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Excerpts from The Cumberland Times
transcribed by Charles Often




ANDERSON 01 May 1885 Mr G Espy Anderson died yesterday at the residence of the mother-in-law, Mrs Johns of Prospect Street following an operation to amputate his right leg above the knee. He had suffered for years of necrosis of the femur. He was in his 42nd year and leaves a wife and 3 children. He was a native of Bedford PA and one of the heirs of the Bedford Springs Hotel. Funeral is from the home of Mrs MM Johns on Prospect Street and burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.

ANTHONY 17 Aug 1885 Miss Lizzie Anthony, oldest daughter of Dershon Anthony, died Saturday (15 Aug) at Frostburg in the 19th year of her age. She was the teacher at Grahamtown School. She died of the epidemic of flux in this region and her parents are ill with it too.

ANTHONY 07 Oct 1885 Mrs Gershon Anthony of Frostburg died there this morning of a stroke of paralysis.

ATHEY 22 Apr 1885 Mr Cyrus Athey, janitor of the station house for several years past, died last night at the home on Polk Street. He was 64 years of age and leaves a wife and several grown children. The funeral is tomorrow from the home on Polk Street with interment in Rose Hill Cemetery.

AUGUST 26 Sep 1885 Mr Isadore August died on the train on a return trip from Philadelphia yesterday afternoon. He was born in Bavaria, Germany and was 53 years of age. He came here from Philadelphia 10 years ago. A wife and 2 daughters survive. His remains were taken to his home 35 S Centre Street where funeral services were held and then the remains were sent to Philadelphia for interment.

BARKER 10 Apr 1885 Edward Barker, of the Junction, one mile west of Piedmont, was run over by No 6 westbound train of the B&O RR on Wednesday (Apr 8). He was 38 years of age and leaves a wife and 2 children. He was getting out of the way of a helper engine and stepped in front of the No 6. He was buried in the Philos Cemetery at Westernport.

BOND 19 Dec 1885 Albert Bond dropped dead after cutting ice for G Stuckman on Wills Creek near the concrete bridge. He had complained of a pain in the chest and shortness of breath for some days past. He leaves a wife and 2 children. He was about 80 years of age and Dr Wiley states that heart disease was the cause of death.

BOOR 27 Mar 1885 Elizabeth Boor, relict of Jacob Boor, died today at the residence of her son-in-law Mr Joseph White, aged about 75 years. She leaves 3 daughters, one in Indiana, one in Everett PA, and Mrs White of this city and also, 2 sons in Colorado and one in this county. The funeral if from the home of Mr Joseph White on Bedford Street and the remains conveyed to Hazen to the Centenary Cemetery for burial.

BOWARD 14 Nov 1885 Mr John B Boward, furniture dealer and cabinet maker, died at his residence on S Centre Street last evening following an illness of 4 months. He was about 52 years of age and leaves a wife and 3 children. The funeral is from the residence with Rev JP Wilson of Kingsley Church.

BUCHANAN 23 Jun 1885 Mr William Buchanan, son of the late Judge Buchanan, who resides in Ellerslie with his mother, was killed at Williams Station, 17 miles from the city on the B&O RR. He was a brakeman on a freight train, and while stepping onto the engine from the first car, he slipped and fell between the cars, the train mangling his body terribly.

BUCHANAN 21 Mar 1885 Thomas G Buchanan died at his residence in Ellerslie this morning in the 53rd year of life, his grandfather was Ex-Chief Justice of the State Supreme Court. He was the 2nd son of the late John H Buchanan, Judge of the Orphans Court in Allegany County, who died 24 Aug 1883.He leaves a wife and 4 sons and 4 daughters. The funeral is from the ME Church at Ellerslie and interment in Rose Hill Cemetery.

BUCY 22 Dec 1885 Mr Lemuel Bucy died from a paralytic stroke while doing chores at his home in Prospect Valley, 8 miles from the city. He was a native of the county and was 67 years of age. He was a father-in-law of Mr Thomas Runkles of this city.

C&O CANAL 01 Dec 1885 Notice of Canal Tonnage for November from the Engineering and Mining Journal includes a notice that the canal will close about Dec 15th. Actual closing was Dec 13th.

CAVEY 06 Oct 1885 John Cavey, son of Henry Cavey, the watchman at C&P RR shops at Westernport, died from injuries that he received 2 weeks ago in the Jennie Spring Mine on the line of the WV Central and Pittsburgh RR. He was 21 years of age.

CHRISTIE 14 Jul 1885 The funeral of James Christie of Columbia Street, who died at his home yesterday, occurred today at the MP Church on Bedford Street, by Rev JP Sullivan with interment in Rose Hill Cemetery.

CLARY 05 Nov 1885 Aden Penn Clary, the 4th son of the late Aden & Isabella Clary of Frostburg, and a brother of Roderick Clary and of Mrs Bernard Dilley, met with an accident resulting in his death. Since last Tuesday, he had been employed by the Mertens Brothers Lumber Yards at Finksburg, the terminus of the Greenspring Railroad. In switching the cars, he slipped and fell upon the tracks and was run over. He was born in Frostburg and was 37 years of age. The funeral is from the home of Barney Dilley on Bedford Street and burial in Rose Hill cemetery, Rev PN Meade officiating.

CONNOR 03 Feb 1885 Mr William Connor died at his residence near Hoffman on Wednesday last (27 Jan). He was about 60 years of age and leaves a wife and several grown children. He was employed by Consolidation Coal Co for many years.

COOK 06 Feb 1885 Mrs Theo. Cook of Lonaconing died at Detmold on Wednesday (4 Feb). She had been married only a few weeks and was born in Balliston. Lenarkshire, Scotland. Funeral is from the home in Detmold and burial in Oak Hill Cemetery.

COULEHAN 26 Jun 1885 Mrs John Coulehan, nee Miss Nina Dilley, died this evening of quick consumption at the residence of her father Mr Barney Dilley on Bedford Street. She first noted the symptoms in March. She was a sister of Mrs Dr Bruce. She was aged 20 years, 2 months, and 7 days. The funeral was held at St Patricks's.

CRAWFORD 19 Sep 1885 James Crawford, who was struck by a train near North Branch on Wednesday, died from his injuries on Thursday 17 Sep 1885.

CREUTZBURG 11 Jun 1885 Marriage Licence Issued- Albert T Shober and Anna A Creutzburg.

CROOK & KELLY 07 Nov 1885 Article detailing the capture of Generals Crook & Kelly in Cumberland during the Civil War. (Full column article).

EDWARDS 21 May 1885 Mrs Margaret Edwards, wife of Benjamin R Edwards Esq., died of heart disease at her residence at Rebecca & Harrison Streets yesterday, aged 65 years, 7 months, and 17 days. She was the daughter of the late Joseph Dilley. Her husband and 5 grown children survive her, all present when she died except Mrs BM Mitchell of Allegany City PA and Owen of WV. The funeral is tomorrow from the residence and burial at Rose Hill Cemetery, Rev JW Finkbiner officiating.

ELLSBECK 25 Feb 1885 William Ellsbeck, a miner at the Detmold mine in Pekin, died of a pistol wound over his eye in his bed room. His father, also a miner, and mother survive. No cause for a suicide can be assigned and it is supposedly an accident.

FAUPEL 16 Jun 1885 Mr Christopher Faupel, who resides on his farm in WV, 4 miles East of Cumberland, died last night. He was a native of Germany and came to this country 30 years ago. He was about 64 years of age and leaves a wife and 2 grown children. His daughter lives at Bellaire OH and is married . His unmarried son lived with his father and managed his farm. The funeral is from the farm with Rev JW Finkbiner and burial in the German Lutheran Cemetery.

FLANNAGAN 10 Aug 1885 Mr James Flannagan of Vale Summitt, who accidently shot himself while hunting on 31 Jul 1885, died today of his wounds. He was 20 years of age and well known. The funeral is in Frostburg tomorrow.

FULLER 10 Apr 1885 Harry Fuller, son of the late Elisha Fuller, was killed in a train accident at Indian Creek, 8 miles east of Connellsville PA. He was the conductor of the B&O RR train that fell into the river there when the bridge collapsed at both abutments. A brother, Benjamin Fuller, a brakeman was killed there also. Elisha Fuller, the father, died and was buried only two weeks ago. Harry was 35 years of age and married only a month ago. Benjamin was married only a year ago. The bodies will be brought to Cumberland by the No 3. (6 paragraph story). 11 Apr 1885 A follow-up story reports that Engineer Acheson and Fireman Reynolds escaped injury. The bridge was considered unsafe by many except the railroad. A crew is at work repairing the span and recovering the body of Harry H Fuller (full column article). 13 Apr 1885 The body of Harry Fuller was recovered. The funeral services for both were held at the Bedford Street home and then to Centre Street ME Church, Rev Dr Francis officiating and interment in Rose Hill Cemetery. (3 paragraph story). 18 Apr 1885 An inquest at Connellsville PA rendered a split verdict over the deaths of Harry & Benjamin Fuller. Jurors voted accidental death or cause by reason of failure of an insecure bridge of the B&O (6 paragraph story).

FULLER 25 Mar 1885 Mr Elisha Fuller died yesterday from Bright's disease in the 60th year of his life. He came to Cumberland prior to the Civil War and lived here since, save for the years 1876-1879 living in Piedmont WV. He was, for a time on the city police force and had been connected with several city hotels. He leaves a wife, 5 sons and 3 daughters.

FULLER 18 Sep 1885 Mrs Howard M Fuller died yesterday at the home on Bedford Street following an illness of several weeks. She was in the 33rd year of life and leaves a husband and 2 children, 10 and 12 years of age. She was a daughter of Mr Luther Rizer.

FURLONG 30 May 1885 Mrs JB Furlong, 24, a young married lady, died today at her residence on N Mechanic Street. The funeral is tomorrow from Sts Peter & Paul's.

GEPHART 12 Sep 1885 Mrs Gephart, widow of the late Harry Gephart, died at her residence on Polk Street today following an illness of one month. Four children are left as orphans.

GILLIAM 19 Dec 1885 William Gilliam of Chaneysville died on 12 Dec as he was preparing for butchering when he fell dead. He had seemed in his regular health.

GONDER 02 Nov 1885 Thomas E Gonder, Esq., 42 years of age, of 200 N Center Street, died yesterday of bronchial consumption. He leaves a wife and 4 children. He was a son of Justice Andrew Gonder. The funeral is at St Patrick's Church and burial in St Patrick's Cemetery.

GOODWIN 13 Aug 1885 Mr R A Goodwin, well known grocer, died today at his residence this morning of consumption, aged 55 years. The funeral is from the residence and interment in Rose Hill cemetery.

GRAHAM 19 Sep 1885 Mr Curtin M Graham of Frostburg, died of heart disease at his residence this morning. He was born 16 Jan 1828, and was in his 57th year. He came here from Clearfield Co PA in 1856, when his brother, Rev Cambridge Graham, was stationed at the Frostburg ME Church. In a short time, he married Miss Susan Wright of Frostburg who died about 4 years ago. He leaves no children. The funeral is from the ME church with Rev WL Weeth and interment in Allegany Cemetery. His entire estate was left to a sister-in-law, Sarah Wright of Frostburg.

GRANEY 23 Jun 1885 Frank Graney of Piedmont was killed from a fall off a train of the B&O RR main stem near Rowelsburg WV yesterday. He was about 48 years of age and leaves a wife and 7 children.

GREEN 22 Jul 1885 Mr Adam Green, about 40 years of age, a miner in Kingsley Mine of the Maryland Coal Company, dropped dead on Douglas Avenue. He had been feeling unwell all day, ate supper, and went to the drug store for medicine. On returning, he stopped to rest and then fell dead. He leaves a wife, Sarah, and 3 children.

GROWDEN 03 Jan 1885 Mrs Growden, wife of Ellsworth Growden, died at her residence near Centreville last Wednesday (31 Dec 1884). She had been married 1 year on last Sunday and the loss of a companion is a sad affliction.

HARDING 17 Mar 1885 Mr William Harding, about 80 years of age, died at the Almshouse yesterday and will be buried in Potter's Field.

HARTLEY 21 Aug 1885 John Hartley Esq. Died at his residence on Town Creek on the 17th. He was aged 80 years and a consistent member of the ME Church for 40 years.

HENDRICKSON 05 Feb 1885 Martha Hendrickson was today granted a divorce from WA Hendrickson on grounds of desertion.

HENDRICKSON 13 Feb 1885 Mrs Hannah Hendrickson, wife of Richard Hendrickson died yesterday at her residence near Mount Pleasant, 4 miles east of the city. Burial was at Union Graveyard near Union Grove, Rev McNamara of the ME Church officiating.

HILLEARY 01 May 1885 Mr William F Hilleary of Cumberland died near Sidney, Nebraska. He had been ill for the past 6 months and had left last Sunday for the west in Utah with his brother John E Hilleary.

HIMMLER 07 Nov 1885 Mrs Himmler, wife of Councilman John Himmler, died today at the residence on N Centre Street after several months of illness.

HOOP 30 Apr 1885 Notice has been received of the death of William Hoop of this city at Ash Forks, Arizona Territory on 22 April. He was a brother of George Hoop, who died in Brazil in February of last year.

HUEBANNER 14 Dec 1885 Mrs Justine Huebanner died last night at the home of a son-in-law L Wenderwort in North Cumberland, aged 72 years. The funeral is tomorrow at the German Reformed Church, N Liberty Street with Rev Schwedes officiating.

KELLER 09 Dec 1885 Mr Thomas A Keller of Romney, the proprietor of the Armstrong House there, dropped dead of heart disease yesterday, aged about 70 years. He was well known in Cumberland and has a brother at Frostburg and a married sister, Mrs Rizer of this city.

KNIGHT 20 Jul 1885 Miss Ella Knight, who died at her residence on S Mechanic Street yesterday, was buried at Rose Hill Cemetery today with Rev JW Finkbiner in charge.

KUHN 30 Oct 1885 George B Kirby, 33 years of age, was drowned in the C&O canal at Oldtown last evening. He and 4 companions went down the canal on the steamer "Endeavor" on a fishing trip and the ship anchored near the old warehouse at Oldtown for dinner. Following dinner, Kuhn and William Walker go off the boat to cross the locks to the store on the other side of the canal. Walker returned for a lantern as it was getting dark and difficult to see. When he returned, he supposed that Kuhn had already gone ahead and, when Mr Walker got to the store and found that Kuhn had not yet arrived, conducted a search and he was found drowned. He leaves a wife and 5 children, a brother AJ Kuhn of the St Nicholas Hotel, and a mother in Latrobe PA. The funeral is from the St Patrick's Church and remains sent to Baltimore for interment in Bonnie Brae Cemetery. (8 paragraph article).

LYDINGER 06 Jan 1885 Nicholas Lydinger died yesterday at the residence of daughter Mrs Mary Mackins in the 85th year of his age. He was a laborer on the canal and a member of the original work force. He leaves 11 children, 8 sons and 3 daughters and also 16 grandchildren, and 13 great grandchildren. Until recently, he lived on his farm in Evitts Creek, but on New Years day, his 85th birthday, he came to live with his daughter.

McEVOY 09 Oct 1885 David McEvoy died today at his residence at Greene and Smallwood Streets. A native of Ireland, he was in his 56th year. His parents brought him to Washington Co, and in 1845, he came to this county, where he as since resided.. He has several times held offices of deputy sheriff and of constable. The funeral is from St Patrick's Roman Catholic Church and interment in Sts Peter & Paul Catholic Cemetery.

McGRATH 17 Aug 1885 Mr William McGrath, a puddler at the Rolling Mill, died Saturday (15 Aug) at his residence on Ann and Maryland Avenue following an illness of 2 days. He had suffered of diarrhea and worked that evening an suffered a collapse from which he did not recover. He was 45 years old and had a wife and 4 children. Funeral services were in St Patrick's Church and his remains were taken to Baltimore for interment.

McKAIG 05 Nov 1885 Mrs Priscilla E McKaig, widow of the late WW McKaig, died today in the 74th year of her age. Born in this city in 1812, she was the granddaughter of Thomas Beall of Samuel, an officer in the Revolutionary War and the daughter of Asa Beall, clerk of the Circuit Court for many years, and sister of the late Alpheus Beall. She married WW McKaig, Esq. In 1839 and had 4 children: Thomas J; WW Jr. deceased; A McKaig; and Merwin McKaig. Mrs McKaig's funeral will be tomorrow from 1st Presbyterian Church and interment in Rose Hill Cemetery.

McKONE 20 Mar 1885 Mr Owen McKone died at his residence near Brady's yesterday afternoon. He was a watchman at the B&O RR crossing at Brady's, felt ill and was relieved from duty shortly before he died. He was 45 years of age and suffered from dyspepsia for years, although not rendering him unfit for work. At one time he was proprietor of the Cresaptown Inquirer and was a correspondent for the Times. The funeral is a High Mass at St Patrick's Church and burial at St Patrick's Cemetery, father McDevitt officiating.

McPHELAN 16 Sep 1885 Peter McPhelan, a veteran of the Mexican War, died at his residence on Polk Street today from pneumonia, in his 74th year. He was a saddler for Mr RH Shearer and has lived in Cumberland for the past 15 years. His wife remains. Services are from the home with Father Wunder and burial in the German Lutheran Cemetery.

MILLER 17 Mar 1885 Polly Miller, about 80 years of age, died yesterday at the Almshouse and will be buried in Potter's Field.

MINES 05 May 1885 the Elk Garden Miners are out on strike for an increase of 50 cents per ton. Davis Mines 1, 2, 3, and Windsor and Atlantic & Georges Creek Miners are out. Representatives of other mines meet to discuss of going out also. They are not satisfied but feel it useless to go out too. 19 May 1855 The Elk Garden Committee post a notice to AC Rawlings, superintendent of the Mine 1– We wish to return to work. The strike is over.

MINKE 21 Dec 1885 Mr Frederick Minke died today at the St Nicholas Hotel after an illness of 5 days. He returned home from Keyser WV where he had been attending court and went to bed with a severe cold. He was 69 years of age last October. He came to the United States in 1835 settling in Bedford Co PA, and came to Cumberland in March of 1845, engaging in the shoemaking business until last April when he retired. He owned a lot of real estate in the Cumberland area including the St Nicholas Hotel. He leaves a wife and 6 grown children, 4 of whom are married. The funeral is from the St Nicholas Hotel and services in the First Presbyterian Church with interment in Rose Hill Cemetery.

MURPHY 21 Dec 1885 John B Murphy, aged 21 years, and unmarried, died in Koontz Mine of the New Central Coal Co of injuries received when run over by a tram locomotive. He was riding on the bumper down to the foot of the plane, jumped off and turned a switch, then, reached back to the locomotive for his dinner pail and fell under the locomotive.

OKONOKO Catastrophe 13, 14, 16, Feb 1885 Okonoko WV- The burial of Miss Cox, aged 29 years of near Little Capon River in West Virginia has caused a great alarm. Her physician administered morphine to ease her pain as a remedy, but the patient died. Due to observations at the funeral that some heard noises and saw movements of the body and that dogs had sniffed and pawed the ground at the burial, the body was dug up to verify that the patient was not yet deceased when interred. The interment was proved to be premature when the corpse was dug up, as the coffin demonstrated that the girl had made an attempt to lift the lid, had pulled out her hair from her head, bitten her lips badly, the dress was torn from her body and her face was disfigured in every possible manner. The coffin was not even left open prior to being lowered into the ground and the friends were frantic and blame the physician for the disaster. 17, 18 Feb 1885 Letters from MD WV Kirk and Rev Jno. B Hall refute the allegations and of the disinterment of the coffin. 21 Feb 1885 A correspondent from Little Capon WV accounts for the story of the interment alive. A statement of someone from the church said that she believed the Miss Cox was buried alive. Rumors circulated and were enhances with myth and gossip producing the somewhat sensational story that was unfortunately printed.

PAUL 07 Mar 1885 Mr William Paul, running for the C&P RR train heading for the mines from the Queen City depot, attempted to board it, grasping the railing for the last car, and in trying to place his foot on the step, struck the bottom of the step and fell under the wheels. His body was mangled and crushed causing death. He was of the firm A&W Paul Foundry in Frostburg. His father, Mr Robert Paul has been notified in Staunton VA. His brother, Thomas was aboard the engine but did not learn of the identity of the victim until reaching home after work and reading the telegram. The interment will be at Frostburg Allegany Cemetery.

PEARSON 31 Dec 1885 Mr Benjamin Pearson died in the Jackson Mine of the American Coal Co from a fall of roof coal while drawing pillars and top coal. He was married and about 40 years of age, leaves a widow and 8 children. Burial services tomorrow from the residence at Jackson.

PERCY 09 Dec 1885 Judge Douglas Percy died at his residence in Frostburg following an illness of over a year. He was born in Alton, Ayrshire, Scotland on 08 Dec 1807, and was 78 years of age. He came to the country in 1830 and resided in Schuykill PA, coming here to Allegany County in June 1831. He and his brothers were prominent in the development of the coal fields in this county. His brothers, the late James Percy, David Percy, and James Percy. He married in Nov 1831 to Miss Eleanor M Porter, the daughter of Squire Jack Porter, who is in her 78th year, and she survives with 7 children: William R and Douglas J Percy; Mrs WH LeFevre of this city; Mrs LT DeWitt of Westernport; Mrs Donald Sloan of Lonaconing; Mrs Anna Shaw, widow of JJ Shaw of this city; Mrs Marion Shaw, widow of Charles Shaw and Mrs George Tennant of Frostburg. The funeral is from the home with services at Frostburg English Lutheran Church and burial in Rose Meadow Cemetery near Eckhart, Rev WS Shipman officiating.

PERCY 30 Jun 1885 Mr David Tennant Percy died of apoplexy at his residence near Burton WV yesterday. He is a former resident of Frostburg where the remains will be buried. The funeral will be from the home of a sister, Mrs Sarah Sloan in Lonaconing by Rev King and interment in the Percy Cemetery conducted by Rev Mr Shipman of the Frostburg Lutheran Church.

PFITZENMAYER 26 May 1885 The funeral of Christian Pfitzenmayer, who died yesterday, took place from his residence on N Mechanic Street. He left a wife and 11 children.

PRUNTY 02 Sep 1885 Mr Hugh Prunty, and old citizen of this area, residing at Hoffman Mines, died yesterday from the flux epidemic around the Frostburg area. He was buried today at Frostburg.

RAWLINGS 16 Mar 1885 Mrs Hattie Rawlings, wife of George M Rawlings, died today at her residence on Washington Street. She was a Miss Shoup and leaves her husband and an 8 year old boy. The remains will be taken to Dayton OH for burial following a funeral from Emmanuel PE Church tomorrow.

REID 02 Jan 1885 Mr W A Reid, a B&O Express Agent died 31 Dec 1884 at his room at the Queen City Hotel from erysipelis of the face and neck. His parents live in Baltimore and he was about 30 years of age. Mr Charles Herring of Baltimore is acting agent at present.

RICE 25 Feb 1885 Samuel Rice, aged 22 years, an engineer of the Hein & Co Mill at Flintstone, was killed with Mr William Twigg by an exploding boiler yesterday. He was the only support for his aging mother, 80, who lives only a short distance from the mill. His brother George Rice lives at Lindnersville. Burial was on the farm where he was born on Colliers Run.

RICE 09 Jul 1885 Mrs Elizabeth Rice, about 65 years of age who resided on Henry Street with her son, James B Rice, was found dead in her bed this morning having died from heart disease. She leaves 4 married children. The funeral is tomorrow from the home by Rev JW Finkbiner with interment in Greenmount Cemetery.

RICE 06 Oct 1885 Reuben Rice, brakeman on the tram road at Elk Garden Mines on the line of the WV Central and Pittsburgh RR about 10 miles from Piedmont, was run over and killed yesterday afternoon. He was attempting to cross the tracks to throw a switch and fell upon the track and was killed. He was 21 years of age and unmarried and a son of James Rice, who was operating the engine at the time of the accident.

RING 16 Jun 1885 The funeral of Peter Ring, who died yesterday at his residence on the Baltimore Pike, took place form his residence with burial in the German Lutheran Cemetery. He had served in the 2nd MD Regiment.

RIZER 25 Feb 1885 Gustavus Rizer died at his residence at the corner of Smallwood and Paca streets yesterday in the 63rd year of life. He had been a bailiff of the county court for many years. He was a cabinet maker by trade. His wife and one son and three daughters survive. The funeral is from the English Lutheran church. A brother, Rev P Rizer attended the funeral.

RIZER 14 Jan 1885 Frank Rizer, former Cumberland man, died in Wheeling WV last Monday (12 Jan). He was working at the rolling mill there and was married only over one year.

ROBY 19 Dec 1885 Mr John Roby of near Orleans died a week ago (12 Dec) following his making a morning fire and awaiting his breakfast. His wife was unable to waken him. Heart disease was the cause of death.

RUHL 30 May 1885 Rev Dr Ruhl, pastor of the German Reformed Church at Frostburg, died yesterday at his residence on Broadway Street. He had been the pastor of the church for 14 years and was 65 years of age. He had been ill for some time. His wife, Sarah J Ruhl survives.

RYAN 30 Nov 1885 Philip Ryan Sr, a 40 year employee of the B&O RR, died at his residence on Frederick Street last night. Born in Co Limerick, Ireland, he came to this country in 1834. His wife died a few years ago. He leaves a large family of grown children, 2 daughters living on the west side of town. He was about 75 years of age. The funeral is form the residence on Frederick Street tomorrow and the remains taken to St Patrick's Church for services by Rev Father McDermitt and burial at St Patrick's Cemetery.

SELLERS 27 Mar 1885 Mrs Sellers, wife of Hiram Sellers on Maryland Avenue, died last night. She leaves a large family of children. She was the mother-in-law of Howard Deetz, foreman of the B&O RR machine shops. The funeral is from Kingsley ME Church with Rev Wilson and interment in Rose Hill Cemetery.

SENFF 28 Mar 1885 Mr Charles Senff, in the 74th year of his life, died last evening at his residence on Davidson Street after a lingering illness. He is a retired machinist for the B&O RR Shops. He leaves a wife and several children, none here. The funeral is from the home and burial at the German Lutheran Cemetery. Mr William Senff of Pittsburg and Mrs Williams and her husband, Rev DF Williams of New Brunswick NJ, are her only children attending the funeral.

SHAW 03 Apr 1885 Mr Robert Shaw, a young married man formerly of Frostburg, was instantly killed in the mines at Excelsior IA last Monday(30Mar). He was the son of George Shaw of Frostburg.

SHIPLEY 06 Apr 1885 William H Shipley, a prominent slater, died at his residence on Greene Street on Saturday (4 Apr) following a lingering illness. He was born and raised in Frederick Co and came to Cumberland 15 years ago and was in his 48th year of age. He leaves a wife and several children. The funeral is from the home on Greene Street with Rev Joseph Francis and interment in Rose Hill Cemetery.

SHOBER 30 Nov 1885 Mrs John Shober died at her residence on Independence Street today following a brief illness. The funeral is tomorrow form Sts Peter & Paul Church.

SMITH 20 Jul 1885 Mrs Susan R M Smith, in the 75th year of her life, died 18 Jul 1885. She was the wife of Dr James M Smith of the West Side. Three children, all grown, survive. Her youngest daughter, Mrs James W Thomas was not present at her death as she attended a wedding in St Mary's county. The funeral is tomorrow from the 1st Presbyterian Church on Washington Street with interment in Rose Hill Cemetery.

SMOUSE 05 Feb 1885 Mrs Minnie Smouse, wife of William H Smouse and daughter of Dr ES Gaskill, died at her home near Union Grove Camp Grounds last night. She was a bride of only 16 months and was only 27 years of age. She leaves one sister, Miss May and a brother, Mr William H Gaskill. The cause of death was consumption. The funeral is from Centre Street ME Church with Rev CW Baldwin and interment in Rose Hill Cemetery.

SPIKER 04 Dec 1885 Mr John Spiker, an old citizen of Frostburg, died Nov 28th at the home of his son Abraham, near Oakland. He was born near Frostburg and was 81 years and 6 months of age. His wife lies ill at the home of son-in-law JH Wilson near Altamont and with three children: Messers George and Abraham Spiker and Mrs JH Wilson survive. He was a consistent member of the Lutheran Church.

TERRING 27 Jul 1885 Mr Robert Terring, about 72 years of age, died yesterday at the Almshouse and was buried at Rose Hill Cemetery today.

THOMAS 04 Aug 1885 Mr Benjamin J. Thomas, son of the late James B Thomas, died yesterday at his home in Frostburg. He had been, for a number of years, in charge of the New Hope Mine of the Consolidation Coal Mine Co. He leaves a wife, Rose, and two children. The funeral is tomorrow.

THOMAS 30 May 1885 Mr William Thomas died at his home in Frostburg on Thursday (28 May). He was the brother of the late JB Thomas and was a native of Wales. He was in his 70th year of age coming to this country 40 years ago. He was one of the oldest miners in the area.

THOMPSON 16 Dec 1885 Emmanuel Thompson of North Cumberland died this morning following an illness of 2 years during which time he has been unable to work at the B&O Rolling Mill. He was a member of the 2nd MD Reg in the war. He leaves a wife and several children.

THOMPSON 08 Jul 1885 A farmer by the name of William P Thompson, residing in the lower part of the county, was killed by a swarm of wasps. While working in a corn field, he noted what appeared to be a swarm of bees clinging to a stump of an old oak and approached the swarm and struck it with a how. At once, 500 wasps attacked him sending him home where his wife beat them off with a broom. Scarcely a part of his body was not stung. He was even stung in his eye ball. In two hours, Thompson's head had swollen to a monestrous size and he was dead in a few hours.

TWIGG 25 Feb 1885 William Twigg, aged 23 years, a son of Jacob Twigg, was killed with Mr Samuel Rice by an exploding boiler at the Hein & Co Mill at Flintstone. The boiler was a new one and tested at 120 lbs of steam pressure. The burial was at Town Creek.

VANCE 23 Jul 1885 Mr Samuel Vance, while hunting with a neighbor in the woods near Piedmont, was struck by lightning during a severe thunder storm yesterday and died. His neighbor had just left the spot prior to the strike and is safe. Mr Vance is about 28 years of age and leaves a widow and 2 small children.

WALKER 08 Dec 1885 Mrs WJ Walker, wife of the manager of B&O company hotels, died at her apartment at the Queen City Hotel yesterday following a long illness. Mrs Walker was middle aged and following services at the hotel parlor by Rev PN Meade, her remains will be shipped to Brooklyn NY for interment.

WALTERS 10 Jan 1885 Sylvester H Walters, street supervisor, died today following an operation to save his life from stomach cancer. He was about 40 years of age and took office last June following the election. During the war he was a member of the 1st WV Inf. Services are at Kingsley ME Church, Rev DG Miller officiating and burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.

WARNICK 17 Sep 1885 Ashford Warnick, a miner in Potomac Mines, was killed by a fall of coal. He was 32 years of age and leaves a wife and 4 children. The funeral is from the ME Church in Barton, Rev WB Bird officiating and burial in the IOOF cemetery.

WEBER 14 Jan 1885 William Weber died last night at the home of his son on Washington Street, aged 74 years. About 3 years ago, Mrs Weber died. His only children to survive him are: Mr WE Weber, President of 3rd National Bank and Mr HK Weber, Cashier of the 3rd National Bank at Springfield IL. He was born in Sharpsburg MD on 08 Feb 1807, and learned the printing trade from working at Baltimore, New York, Frederick, and Hagerstown newspapers. He was also a judge of the Orphans Court, cashier of the custom house, collector of tolls on the C&O Canal. He married Miss Phillips in 1821a daughter of Jason Phillips of Frederick Co. The funeral is from his son's home on Washington Street and burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.

WEISENMILLER 06 Jun 1885 The mother of Conrad Weisenmiller, who was killed in one of the battles of the Civil War, was awarded a pension and $2,129 in back pay by Jacob Brown Esq of Grantsville MD, who secured the pension. He was a private of Co K, 12 PA Reserves.

WEISENMILLER 27 Mar 1885 Adam Weisenmiller died at his residence on Valley Street last night in the 74th year of his age.

WEISENMILLER 27 Mar 1885 Conrad Jacob Weisenmiller died at his residence at Payne Spring Alley in the 74th year of his life. The funeral is at the German Lutheran Church and burial in the German Beneficiary Cemetery.

WHALEN 27 Jun 1885 On the farm of Mr Jere Whalen, 7 miles east of the city on the Baltimore Pike, a large deposit of ochre has been discovered, which has been pronounced by several persons in the city to be equal to French ochre in quality. It has been tried by several persons in the city and when mixed with linseed oil, produces paint of an excellent red-brown color. The deposit underlays 30 acres and is 6 feet thick, covered by 2 feet of surface, offering easy access. Whalen plans to develop or sell his property.

WHITE 25 Apr 1885 Mrs Jane White, aged 55 years of age, died yesterday at her residence 266 N Centre Street. The funeral is from St Patrick's Church tomorrow.

WICKARD 28 Feb 1885 Mary Wickard, wife of Samuel B Wickard, died this morning at the residence on N Centre Street. She was in the 35th year of her age.

WINGERT 10 Jul 1885 Mrs Eliza Wingert, about 70 years of age, widow of the late John Wingert, died this morning at 4 o'clock with paralysis, this being her 6th stroke. She leaves 3 sisters and 5 children.

ZIMMERLY 09 Mar 1885 Mr Seaphus Zimmerly died this morning at the boarding house of Amanda Rice on Frederick Street. He was 70 years of age and well known in this city.


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