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Excerpts from The Cumberland Times
transcribed by Charles Often




BARNES 26 Sep 1879 The Bedford Gazzette reports that Mr Nelson Barnes, a cigar maker by trade currently employed at the Tecumsch Tannery, accidently shot himself last Monday (22 Sep), blowing his brains out. He was 23 years of age and leaves a wife and one child.

BEALES 17 Dec 1879 John Beales of Palo Alto was struck by a freight train beyond the Narrows and his injuries proved fatal on Monday (15 Dec). He was 73 years of age and hale and hearty. His wife is 68 years of age. He has 4 sons and a daughter, all married. Two of the sons are living at Hyndman.

BLOCKER 12 Nov 1879 William Durbin Blocker, former native of this area, now of Little Rock Ark, died there on Sunday (9 Nov). He was the oldest son of Murray Blocker, now of Martin's Ferry Ohio; and has 2 brothers living in Little Rock- Jesse and James Blocker. He was educated here and graduated from the Academy, and at age 18 he joined the Confederate Army as an officer in light artillery raising to rank of major. He was the publisher of the Little Rock "Democrat". He married a daughter of Judge English and she died 3 years ago leaving him with 3 children. He was 39 years of age. [Article has 5 paragraphs].

BRENGLE 29 Oct 1879 Clara L Brengle, daughter of Jacob and Elizabeth Brengle, died yesterday. The funeral is from the home on S Mechanic Street tomorrow.

BRINKER 28 Oct 1879 Mrs Brinker, living on the Williams Road, was found dead on Sunday morning (26 Oct) at her home. A post mortem examination by Drs. Wiley and Doerner rendered a verdict of natural causes. She was about 70 years of age.

BROWN 21 May 1879 Ina Ellenore Brown, 10 years and 2 months of age, youngest daughter of Jacob and Eleanora Brown, died yesterday at the residence on N Liberty Street from typhoid fever, suffering for one week.

BROWN 14 Apr 1879 Mrs Elizabeth Brown of Walnut St near Little Valley Road, was struck by a train and killed yesterday. She left home to attend church and crossed at the Payne Spring crossing. She was alerted of a oncoming train by passers by, stepped back and believed that the train was on another track from where she stood. She was in her 83rd year and lost her husband and daughter by cholera in 1853. The funeral is from Sts Peter & Paul Catholic Church tomorrow.

BROWNING 07 Jul 1879 Garrett Co-William Browning, aged 76 years,, died on Friday (4 Jul) and the funeral was Sunday from the Catholic Church at Johnstown. He was the eldest son of Meshack Browning, the noted hunter and pioneer. Mr Browning was a magistrate of Sang Run for over 20 years and served several times as commissioner of the county.

BURNETT 28 Feb 1879 Mr George Burnett, miner in big vein mine of the New Central Co., was killed by a fall of top coal yesterday. He was aged 38 years and unmarried. He frequently sent money to his mother in Kansas.

CINDON 06 Aug 1879 Thomas Cindon, a miner about 24 years was killed in Pompey Mine on Monday (04 Aug) as roof and breast coal fell upon him. He was the only support for his widowed mother. His funeral was attended by the Knights of Labor who suspended mining activity from the time of the accident until after the burial.

CORNHOFF 05 Apr 1879 Mr George Cornhoff, dray hauler of goods, died of heart problems late yesterday. He leaves 3 children, his wife having died some years ago.

COULEHAN 08 Oct 1879 John Francis Coulehan, in the 30th year of his age, died yesterday at the residence of his father, Bernard Coulehan. The funeral is tomorrow at St Patrick's Church.

COULEHAN 13 Apr 1879 On Friday (11 Apr), Bertha Graham Coulehan, infant daughter of James E & Carrie G Coulehan, died at age 18 months, 22 days. The funeral is from the home of Mrs Thomas Coulehan.

CRABTREE 26 Sep 1879 Mr George H Crabtree of Town Creek, this county, died on Tuesday (23 Sep), aged 56 years. He leaves a wife and 3 children in the city. He had been an invalid for the past 2 years.

CRAIGEN 26 Nov 1879 Earl Jordan Craigen, infant son of John S and Annie M Craigen, died on Wednesday (25 Nov) aged 3 months and 25 days.

CUNNINGHAM 25 Aug 1879 Patrick Cunningham of Lonaconing, a miner in Koontz mines, was run over by a tram of loaded cars yesterday and died. He was about 32 years of age.

DAWSON 26 Nov 1879 Emily Dawson, wife of Isaac Dawson, died at Riverside on last Thursday (20 Nov). She was aged 37 years, and leaves 6 children.

DAWSON 01 Jul 1879 Rawlings Station- Scott Dawson made a viscous attack on his cousin, Miss Rachel Dawson, aged 17 years, a daughter of constable L H Dawson. Scott was visiting his uncle and while Rachel was at the home of a neighbor, Scott hid in the path to await her return. He made an indecent proposal which was refused and he began to choke her. She resisted so vigorously that he hit her several times with a stone and fled, leaving her for dead . She recovered consciousness and reached home, telling what had happened. Officers are now looking for him. 08 Jul 1879 Scott Dawson was arrested on Sunday, 06 Jul and is in jail awaiting an examination. 15 Jul 1879 W, Scott Dawson had a hearing before Squire King and waived his right to an examination. He remains in jail for the court.

DAWSON 01 Dec 1879 Frostburg- Mrs Ruth Dawson died at her home this morning aged 90 years, 1 month and 27 days. She was born in Hampshire Co WV and resided in this county for the past 75 years. She was quite active until 2 weeks ago. Her death is due to old age infirmaties.

DILLEY 17 Mar 1879 Yesterday, Joseph Dilley died at his residence on the National Pike, 4 miles West at age 87 years. Son Barney Dilley and daughter Edith were present at the last moments. He was born in Jamestown VA on 13 Mar 1793, settled here in 1814, and married in 1817 to Mrs Elizabeth Matthews. They moved to Somerset Co PA and then to Mt Pleasant (Frostburg) and was engaged in the construction of the National Road. They had 5 children: Barney Dilley; Hon J. Francis Dilley of Wrights Co MN; and Mrs B R Edwards; and deceased are; Mrs Dr John Everett and Mrs Athey. The funeral is from the English Lutheran Church, pastor H C Holloway preaching and interment in Rose Hill Cemetery.

DILLEY 15 Apr 1879 A telegram to Barney Dilley from Wright Co., MN advises of the death of his brother J. Franklin Dilley yesterday. He was 61 years of age and a lawyer moving there 20 years ago. Only 2 weeks ago, he was in Cumberland on business related to the recent death of his father.

EASTMAN 04 Aug 1879 On Saturday, 01 Aug, Mrs Eastman, living near Union Grove, died of heart disease. She was advanced in years.

ELLIOTT 23 Jul 1879 Mrs Elizabeth Elliott, daughter of the late George Rizer and a former resident of Cumberland, at Pruntytown WV today. Her remains will be brought to this city for burial at Rose Hill Cemetery.

FEAGA 26 May 1879 William W Feaga, 26 years of age, died of consumption last night at the residence of Mrs Kincaid on Davidson Street. The funeral is tomorrow. 27 May 1879 He was the son of Philip Feaga, formerly well known citizen of this city. In 1862, he left for Ohio and returned in 1872. Then, he went to Detroit MI and enlisted in the Army, being stationed at Fort Berford in Dakota Territory. He was with General Terry at Yellowstone following the massacre of General Custer's Command. There, he took a violent cold, resulting in consumption that was the cause of his death, and then he came home to be with his friends at the last.

FITZPATRICK 04 Aug 1879 On 01 Aug 1879, Mr John Fitzpatrick, a track hand at Orleans, was in town purchasing supplies and groceries for his family and boarded a freight train for home.. At Sideling Hill, he attempted to get off and his coat caught and he was thrown under the wheels and died on Saturday 02 Aug 1879. He leaves a wife and 4 small children.

FOREBECK 19 Nov 1879 Adam Forebeck on N Mechanic Street was struck by a passenger train of the C&P RR in the Narrows yesterday and died of a broken neck. He was walking on the tracks and did not clear the way after the signal was sounded. He was 65 years of age, a carpenter well known in the city, and had a large family, all of age. [Article has 3 paragraphs].

GEPHART 19 Sep 1879 Mr John Gephart, ill for more than a week, died yesterday at his son's residence on Bedford Street, aged 90. He was born in Frederick City, MD on 24 Oct 1789 and moved to Cumberland in 1819. He was active in local politics serving in several capacities. He was the father of 9 children and had 35 grand children and 50 great grand children. Burial is at Centre Street Methodist church by Rev J B Treadway.

GLASGO 20 Nov 1879 A letter from St Calirsville Ohio advises of the death of Mrs Elizabeth Glasgo on Monday (17 Nov). She was the eldest daughter of the late J George Blocker and a sister of Squire Blocker of this city. She was an elderly pioneer citizen of Ohio, moving there as the wife of Henry Neff of this county. Following his decease, she married Mr Glasgo, whom she also outlived. She was in her 80th year and leaves 2 sons and 2 daughter and many grand children.

GLENN 13 Oct 1879 Charles Glenn Jr, a young miner was killed in Piedmont Mines on Thursday (9 Oct) by a fall of breast coal after shearing both sides. He was about 18 years of age.

GNAU 03 Apr 1879 On Tuesday (1 Apr), Mrs Mary Gnau, wife of Mr George Gnau, died in her 21st year at the home of her father, Mr Henry Sanders. Two weeks ago they were blessed with an infant and she had been convalescing. The funeral will take place from her father's residence on Centre and Frederick Streets.

GOLDSMITH 14 Aug 1879 Mrs Hannah Goldsmith, relict of the late Solomon Goldsmith, a former resident of this city, died yesterday at the residence of a son-in-law, Mr Charles White. She was in the 73rd year of her life and in feeble health for a number of years. Her sons and a brother has been telegraphed. A son, Simon Goldsmith from Washington Court House, Ohio arrived her for the services.

GRAMLICH 21 Apr 1879 Miss Barbara Gramlich, daughter of Mr Francis M Gramlich, died at her father's residence on N Centre Street last Saturday (19 Apr). She was afflicted with nervous prostration. The funeral was today from the residence.

HEALEY 09-10 Jul 1879 Maurice A Healey died yesterday, aged 37 years , from inflamation of the brain. He had been instrumental in the construction of the Pennsylvania RR into Maryland to compete with the B&O RR. He was born, 04 Aug 1842 in Cumberland a son of Dr Thomas A Healey. His grandfather was Michael Healey, a farmer and distiller in Ireland. The grandfather on his mother's side was Major Frederick Hoffman of the War of 1812. The great grandfather on his mother's side was Dennis Claude Lientaud, who was an owner of a coffee and sugar plantation in San Domingo before the insurrection. Lientaud escaped the troubles on the "Ten Million" and was deposited on the Florida Shores after surrendering his money and jewels to the ship's captain.

HENDLEY 04 Jul 1879 Mrs Mathilda Hendley, wife of Adam Hendley, died 03 July in the 45th year of her life. The funeral is from the home to the Reformed Episcopal Church.

HUGHES 10 Feb 1879 Mr Joseph Hughes died at his home on N Mechanic Street on Saturday Night (8 Feb). He was about 80 years of age and lived here all his life. A few weeks ago, he fell on the steps of his residence and never did recover from the shock he was a charter member of the Cumberland Hose Company. Rev H C Holloway is in charge of the funeral and the burial is in Hook's Cemetery.

HUMBIRD 27 Jan 1879 Miss Rose Kaye Humbird, young daughter of David and Kate Humbird, died today at age 5. The funeral is from the home of Jacob Humbird on Decatur Street.

HUMMELSHIME 03 Mar 1879 Dr L K Hummelshime, 54 years of age, died Saturday (1 Mar). He resided at 30 Baltimore Street and was a prominent dentist. Services are at the Centre Street ME Church and the remains will be sent to Chambersburg PA for burial. [ Funeral notice in 4 March paper is 3/4 column long].

JONES 01 Nov 1879 Robert Chew Jones died yesterday after feeling sick on Sunday. He leaves a wife and 2 children; also, a father; 2 brothers; and several sisters who reside in Baltimore. He was from Easton, Talbot Co, MD and when the war broke out, he joined the Confederate Army, losing his right arm. He went into law under Col Samuel Hambleton of Easton and was admitted to the bar in 1867. He came to Cumberland in 1868 and into law practice with Josiah H Gordon, Esq. He remained there for 2 years, then establishing his own practice. The funeral is from the home on Washington Street with Rev Father Brennan and burial at Rose Hill Cemetery. Attending were; father-R I C Jones; brothers- Louis C Jones and R I C Jones Jr; sisters-Mrs H G Roche; Mrs K P Frailey; and Miss Mary P Jones.

KENNEY 29 Jul 1879 Albert Kenney, son of Peter A and Mary Kenney, aged 2 months and 3 days, died today and the funeral was from the home 30 Polk Street.

KORNRUMPF 11 Aug 1879 Mr Edward Kornrumpf, coppersmith of this city, died at the residence on Columbia Street extended on Saturday (09 Aug), following a long and painful illness.

KRATZ 11 Aug 1879 Alexander Kratz, aged 31 years, 7 months, and 10 days , died at his residence on Fulton Street on Monday (11 Aug) from inflamation of the bowels. He was born in Baltimore on 01 Jan 1848, and came to this city in 1873, and engaged in the merchandise and tailoring business. He leaves a wife and 2 young children. His parents live in Martinsburg WV and a brother in Circleville OH. Services at the English Lutheran Church and burial in the German Lutheran Cemetery.

LOWDNES 15 Mar 1879 Lloyd Lowndes, father of Hon. Lloyd Lowndes of this city, died in Clarksburg WV yesterday in his 79th year of age. Forty years ago, he and brother Richard T Lowndes opened the largest store in the village on N Mechanic Street, known as Lowndes & Kramer. He also located stores in Frostburg and Shepherdstown VA. He leaves sons, Lloyd of this city and Richard, his wife had died some years past.

LOWE 25 Feb 1879 Last night, James Lowe, Esq., died at his residence on N Centre Street of consumption. He was ailing for a long time . He is the son of the late Mayor Lowe.

LYNN 23 Oct 1879 James Cheston Lynn was killed in a train accident and the funeral will take place Thursday at Emmauel Church. The train from Pittsburgh to Cumberland on the Pittsburgh and Connellsville Railroad was involved in an accident with a freight train # 67, 3 miles east of Connellsville. James Cheston Lynn, a son of the late Dr Lynn, and a nephew of John Galloway Lynn Jr, was killed. Mr Lynn leaves a wife and a 2 month old girl. He was about 27 years of age. Burial is in Rose Hill Cemetery.

MAGRUDER 08 Feb 1879 Mrs Mary G Magruder died yesterday at the residence of her son-in-law, Mr George Henderson Jr on Washington Street. She was the relict of Mr Jonathan W Magruder who died last spring and she was about 80 years of age. The funeral is from the Christ Reformed Episcopal Church on S Centre Street and burial at Rose Hill Cemetery with Rev John K Dunn officiating.

MARSHALL 10 Jan 1879 Miss Polly Marshall died Wednesday night (8 Jan) at the residence of her brother-in-law, Mr John McFerran on Stoney Battery. She had suffered for many months and was over 90 years of age.

MATTINGLY 15 Aug 1879 Mrs Catherine C Mattingly, relict of the late John E Mattingly, died yesterday at her residence 9 Columbia Street in the 70th year of her age.

MATTINGLY 23 Jan 1879 Ex-Judge Francis Mattingly died yesterday morning while delivering milk on Decatur Street from the Thruston Farm, just East of the city. He was in his 66th year of age. He was from Mt Savage and was a County Commissioner from 1861-1863. He leaves a wife and 2 sons, both of age. He has several brothers in this county and living in the West. The funeral will be from St Patrick's Catholic Church, with Rev Father Brennan celebrant.

MAY 28 Jul 1879 Yesterday, the funeral of Mr William T May was held from the home of Mr Valentine on the Oldtown Road, where he lay during his illness. Rev. Monroe browning preached the sermon and his remains were deposited at the Lutheran Cemetery on the National Road.

McCANN 11 Aug 1879 Mr Thomas McCann died at his residence on Stoney Battery on Saturday (09 Aug). The funeral was from St Patrick's today.

McFERRAN 08 May 1879 Mr Clarence McFerran, aged 17 years, son of Alexander McFerran Sr, died last night after an illness of a few days. Mr McFerran lost an older son several years ago and is childless in his old age.

McKAIG 24 Apr 1879 Mr John VanLear McKaig died April 22 at Frederick in the 38th year of his life. The funeral is from the home of his father, Dr R S McKaig, 16 Bedford St to the 1st Presbyterian Church and burial at Rose Hill Cemetery.

McKENZIE 01 Aug 1879 H. Resley McKenzie, the youngest child of GT and Mary A McKenzie, aged 1 year, 11 months, and 14 days, died on Tuesday 28 Jul 1879 and the funeral was on Wednesday.

MEISTER 17 Apr 1879 Mr George Meister, living on the Bedford Road, fell ill with neuralgia of the heart while working in his garden. A physician was called but he died on Friday (18Apr).

MILES 07 Mar 1879 Mrs Catherine Miles, 55 years of age, died at her residence yesterday. She is the former Mrs Griminger. Funeral services are at St Patrick's Catholic Church.

MYERS 31 Jan 1879 Mr Edward Myers, fireman, died yesterday at his home on Highland and Valley Streets, aged 30. He had suffered from consumption for some time and leaves a wife and 5 small children.

NOLAN 15 Dec 1879 Mr Martin Nolan Sr of Frostburg will move permanently to Missouri.

O'NEILL 07 Feb 1879 Yeste4rday, Dennis R O'Neill, aged 24 years, died and the funeral is today. The funeral is from the St Patrick's Catholic Church with Rev Father Satori celebrating a Mass and burial in the church graveyard.

PERRY 27 Mar 1879 Miss Mary M C Perry, 69 years of age, sister of: Capt. Roger Perry; the late Judge Perry; Dr Charles Perry; Marcus Perry; and William Perry; died on Wednesday (22Mar), at the home of Capt Roger Perry. The funeral will be from the home and to Emmanuel Episcopal Church tomorrow.

PIERCE 02 May 1879 Yesterday, Mrs Rebecca Pierce, wife of Capt. Benjamin Pierce of the boat "Bernadetta" died aboard the boat following an illness of 1 month. The services will be at Kingsley Church and burial at Rose Hill Cemetery.

PITMAN 23 Apr 1879 Mr John Pitman, an old resident of Oldtown, died yesterday after complaints of one week. While sitting in his chair, his wife how he felt and he replied, "much better". Just then, he exclaimed, "Oh my head!" and fell dead onto the floor. He leaves a large family of children.

POLLOCK 01 Dec 1879 James Pollock, a young man 20 years of age, was run over by a mine car at Koontz Mines on Wednesday (26 Nov) and died on Friday (28 Nov).

PRITCHARD 29 May 1879 Samuel F Pritchard "Benny", engineer for the B&O RR, died Tuesday (27 May) of a train wreck on the Connellsville line near Confluence. He was about 30 years of age and was single and well known in Cumberland. [Article is 6 paragraphs].

PROFATER 12 Feb 1879 On Tuesday (11 Feb), Mrs Ann Elizabeth Profater, the only sister of the late Joseph Hughes, whose funeral took place only a few hours before, died suddenly. She was the wife of Mr WW Profater and was 76 years of age. The funeral is tomorrow from the residence 239 N Mechanic Street.

REID 17 Nov 1879 On Sunday (16 Nov) Thomas Reid St died, aged 68 years. The funeral is from his home 36 S Mechanic Street.

RICE 22 Oct 1879 Daniel Rice, aged about 75 years, who lived on Martin Mountain, 9 miles from the city, died yesterday morning. He was well known in the city and his funeral will be largely attended.

RIZER 09 Dec 1879 George W Rizer, his wife and 2 children, left here for his home in Eureka Kansas following a short visit.

ROBINETTE 10 Mar 1879 Mr George Robinette of Murley's Branch, died on Friday (7 Mar) at his home. He had served 2 times as the County Commissioner. He was 57 years of age and leaves a wife and 5 children.

ROBINETTE 10 Dec 1879 Tilghman Robinette of Flintstone, left with his family to reside in Hamilton Co, Ohio.

ROSENBAUM 30 Jun 1879 Sylvan Rosenbaum, aged 7 months, son of Simon & Ricka Rosenbaum died today. The funeral will be from the residence of Susman Rosenbaum, 15 Bedford Street.

ROSENBAUM BROTHERS 10 Jun 1879 The S Adler & Co. business at 78 Baltimore Street will be succeeded by the Rosenbaum Brothers.

SAYLOR 16 Apr 1879 A telegram to Mr A.M.L. Bush from Minneapolis MN., advises of the death by hemorrhage of his nephew, Mr D Few Saylor. He was the son of Mr Daniel Saylor who was engaged in the tobacco business with Mr Bush.

SCHOOL 06 Sep 1879 Ceremonies of the opening of the new Union Street School.

SCHORE 21 Apr 1879 Miss Annie Schore, daughter of Mathias & Josephine Schore, died Saturday (19 Apr) of typhoid fever. She was 21 years of age and her funeral will be well attended.

SHRIVER 21 Aug 1879 Thomas Shriver, one-time mayor of Cumberland, died at his residence 57th Street, New York City, on Tuesday (19 Aug). The funeral is from the Christ Reformed Episcopal Church on Thursday and remains placed in the family vault at Rose Hill Cemetery.

STOWELL 17 Nov 1879 David Stowell was killed in a mine accident at the Franklin Mines on Saturday morning (15 Nov). Mr Stowell, William Grimm, and Samuel Vance were riding mine cars into the inclined plant to go to work when a bolt that secured the cars gave way and the cars sped down the incline, smashing at the bottom. Grimm and Vance jumped out of the cars but Stowell was killed instantly. He was about 40 years of age and had a wife and 6 children.

TRIEBER 24 Nov 1879 William Howard Treiber, eldest son of Charles and Mary Elizabeth Treiber, died on Sunday (23 Nov) following an illness of 4 years. He was 6 years, 6 months and 2 days of age. The funeral is tomorrow from the home on Maryland Avenue.

VALENTINE 22 Sep 1879 Mr Frederick Valentine, aged citizen of this county for many years, died yesterday at the residence of Mr John Rice on Little Valley Road, 5 miles from the town. He was in the 98th year of life. Descendant children of 5 generations will attend his funeral.

WAYS 28 Oct 1879 Mrs Ways, wife of Mr S D Ways, died yesterday following a short illness, from which she had complained for some time. Her funeral is today.

WIGFIELD 15 Dec 1879 Mr Benjamin Wigfield died at his residence near Flintstone last Wednesday (10 Dec), aged 77 years.

WILLISON 10 mar 1879 Mr Lemuel Willison died at his home of apoplexy. He had been ill since January and over exerted himself, went into his home, complained of pains of the chest and laid on the sofa. His wife found him laying on his face and called Dr Carr to attend to him, but to no avail. His funeral was yesterday.

WILSON 17 Mar 1879 >From Salinas Co., MO- On Feb 18, Mr Robert Cresap Wilson, the eldest son of Mrs H D Wilson of this county, died of malignant erysipelas following an illness of 5 days. He was born on 12 Apr 1825 in Allegany County and married on 02 Mar 1852 to Salinas Co, MO, engaging in farming and raising stock. He lost it all in the war and moved to Washington Co, NB in partnership with his brothers before returning to this county, remaining until his death.

WILSON 10 Jan 1879 Mrs Atsey Wilson died at her residence on the Baltimore Pike yesterday, aged 84 years. She had eaten a hearty breakfast and retired to her room and died instantly. She is survived by her husband Nathan Wilson and 2 children. The funeral will be at Mt Pleasant Church.

WINSLOW 14 Nov 1879 On Thursday (13 Nov) Mrs Mary Susan Winslow, wife of Capt J B Winslow died at age 27 years, 3 months, and 20 days.

WINTERSTEIN 27 Jan 1879 William Winterstine, aged about 19 years, died Saturday night (25 Jan) at his father's home at Sinclairsville WV of consumption. He was a printer and had suffered for the past 3 months.

WOLFORD 28 Jul 1879 William Wolford died at his residence near Franklin Station, Coshockton Co., Ohio on 22 Jul 1879, in the 80th year of his age. He was born in Friends Cove, Bedford Co., PA on 27 Mar 1800, moved to Flintstone MD in 1824, and in 1832 he moved to Ohio. He is an uncle by marriage to Messers Hanson and Asa Willison of this city.

WOLFORD 23 Jun 1879 Mrs Elizabeth Wolford, formerly of Flintstone, Allegany Co, MD, died at the residence of her son in Morgan Co., IL on June 02. She was 75 years of age. Mr Samuel Wolford of Flintstone is a son also.

WORTHINGTON 14 Jul 1879 Mrs Rebecca Worthington, relict of the late Reuben Worthington esq., died on Saturday (12 Jul) at the residence of her son-in-law, Judge George A Pearre. She was in her 80th year. She was a sister of Dr S P Smith and has other relatives in this city. The funeral is today.

WRIGHT 22 May 1879 Charles B Wright, former city citizen, now of Canton Ohio, died there last Saturday (17 May) of consumption. He was the remaining son of James P Wright, a prominent jeweler in the city. He was in the drug business there.


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