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Excerpts from The Cumberland Times
transcribed by Charles Often




ABBELANSKY 12 Aug 1874 John Abbelansky fell about 20 feet from the Viaduct over Center and Mechanic Street and died without recovering consciousness. He leaves a wife and 5 children. His family had just joined him four weeks ago from Poland at their residence on the Baltimore Pike in the neighborhood of Fazenmeyer's Brewery. He was employed as a coal bearer at the Rolling Mill. Dr Doughery attended him and he was carried to his residence to no avail.

ALLEN 16 Jan 1874 The remains of Thomas Allen, who received fatal injuries in a railroad accident on the Connellsville road 10 days ago, were brought to the city today and interred in Hook's Graveyard. He lingered over a week, dying on Wednesday (14 Jan) at McKeesport.

BELL 02 Oct 1874 William Bell, a old citizen of Miller Mines, died yesterday at the residence of his sister, Mrs Jenkins.

BROWN 14 Oct 1874 Mary Brown, wife of Francis Brown, died at her father's residence on N Mechanic Street, aged 19 years.

BRYDON 15 Jul 1874 At Bloomington yesterday, Allen Gregg Brydon, a 7 month infant of William A and Susie V Brydon, died.

CLARY 27 Jan 1874 The trial of John M Resley for the murder of Lloyd L Clary at Cumberland MD on 27 Oct 1873. Jury is selected. Jan 28 1874 Jury is completed and evidence is heard. Jan 29, 1874 through Jan 31, 1874 evidence heard. Feb 1, 1874-Feb 8, 1874 newspapers missing from film. Feb 9, 1874 Verdict of Not Guilty is rendered to the surprise of all who followed the case.

COOK 10 Nov 1874 John Cook, employed in the Big vein Mine in Lonaconing, was buried under a fall of roof coal Saturday (7 Nov) and died . He was married. The funeral was yesterday.

COURAN 20 Jan 1874 Yesterday at the residence of her parents at Stoney Battery, Jane Martha Couran, daughter of James & Marie Couran, died and the funeral is today from the residence.

CROSS 21 Nov 1874 The 8:00 train from Lonaconing brought the body of William A Cross Esq., to Cumberland accompanied by a large delegation from IOOF and Knights of Pythias organizations to the Bedford Street ME Church for services by Rev A M Courtney and burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.

CUMBERLAND TIMES 03 Jan 1874 Masthead reflects Cumberland Daily Times by Broderick & Clary. Missing images for April 1 through May 24.

DOWDEN 21 Oct 1874 William Dowden Jr died yesterday at his residence 535 S Mechanic Street. He was formerly baggage master of the B & O RR. The funeral is today.

GIBSON 28 Feb 1874 Mrs Elizabeth Pendleton Gibson died Feb 8 at Lonaconing. She was the daughter of John & Lucy Shackleford and was born at Cleveland, Cullpepper Co, VA on 14 Jun 1800 and married Minor Gibson on June 16, 1819. [Obituary is page].

GORDON 16 Dec 1874 Hugh D Gordon, aged 11 years and 8 months, son of Mr & Mrs J H Gordon of Washington Street, died yesterday.

GROSS 10 Oct 1874 Nellie Isabelle Gross, aged 8 months and 9 days, daughter of Martin and Mollie Gross, died Oct 9. The funeral is from 37 Front Street.

HAMILL 19 Feb 1874 Mr Lou Hamill died at Eckhart Mines on Tuesday (17 Feb).

HINKLE 23 Jan 1874 Mr Charles A Hinkle married Miss Emma Hardman, with Rev D B Winstead officiating.

HOOVER 23 Mar 1874 Lulu Hoover, 5 months of age, youngest daughter of GW & SM Hoover, died Sunday (23 Mar) at her home on Davidson Street.

HOWARD 06 Mar 1874 Mr William H Howard, an employee at the rolling mill, met with a fatal accident yesterday. He was climbing between cars over a coupling when the train suddenly moved, knocking onto the ground and the train passed over him, mutilating his body. His body was shipped to Sharpsburg for burial. He leaves a wife and several children.

HUDSON 25 Mar 1874 Mr Henry Hudson died yesterday at his residence "Maple Grove" near Rawlings Station.

HUMMELSHINE 15 Aug 1874 Mrs Phoebe Hummelshine, wife of Dr L K Hummelshine, fell down a stairway at Smithville Ohio while visiting relatives and died.

JACKSON 08 Aug 1874 Jenette Jackson, age 59 years, died Monday (3 Aug).

JENKINS 16 Oct 1874 A young man named Jenkins, son of Mr Thomas Jenkins, was struck and killed be a fall of coal in Johnson Mine on Wednesday (14 Oct).

JOHNSON 12 Oct 1874 Mr J J Johnson died at his boarding house on bedford Street from an attack of apoplexy yesterday. He was connected with the J J Johnson Liquor dealership on Baltimore Street.

JORDAN 09 Mar 1874 Mr Albert J Jordan, who fell beneath the railroad car and was mangled to death on Friday, died on Saturday (8 Mar). His father and brother arrived to attend to him at the last in the home of Mrs Laura Saylor on S Centre Street. The funeral is from Mrs Saylor's residence and burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.

KEEGAN 01 Aug 1874 Johnny Keegan, son of Mr Patrick Keegan drowned yesterday in Evitts Creek, 4 miles below the city near the canal aqueduct while bathing.

KNEPP 25 May 1874 Saturday (23 May), a train of the C&P RR exploded above Mt Savage at the "Y" and sent the engineer Joseph Knepp into the air and then falling onto the tracks as the engine passed over him. The fireman, Mr Rizer was scalded about his person. Mr Knepp was a 27 year old resident of Mt Savage with a wife and 2 children. Mr Knepp replaced Mr Joseph Rodenbaugh for this trip only . His funeral is from the German Lutheran Church.

KNEPPENBERG 04 Jun 1874 Mrs Rebecca Kneppenberg, wife of Mr Frederick Kneppenberg, died at North Branch in the 46th year of her life.

KOLB 13 Aug 1874 Thomas Kolb, a German about 35 years of age, died at his boarding house on the Mount Savage road yesterday of typhoid fever. The funeral is from the Independent Order of Red Men Hall and burial in the German Lutheran Cemetery.

LEWIS 08 Aug 1874 Annie Lewis, infant child of Daniel and Annie Lewis, died Monday (3 Aug).

MARRIAGE LICENCES 01 Dec 1874 Marriage licences issued from the Clerk of the Court for the month of November 1874: Henry K Constantine and Mary J Butler; John Craddock and Mary Malamphy; Dennis Dorsey and Julia Cavenaugh; Thomas Donald and Rickey Cutter; Robert Frau and Catherine Love; Thomas W Gunning and Mary C Dowden; Edward Wilson Hartman and Eliza Bosely; Marcus Hineman and Bettie Sonnenborn; James H House and Sarah C Willison; David Heavener and Maggie Smith; James Hotchkiss and Marion Atkinson; Greenberry Humberson and Lucretia Koontz; Lawrence Logsdon and Minerva A Taylor; P B Reese and Rebecca Rinker; William Murphy and Janette McIntyre; Daniel R McKenzie and Hattie A Greenwade; William Noble and Matilda Capal; W H Neff and Ziporah McKenzie; Joseph H Pachtel and Martha Spitnagle; Charles Rosenmarkle and Barbara Baer; John Sampson and Alison Simpson; Richard Smith and Louisa Dorsey(Col.); Charles Sollen and Maria Paris; John Senn and Sarah Bucy; William Smith and Isabella Close; Adam Tennent and Jane Peebles.

MARRIAGE LICENCES 02 Oct 1874 Marriage licences issued from the Clerk of the Court for the month of September 1874: Daniel T Allen and Alice V Neff; William Armbruster and Wilhelmina Miller; Daniel Bush and Elizabeth Taylor; Jacob S Bosley and Ellen Hope; Paris Burley and Ellen Pope [Col.]; J A B Bowden and Margaret Blank Christie; William Bohn Jr and Louisa Dreyer; Philoromme Carote and Josephine Younkin; Jacob Click and Anna Cordelia Doan; William Foley and Susan Middleton; James Francis Gill and Mary McCaughan; Henry Himler and Dena Fillinger; Edward Herbert and Harriet Job; Hugh Howard and Agnes Alexander; Daniel Jones and Jennie Lockwood; James V Jacobs and Elizabeth Whetzel; James Kenney and Catherine Egan; William Landwehr and Margaret Johnson; Francis M Moreland and Elizabeth J Ullem; John H Miller and Elizabeth M Nichols; John E Miller and Mary E Clark; Jacob F Miller and Jane Culley; William H Muir and Elizabeth Robison; John T Morris and Rachel Trace Phillips; William Morrow and Alice Elliott; John W McNemar and Mary E Leatherman; James McHugh Jr and Catherine O'Shea; Edward K Neville and M J Jessop; John J Piper and Nancy J Gross; Duncan Sloan and Mary Ann Yates; Henry Snyder and Elizabeth Frolich; James P Tagan and Mary McCarty; George S Willison and Rebecca Hite; William Wellings and Sarah Yates; G A Witter and Emma Rizer; Daniel Yates and Mary Carter.

MAY 17 Mar 1874 Mrs Elizabeth May, wife of John May Esq., proprietor of the American House, died yesterday following a lingering illness of 4 months, aged 57 years.

McCULLEY 05 Dec 1874 Hon. William R McCulley, mayor of Cumberland, died last night of a hemorrhage. Born in Frederick Co. in Oct 1816, he came to Cumberland as a youth and apprenticed as a compositor for the Civilian, then published by Samuel Charles Esq. The funeral is from the English Lutheran Church with a sermon by Rev H C Holloway and burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.

McCULLOH 13 Nov 1874 G W McCulloh Esq., died yesterday of a paralytic stroke at his residence in Frostburg. He is a former State Senator from Allegany County and a brother to Hon Thomas G McCulloh, our present State Senator.

McGINNIS 07 Mar 1874 Mrs McGinnis, an aged lady over 60 years of age, fell down stairs at her residence on Maryland Avenue and was so badly injured that she died.

McKENZIE 02 Oct 1874 Miss Mollie L McKenzie, aged 18 years, daughter of Thornton McKenzie Esq., died at her home in Ocean Mines on Sept 21.

McKINLEY 08 Aug 1874 Mrs Margaret McKinley, aged 40 years and 1 month, and husband of William McKinley, died Tuesday (Aug 4).

MILFORD 08 Jan 1874 Samuel Thomas Milford, aged 1 year, 4 months, and 27 days, the son of John T & Sarah Milford of Wineow Street, died yesterday and the funeral is today.

MULLEN 27 Jul 1874 At his residence on Little Valley Street, Edward Mullen, aged 72 years, 5 months, and 10 days, died of a paralytic stroke (25 Jul). The funeral is from St Patrick's Catholic Church, with Rev Father Brennan and a Solemn High Mass.

NAUGHTON 03 Aug 1874 Mrs Ann Naughton, wife of Mr Michael Naughton, died at her residence on the Baltimore Pike near Folck's Mills, aged 40 years. The funeral is from St Patrick's Catholic Church with a High Mass Requiem.

NEIMAN 13 Oct 1874 Mr Henry Neiman who lived on North Centre Street in the vicinity of the Cotton Mill, died Sunday (11 Oct). He had risen and taken some bread and coffee and complained of feeling badly and returned to bed where he died. His age was about 62 years.

PENROD 12 Aug 1874 Sarah Penrod, infant daughter of Gillian and Lydia Penrod, died Monday (10 Aug).

PIPER 25 Dec 1874 Mrs Clementine C Piper. Wife of Dr. W J Piper, died Wednesday (23 Dec) at her residence at Barton. She is a daughter of Mrs Resley.

RICE 18 Dec 1874 Mrs Mary M Rice, age 47 years, died yesterday at her residence 4 miles out Bedford Road. She leaves a family of 9 children.

ROBERTS 25 Mar 1874 Mrs Nancy Roberts, wife of Cornelius Roberts, formerly of Flintstone, died at her residence at Saturn, Whitley Co.,IN on the 17th of Feb.

SCHELLER 02 Oct 1874 A M Sheller, aged between 60-70 years, living on N Mechanic Street near Payne Spring Alley, was stricken with sudden death on Wednesday (30 Sep) as he arose for breakfast. He had been in feeble health and with complaints for some time. He had not resided in the city but for a year, and his remains were shipped to Stanton VA.

SCHLUND 15 Jul 1874 Mrs Marguerite Schlund, wife of George Schlund, aged 63 years, died yesterday at her home 183 N Centre Street.

SEIFERS 17 Dec 1874 Mr Harman Seifers died last night from the effects of a paralytic stroke while at work last Tuesday at the B & O Roundhouse. He had lived here for 25 to 30 years. The funeral is to be today at the Sts Peter & Paul Catholic Church.

SMITH 19 Feb 1874 Mrs Smith, wife of Mr Daniel Smith, fell to her death today at her residence near Carroll Hall. Her husband, who lately kept a saloon on N Centre Street, is in jail for a misdemeanor. The cause of death is paralysis.

SNYDER 09 Mar 1874 Mr Ambrose Snyder of Wellersburg, a miner, attempted to hitch a ride with a train of empty coal hoppers at Jackson on Saturday, when he fell upon the track and was mangled to death. He was about 23 years of age.

SUMNER CEMETERY 05 Oct 1874 The dedication of the Sumner's Laboring Sons Beneficial Society Cemetery on the Baltimore Pike [article is column].

TILGHMAN 21 Nov 1874 George Bolling Tilghman, young son of F L and M D Tilghman, died 20 Nov of pneumonia, age 21 months and 26 days. The funeral is from Emmanuel Church.

WARD 20 Oct 1874 John A Ward, formerly of Hagerstown, died at his residence in the city on Saturday (24 Oct), aged 17 years, 2 months, and 12 days.

WEISEL 17 Oct 1874 Mary Henrietta Weisel, infant daughter of Dr Henry J and Mary L Weisel, died yesterday, aged 6 months and 21 days.

WILSON 17 Dec 1874 At Murley Branch, Mr James Wilson, age 55 years, died at his residence on Tuesday (15 Dec) after a protracted illness of several months. He is the father of Drs. L B Wilson and J Jones Wilson of this city. Funeral is today from the residence.

WITHERS 12 Nov 1874 Jessie Philipe Withers, infant child of Hon William A and Frances C Withers, died Nov 9.


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