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Consolidated Coal Miners of Frostburg
Photograph taken in the early 1900's

Photo segments are arranged in two rows, with each row divided into four parts. The miners who are standing are presented first, then those sitting.

Connie Beachy believes the miners are most likely sitting in front of a house on Welsh Hill, at the top of Hill St. in Frostburg. If so, the house is still there, and behind them is the hill Braddock's troops and George Washington tramped over in 1755 on their way to defeat near Fort Duquesne.

Linda Harden Pirrone believes the photo was taken in Eckhart.

Clarification is always welcome.

Standing, far left    



  Standing, left center  



  Standing, right center  



    Standing, far right



Sitting, far left    



Clarence J Powers is the miner pictured at the lower left of this segment.

Powers Brothers

Sitting, left center  



  Sitting, right center The miner behind the fellow in front center is either Eddie or Tommy Conroy.
(See below)

According to Connie Beachy, Conroy has his hat tilted, crooked to his right and a chunk of dark hair sticking out on the left. Both Eddie and Tommy married Connie's aunt Letitia Dando Conroy. One was killed in a mining accident and the other was killed in an automobile accident.


    Sitting, far right

Contributed by Alan Bowker and Linda Harden Pirrone .