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Excerpts from The Cumberland Times
transcribed by Charles Often




ABLE 19 Aug 1878 On Sunday (18 Aug), John W Able died at age of 29 years. Funeral was today from the home on Ellen Street, between Union and Baltimore Streets.

BARRETT 04 Dec 1878 Mrs Catherine Barrett of Mt Savage died at home Monday (2 Dec). On Nov 5, she gave birth to her 4th set of twins and now she leaves a family of 9 children. Other sisters have died also leaving children in the orphanage totaling 15 children, now increased to 24.

BEALL 10 Apr 1878 Mr William R Beall died yesterday morning form a stomach affliction. He was a son of Gustavus Beall, was born and raised in Cumberland and a prominent merchant at his tobacco house. He leaves a large family. He was 61 years, 1 month and 4 days of age. Funeral services from the home and from Christ English Lutheran Church.

BERG 23 Jan 1878 Mr Conrad Berg, a merchant at the corner of Bedford & Centre Streets, committed suicide by hanging last night. He had been in business for 35 years and had shown signs of insanity which led his family to watch him. He was recently remarried and was 63 years of age. He 4 children; 2 in Baltimore and 2 daughters here; Miss Lizzy and Mrs Henry Hast. Miss Lizzy Berg, his daughter, tried to awake him for breakfast but was unable to hear him or to open the locked door. A brother-in-law, Mr Henry Hast succeeded in finding the body hanging. [Article has 7 paragraphs]

BIRMINGHAM 25 Dec 1878 James Birmingham, aged 60 years, died yesterday. His funeral will be today from the residence on S Mechanic Street.

BLACKISTON 31 Aug 1878 Mr A H Blackiston, prominent lawyer of Cumberland was killed by Thomas Cook Hughey, another prominent lawyer in Mr Hughey's office. The killing occurred over a legal matter concerning both attorneys and following a heated argument. The jury summoned to investigate the matter found the cause of death to be by a pistol fired by Mr Hughey following mutual assaults. Mr Blackiston was about 32 years of age and came to this city in 1858 and was a graduate of Washington College of Kent Co and of the University of Virginia. About 5 years ago, he married Miss Elizabeth Pearre, eldest daughter of Judge Pearre. A son of one year of age survives also. Burial is in Rose Hill Cemetery. [Article is recounted in 2 columns] [Funeral is 1 column in length - 2 Sep 1878].

BROWN 14 Dec 1878 Mr Herman Brown died on Thursday (13 Dec) at his home on the Williams Road after a long illness. He lived here 40 years following immigration from Germany. A widow and 5 children, 2 of whom are in the West, survive. The funeral is from the Sts Peter & Paul Catholic Church.

BRUCE 22 Apr 1878 Miss Norma Bruce, young daughter of Col. Robert Bruce, died Saturday (22 Apr) at the home on Lee Street. Rev. Dr. Trail had charge of services at Emmanuel Episcopal Church and the interment was in Rose Hill Cemetery.

CASEY 22 Jul 1878 Jesse Casey, age 13, son of Mr Abraham Casey of Mt Savage was struck and killed by lightning at his home. Mr Casey and another son, Robert, were also struck by lightning but lived.

CHANEY 12 Feb 1878 Leonard Chaney, an old and respected citizen of Flintstone, died on the 1st and leaves a family.

CLARKE 20 May 1878 Mr Martin Clarke died Saturday (18 May) at his home in Mt Savage. He was a merchant for 40 years and suffered from a chronic rheumatism for the past 27 years, helplessly for the past 10 years.

CLARY 20 Aug 1878 On Monday (19 Aug) in Frostburg, Mrs Isabelle B Clary, relict of the late Aden Clary, died at age 63 years, 10 months. Funeral services were from the Lutheran Church. She was the mother of Mrs Barney Dilley, of Cumberland.

CUSTER 30 Nov 1878 Mr Emmanuel Custer, a native of Allegany County, having been born here near Cresaptown and living here until the age of 19 years, when he moved to Ohio, was in town today and expects to revisit his childhood home while in town. He moved then to Monroe MI in 1863 and is in good health at the age of 72 years. In the bloody fight at Rosebud, his sons; Gen George H Custer; Captains Thomas Custer and Boston Custer; along with a grand-son Artie Reed and son-in-law, Lt Calhoun were killed.

DIGGS 17 Sep 1878 On Monday 16 September, Mary Catherine Diggs, wife of John H Diggs, died. She was in the 35th year of her age. Funeral is from the home on Wallace Street.

DUSE 20 Feb 1878 Mr Henry Duse, an old German residing at the upper end of Mechanic Street opposite the Himmler Brewery, met a tragic death last night. He had been in a saloon last night, arose to go home, and fell into Wills Creek. When found, his head was fractured and he died shortly thereafter. He was about 60 years of age, a butcher, and leaves a wife and several grown children. He had been subject of epileptic attacks. [Article has 4 paragraphs].

ENGLER 28 Oct 1878 From a dispatch to M Y Rabold: Mr Josiah 'Jesse' Engler, formerly of this city, died at Engler, Carroll Co, MD last night. Mr Engler was for 25 years, the foreman of the Wills Creek Tannery owned and operated by the late James W Jones.

FRANTZ 12 Jul 1878 Patrick Henry Frantz, 23 years of age, died last night from injuries he received while hauling saw-logs to the mill of his brother-in-law on the William's Road. He is the son of Mr Joseph Frantz of Evitts Creek and the grand- son of Mr William Frantz of this city. [Article of accident also on 11 Jul 1878].

FRANTZ 11 Apr 1878 Miss Lilly Frantz, a daughter of Joseph Frantz who lives on Evitts Creek 4 miles from the city, died yesterday at the residence of a brother-in- law T J Sliger on Maryland Avenue where she boarded and attended the Maryland Avenue School. She had been in delicate health and contracted typhoid fever.

FREAM 22 Apr 1878 Mr George B Fream, recently employed at William R Beall & Co., died in Cincinnati OH on Monday (15 Apr) of typhoid fever. He was in the 24th year of his age.

FULLER 14 Dec 1878 Cornelius A Fuller died on Friday (14 Dec) at his residence on Bellvue Street in his 29th year. He had been severely injured by a train running off the track on the Connellsville Road and had been brought to his home where he died. The funeral is Sunday.

GEPHART 29 Jan 1878 From a letter of O C James to Mr Milnor Roberts from Rio de Janiero dated 22 Dec 1877: Mr John Gephart, son of Charles Gephart, aged 40 years, died on 22 Dec 1877, in Brazil. He was superintendent of the yard there, returning to the country where he had helped build the Dom Pedro Railroad. He leaves his aging parents. [Article has 4 paragraphs].

GHEILHOUSE 01 Jul 1878 Mrs Mary Gheilhouse, wife of Mr Frederick Gheilhouse of Bedford Street, within the city limits, died preparing supper for her son Augustus. Her health had been good and without indisposition. She as about 62 years of age. The funeral and burial was yesterday at the German Catholic Cemetery.

GILLETTE 06 Feb 1878 Mrs Mary Gillette, wife of Rev. J M Gillette, died 04 Feb at Ridgeway PA. She is the mother of George and Albert Gillette, well known in Cumberland.

GLOS 30 Aug 1878 Mr Casper Glos, merchant on Front Street, got word that his daughter Lizzie had died yesterday in Memphis TN of yellow fever. She was in the convent of La Salette and was about 20 years of age. An older sister Mary, aged 25 is also in the convent. The remains cannot be removed for 6 months for fear of spreading the contagion.

HALEY 18 Oct 1878 Mr Josiah Haley was found drowned in Wills Creek on the east bank, opposite the Shipley House. He lived on Maryland Avenue and his wife was on a visit East. An inquest was held and the verdict was accidental drowning. Mr Haley was about 35 years of age and was a time keeper on the railroad. He leaves a widow and 3 children, the oldest about 8 yeas. His remains were interred at Rose Hill Cemetery. [Article is ½ column in length].

HALL 03 Oct 1878 Michael Hall, an aged gentleman living at the residence of a daughter, Mrs S A Brant in South Cumberland, was found dead in his bed yesterday morning. Mr Hall was beyond 80 years of age and was a youthful soldier in the war of 1812-14.

HALLER 18 Mar 1878 Mrs Catherine Haller, wife of Mr D E Haller, died Friday (15 Mar) at her residence in South Cumberland. She leaves a husband and 7 children; 2 are grown and the rest are small, one being an infant only 5 weeks of age. She was a member of Kingsley Church.

HARBAUGH 28 Jun 1978 James H Harbaugh of Mann's Choice PA, the eldest son of Mr SP Harbaugh of S Mechanic Street Cumberland, died in Bedford County PA last evening. He had been in ill health for a number or years and confined to his bed for the past 18 months. He was 35 years of age and leaves a wife and 3 children.

HENDLEY 08 Apr 1878 Mr Ezra Hendley died at his residence on Baltimore Street on Saturday (6 Apr). He was ill for some time, recovered for a while, and then relapsed growing worse until his death.

HIGGINS 08 Apr 1878 Mr Thomas Higgins of Lonaconing died at Pompey Smash last Saturday (6 Apr) following years of white swelling of the leg. He was principal at the Castle School the past 4 seasons and also manager of the George's Creek Cooperative Store. He was unmarried and 32 years of age. His remains were interred in the Catholic Cemetery at Frostburg.

HOOP 13 Nov 1878 Mrs Catherine Hoop died Tuesday (12 Nov) in her 57th year. The funeral is today from her home on Front Street.

HOWARD 18 Apr 1878 Miss Fannie Howard died Wednesday (Apr 17). Funeral services from the residence of Mr John R Brooke, 22 Decatur Street and services at St Patrick's Church.

IJAMS 04 Jul 1878 The body of Hiram Ijams was found in the Potomac river near the B&O water station #12. He lived about 2 miles above the Paw Paw tunnel and is supposed that he left home to ford the river and missed the low place plunging into the deep water and drowned. He leaves a wife and 2 children.

IRONS 18 Nov 1878 Married by Rev. Joel Brown at the home of the bride on North Branch are John W Irons and Candace Dicken.

JOHNSON 29 Apr 1878 Messrs. William and Emmanuel Johnson of this city have moved to Ellis, Kansas, both taking a farm of 230 acres. Brothers Thomas, Joseph, and James Johnson remain in Cumberland with the hardware store.

KNODE 23 Jun 1878 Mrs David Knode of Frostburg died at her residence yesterday following a suffering of several weeks from lung and heart affliction. Her funeral is from the Lutheran Church in Frostburg.

KRATZ 30 May 1878 Yesterday, Alexander Kratz, infant son of Alexander and Anna Kratz of Fulton Street, died, aged 2 months and 27 days.

LASHLEY 08 Jun 1878 Mr George W Lashley died of dropsy on Tuesday (4 June) at his residence in Chaneysville. He was the heaviest man in Bedford County, weighing over 400 pounds. He was a Deputy Sheriff under the term of his brother H Clay Lashley.

LATIMER 25 Apr 1878 Miss Maria Latimer died yesterday in the 63rd year of her age. Funeral is from M P Church on Bedford Street.

LEITCHEN 11 May 1878 Mrs Margaret Leitchen of Independence Street extended was killed by a train on the viaduct returning from church services. She was 76 years off age and leaves 2 grown children , a son and a daughter. She had been married twice. [Article is 4 paragraphs].

LINDENBERGER 15 Jan 1878 Mrs Mary E Lindenberger, aged 77 years, died on Monday (14 Jan) at the residence of Mr Robert Maxwell. Her remains were taken to Baltimore.

LONG 12 Dec 1878 Mr George Long, aged 46 years, 9 months and 1 day died at his residence 15 N Mechanic Street on Wednesday (11 Dec). Death was due to strangulation of the intestines. He was a merchant in the baking and confectionary business. He was born 10 Mar 1842, at Ansfeld, Hensfort, Bavaria and came to America in 1850, settling first in Wellersburg PA, and later Allegany County for the past 27 years. He leaves a widow and 7 children. The funeral services are from Sts. Peter & Paul Catholic Church.

LOVE 20 May 1878 The wife of William Love, of N Mechanic Street above Valley Street, died on Saturday (18 May) following several weeks of illness.

LOWDERMILK 21 Jan 1878 James Smith Lowdermilk, 33 years of age, died Saturday (19 Jan), he leaves a wife and 3 children. At age 16, he entered the Army serving in Co. H, MD PHB and served for 2 years and attracted pulmonary disease which eventually took his life. He was the assistant postmaster. The funeral is from his residence on Liberty Street and the sermon by Rev. H C Holloway of Christ Lutheran Church.

LYNN 20 Feb 1878 Maj John W Lynn of Confluence PA, a former resident in the saddle business on S Mechanic Street, died on Friday (15 Feb). His remains were taken to Harnedsville PA for burial.

MAY 24 Jul 1878 Mr Leonodas May, aged 24 years and unmarried, drowned in Fifteen Mile Creek at Orleans yesterday while swimming.

McELFISH 18 Jan 1878 Henry C McElfish is charged by Malvina Bell with being the father of her infant child. He is required to give bond of $80 and annual support of $30 from September 1877. A charge of breach of promise to marry and of seduction was served upon him also. These charges will be heard by the October Court. The parties are from Murley's branch and from Flintstone.

McGINNIS 11 Feb 1878 Two ladies were killed by a B & O engine at Bull Neck Gap, about 1/4 miles east of Keyser WV last Saturday (09 Feb). Mrs McGinnis and her daughter were struck and killed by engine #100, the engineer had no knowledge of the impact. Mrs McGinnis is the wife of freight engineer McGinnis and the mother of 9 children.

McKENZIE 29 Oct 1878 On Sunday evening, Mr Jeremiah McKenzie, an old hunter and trapper, died from the effects of paralysis at his son's home in South Cumberland. His sons were called to his bedside to hear the dying wish to be buried on Knobley Mountain beneath a certain locust tree.

McKNIGHT 05 Jun 1878 Mrs Mary A McKnight died at her residence No. 24 Hanover Street yesterday in the 61st year of her age. She was a daughter of Hon Henry Miles, Judge of Charlestown WV and a resident here for 26 years. She leaves 8 children ,all but 3 of the married.

METZ 16 Nov 1878 Mr George Metz, died at his home on Fayette Street on Thursday (Nov 14). He was about 78 years of age and was the janitor at the court house. Me Metz was a soldier in the War of 1812-1814 and served under General Wool.

MILFORD 16 Jan 1878 Rev. Samuel Milford died on Monday (14 Jan) at the residence of his sister, Miss Eliza Milford in South Cumberland, aged 66 years. Mr Milford was born in Ireland on 30 Mar 1812, came to the United States living in Frederick County until 1858, when he moved here. He was engaged in the milling business with Mr R D Johnson until 1870, when he began running a flour mill. He was one of the founders of the Kingsley Church. His wife died 2 years ago. A son, John Milford and a sister live in Philadelphia. A brother lives in Poolesville MD. The funeral is from the Kingsley Chapel.

MORGAN 29 Oct 1878 Margaret Morgan, wife of John Morgan, died Sunday (27 Oct) of consumption at her home on Maryland Avenue. The funeral is from the Kingsley Church.

MURRAY 04 Nov 1878 Miner, James Murray, who was injured on Saturday 2 Nov by a fall of breast coal in the Koontz mine, died on 04 Nov of the injuries. He was married and had 5 children.

NASH 16 Dec 1878 Samuel Nash, formerly of Frostburg, died of dropsy on 07 Dec. at Houtzdale PA. His remains were brought back and buried at Allegany Cemetery at Frostburg. John Nash esq. of Frostburg is a brother.

NASSLETT 03 Jan 1878 Charles C Nasslett, formerly a compositor on the "Times", died on 30 Dec 1877 at his parents home in Fredericksburg VA.

NEFF 17 Oct 1878 Mr Neff, an aged citizen of Frostburg, died Tuesday (15 Oct) at age 86 years.

O'NEAL 13 Jul 1878 Richard O'Neal, son of Edward O'Neal of the Baltimore Pike is charged with forgery as he presented a note with the name of his father to a local businessman for the purchase of articles that would be paid for by his father the next time he came to town. The hearing will be held in the October docket.

ORT 08 Apr 1878 Mr John F. Ort, who died 2 March, had an insurance policy in the sum of $2000 and is paid to his brother Mr Conrad Ort.

PARR 15 Jan 1878 Mr Joseph Parr was struck and killed by a B & O train and killed in the vicinity of the Evitts Creek Bridge as he walked along the tracks.

RABOLD 19 Sep 1878 Mr John Rabold, a tanner for Rabold & Son, died at his residence on Bedford Street this morning at age 81 years. He came from Hagerstown in 1840, and leaves 5 children; 4 daughters and one son, all grown. He died of heart disease. Funeral services to be held at the English Lutheran Church.

REYNOLDS 13 Aug 1878 Mr Daniel Reynolds, 18 years of age, residing at Lonaconing, went bathing in George's Creek during the heat of the day and became ill and was taken home. His condition became worse and he died on Saturday (10 Aug) and was buried in Moscow graveyard on Monday. He was the support of an aged parent.

ROBB 25 Nov 1878 Mr Charles Robb died Saturday night (23 Nov) following a long illness. He was 36 years of age on 25 Oct last and leaves a young widow and 5 children, 3 sons and 2 daughters. He was born at Lanark, Lanarkshire, Scotland on 25 Oct 1842, came to this country at age 12 with brother James and sister Mrs Isabelle Stewart. After that, he lived 5 or 6 years with sister Mrs Lees of Frostburg and moved then to Westernport. He entered the war in Co. D, 2nd Md Reg. The remains will be at the family home on Bedford Street and then taken to Rose Hill Cemetery for burial. [Article is 8 paragraphs in length].

ROBINETTE 17 Aug 1878 Last Thursday evening (15 Aug), Mr & Mrs Moses L Robinette were returning their home , 12 miles from Cumberland on the Williams road. At a point near Twiggtown, the horses were descending a steep hill when the wagon had an accident and injured them both. Yesterday, Mrs Robinette died of her injuries and Mr Robinette continues to recover from injuries. Mr Robinette is about 70 years of age and his wife was about 5 years younger.

ROBINSON 24 Jun 1878 Jacob Robinson of Greene Street, died Saturday (22 Jun) following a brief relapse of an illness lasting several months. He was a trimmer on the Potomac Coal Co wharf. He leaves a wife and 3 small children.

SEAWRIGHT 16 Mar 1878 Miss Sarah Seawright died at the home of her brother, # 9 N Mechanic Street, aged about 74 years on Thursday (Mar 14). She had been suffering a long time.

SHAW 13 Sep 1878 Mr Levi Shaw, an old citizen of Bedford Street, died at his residence last night in his 81 st year. He had suffered excruciating pain from gravel for the past few weeks and his extreme age resulted in death.

SHAW 04 Nov 1878 Mr James J Shaw, secretary of the Blaen Avon Coal Co, died of apoplexy suddenly Saturday (Nov 2) on Greene Street. He married the daughter of Douglas Percy esq. of Frostburg and leaves her and 3 little children. [Article is 3 paragraphs long].

SHOEMAKER 04 Jun 1878 Mr Samuel Shoemaker, formerly of Cumberland , died 14 May at Monmouth IL of consumption in the 63rd year of his life. The Monmouth "Atlas" newspaper reports, " he was born in Cumberland Co, PA on Feb 11, 1815, and later moved to Cumberland MD, thence to Piedmont WV, and then to Illinois in 1863".

SHOUP 23 Jan 1878 Yesterday, Mrs Mary A Shoup, 41 years of age, daughter of Hon John M Buchanan, died at her fathers residence in Ellerslie. She formerly lived in Dayton OH until the death of her husband, George M Shoup, when she moved back to Maryland. Services are at Emmanuel Church.

SLACK 06 Aug 1878 Mrs Elizabeth Slack, relict of the late Cornelius Slack, died on Saturday (3 Aug) at Hamburg, Iowa, where she had gone to visit her son.

STEWART 02 Aug 1878 On Tuesday last (30 Jul), Mr William Stewart, son of John Stewart, a farmer on Polish Mountain, near Flintstone, died near his home after a day long trip to Cumberland to obtain lumber. His death was due to apoplexy, he was 23 years of age and unmarried.

THOMAS 06 Aug 1878 Mr David Thomas of Frostburg, died yesterday morning. He was a merchant in Frostburg for many years, but had resorted to mining following business reverses.

TROXELL 02 Apr 1878 Charles Sandford Troxell, aged 23 years and 3 months, died yesterday at the residence of his father-in-law, Robert French. He leaves a wife of 2 years and a child. He was an express agent for the B&O before being bed ridden a few months ago. Services are conducted by Rev. H C Holloway at Christ Lutheran Church and burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.

TWIGG 09 Aug 1878 Miss Emma L Twigg, daughter of Mr Francis Twigg, was married Wednesday evening in her home, 3 miles from the city by Rev George Mardvill of the ME Church, to Mr Hanson Dean, son of Mr Joseph Dean, a neighbor.

WALDECK 07 Jan 1878 Yesterday, Mr Adam Waldeck died at his residence on N Centre Street. He was over 60 years of age. He leaves a wife and 3 grown children. He had been suffering for many years and confined to his bed for 2 weeks prior to his decease.

WALDECK 09 May 1878 Mrs Frances Waldeck, wife of Adam Waldeck, died yesterday in the 66th year of her life. Funeral is from the home at 137 N Center Street.

WAUGH 14 Jan 1878 Mrs Mary Waugh died on Sunday (13 Jan). She was 79 years, 6 months and 5 days of age and a relict of Major Alexander Waugh. Major Waugh moved here in 1845, and he died in 1850. The funeral is from the residence on Fulton Street and to the MP Church on Bedford Street with Rev. Little and Dr. Edwards with burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.

WEIMER 16 Nov 1878 At the Alms House, a man named Weimer, aged about 70 years died of dropsy. He was brought there by people of the Orleans district about 2 months ago.

WILKERSON 03 Jan 1878 Mr Thomas Wilkerson died on 31 Dec 1877 at the home of a son in law, Mr David W Beall at Union Grove. He had been paralyzed for some time. He leaves a daughter and a son. His death occurred on the 16th anniversary of the death of a son in the Union Army. Burial was in Rose Hill.

WILSON 26 Aug 1878 Mrs Polly Wilson, wife of Mr Hugh Wilson of Flintstone district, died last Friday (23 Aug) of typhoid fever. She leaves a large family. She was about 55 years of age.

WILSON 20 Sep 1878 Nathan Wilson of Springfield WV, son of John & Mary Wilson of Flintstone, died on Thursday (19 Sep) and was buried at Springfield Cemetery. Rev J W Wolf officiated. He leaves a wife and 3 children.

WOLFORD 20 Apr 1878 Mrs Mary E Wolford, the bride of only 4 months of Mr Charles Wolford, died and her funeral is today at the MP Church on Bedford Street


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