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Excerpts from The Cumberland Times
transcribed by Charles Often




01 Feb1875 through 30 March 1875 is missing from the microfilm. 
01 May 1875 through 30 October 1875 is missing from the microfilm.

ARNOLD 27 Apr 1875 Mrs Elizabeth A Arnold, wife of the late Jonathan Arnold, died last Saturday (24 April), aged 69 years. She was born in Frederick Co, MD but lived on Centre Street of this city for century.

BUSBY 18 Jan 1875 Yesterday, Mr James E Busby of Wheeling WV, died of pneumonia at the City Hotel, aged about 35 years. He was baggage master of the B&O RR. He was originally from Lexington KY and his remains will be sent to Wheeling WV.

BYNON 12 Nov 1875 Mrs Bridget Bynon, wife of E M Bynon, died, age 29? years. The funeral is from St Patrick's Church with Rev Father Brennan.

CALVER 12 Nov 1875 Mr Adam Calver, aged 53 years, died. He was, for several years, employed by Mr Peter Hein Esq. Burial is in the German Catholic Cemetery.

COTTRELL 27 Nov 1875 Small pox claimed the life of Albert Cottrell, who has relatives living in Clarksburg WV. He was a youth with a violent attack of small pox and died at the hospital.

DANISON 13 Nov 1875 Hunter Killed- Last Sunday (7 Nov), Messers. Daniel Danison and E M Ginnevan, both of Oldtown, saw some turkeys on the Ginnevan farm and got their rifles in pursuit. They separated and soon, Mr Danison fired toward the trukeys, striking Mr Ginnevan in the head. Danison obtained help to carry Ginnevan to his home, but it was too late.

DAWSON 13 Nov 1875 On Thursday (11 Nov), William Dawson, 16 years of age, a repair hand on the C&P RR, received injuries at the hands of another laborer, Joseph Michaels, that resulted in his death. They were working unloading an express car of tools at a spot between Midland and Lonaconing. As Michaels threw out a "claw bar", Dawson passed by the car door and was stricken and fell to the ground. His head was fractured and he was attended by Dr Price, but the injuries were too much and he died the following morning.

DOONAN 16 Dec 1875 Mrs Rose Doonan, the "Lace Lady", aged about 75 years, was struck and killed by a train in the area of the William's Road crossing or the Johnson's Mill crossing. She was picking up coal on and about the tracks when the C&P RR Mt Savage train struck and badly mutilated her body.

EATON 08 Apr 1875 Mr Balaam Eaton, working at the Mt Savage Fire Brick Works, fell into the grinding pan and was ground to a shapeless mass of flesh and bones. He was sitting on a wheelbarrow and turned about, tilting the wheelbarrow and fell. He leaves a widow and one child and was about 24 years of age. Funeral today at Mt Savage.

HAYDEN 25 Nov 1875 George F Hayden, 34 years, one month and11 days of age, died on Wednesday (24 Nov) of consumption at his mother's home on Front Street. The funeral is Friday with a Solemn High Mass at St Patrick's.

HOBITZELL 10 Nov 1875 Mrs Kate Hobitzell, wife of James Henry Hobitzell Esq., formerly of this city, died at her residence on Arlington Avenue in Baltimore City on Saturday night (Nov 6), aged 54 years.

HOLMES 30 Apr 1875 Mrs Holmes, aged about 85 years, died yesterday at the residence of her daughter Mrs Elizabeth Webster on Decatur Street.

IZENHOUSER 13 Jan 1875 Mr Martin Izenhouser was found mangled under the fly wheel at the B&O RR Steel Rail Mill yesterday. Dr Fectig was summoned and the injured body taken to his home on Greene Street between Lee and Smallwood Streets, where he died shortly thereafter. He was only 22 years of age and reported to work that day following a 6 week absence.

JOHNSON 27 Nov 1875 Small pox claimed the life of a small child of Mr Johnson living on Fulton Avenue.

JONES 01 Dec 1875 Last night, a child of Mr Jones, living on Ann Street, died of small pox.

KELLEY 30 Dec 1875 Mrs Valletta Kelly, wife of the late Captain T Wright Kelley, died Tuesday (28 Dec), aged 30? years, 2 months and 11 days. Funeral from the home of her brother E L McCleary, 47 Harrison Street.

KEYS 31 Dec 1875 George Newton Keys was found drowned in Wills Creek yesterday. He was about 30 years of age, a saddler by occupation and employed by Mr Hext for 5 years, originally from Shepherdstown. A jury of inquest determined that his death was suicide. ( column article).

KOGEL 20 Apr 1875 Mrs Margaret Kogel, the mother-in-law of Councilman Weibel, died in her 80th year, and the funeral is tomorrow at the German Lutheran Church.

MARRIAGE 01 Dec 1875 Marriage licences issued for the month ending Nov 30, 1875, by Theodore Luman, Clerk of Court of Allegany County, MD. A Hunter Boyd and Bessie Morton Thruston; Thomas Beveridge and Mary M Hart; John Connor and Lydia Philips; Abijah Dolly and Lubanna V George; Thomas H Eady and Mary G Eady; Joseph Garaghty and Ellen Manley; Israel T Green and Alcinda Brooke; Abraham Iman and Clara E Stumps; Samuel B Little and Julia Ganet; Henry T Martin and Mary E Ornduff; William H Moon and Margaret A Longridge; William Matthews and Isabell Bernard; Daniel R McKinsey and Hattie A Greenwade; Wardlaw McGill and Georgianna Pearre; Thomas McCutcheon and Martha McGrimsby; John McDonald and Alice Halpin; Samuel Neat and Margaret Reese; William Plouk and Louisa Frank; William H Poorbaugh and Sarah Blubaugh; Henry Rosenberger and Eliza Jane Walker; Alfred Ridgeley and Anna Keefe; John H Symons and Mary Jane Carr; William H Taylor and Mary J Wisel; John E Walton and Nellie J Brotemarkle; David P Wolf and Anna Bacon; Robert Walsh and Mary M Poland; H H Wardwick and Minerva Dawson.

MARRIAGE 01 Dec 1875 Marriage licences issued for the month ending Nov 30, 1875, by Theodore Luman, Clerk of Court of Allegany County, MD. John Berzoid and Mary F Frieze; Daniel Betz and Emma Jarrett; John E Clark and Mary E Platter; Robert J Cresap and Lavinia M Bruce; David Chisolm and Emma E Brown; Horace R Dayton and Susan V Dawson; George W Deter and Janette M Tennant; George E Elbin and Frances E Robinette; D E Fisher and P R Garner; John J Forelong and Martha Morgan; George W Hendrickson and Amanda E Willison; William Hunter and Kate Delengle; James Gilby and Elizabeth Richards; Thomas Hussion and Mary Madden; Thomas Keiley and Sarah Willard; Lawrence Lindner and Kate Schraeder; Horace Mitchell and Harriett E Fields; Archibald Miller and Eleanor Lafferty; Alexander Pettigrew and Lizzie Orr; Christian Pfitzenmeyer and Annie M Schaller; Thomas Payne and Martha Rice; Charles A Rice and Susan B Newell; George W Robertson and Catherine Q Lumans; John O Saville and Amanda Crabtree: Samuel Smith and Elizabeth Crabtree; Theophious Stevans and Amanda Middleton; W H Stercher and Ann G Hood; David Thomas Jr and Amanda Fuller.

McKENZIE 07 Jan 1875 Miss Maria McKenzie died, aged about 83 years, raised in and about Winchester VA and a member of the Methodist Church since childhood. She came here last spring but had been confined to her home owing to her advanced age. Her funeral from the home of Mr George Hinkle on Centre Street.

MORRIS 08 Apr 1875 The funeral of Mrs John (Mary) Morris will take place from her residence on Harrison Street, between Centre and Liberty Streets, thence to the Centre Street ME Church. Her sister had died 5 years to the day and within 5 minutes of her death and she was melancholy about this fact.

MYERS 01 Nov 1875 Henry Myers, an employee of the B & O RR Rolling Mills, was found dead in bed at the American House Hotel on Saturday morning (30 Oct). He died of congestion of the liver and had been ill with the chicken pox. He was 30-35 years of age and came here from Pittsburgh for work and leaves a wife and 4 children.

OPITZ 28 Apr 1875 Mrs Augusta Wilhelmina Opitz, born in New Kirck, Saxony, and emigrated 10 years ago to Cumberland with her husband and 5 children, died on Monday (26 April). Her husband died 2 years ago and now her 5 children are orphans. Her funeral was preached at the German Lutheran Church, Rev. Jno P Conradi.

RICE 08 Dec 1875 Issiah James Rice, while working on the saw mill on Thomas Wilkerson's farm on Monday (6 Dec), was caught in the waterwheel and was crushed to death. He was unmarried and about 40 years of age.

RICTOR 27 Nov 1875 Small pox claimed the life of Mrs Rictor, a old lady that had recently fallen down some steps obtaining injuries from which it was thought she would not live.

RIDGELY 31 Dec 1875 Mrs Ellen Ridgely, relict of the late Eli Ridgely, died on Christmas Eve at home, 4 miles south of Grantsville, aged 86 years. She was the mother of 9 children. On 19 June last, her 86th birthday was celebrated by 6 children, 35 grand children and 18 great grand children. (article is 2 paragraphs).

THUSS 21 Dec 1875 Mrs Kate Thuss, aged 20 years, 4 months, and 7 days, a daughter of Heinrich Heinrick of Oldtown, died of typhoid fever. She had been married only 1 week, having been recently married by Rev John P Conradi in the German Lutheran Church, the same one from which she was buried.



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