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Excerpts from The Cumberland Times
transcribed by Charles Often




BEALL 15 Feb 1886 Captain Nelson Beall of Frostburg, spending the winter in Winter Park FL, died there Saturday (13 Feb), 72 years of age. He was born at Frostburg, learned the carpenter trade, invested wisely in real estate. He was twice married and is survived by his second wive, and 3 children from the first wife: Frederick C Beall-hardware dealer of Frostburg; George Beall of Staunton VA -in the foundry business Beall & Paul; and Mrs Enoch Winters of Missouri. His body will be shipped to Frostburg for funeral from his late residence on Union Street and burial in Percy graveyard. Rev Wesch will officiate. [His will was described in the Mar 12 edition].

BINNIX 04 Sep 1886 Mr Nathan Binnix died yesterday at his residence in Mt Savage of stomach trouble following an illness of several months. He was between 60-65 years of age and a native of England. He was a master car builder for the C&P RR. He leaves a wife and a grown family; Mrs C C Craggs of Cumberland being one daughter.

BISEL 26 Oct 1886 Mrs Anna Bisel died yesterday at the home of daughter, Mrs Capt Blough at Meyersdale PA. She was about 75 years of age and had 6 children, 3 living and 3 deceased. She was a sister of Mr John Kreigbaum on N Mechanic Street. Her remains will be shipped here for interment in the St Patrick's cemetery.

BLOCHER 02 Sep 1886 Mr Thomas Blocher, a native of Cumberland, traveling for the Chambers Dye Co of NY, died Monday (Aug 30) in Charlotte NC. He is a son of the late Daniel Blocher, former editor of the Alleganian of this city and magistrate for 40 years. He is a brother of Henry Blocher, brick maker of this city.

BRADY 22 Oct 1886 Mrs Martha A Brady died yesterday at the residence of her son JT Brady at Lonaconing after a short illness. A native of Ireland, she was born in 1796, and thus, was 90 years of age. Her remains were buried in the Catholic Cemetery at Barton.

BRANT 28 Jul 1886 Mr Levi W Brant, of Centre Street, died yesterday following an illness of 9 weeks of pleurisy and a severe attack of pneumonia. He was born in Oldtown in 1821, and was 65 years of age. [?]. He was a contractor and also in the coal business. He was married twice; his 2nd wife, the daughter of James Pitzer surviving along with daughter, Mrs John L Thomas and son George. The funeral is from the Centre Street ME Church and burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.

BRIDENDOLPH 05 Mar 1886 Mrs Rose Belle Bridendolph, wife of Will S Bridendolph, died this morning at her home on Prospect Street. She was very young, not yet 30 years of age, and leaves two young children. She was born Miss Rose Belle Seay in Petersburg VA and was also an orphan at a very early age. She came to Cumberland and resided with Mr & Mrs C A Seay. In 1881, she married Mr WS Bridendolph. She also leaves a brother, John Seay of Petersburg VA; a sister Emma, wife of John R Cross of Norfolk VA; and another sister, Miss Grace of Cumberland. The funeral is Sunday from Emmanuel PE Church and burial in Rose Hill Cemetery. 29 Sep 1886 Will Sherrard Bridendolph, aged 5 years died of typhoid.

BROTEMARKLE 20 Oct 1886 Mrs Susanna Brotemarkle, relict of Michael Brotemarkle, died at Lonaconing on Wednesday (27 Oct) at the residence of a daughter, Mrs William B McFarland, aged 77 years. She had been ill for only 4 days. The remains were shipped to Cumberland on the C & P RR and were interred on the Brotemarkle Farm, 3 miles East of Cumberland, Rev F G Porter of Lonaconing officiated

BUFFALO BILL 26 May 1886 the Buffalo Bill Wild West Show comes to town. A parade of the 2 railroad cars of animals and personages will travel down Columbia Street, Decatur Street, Baltimore Pike, Baltimore Avenue, Baltimore Street, Mechanic Street, Mill Street, Centre Street, Payne Street, to the Ball yards.

CAMPBELL 22 Nov 1886 Patrick Campbell of Eckhart, about 60 years of age, was killed by a fall of breast coal at Hoffman Mines today. He leaves a considerably large family, all grown.

CARLETON 27 Feb 1886 Mr Henry D Carleton died yesterday at the family residence on the Baltimore Pike, 3 miles East of the city, aged 77 years. He leaves a wife and 8 children, 6 sons and 2 daughters, one of whom is Mrs W L Gaskill. The funeral is from the residence on Monday and services in the Methodist Church South, 4 miles East of the city.

CLARK 23 Mar 1886 Mrs Mary J Clark, 45 years of age, wife of DR Clark, painter, died this morning at her residence on Greene Street. She had been suffering from cancer of the breast, had submitted to the removal operation which offered some relief, but finally died of the disease. She was a daughter of Mr Peter Quigley. She leaves 9 young children; 6 boys and 3 girls, the youngest child being 5 years of age. The funeral is from the residence on Greene Street tomorrow with burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.

CLARY 19 May 1886 J N Clary died today at the residence of James A Ferguson, at Baltimore and Front streets from consumption. The funeral is at the English Lutheran Church and burial in Rose Hill Cemetery, Rev J W Finkbiner officiating.

COAL MINE STRIKE 08 Mar 1886 A meeting of miners at Lonaconing to determine whether to strike for 50 cents per ton raise.

COOK 27 Dec 1886 Mrs Lucy P Cook, wife of J W Cook Esq. Of the Cumberland Milling Co, died at her mother's residence at Rawlings Station this morning in her 45th year of age. She was the 3rd daughter of Moses & Rebecca Rawlings and she leaves one child. The funeral is tomorrow from Emmanuel MP Church and interment in Rose Hill Cemetery.

CORRIGAN 18 Sep 1886 The funeral of Mr Michael Corrigan, an old resident of Cumberland, who died yesterday, took place from St Patrick's Church. Mr Corrigan was 67 years of age and was a native of Co Heath, Ireland. He leaves a wife and family of 4 children, all grown.

CROSS 16 Apr 1886 Mrs John R Cross of Norfolk VA died today. She is a sister of the late Mrs WS Bridendolph and Miss Grace Seay of this city. She was 23 years of age and leaves a husband 2 young children, the youngest of 2 months. Her sister died only the past March.

CUMBERLAND OLD CITIZEN 02 Mar 1886 Mrs Miller recalls the visit of George Washington to the city on Oct 1794 related to the Whiskey Insurrection. [5 paragraph article].

DOWDEN 25 Aug 1886 Mr George W Dowden, a young man 27 years of age, died of typhoid fever at the residence of his brother-in-law, Thomas Gunning at Baltimore and Decatur Streets. The services art at St Patricks Catholic Church.

EVANS 01 Nov 1886 The State of Maryland vs. William Evans trial resulted in a verdict of not guilty. He was charged with murder of Meesie Ross. Mr David W Sloan Esq. Represented the defendant.

FAY 20 Sep 1886 Mr Patrick Fay, an old citizen, died at his residence on the west side. He was, for many years, a member of Cumberland's police force. Mr JB Fay of the Oakland Democrat is a son. The funeral is from the home and burial in St Patrick's Cemetery.

FISHER 28 Dec 1886 Mr John D Fisher, residing on the Baltimore Pike, 7 miles from the city, died last evening in his 67th year of age. FISHER 23 Nov 1886 George Fisher of Frostburg died Sunday (21 Nov) at his residence at Frostburg after a lingering illness. He was a saddle maker by trade and leaves a widow and several children. The funeral was this morning.

FLINTSTONE SPRINGS 03 Mar 1886 Mr Thomas McElfish intends to develop the Flintstone Springs area. [6 paragraph article].

FORD 03 May 1886 Mr John Ford, mine boss at Ocean Mines, died yesterday of an aneurism of the arm. He was about 55 years of age, came from England as a lad, and lived in Frostburg & Ocean the rest of his life. He leaves a wife and several children, nearly all grown and the 2 oldest are married. The funeral is from Ocean mines and interment in Frostburg. Philip McMahon of Eckhart appointed new mine boss.

FRANTZ 20 Jul 1886 Miss Ida May Frantz, 19 years and 6 months, of Acheson, KS, died on Saturday 17 Jul. She was a daughter of Daniel Frantz on N Centre Street. The body will be returned to Cumberland for funeral from Centre Street ME Church and burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.

FRANTZ 22 Oct 1886 On Monday 11 Oct, Mr William B Frantz, the eldest son of Councilman D Frantz of Cumberland and Miss Mary T Cole, second daughter of Mr John Cole of Hyndman PA, were married by Rev James Wilson at Kingsley parsonage.

FULLER 29 Jul 1886 Mrs Catherine A Fuller, wife of Elijah Fuller, died yesterday in her 63rd year following a lingering illness. She was the mother of 4 children; 2 sons, Howard M and James K Fuller; and 2 daughters, Mrs RR Sanner and Mrs James V Bare. The funeral is from the residence on Fulton Street on Friday with Rev Joseph France and burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.

GARDNER 02 Dec 1886 Mrs Gardner, wife of Dr W H Gardner of Glade, Somerset Co, PA, died last evening. She is a former Cumberland resident and a sister of Mr W B Ash, whom she visited just 2 or 3 months ago.

GEPHART 25 Jan 1886 Mr Oliver C Gephart, of this city, received a telegram from Valley Falls, Kansas. His sister-in-law, Mrs Eliza Gephart is paralyzed and not expected to live through the day. 01 Feb 1886- Mrs Eliza Gephart died Thursday morning (28 Jan) . She was born 04 Jul 1831, and thus was 54 years, 6 months, and 24 days of age. She was the daughter of the late Gustavus Beall and married Simon C Gephart, brother of Oliver C Gephart and of George F Gephart. Mr Simon Gephart moved to Kansas 25 years ago and had died about 3 years ago of apoplexy.

GRACIE 16 Apr 1886 Violence at Eckhart. Among the number of men at the close of the strike of 1882 who were unable to get work, was John Gracie, a young man residing at Eckhart. After the present strike had been declared, it is stated that Gracie went to the officials of the Consolidation Coal Co. and offered to go to work at the old wage. He was given work and has since been engaged in the Eckhart slope. Last night, the house of John Pengelly, the father-in-law of Mr Gracie, with whom he lived, was attacked and stoned by an infuriated mob, many of whom it is reported were masked. Gracie was called for and was demanded to quit work at once. Threats of taking his life were freely made by many of the mob. Mr Pengelly's house is reported as being injured considerably, and many of the windows were broken by stones. Quiet was restored this morning.

GRACIE 20 Jul 1886 Mr Thomas Gracie and Miss Rachel Eckhart of Eckhart MD were married at the Lindell Hotel yesterday morning by Rev J E Moffatt.

GREENHORN 30 Oct 1886 Mr John Greenhorn Sr, a miner for the Potomac Coal Co at Barton, was killed yesterday from a fall of slate. He was about 65 years of age and leaves a family of 7 grown children, 4 daughters and 3 sons. A short time ago, Mr S Preston, a son-in-law was killed in the same mine.

GUNNING 14 Dec 1886 Thomas W Gunning, U S Deputy Marshall, died this morning at the residence at Baltimore Street Extended and Decatur Streets of typhus pneumonia. He was the 2nd son of James Gunning, born at Eckhart on 02 Jan 1848, and residing there until 1877 and employed by the Eckhart Branch RR. He the was employed by the B&O RR as watchman at the George's Creek Road, after which, he purchased the grocery store of Charles Sommers on the Baltimore Pike. In 1874, he married Miss Mary Dowden, the daughter of George Dowden, who with 4 children, the youngest 4 months old, survive. The funeral and interment are at St Patrick's Church and Cemetery. James Gunning of R G Dunn & Co of Cincinnati OH attended his brother's funeral.

GURLEY 08 Sep 1886 Mr Thomas Gurley, about 72 years of age, died at his farm, 6 miles from the city between Big & Little Valley roads. He leaves a wife and 5 children; 2 sons and 3 daughters.

HAGGERTY 16 Apr 1886 Mrs Annie G Haggerty, wife of Daniel Haggerty, died at her residence at N Centre Street on Wednesday (4 Apr). The funeral is today with services at Sts Peter & Paul Church and burial in St Patrick's Cemetery.

HAMILTON 20 Mar 1886 Mr John Y Hamilton, 49, of Lonaconing, died there of consumption. His funeral is tomorrow.

HARDMAN 13 Feb 1886 Mr Moses Hardman, aged 51 years, resident of Mapleside, died at the residence of Joseph Frantz, Bedford & Centre Streets, after an illness of 2 days. Thursday morning as usual, Mr Hardman came to attend the market, ate a hearty breakfast, became thirsty and drank a quart of ice water. Soon, he became chilled and was taken to Mr Frantz's residence where he became unconscious and died. The cause of death was congestion of the brain, superinduced by the drinking of ice water. He leaves a widow and one daughter. The funeral is from the Kingsley ME Church and burial at New Bethel graveyard, 4 miles East of Centreville PA. - Elinor Hardman was granted letters of administration of the estate.

HARRISON 23 Feb 1886 Mrs Clarimond S Harrison, 72 years of age, a former resident and relict of the late George Harrison, died today at the home of a son, Captain George W Harrison in Piedmont. She was a native of Virginia and came here in 1843 with her husband. Surviving are 4 sons, George W Harrison-Piedmont; Charles Harrison-Somerset PA; James Forsythe Harrison of Emporia KS; Samuel Harrison of Wheeling WV; and daughter , Mrs White of Washington DC. She was the only sister of Mr SD Woodrow of Piedmont. The funeral is tomorrow from Emmanuel PE Church and burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.

HEIN 11 Jul 1886 Mr Peter Hein, a lumber merchant, died today at his residence on Fayette Street after an illness of several weeks, aged 69 years. He was born in Lower Franconia, Germany in 1817, and in 1839, came to America. He came to Cumberland in 1842, engaging in the lumber business with the late George Landwher, as Hein & Landwher until 1885, when he sold to Mertens & Sons. In 1844, he married Mathilda Albright who survives. His 2 children died quite young. A brother resides in Germany. The funeral is Friday at Sts Peter & Paul Catholic Church and burial in the Sts Peter & Paul Cemetery, Rev Father Francis officiating.

HENDRICKSON 20 Mar 1886 Mr Joseph Hendrickson of Piedmont WV shoots and wounds one of a party who wanted to assist him home . He had been on a drinking spree for over a month. [3 paragraphs article].

HIMMLER FIRE 20 Mar 1886 the distillery of Mr John Himmler, near the glass works and the roundhouse of the GC&C RR, was destroyed by fire last evening. His warehouse and residence were threatened, but saved by the hand engine of "The Cumberland" by fire fighters.

HOOK 06 May 1886 A man named Hook makes Frederick News and this is copied by the Cumberland Times. A man named Hook, born near Cumberland, 51 years of age, is reportedly related to famous families of Frederick. He appears as a back woodsman, long and gaunt, 225 lbs and 6 feet 6 inches in height. He lives in Garrett Co and was in the war at Libby & Anderson prisons where he was only 90 pounds. He reportedly went to the Black Hills, Oregon, California, back through the Southern states and to the mountains of Maryland. He had gone to Washington DC to seek a pension and had met President Cleveland, who promises a pension.

JAMISON 07 Oct 1886 Mr Thomas D Jamison, aged 76 years, died yesterday at Murley's Branch. He was born in 1810, in Montgomery Co MD, a son of Francis and Elenora Jamison. He came to Allegany Co following the deaths of his parents 58 years ago along with his brothers and sisters, clearing the land to produce one of the best farms in the county. There were 11 children, but now only Mrs John R Brooke remains. He had made his home in the city for some years past removing to the old farm for his health. "Uncle Tom" will have his funeral at the home of sister-in-law Mrs Francis Jamison, a service at St Patrick's Church and interment in the St Patrick's Cemetery, Father McDevitt officiating.

JOHNSON 07 Dec 1886 John L Johnson, living near Baltimore Pike, 5 miles East of Cumberland, died on Sunday (5 Dec) of consumption and was buried today. He was of middle age and leaves a family and he was a well known farmer, raising unusually large peaches.

JOHNSON 15-21 Sep 1886 Mr David Johnson, a lunatic and not of his right mind for some time was taken from the jail in Westernport and lynched. He was 47 years of age and leaves a wife and several small children. He was a janitor of the Methodist Church of Piedmont and was also employed by the B&O shops there for 6 months. He was at this time, on suspension for assaults of three men in the shops during his employment. He carried a shotgun to "kill all the Irish", following his suspension. At lunch time, as the men were eating lunches or on the way home for lunch, Mr Johnson shot Mr Edward White and killed him. He was jailed for this offense. The men began to discuss the killing and 300-400 of them stormed the jail, broke in and beat him to death and then, hung him from the bridge, later cutting him down with his body falling into George's Creek. Officer Bradley of the jail was held at bay while the lynching was conducted. In a hearing before Judge Harbaugh, Mike Malone, Tim White, and Patrick Driscoll were held on charges of murder.

KLINE 26 Nov 1886 Mr John Kline, telegraph operator for the C&O RR at Mt Savage, died today after a few days of diphtheria. He was about 37 years old. His wife died a few years ago and his 2 year old daughter is parentless. The funeral is Sunday with services in the ME Church at Mt Savage and burial in the Methodist Cemetery, Rev T R Marsh.

KOONTZ 03 Sep 1886 Mr Simon Koontz died Wednesday (Sep1) at his home in Midland of chronic lung problems. Mr Koontz was in his 60th year and leaves a wife and 5 children. He leaves quite an estate acquired by the sale of coal lands to the New Central Coal Co. Burial was on the Old Koontz farm, with Rev F G Porter of Lonaconing officiating.

LADEW 14 Dec 1886 Mrs A D Ladew died this morning at her residence on W Washington Street of typhoid, aged 54 years. She was born at Woodstock NY as Miss Jershua S Reynolds, the oldest daughter of Isaac Reynolds Esq., who now lives at East Stroudsburg PA. She was married on 20 Jan 1853 to Mr A D Ladew, who with 2 sons, Messers Harvey and Clifford R Ladew, survive her. The funeral is from the home and burial is in Rose Hill Cemetery.

LOWNSBURY 24 May 1886 Mrs J B Lownsbury, a native of Allegany County and a daughter of the late Alex. King, died at her home in Toledo OH. Her husband and 2 grown children survive her. Brothers, Clarence and Alexander King will go to Toledo for the funeral tomorrow.

LURAY OF ALLEGANY 12 Mar 1886 A magnificent cave was discovered near the residence of Oliver Twigg, near Rush. Mr FM Williamson and a party of young men reached the opening of the came with an Indian ladder that was 20 feet long, inserted into a crevice of the rocks, revealing a grand open room at the bottom. [Article is column].

MANSFIELD 11 Oct 1886 James Mansfield, an employee of Koontz mine of New central Coal Co at Lonaconing, was killed by a fall of roof coal on Saturday (9 Oct), He was a brother of Capt John Mansfield, passenger conductor of the C&P RR, and also of the late Squire William Mansfield of Lonaconing. He was about 40 years of age and leaves a large family. An inquest was held and exonerated the company of all blame.

MARTIN 08 Apr 1886 Garritt Martin, died yesterday following a troublesome cough that developed into congestion of the lungs. He was born in Hanover, Germany in 1819, and came to Cumberland in 1843, employed by the B&O RR. In 1848, he married Miss Louisa Knos, with whom, he had 7 children; 5 sons and 2 daughters. Four years ago he entered the hack business that continued to his death, securing a contract to convey mail from the post office to the Pennsylvania RR. His sons all live away from Cumberland.

McCLEAVE 06 May 1886 Mr Robert H McCleave, in his 79th year of age, died tody at his residence on Decatur Street following an illness of a few days. He was born in Frederick Co, VA on 05 Jan 1808, and came to Cumberland April 1863. He leaves a wife and 5 children; 3 sons and 2 daughters, all grown and reside here except: oldest sons, Hall of Minneapolis MN and Johns of Pittsburgh PA. The funeral is from the Emmanuel PE Church and burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.

McELFISH 05 Jan 1886 Dr Bazell B McElfish of Flintstone, died Sunday (3 Jan) at his residence. He leaves a wife and 3 small children. He had been sick for some time with pneumonia. He was a native of Flintstone and a graduate of Bellview College of NY. His funeral took place yesterday under the auspices of the Odd Fellows.

McKAIG 09 Apr 1886 Hon. Alpheus Beall McKaig died today at the residence of his sister-in-law, Mrs Laura McKaig in Baltimore. The Senator is a younger brother of the late Thomas J McKaig who died in February of this year. He was the third son of the late William Wallace and Priscilla Ellen McKaig, and was born in Cumberland on 23 Aug 1847, and was thus, in his 47th year. He was educated at Allegany Co Academy, Mt St Mary's College at Emmittsburg, Chestnut Hill School at Baltimore, and Princeton College; and then entered the law firm of his father and uncle, McKaig & McKaig. The funeral is from Emmanuel PE Church and burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.

McKAIG 22 Feb 1886 Col Thomas J McKaig died yesterday at his residence at the head of Baltimore Street from acute dyspepsia. He was the oldest son of WW McKaig and was born in Cumberland in 1840. He was schooled at Princeton and was a member of the McKaig & McKaig law firm of his father and uncle, WW and Thomas J McKaig. He entered the war in the Confederacy Army becoming a Captain in the General Lee's Body Guard calvary unit. In 1882, he married Miss Ada Norman, a daughter of Michael Norman Esq., of Baltimore and she survives. Services at Emmanuel PE Church and burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.

MERTENS 27 Dec 1886 Edward G C Mertens, youngest son of the late Frederick Mertens, died at the residence of his mother at the head of Baltimore Street. He was born 13 Feb 1869 and was in his 18th year of age. Fatal rheumatism was the cause of his death.

MERTENS 10 Feb 1886 Mr Frederick Mertens Sr. died at his residence at the head of Baltimore Street today from congestion of the lungs, in his 62nd year of age. He leaves a widow and 6 children: Frederick, William, John, Henry, Edward, and Emma, all unmarried and live at home. He was born in Hamburg, Germany on 13 Jun 1824. He followed the ship building trade and came to Cumberland in 1851. His ship building business in South Cumberland is large and employs a great number of men. The funeral is Sunday with services at the German Lutheran Church.

MILLER 22 Feb 1886 The remains of Mrs Lizzie Miller, wife of Louis W Miller of Bellaire OH, and a daughter of the late Mr Christopher Fauvel of this city, arrived here for burial tomorrow. She was 27 years of age and leaves her husband and 3 small children. The funeral is from the home of Edgar L Flurry, 74 N Centre Street and services in the German Lutheran Church on Bedford Street and interment in the German Lutheran Cemetery.

MILLER 25 Feb 1886 Mrs Annie E Miller, wife of George M Miller, died following a brief illness on Wednesday. Six months ago they wed, she was the daughter of the late JS Wegman. She was 20 years of age. The funeral is tomorrow at Sts Peter & Paul Church with burial in the German Lutheran Cemetery.

MILLER 17 Jun 1886 Interview with Mrs Miller, 106 years of age, born 1780 in Greencastle PA, came to Cumberland at age 8. [Full column article].

MINKE 04 Sep 1886 Mrs Eva L Minke, aged 64years, 6 months and 9 days, relict of the late Frederick Minke of this city, died aboard a westbound train at Kansas City MO, accompanied by a daughter Miss Tillie. They were headed West to join another daughter, Miss Emma Minke and take up residence there. She had been ill and the trip was too much for her. She leaves a family of 6 children, all grown: Mrs F Perry of Lonaconing; Mrs Craigen and Mrs McBride of Cumberland; George; Misses Tillie and Emma of San Francisco. The funeral from her daughter Mrs McBride's residence on Bedford Street, services in the 1st Presbyterian Church on Washington Street, and burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.

MOON 23 Dec 1886 Mrs Laura Seely Moon, wife of Richard N. Moon and a sister of Col John L Thomas, died on Tuesday (21 Dec) of heart disease at her home in Baltimore. A sister, Mrs George R Page was with her at the end. Their mother, Mrs Thomas is quite ill and was not informed of her death. She was born in Cumberland and was 38 years of age and leaves her husband and 2 grown sons.

NATIVE AMERICAN 08 Mar 1886 "Everlasting Lightning", a member of the Kickapoo Indians, who were in the city for some time with Dr Dunham, died at Lonaconing yesterday of consumption. His Indian name was Cog-ge Auh See-gu . His coffin was equipped by Chief Blue Eagle with trinkets and provisions for the happy hunting grounds in true Indian fashion. It is reported that at least 2000 people viewed the coffin. He was interred with Indian rites and ceremonies in the Old Cemetery. Following the funeral, the chief and the balance of their party returned to Cumberland.

OFFNER 02 Aug 1886 Miss Anne Offner, about 19 years of age, shot and killed Benjamin Brooks, 43 years of age. They were "wed" in a mock marriage at Cumberland, lived together as husband and wife, and when word of their state of affairs leaked out, indictments against them were presented for illicit cohabitation. The real cause of her shooting him is not known at this writing. 05 Aug 1886Ann Offner's Confession- She loved him and killed him in self defense and will say no more. The weapon was Mr Brook's pistol. 22 Sep 1886 The trial begins along with another trial of shooting Bowen-Heatwole case. 01 Oct 1886 Bowen found guilty of murder by jury. 24 Sep 1886 Counsel for the defense agrees to continue the case until the next term of court because of another case in the courts. The case is being held until the September court.

PERCY 25 Jan 1886 Mrs Elinor M Percy, widow of the late Judge Douglas Perry, died at her residence in Frostburg following an illness of several weeks. She was a daughter of Squire Jack Porter and was born at the Porter Settlement near Eckhart in Nov 1808, thus, was 77 years of age. She was married to Judge Percy in 1831, and survived him by only 6 weeks. Seven children survive: William R and Douglas Percy of Frostburg; Mrs WH Lefevre and Mrs Annie E Shaw of Cumberland; Mrs LT DeWitt of Westernport; Mrs David Sloan of Lonaconing; and, Mrs Charles W Shaw of Frostburg. The funeral is tomorrow from the home and burial at "Rose Meadows Cemetery" near Eckhart, Rev William A Shipman, officiating.

PERRY 08 Oct 1886 Dr George C Perry died last night after a lingering illness at his residence on S Liberty Street. Born on W Washington Street in the house now known as "Perry Cottage" in 16 Apr 1804, thus, he was 82 years of age. At age 21, he entered the practice of Dr Samuel P Smith, beginning his study of 7 years, entering the University of Maryland and graduating in 1835. In 1844, he married Miss Newman, daughter of Dr Newman of Romney WV, who survives him. His brother, Robet Magruder Perry of Garrett Co is the last surviving member of that large family. He had retired 10-15 years ago and took ill last February, confined to his home since then. The funeral is tomorrow at Emmanuel PE Church and interment in Rose Hill Cemetery, Rev PN Meade officiating.

PITZER 30 Jul 1886 Mr James Pitzer died yesterday following an illness of several weeks, just a few minutes prior to the funeral services for a son-in-law-Mr Levi Brant. He was 68 years of age and a native of Berkeley Co, WV, coming to Cumberland in 1854, and employed as a boat builder for Berston & McCleary. His wife and 6 grown children survive: Mrs Levi Brant; Mrs PG Cowden; James Pitzer of Butler Furniture Works; John B Pitzer former chief of police; William H Pitzer of McKeesport; and Philip T Pitzer of Salinas KS. The funeral is from the home on N Centre Street, Rev J O Sullivan and burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.

READ 27 Jul 1886 Dr Nelson C Read passed away peaceably in the 68th year of his life last night. He was born in Cumberland, raised in Georgetown, and returned to Cumberland in 1840, entering the office of Dr JM Smith as a dental assistant. He married Miss Mollie Lamar, a daughter of William Lamar, who survives with 7 grown children: Mrs Otis Johnson and William L Read of Washington DC; John M Read of St Louis MO; Arnett Read of Patterson NJ; and Nelson C Jr; J McLain; and Miss Nancy Read all of Cumberland. The funeral is from the Emmanuel PE Church with Rev PN Meade.

REILLY 02 Dec 1886 David Reilly, head teamster for Fayerweather & Ladew's Gilpintown tannery, slipped and fell beneath the wheels of a heavily laden wagon and was crushed to death. He was about 40 years of age and leaves a wife and 10 small children. The body was taken to Gilpintown for burial.

RHINEHARD 24 Aug 1886 Mr Francis Rhinehard, a native of Eckhart, residing on Paca Street, a brakeman for the C&P RR, met an awful death today. He was hanging onto a car while at work, prepared to jump, and then he fell off, he was thrown upon the rail and the wheels of the car and engine crushed his head. He leaves a wife and 6 children, the youngest only 14 months. His brother, John Rhinehard is employed by Merten's & Sons. The funeral is from the Sts Peter & Paul Church and burial in the German Catholic Cemetery.

RIZER 28 Aug 1886 Rev Peter Rizer, a Lutheran clergyman who established the German Lutheran Church here, died at relatives in Montgomery Co, MD in the 75th year of his age. His daughter, Mrs Belle Burk is known well here. Five other children survive him.

RIZER 11 Sep 1886 Mr John W Rizer, an employee of the roundhouse of the George's Creek RR, died today of typhoid fever, following a brief illness. Mr Rizer was unmarried and in the 21st year of his age. The funeral is from Emmanuel PE Church.

ROBERTS 14 Jul 1886 On 06 Jul 1886, Mrs Deborah Roberts died and was buried on 07 Jul. "Aunt Debby" was childless, but little ones of the area loved her. She lived through 5 decades of Christian fortitude.

SCHAIDT 10 Feb 1886 Mr Casper Schaidt, about 75 years of age, is ill at his residence, one mile East of Cumberland with pneumonia. His wife died last week and was buried on Sunday (7 Feb). His son, Rev J George Schaidt of Knoxville TN has been contacted.

SCHARF 11 Aug 1886 Mr Thomas G Scharf died at Baltimore yesterday in the 70th year of his age. He was born there 24 Jan 1816, and engaged in the lumber business and then, in real estate. He leaves a widow and 10 children, the latter including J Thomas Scharf, the well known historian and journalist.

SHAFFER 26 Oct 1886 Conrad Shaffer died of heart disease while at work in Braddock PA this morning. He was about 58 years of age and was a brick layer by trade, working there on a contract. He leaves a widow and 4 children at the home on N Centre Street. His remains will be brought here for services from the home on N Centre Street and services in the German Lutheran Church and burial in the German Lutheran Cemetery.

SHRIVER 02 Jan 1886 Mr Joseph Shriver, President of the 1st National Bank, died at his residence at the corner of Baltimore & George Streets yesterday, aged 80 years. He was born at Union Bridge, Carroll Co., MD on 11 Jan 1805. At age 19, he was in contract with Jonathan Knight to locate the National Road west from Wheeling. In 1828, he was appointed commissioner to locate the National Road to St louis. Following that, he returned east to engage in railroading and in banking. In 1834, he married and has remained here permanently. He is survived by 5 children, 2 making their home with him. The funeral is tomorrow from Emmanuel PE Church and burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.

SPEIR 08 Dec 1886 Captain Andrew Speir died this morning of hemorrhage of the stomach in Baltimore at the home of Alexander Shaw following an illness of only a few hours. Capt Speir was born at Cornwall Bank, Ayrshire in March 1826 and was 60 years of age. In 1852, he came to America and secured work at Allegany Mines at Frostburg and then, with Jackson Mines. In 1858, he formed a partnership with Mr James Stewart in the merchandise business at Lonaconing. In 1861, he enlisted as a 2nd lieutenant into Co A, 2MD Reg., PHB, serving under Captain Alexander Shaw. After the war, he was appointed mine boss at Detmold Mine until 1873, when he returned to Scotland for 3 months for his health. Returning, he became president of Blaen Avon Coal Co. In 1864, he married Miss Marian Stewart of Lonaconing, who with 6 girls and 1 boy, survive. His remains will be brought from Baltimore on the No 1 train this evening. The funeral is from the residence on Washington Street, Rev J E Moffatt officiating.

STEINER 17 Sep 1886 Mr Joshua Steiner, the market master, died at his residence on Mechanic Street this morning from a heart attack. He came to Cumberland from Frederick Co, doing business as a carpenter and builder until last May when he was appointed market master. He leaves a wife and 6 children all grown and married: Mrs Ann Fredericks at home; Mrs Kate Shuck and Mrs Florence Leonard of Cumberland; Mrs Laura Kegg of Rainsburg PA; and Messers John and Charles Steiner, both of Cumberland and both also employed at the B&O. The funeral is at the Centre Street ME Church with Rev Isaac Thomas and Rev Joseph French and burial in Rose Hill cemetery.

STEVENSON 22 Oct 1886 Mrs Hans Stevenson of Eckhart, aged about 35 years, died (21 Oct) while attempting to light a fire with coal oil, when the flames came in contact with the can in her hands, and exploded, throwing burning oil all over her. She suffered severe burns of the body and died. She leaves a husband and 5 small children.

THRUSTON 10 Nov 1886 Julian H Thruston, 23 years of age, died yesterday at the residence on Decatur Street. He was the eldest son of George A Thruston. He was for 10 years, deputy clerk of Allegany County Court and lately appointed as Auditor of the court. Funeral from Emmanuel PE Church and burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.

TILP 16 Apr 1886 Mrs Clara Tilp, wife of G J Tilp, died yesterday at her residence on N Mechanic Street. The funeral will be from the residence tomorrow.

VANDIVER 08 Mar 1886 Mr Lewis Vandiver of Uniontown PA, who caught pneumonia while attending the funeral of his son-in-law, Mr Frederick Mertens Sr last month, died yesterday at the residence of his late son-in-law on Maryland Avenue, in his 76th year of age. His remains were taken to Uniontown for burial.

VANLEER 06 Aug 1886 Mr Alfred Vanleer of Frostburg died today at the home of William H Moor on Ormand Street. He was an old citizen and was ill for some time. He is survived by one son.

WARD 29 Apr 1886 Mrs Barbara Ward, widow of the late Daniel Ward, died last evening of dropsy at the home of a grandson, George Keifer, on N Centre Street, following an illness of several weeks. She was 84 years of age and leaves 3 children; Daniel and Gus Ward, and daughter Mrs Margaret Keifer, a widow. The funeral is tomorrow from the residence.

WATSON 11 Nov 1886 Mr John Watson, 40 years of age, died suddenly of heart disease at the Lindell hotel eating a noon meal. He was called to serve in the Westernport jury but was not selected as a juror. He was a son of Mr James Watson and a son-in-law of Mr William A Close of Eckhart; ans also, a brother-in-law of Andrew Roy Esq., ex-mine inspector for Ohio. He leaves a wife and 8 children at home.

WESTERNPORT MURDER 25 Oct 1886 Circuit Court of Allegany County arraigns MF Malone, John F White, Timothy White and Patrick Driscoll with the murder of David Johnson of Westernport on the night of Sep 4 and also, John O'Brien and Charles McDade as accessories before the fact of murder.

WINEOW 24 May 1886 Mrs Ellenor Wineow, 77 years of age, died at her residence on Decatur Street yesterday. She was the sister of the late AJ McNamee and was born at Hagerstown. She leaves 2 sons, William and Daniel and one daughter, Mrs Jacob Magruder. The funeral is from the residence and burial in Old Methodist Cemetery behind Centre Street Church, Rev Joe France officiating.

WRIGHT 20 Jan 1886 Mrs Susana Wright, one of the oldest residents of Frostburg, died at her home this morning. She was in her 96th year and was a grandmother to Mrs Kennedy Butler of Cumberland. The funeral is on Wednesday.

ZAPP 03 May 1886 Mrs Maggie Zapp, wife of George Zapp, died at her residence on Greene Street. The funeral is from Sts Peter & Paul Catholic Church and interment in the German Catholic Cemetery on Rose Hill, Rev Father Francis officiating.


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