cumberland . The funeral was last Saturday.

WAGNER 18 Jul 1888 Mrs Mary Wagner died in Philadelphia on 16 Jul after a short illness. She was the mother-in-law of Mr Charles McKnight. Funeral services from her daughter's home 131 Madison St and a Mass and burial at Sts Peter & Paul Catholic Church.

WALKER 01 May 1888 David Walker died this morning at his residence in his 72nd year of age. Born in Co. Down, Ireland, he came to America at age 16 settling in Williamsport and New York before coming here. He joined the B&O RR in 1841 and retired in 1882. On July 23, 1844, he married Elizabeth Higgins of Berkeley Co VA and had 7 children: Mrs Mollie I Suter of Piedmont; Sara V Walker; Martha Walker; David Walker; George M & David C Walker of Cumberland; and Hugh G Walker of Chattanooga TN. The funeral is at the Emmanuel P E Church and burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.

WALKER 29 May 1888 William Walker of Midlothian was killed by a fall of top coal while at work in the Koontz Mine at Lonaconing yesterday. He leaves a wife and 7 children. The remains will be taken to Frostburg for burial. He was 34 years of age. A brother John Walker lives at Lonaconing.

WEIMER 13 Feb 1888 Mrs Drusilla Weimer, wife of Samuel Weimer of Garrett Co, was buried Saturday (11 Feb) at Frostburg's St Michaels Catholic Church, Rev Anthony of Cumberland officiated.

WERNER 06 Jan 1888 Mr Lewis Werner died last night at the residence of son-in-law, Mr Henry Shaffer, 333 N Centre Street, in his 68th year of age. He was a paver of streets. He leaves 5 children, 3 in this city; a son in Chicago, and a son in Braddock PA. His funeral is Sunday with burial in the German Lutheran Cemetery.

WHITE 31 Jan 1888 Mr John White, who had been sentenced to two years imprisonment in Jan 1887 by the Circuit Court for attempted rape at Rawlings Station, died yesterday at the State Penitentiary, having served one year of his sentence. He leaves a wife and a 16 year old daughter. His remains will be brought here to the home of a brother on Greene Street and interment will be in Rose Hill Cemetery.

WHITE 20 Jun 1888 Mrs White, wife of Henry White who is employed at George's Creek & Cumberland RR, died yesterday in the 33rd year of her age. She has been suffering form consumption and confined since November. Her husband and 4 small children are survivors. Funeral and burial at Sts Peter & Paul Church and Cemetery.

WIEGAND 26 Nov 1888 Mr John G F Wiegand died Saturday (24 Nov) at his home 194 N Mechanic Street, 66 years of age. Born 14 Mar 1822 in Wittenberg, Germany, he came to this country in 1842, married in 1846 to Miss Barbara Seidels, who survives. They moved to Cumberland in 1849 and have lived here since. Surviving children are; William C F Wiegand; Kate, wife of Henry Herpich of Wheeling; barbara, wife of George A Walker; and Minnie, wife of Otto F Rohr. The funeral is today from the German Lutheran Church and burial in their cemetery.

WIESEL 04 Oct 1888 Mrs Mary Wiesel, wife of Prof. Michael Wiesel, died last night of chronic affection of the skin and throat. Born in Lower Franconia, Bavaria, Germany in 1813, she came to this country with her parents as a child and settled in Baltimore. In 1839 she married Prof Wiesel and would have been married for 50 years next year. They removed to Cumberland in 1841 settling at Smallwood Street. Six children; Dr Henry Wiesel, deceased; Messers, J P and Michael Wiesel of this city; John M Wiesel, a druggist in Baltimore; and daughters, Mary E a Sister of Charity; and Maggie of this city. The funeral is tomorrow with a High Mass from Sts Peter & Paul Catholic Church with Father Felix and burial in the German Catholic Cemetery.

WIGFIELD 15 Mar 1888 Mrs Wigfield, mother of Mr J B Wigfield, living near Flintstone, died last Saturday (10 Mar), aged 91 years, 4 months, and 21 days. The funeral and burial was from Fairview Church.

WILLISON 12 Jan 1888 Ashford Willison, brother of the County Commissioner Willison, died at his residence last evening at Rush in his 60th year. He had been ill for several months . He was an uncle to Mr Aschael and Hanson Willison of this city. The funeral is from his home tomorrow.

WILSON 07 Apr 1888 James Wilson died at his residence in Flintstone in his 66th year. He leaves a wife and 2 grown children, 1 son, and 1 daughter, both married. The funeral is to be held in Flintstone. Nephews, Dr JJ Wilson and Dr LB Wilson attended the funeral.

YOUNG 25 Oct 1888 Mrs Mary E Young, wife of L A Young, died at her home on N Mechanic Street following a long illness, age 28 years. Her husband, 30 years of age, is a machinist for McKaig & Sons and they had been married about 5 years. One son, about 4 years of age, also survives. She was the daughter of Mrs Dorthea Hartman by her first husband Mr Wooly. The funeral is from the German Lutheran Church.


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