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Excerpts from The Cumberland Times
transcribed by Charles Often




ABBOTT 14 Jan 1880 On Monday (12 Jan), Mrs Mary E Abbott, inmate of the alms house, died of old age. She was in her 90th year. She has relatives living in Mt Savage.

ASH 25 Oct 1880 Mr Eli Ash of Flintstone died Thursday (21 Oct) of typhoid fever, aged 58 years. He was born and raised at Flintstone and a member of the Methodist Protestant Church for 38 years. His funeral was Friday.

BARKER 17 Aug 1880 Yesterday, Mr James Barker, a miner about 40 years of age, employed by the Midlothian Mine of the New Central Company near Borden Shaft, was run over by a mining cart and was instantly killed. He was laying dirt on the track in the room when the car escaped from the control of his companion and struck him. He was unmarried.

BLOCKER 06 Dec 1880 Daniel Blocker Esq., died yesterday after a lingering illness in the 70th year of his age. He became editor of the Advocate in 1832 and in 1846, he was elected to the State Senate. Then he became the weigher of cattle at Baltimore and after the war, settled in Charles County, only to return to Cumberland. He has been a magistrate for the past 12 years. The funeral is from his home on Frederick Street with Rev JK Dunn of the Reformed Episcopal Church and burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.

BOWDEN 23 Jun 1880 Mrs Fluvilla N Bowden, relict of the late Samuel Bowden, died Tuesday evening (22 Jun) at the residence of a son-in-law, Daniel Frantz, 54 Centre Street, aged 73 years, 7 months, and 14 days. The funeral will occur at the Pleasant Grove Church.

BRODERICK 31 Aug 1880 Mr James Broderick, who was injured in the Koontz Mine one month ago by a fall of roof coal, died Saturday (28 Aug) from injuries he received. The funeral was held at Lonaconing.

BROWNING 22 Jan 1880 Mr Lewis Browning, former resident of this county, lately moving into PA near Gilpintown, died at his residence yesterday. He was about 55 years of age. He was a former county commissioner of Bedford County PA for 5 years. His wife died 4 years ago. They had a family of 9 children .

BRUCE 10 Jun 1880 Col Daniel Cresap Bruce died Thursday night (8 Jul) at his home on Prospect Square after a long illness from a complication of diseases. He was born 18 Dec 1809 and the son of William and Phoebe Bruce. Andrew Bruce, his grandfather was a native of Scotland and located at Frederick MD prior to the Revolutionary War. His grandfather on the mother's side was Col Joseph Cresap, a nephew of the Indian fighter Capt. Michael Cresap. He was raised by his grandfather following the death of his parents, he moved to Ohio and was the State Superintendent of Public Works. He married there and when she died, he moved back to be superintendent of the Frostburg Coal Co. Then he married a daughter of Meshack Frost, who survives along with 3 children; Misses Kate and Helen and Webster Bruce. The funeral is from Emmanuel Episcopal Church with burial at Rose Hill Cemetery. [Article is 8 paragraphs].

CAMPBELL 14 Jul 1880 On Tuesday (13 Jul), Edmund H Campbell, aged 47 years, died at his residence on Liberty Street. Born in Berkeley Co WV on 25 Jun 1833, he came to Cumberland as a clerk for his brother, J B H Campbell's drug business. On 12 May 1858 he married Miss Anne N Carter of Charlestown and during the war he was in the commissary of Stonewall Jackson's division. He came back to Cumberland in Jul 1869 to partner with his brother in the business. His wife and 2 children survive; and brothers; Lemuel Campbell of Romney WV; Rev Newton Campbell of Montgomery Co, MD. A maiden sister lives with his brother Newton. The funeral is at the 1st presbyterian Church and burial at Rose Hill Cemetery, with Rev Moffatt officiating. [ Article has 4 paragraphs]

CANTELLO 19 May 1880 On Sunday, May 9th, Mrs Thomas Cantello died at Rawlings Station aged 33 years. She was the mother of 4 children, all now deceased. Her remains were sent to Piedmont to be interred at the Catholic cemetery on Westernport Hill.

CARNEY 25 Jun 1880 On Wednesday (23 Jun) M Carney, a aged miner living at Frostburg, took ill and died at his home of a ruptured blood vessel.

CENSUS 01 Jun 1800 Census enumerators will be paid as follows: 2 1/4 cents for each name returned; 12 cents for each farm house, except in cities/boroughs with 2,000 inhabitants according to the census of 1870, where the names will be 2 cents per name. Each death reported from 01 Jun 1879-01 Jun 1880 will be 5 cents instead of 2 cents heretofore. For establishments of industry, 15 cents as heretofore. No enumerator shall receive in excess of $4 per whole day worked.

CHANEY 10 Mar 1880 On Friday, (6 Mar), David P Chaney of Murley's Branch, died of advanced age of 88 years. He was buried in the family grave yard near the Lutheran church. He was one of the earliest residents of the county and well known as one of the oldest citizens. His will, executed in 1876, leaves his property to James H Smith, his grandson at Murley's Branch.

COAL MINE ACTIVITY 23 Feb 1880 This morning, the miners for New Central, Borden, and George's Creek, and Cumberland Coal and Iron Company will work for 65 cents per ton, the companies acceding to the miners demands, for the present. It is not known what the decisions of the other mining companies in the area are doing. It is not expected that the coal companies will tolerate this for long. 25 Feb 1880 The other companies, excepting Consolidation Coal Company, are employing men at 65 cents, the price demanded. They are employing men only as orders on hand positively demand it.

COLEMAN 16 Feb 1880 Mary A Coleman, daughter of Bernard & Rosella Coleman, died Saturday (14 Feb), aged 20 years. The funeral is from the residence on Fayette Street.

COULEHAN 12 Jun 1880 On Friday, 11 Jun 1880, Edward A Coulehan, 13 years and 6 months of age, son of Judge John Coulehan of Columbia Street, died of drowning in the river below the dam. The funeral is at St Patrick's Church and burial at St Patrick's Cemetery, Father Brennan officiant.

CRESAP 22 Jun 1880 From the Bonaparte Journal of Van Buren Co, IA-Dr R N Cresap died in the burning steamship Golden Eagle on 30 May below Quincy. He was born in Allegany County MD on 26 Sep 1809 and in 1826 he went to Hampshire Co WV to study medicine with his brother-in-law, Dr John Temple. He came to Keokuk IA in 1833 engaging in the grocery business and the drug trade. He married Angeline Thompson in 1830 in TN and she died in 1835, leaving son John B and daughter Mary who had since died. He then married Mary S Keith on 03 Oct 1836. [Article is 4 paragraphs].

CRESAP 25 May 1880 At Rawlings Station on 24 May, Loulie Cresap, aged 5 years, 8 months, the daughter of Van S and Louise Cresap died and the funeral is today from the residence of her grandmother, Mrs R Rawlings.

CUNNINGHAM 29 Jul 1880 William Cunningham, a miner of the Phoenix mine was killed yesterday by a fall of breast coal. He leaves a wife and 7 children, the oldest 12 years of age. The had come from Hancock in the spring. He is a former waterman on the C&O Canal.

DAWSON 10 Feb 1880 Cresaptown- Mr Wesley Dawson, an old citizen of Black Oak Bottom, died last week.

DEETZ 04 Oct 1880 On Saturday evening (02 Oct), Mr Samuel Deetz was taken ill at his residence and died in a few minutes. He was 56 years of age and lived here all of his life. He leaves one son, Charles H Deetz.

DEFFINBAUGH 16 Sep 1880 On Sunday (12 Sep), Mr Peter Deffinbaugh died in his 67th year.

DRAKE 22 Mar 1880 Mr Edward Drake died Friday (19 Mar) at his residence 6 miles east of Cumberland near Mt Pleasant Church, aged 87 years, 10 months, and 9 days. He had suffered apoplexy for several years. His son David lives on Columbia Street. The funeral was yesterday with Rev Richard Hinkle preaching the sermon.

DUNKAY 02 Jun 1880 Barbara Dunkay, an aged lady about 60 years, living on Bellvue Street, died suddenly last night at 8:30. There was no signs of illness until then.

DUNN 10 Aug 1880 on Saturday 07 Aug 1880, Mr E Dunn, train dispatcher on the 2nd division of the C&P RR, died after a few weeks illness. He was buried Sunday at Lonaconing.

DWYER 02 Dec 1880 Charles Dwyer, former baggage master and express manager of the B&O RR, died Tuesday (30 Nov) of consumption afer a 3 months illness. He was 33 years of age.

EASTER 27 May 1880 Mrs Mary Easter died yesterday, aged 79 years. "Aunt Polly" was the relict of Emmanuel Easter and was born, married, and died in the same house on N Mechanic Street, not having lived any where else. The funeral is today from the English Lutheran Church with burial in the German Lutheran Cemetery.

FISHER 20 Feb 1880 Mrs C J Fisher died yesterday at her residence on Evitts Creek. She is the daughter of Mrs Foghtman of this vicinity. The funeral is being held at Sts' Peter & Paul Church.

FISHER 21 May 1880 Nettie May Fisher, dau of John & Mary Fisher, died Wednesday (19 May) aged 3 years & 8 months. The funeral is from the home on N Centre Street on Friday.

FLORA 29 Jul 1880 Yesterday morning at Keyser WV, Arch Flora, a freight conductor for the B&O RR was coupling cars and became squeezed to death. He had been employed for over 30 years and was about 55 years of age. He lived with his daughter at Paw Paw.

FOLCK 13 Mar 1880 Mrs Elizabeth L Folck, widow of John Folck died at Folck's Mills near Cumberland on 11 March in the 73rd year of her life. The funeral is from the Presbyterian church and burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.

FOREMAN 21 May 1880 Mrs Rosa Foreman, wife of James Foreman, died yesterday in the 26th year of her life. The funeral is from the home 73 N Centre Street Friday.

GANNON 30 Aug 1880 Last night, Genevieve Gannon, infant daughter of Francis & Catherine Gannon of this city died, aged 1 year, 4 months, and 12 days. The funeral will be tomorrow from the residence at Union & George Streets.

GEARY 03 Dec 1880 Mr Cornelius Geary of Frostburg died yesterday from the effects of injuries received last Saturday at the accident at Baughman's bend on the Pittsburgh & Connellsville RR.

GEPHART 23 Aug 1880 Mrs C W Gephart, wife of Charles Gephart, now of Baltimore, died on Saturday (21 Aug) in the 68th year of her age. Her remains will arrive here and taken to her daughters, Mrs E M Swartzwelder's residence on Columbia Street where funeral services will be held and burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.

GLASS IN CUMBERLAND 25 Aug 1880 The glass manufacturers of South Cumberland are making extensive improvements in their buildings. Aterbury & Co. have moved to a new building; extensive improvements in buildings for George A McBeth & Co.; Doyle & Co.; and Adams & Co. The same for Duncan & Sons Co.; Dithridge Glass Co.; McKee Brothers; Campbell-Jones & Co.; and also, the Cunningham & Co. have erected an additional factory. The coming year promises to be a prosperous one.

GROSS 27 Aug 1880 Mr Amos Gross, an old citizen of the county living on the Baltimore Pike, 6 miles east of the city, died last night of dropsy in the 80th year of his age. His burial will be today at Pleasant Grove Church nearby and burial in the adjacent graveyard.

GROSS 23 Nov 1880 On Saturday, Mr Richard L Gross, while riding a spirited horse near Lindner's Brewery on the Baltimore Pike, 1 mile from the city,. Was thrown from the saddle and died from a badly fractured skull. He had recently returned from the West helping to build a new railroad. His funeral will take place at Pleasant Grove Church, 5 miles out of the city.

HAGLEY 23 Aug 1880 Mr John Hagley, who was severely injured on Friday by his horses falling down an embankment, died yesterday. He was 45 years old and leaves a wife and a child.

HALL 19 Feb 1880 Miss Martha A Hall, oldest daughter of Mrs M Hall, died February 15th at her parents home on Greene Street after an illness of 10-12 weeks. She was born Oct 1859 and was in her 21st year of age.

HAMILTON 10 Apr 1880 Charles Wesley Hamilton, infant son of William H and Emma Hamilton, died yesterday aged 1 year and 7 months. The funeral is from the home on Centre Street above little Valley Street.

HAST 22 Oct 1880 Mr John G Hast died last night at his residence on Baltimore Street, aged 69 years, 10 months, and 13 days. He leaves 2 sons, both engaged in business.

HIGGINS 18 Sep 1880 Mr James Higgins of Orleans, died on Wednesday (15 Sep) at his place after a brief illness. His "brick house" was a favorite tying up place on the canal for boatsmen. He was highly respected.

HINKLE 27 Jan 1880 Charles A Hinkle, who was born and raised on the Baltimore Pike, 3 miles from the city, left for Salma Kansas, where he proposes to reside.

HOBROCK 10 Feb 1880 Harmon H Hobrock, aged 58 years, died yesterday. Squire Hobrock had been complaining of a severe cold and a pain, he thought due to over exertion in lifting goods at the store of a son-in-law, J G Hast, to a new establishment. He had emigrated from Germany as a boy with his father John Hobrock. As a boy, he engaged in the construction of the C&O Canal. He later became a merchant until 1870, then elected a Justice of the Peace. He was in his 58th year. Burial is in the German Lutheran Cemetery.[ article is 3 paragraphs in length].

HOFFMAN 10 Mar 1880 Mrs Desire L Hoffman, relict of the late Frederick L Hoffman, died at the residence of her daughter on Washington Street, Mrs Emily Healy. She is over 80 years of age and a city resident for over 40 years. Services are at Sts Peter & Paul Church.

HOOVER 29 Mar 1880 Mrs Lydia A Hoover died yesterday at the residence of her daughter Mrs A M Kincaid. She was in her 81st year. She leaves 2 other daughters and 1 son: Mrs H Fieury; Mrs S M Richards and George W Hoover. The funeral is from the Bedford Street German Lutheran Church.

JAMESON 13 Jan 1880 Miss Eleanora Jameson of Murleys Branch died Sunday morning (11 Jan) from the effects of paralysis from which she suffered for a long while.

JAMISON 26 Feb 1880 Miss Cecelia E Jamison died yesterday at her residence Decatur & Fulton Streets in the 54th year of her age. The funeral is from St Patrick's and burial in the St Patrick's Cemetery.

JOHNSON 10 Jun 1880 Mrs Alice Johnson, 30 years of age, the eldest daughter of Joseph Shriver Esq., the President of the 1st National Bank, and who married only last December to Col. H J Johnson, the postmaster of Cumberland, died last night following a long illness. Funeral services are from the Emmanuel Protestant Episcopal Church with the body placed in the family vault at Rose Hill Cemetery.

KANE 14 Jan 1880 Yesterday, Mr Michael T Kane, a well known liquor dealer of the city died suddenly. He was up and about for 15 minutes before he slumped into death. His death was caused by apoplexy. He was in his 41st year. The funeral is from the home on N Mechanic Street.

KEIFER 22 Jan 1880 Capt. Amos Keifer, an old citizen living on Polish Mountain, who had been ill of dropsy for some time, died yesterday at his home, 3 miles from Gilpintown. He was 64 years of age and father of several children. The burial is tomorrow.

KENNEY 15 Mar 1880 Mr John F Kenney, formerly of Lonaconing and moving here to Polk Street only 1 year ago, died Saturday (Mar 13), aged 31 years. He had been in ill health for some weeks. He leaves a wife and 5 small children. The funeral is at St Patrick's and burial is at Frostburg.

KING 26 Apr 1880 Lavinia King, widow of Alexander King, died yesterday, aged 60 years, 7 months, and 24 days, at "Rural Felicity" near the Pennsylvania Line. Her husband was a merchant of the city for 40 years. A large family survives, among whom Alexander King Esq. is of this city.

KINNEY 23 Apr 1880 Mr "Buck" Kinney was found drowned in the canal just beyond the Merten's boat yard. He was 29 years old and well known in the city. He was a boatsman. His remains are at the residence of Capt J Gorman at Sinclairsville. They will be interred at St Patrick's grave yard. A sister, Mrs Joseph Albaugh survives. A jury of inquest failed to arrive at a decision on the death and this case is being decided by a second panel of inquest. [1 column article]. 24 Apr 1880 A verdict in this case is "by violence inflicted by persons unknown, falling over a bank into the canal and drowning" the case is still open under investigation.

KNIGHT 20 Feb 1880 On Wednesday (18 Feb), Charles Knight, aged 23 years, was found near the railroad near Westernport. He was missing since Saturday night and it is supposed that he was under the influence of alcohol, attempted to cross the bridge, fell into the water and drowned in the stream below.

LEAR 31 Mar 1880 Mr Detrich Lear died Monday (29 Mar) at his residence on Bedford Street from Apoplexy. He was a native of Germany and was in his 73rd year of age. He had been a resident of this county for 40 years, 35 of which are in this city. He was for a number of years the proprietor of the American house. He leaves a wife and 6 children, 3 of whom are married. The funeral is from the German Lutheran Church on Bedford Street with Rev P H Conradi officiating.

LOGSDON 10 Jan 1880 Mrs Mary Logsdon, wife of Joseph Logsdon, died at her son's residence at Barton on Jan 6, aged 79 years. Seven children survive. Burial is at Barton.

MAWSON 17 Sep 1880 Robert Mawson, a miner employed by George's Creek Coal and Iron Co, aged 60 years, died on Tuesday (15 Sep) from over exhaustion in running to catch the train on the Koontz Tram road. Heart disease is the cause of death.

McDONALD 01 Sep 1880 Yesterday, James Percy McDonald, son of Mr A McDonald of Barton and a brother of Mr Robert McDonald practicing law in this city, was found dead in his bed this morning. He is 18 years of age and 200 pounds. It is supposed that he became overheated while plowing the day before and was subject to attacks of rheumatism, and stopped work suddenly going to bed. His remains were taken to Frostburg for burial.

McKAIG 22 Jun 1880 On Monday (21 Jun) William W McKaig, aged 75 years, died at his residence on Baltimore Street following an illness of several weeks. Born in 1805 in Columbiana Co, OH, he moved to Cumberland in 1831 and entered into a law partnership with brother Thomas I McKaig. Three sons; Thomas I McKaig Jr of Baltimore; A Beall McKaig and Merwin McKaig of this city; brothers, Dr Robert McKaig of this city; Gen Thomas I McKaig of Washington Co, MD; and sister, Mrs Ward of OH. The funeral is held at the 1st Presbyterian Church with Rev Moffatt and burial at Rose Hill Cemetery.

McKENNA 22 Nov 1880 On Friday (19 Nov), Mrs Patrick McKenna and her husband, about mile out of Barton, were clearing a field and burning brush when her clothes caught fire. Her eyes were burned out and her arm burned off. She died on Saturday.

NEALIS 17 Jan 1880 Mrs M S Nealis, aged 37 years, formerly of Cumberland, died at Memphis TN on Jan 7th of congestion. She is the daughter of Mrs Eliza Catron.

PENGELLY 11 May 1880 Mr Henry Pengelly, a prominent citizen of Eckhart, died yesterday morning. He was rolling a heavy stone to be laid in a new stone building that he was erecting in that place, and strained himself so severely to cause a rupture from which he died after 24 hours of suffering.

PERRY 05 Nov 1880 Last night, Capt. Roger Perry of the US Navy, died at his residence across the river, following a long illness. He was born 15 Jan 1814, and attended the Naval Academy. He served in the Arctic aboard the man-of-war, Constitution. Another voyage he was sent to the Antarctic Circle. He rose to Captain before the war and then appointed to superintend the construction of gun boats in the West where he first became ill. He returned to convalesce in Cumberland and took no further part in the war. His children arrived here Wednesday. A brother, William Perry of Romney arrived here Tuesday. The funeral is from Emmanuel Church, with Rev. HC Thrall and burial at Rose Hill Cemetery. [Nov 08 funeral notice includes his military assignments in detail].

POMPEY SMASH 15 Nov 1880 The location of the new depot at Pompey Smash was determined and work will begin Monday and will be known as the Vale Summit Station.

PORTER 15 Nov 1880 Josiah Porter died 07 Nov 1880 at his home in Eckhart. He was born 01 Oct 1799, and was 81 years, one month and 6 days of age. He was born and died at the "Porter Settlement". From 1830-1840, he was disburser of appointments for the National Road. He was also a pioneer in the shipping of coal to the East via the Potomac flatboat system.

REISCHLEIN 27 Oct 1880 Mr George Reischlein, recently a member of the board of county commissioners, died last night at his home on N Centre Street following a lingering illness. He had also conducted a glove business for years prior to his death.

ROBY 10 May 1880 Mrs Esther Roby died Friday (7 May) at the residence of her son-in-law Mr George P Hinkle on Evitts Creek, 3 miles east of Cumberland in the 94th year of her age. The funeral took place at the Mission School house near Folck's Mill yesterday, Rev C Young officiating.

ROSENBAUM STORES 28 Sep 1880 The story of the Rosenbaum Brothers mercantile business that succeeded the S Adler & Co., in 1879. The new building was designed by architect, Frank E Davis of Baltimore; construction work by James B Walton; masonry by Francis Haley; foundation and stone work by W Lippold; plastering by C Jordan; painting by L R Danner; tin work by E Allen; plumbing by Johnson Brothers; gas fittings by C A Seay.

RUHL 04 Mar 1880 Mr George Ruhl died Tuesday (2 Mar) of consumption in the 35th year of his life. He leaves a wife and several small children.

SAMMONS 29 Jan 1880 Harry D Sammons, 14 years of age, son of Squire John Sammons of Pekin, was killed in a mining accident that also injured his brother Edward, aged 20 years. They were working together removing a pillar, when roof coal fell upon them, burying them both.

SANDERSON 23 Apr 1880 Mr Joseph Sanderson died yesterday of apoplexy. He had summoned Dr Carr to attend his daughter who had an attack of nervous chill. The Dr found Mr Sanderson in worse shape but he died shortly after his arrival. Mr Sanderson had for many years maintained a green grocery near the Baltimore Street bridge.

SCHAUB 19 Jan 1880 Frostburg- Mrs Christina Johanna Schaub died Saturday (17 Jan) at an advanced age. She was born in Hanover, Germany and lived a long time in this country.

SCHLEY 21 Sep 1880 Mrs Elenor N Schley, wife of Col. James M Schley of this city, died suddenly last evening of apoplexy at her home on Washington Street. Col. Schley was arriving on the #8 train and was met only 16 minutes after her passing by Rev S C Thrall who informed her of her death. She was one of 12 children of Otho H W Stull and only 2 siblings remain; Mrs Woods living in KY; and Mrs Hopewell Hebb of this city. Her father was a prominent man of Hagerstown and was appointed as Secretary of State for Iowa Territory under President Harrison. In Iowa, three of his daughters died of cholera and both of her parents died suddenly. The funeral is from the Emmanuel Episcopal Church and her final resting place is in the burial vault at Frederick MD.

SHAW 13 Dec 1880 Charles W Shaw of Piedmont died of apoplexy. He was the superintendent of the Hampshire and Baltimore Coal Co. and leaves a wife to whom he just married last year. She was Marion Percy, daughter of Judge Douglas Percy of Frostburg. The funeral will be from his residence in Piedmont and the body will be transported on the C&P RR and interred at Rose Hill Cemetery.

SHELLER 13 Jan 1880 Mrs H R Sheller of Frostburg was found in an alley way between her home and a smoke house, her clothes burned off and her body a crisp. Mr Sheller had gone to the ME church services leaving his wife and little child at home. A fire alarm was given at the home and a fire on the steps was extinguished. It is conjectured that Mrs Sheller had put her child to bed and dropped the lamp igniting her clothes and she had died from inhaling the flames dying of suffocation. She was buried at Eckhart.

SHEPHERD 29 jul 1880 Mrs L M Shepherd, who went to Somerset PA for her health two weeks ago, died last evening. She was the daughter of Dr G B Funderberg of this city. Her health had declined the past year. She was 29 years of age. The funeral is from the home of her father with burial in Rose Hill.

SNYDER 18 Sep 1880 Mr John Snyder, employed by John Jewett in sawing logs at Barrellville, was rolled over by a newly sawn log and killed on Thursday (16 Sep).

STAR 02 Mar 1880 William Star, blacksmith of the city, who left home on Sunday (28 Feb), has been found drowned in the canal below Mertens boat yard. An inquest will be held by Judge Blocher. 04 Mar 1880 The Star inquest verdict is accidental drowning. He was a native of Winchester VA, working there as a blacksmith, then coming to Cumberland 10 years ago. He leaves a wife and 2 children in dire circumstances and needing immediate relief. He was about 42 years of age.

SULLIVAN 14 Dec 1880 Mr Edward Sullivan residing on the national Road, 4 miles West of Cumberland took ill Saturday and died on Sunday. He was 75 years of age and suffered from shortness of breath.

THOMAS 12 Oct 1880 The funeral of Mr David Thomas, son of James B Thomas, agent of the Consolidation Coal Co., took place on Sunday (10 Oct) at Frostburg Cemetery with about 1000 persons in attendance.

THRALL 26 Jul 1880 Frank V Thrall died Saturday (24 Jul) at his residence aged 26 years. He is a son of Rev S C Thrall of the Emmanuel Parish. The funeral is from the Emmanuel Church with burial at Rose Hill Cemetery.

TWIGG 02 Jun 1880 Norman Twigg was pardoned yesterday by the Governor. He was convicted of manslaughter in October term of 1875 an sentenced in November 1875 to 10 years prison. His pardon frees him of 5 years, 5 months and 18 days. The victim of the manslaughter was Charles Murphy, alias Charles Rockwelt. He was stabbed on the canal by Mr Twigg.

TWIGG 07 May 1880 The 12 year old daughter of Greenberry Twigg, living about 8 miles from Flintstone died Wednesday (5 May) night. She was the only daughter and her mother has been dead for some time. She was starting a fire to do the washing, when her clothes caught afire and burned off. She raced to the neighbor's home and collapsed at the door. She died about 1:00 at night.

TWIGG 19 May 1880 Information has been received yesterday of the death of Mrs John Twigg, who lived on Morrison's Mountain, this county, who was burned to death on Tuesday (11 May) of last week. She was engaged in washing clothes when her clothes caught afire and she was ablaze. She lived until 9:00 at night.

WAGNER 30 Jul 1880 Yesterday morning Herman Wagner, a miner of Barton was found in the yard of a neighbor after carousing during the night at a saloon. His wife had left on the 5th to visit a brother at Nudway near Pittsburgh. The coroners verdict is apoplexy superinduced by alcoh0ol. He leaves a wife and 4 children.

WARD 01 Jun 1880 Charles Ward, 14 years of age, working for the marble works of A H Amick, was run over by the dray and killed. Working at Rose Hill Cemetery with Charles Gimminger and Henry Hensey, young Ward started down the hill with the horse and dray and the tools upon it, when the horse became a runaway and tossed him off causing his death after the dray ran over him, breaking his neck and crushing his chest. His father, Mr A Ward lives on Centre Street above the viaduct.

WILLISON 11 Feb 1880 Flintstone- Daniel L Willison, respected citizen of the area, shot himself. The only cause assigned to this rash end is illness. The family had locked up the rifles but he broke open the door and got out a gun. The family pleaded with him and his wife got the cap off the nipple, but he secured another cap, put in place, sat on the sofa resting the gun on the floor and the muzzle against his neck. He replied to his wife, "Don't be uneasy", and she, thinking that he had given up the idea, turned to speak to another member of the family. Then his foot was placed upon the hammer, discharged the gun and he died within minutes.

WILSON 09 Apr 1880 Mr Jackson Wilson of Flintstone died last night. He was about 55 years of age and is survived by a 10 year old son and many relatives of the area.

WILSON 06 Dec 1880 Mr Nathan Wilson died Saturday (4 Dec) on his farm out the Baltimore Pike. "Uncle Nathan" had been ill for some time and was bed ridden. He was in his 90th year of age. The funeral wa at Pleasant Grove Church.

WINGERT 17 Jul 1880 Mary Wingert, the consort of Jeremiah Wingert, died at Wellersburg on Jul 12, aged 69 years, 8 months, and 19 days.


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