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Sam & Mathias Everline - Friends & Family

Samuel Everline
(Courtesy of Lois Hopkins)


This picture of Samuel Everline, was taken at the Frostburg Railroad station in Sept. 1918 at 5:53. Uncle Sam worked with the RR all his life and lost both his legs, below the knees, in a RR accident. After that accident, he worked in the Cumberland Railroad station. He was killed in a car accident traveling home to Frostburg from Cumberland in 1927.

Sam's Cumberland Railroad station office.
Seen here with unidentified co-worker.
Close up from photo above.
Notice the telephone!!


A Sunday Outing Perhaps
circa early 1900's

Sam and Friends
(Courtesy of Lois Hopkins)

Where this photo was taken is unknown, but looks like a Sunday outting. Samuel Everline was born in 1884 and looks like a young man in this picture. Others in the picture remain unidentified. One of the young men in the back resembles Sam's brother Phillip Sam died in 1927 and Phillip died in 1925. Any help identifying the location of the picture and members of this gathering would be greatly appreciated. Below you will find a closeup of all those gathered.



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