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Coming to America
The Andrews of Allegany County

Seated Left to Right
Amanda (Lewis) 1868-1954; Joseph M. (father) 1827-1907; Florence (Sommerville)1872-1945;
Joseph Matthew 1853-1930  Sara (Wilson) 1869-1930 Elizabeth (Jones) mother 1831-1909

Standing Left to Right
Mary Jane (Young) 1860-1908; Robert 1874-1965; James Adolphus 1856-1937; George
Washington 1858-1909; William Henry 1866-1924; Rhoda (Shockey) 1864-1944


Joseph was born in Wiltshire, England moved to Bristol, England where he married Elizabeth Jones.

Joseph was born an Episcopalian and at heart remained one all his life but in America he was a good and active Methodist in his home town Barton, MD.

Joseph & Elizabeth came to America and settled at Frostburg MD in 1855. They came by sail boat and were on the water 26 weeks (6 mo. and 2 wk.). The sea must have been rough. One of the two children a girl , Mary Ann born 1850 died at Sea. The other child who was born in England was Joseph Matthew, the eldest son.  Elizabeth never would go back to England, but  Joseph went back several times (his mother lived to be more than 96). 9 other children were born in Maryland, all grew into mature man and women.

Evening Times September 4, 1906


A family Reunion That Came as a Great Surprise To an Aged Couple

The Children of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Andrews
Gathered Around the Old Family Fireside Yesterday
Remarkable Couple

Yesterday marked the 57th anniversary of the married life of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Andrews, of Barton, this county, and it was perhaps the happiest occasion of their long married life.

Mr. and Mrs. Andrews are the parents of ten children, all of whom were present yesterday with one exception. The children living nearby planned to surprise their aged parents and regretted that one brother, living in far off Missouri, would not be present as they regretted to ask him to come such a distance. Imagine their surprise, when the longed for brother, Joseph Andrews, Jr., and his two daughters arrived from Macon, Mo., Saturday and were, therefore, present at yesterday's event.

The surprise thus occasioned was almost as great as that of the aged father and mother, who knew nothing of what was in store for them until their children commenced to file in upon them, carrying baskets filled with all the good things that earth affords. A little later the Barton band drew up in front of the house and commenced to play a favorite air. Wild with joy, yet Mr. and Mrs. Andrew had not lived so long not to be ready to adapt themselves to any emergency, and the way they hustled around and showed their appreciation must have reminded them of the day when they first started down life's journey together.

To make a long story short the day was spent in a way that was glorious to both old and young and will linger long in the memory of all present.

Mr. Andrews is 80 years of age and his wife only a few years her husband's junior. Mr. Andrew who now lives a retired life, came to this country with his wife from England, 54 years ago, and located at Barton, where he followed butchering and mining his last work being that of tax collector for his district. He served in the union army and has always been one of the most prominent men in his locality.

The children present yesterday were: Joseph, of Macon, Mo.; James of Westernport; George, William and Robert, Barton, Mrs. John W. Young, Mrs. Peter Wilson and Mrs. Emory Lewis, of Cumberland, and Mrs. William Somerville, of Barton. Mrs. Calvin Shockey, of McComas, whose husband is superintendent of a coal company, was unable to be present.

Photos taken when Joseph Mathew Andrews and family
came for the anniversary celebration in 1906
(Click on photos for close-ups.)
Ride on Dan's Mountain May be a photo of Barton
Nell, Joe & Kate Joseph, Kate & Nell


From the scrapbook of Kate Andrews


Click on image above to see 1860 census entry for Joseph & Elizabeth


Joseph and Elizabeth Jones Andrews
Over the Years in the Census

1860 Allegany County District 4 Page: 243
Joseph Andrews age 32 Miner Real Estate $200, Personal Estate $100 born England
Elizabeth age 28 born Wales
Joseph age 8 born Wales
James age 5 born MD
George age 3 born MD

1870 Allegany County District 4 Westernport Page: 76
Joseph age 43 Miner RE $1000 PE $200 born England
Elizabeth age 39 born England
Joseph age 17 born England
James age 14 born Maryland
George age 12 born Maryland
Mary J age 10 born Maryland
Rhoda age 7 born Maryland
William H age 5 born Maryland
Amanda age 3 born Maryland
Sarah age 8/12 born Maryland

1880 Allegany County District 8 Barton Page: 18
Joseph age 52 Eng/Eng/Eng Coal Miner
Elizabeth age 48 Eng/Eng/Eng
Children all born in MD
William age 14
Amanda age 12
Sarah age 10
Florence age 7
Robert age 5

1900 Allegany County District 9 Barton Page: 1B
Joseph age 72 married 50 yrs retired miner immigrated in 1854 - 46 yrs in US - Naturalized
Elizabeth age 68 married 50 yrs immigrated in 1854 - 46 yrs in US 11 children 10 living
Florence age 28 born Jan 1872
Matthew - grandson - age 18 born Jun 1881 coal miner


Children of Joseph and Elizabeth Andrews and their Spouses

Mary Ann ANDREWS (Circa 1850 - Circa 1854 Died at Sea)

Joseph Matthew ANDREWS (4 Feb 1853 - 14 Aug 1930) & Fannie AYRES (22 Nov 1855 - )

James ANDREWS (Circa 1856 - 1937)

George W ANDREWS (20 Feb 1858 - 5 Jan 1909) & Mary Jane SHAW (1872 - )

Mary Jane ANDREWS (Circa 1860 - 12 Aug 1908) & John W YOUNG (21 Aug 1856 - 26 Jun 1916)

Rhoda ANDREWS (Circa 1863 - 1944) & Calvin SHOCKEY (Circa 1858 - )

Amanda E ANDREWS (Circa 1867 - 1954) & Emory LEWIS (Circa 1873 - )

William H ANDREWS (Apr 1867 - 1924) & Carrie (Feb 1867 - )

Sarah ANDREWS (Circa 1870 - 1930) & Peter WILSON

Florence ANDREWS (Jan 1872 - 1945) & William N SOMERVILLE (Sep 1869 - )

Robert ANDREWS (Sep 1873 - 1965) & Emma (May 1873 - )


Obituaries of Joseph and Elizabeth
August 7, 1907 - Wednesday


Joseph Andrews of Barton, Died Late Last Night At his home at Barton.

He was identified in Various Ways with the Growth of the County and Saw the Village of Barton Grow into an Important Center.

Mr. Joseph Andrews died at Barton at 10 o'clock last night after a lingering illness. Mr. Andrews was born in Brintworth; Wilshire, England on June 6, 1827 and was therefore past 80 years of age. On September 3, 1849, Mr. Andrews was married to Elizabeth Jones of Pontey Parish, England both being residents of that parish. About 1853 Mr. and Mrs. Andrews came to this country and located in Frostburg, this county, remaining there three months, and then removing to Barton, where they have since continuously resided.

Mr. Andrews was on of Barton's pioneers, saw the little mining town steadily grow until it became one of the important coal shipping points in Western Maryland and be it said to his credit that the welfare of his adopted town and her citizenship were always uppermost in his thought. Not only had Mr. Andrews served Barton well but Allegany county itself had been the better for his having lived in it. About 1894 he became one of the county tax collectors and was prompt and efficient in the duties of the office. Mr. Andrews was an enthusiastic Republican in politics and in years gone by was frequently called into consultation by the leaders of his party who always welcomed his advice. Long years ago he identified himself with the Methodist Episcopal church at Barton and had been an active member. Ably seconded by his good and devoted wife his home has always been the meeting place for ministers and church workers.

Since being confined to his bed and chair for the past few months his visitors, who have been many, have perhaps received more inspiration upon spiritual lines from his great confidence and trust in an all-wise God. than is often conveyed in a sermon most eloquently delivered.

Fro 53 years Mr. Andrews has been a valued member of the Barton Lodge, No. 94 IOOF, and has always been an active exponent of its "Friendship, Truth and Love" principles. Two weeks ago last Saturday Mr. Andrews was sufficiently strong to pose for a picture of himself and wife, Mrs. J. W. Young, his daughter, Jas. A. Young, grandchild and Master James Lloyd Young, great grandchild, the picture thus showing four generations.

Mr. Andrews is survived by his wife and the following children: Joseph Andrews, located in Macon City, Missouri; James, of Westernport; Mrs. Calvin Shockey of McComas, W. Va., and Mrs. Jno. W. Young, Mrs. Peter Wilson and Mrs. E M Lewis of this city, and Geo. W, W.H., Robert and Mrs. Wm. Somerville, of Barton, and by two sisters, who live in Newport England, and several grandchildren and about seven great Grandchildren.
Thursday April 8, 1909

Mrs. Joseph Andrews of Barton died last night at 6:30 - age 79 Funeral services - Saturday 4/10 afternoon - interment Laurel Hill.

8 Apr 1909 - Obit in Evening Times
Joseph C in Macon MO
William, Robert & Florence in Barton
Sarah & Amanda in Cumberland
James in Piedmont
Seemed to have missed Rhoda.
George & Mary Jane had already died.
Joseph & Elizabeth Joseph & Fannie James & Ella George W & Mary J Mary J & John W Rhoda & Calvin
Amanda & Emory William & Carrie Sarah & Peter Florence & William Robert & Emma Unknown Photos
Photos & stories from the collection of Kate Andrews  (1882-1972)

Click here for some letter segments written to Kate.