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Allegany County Train Stop
George's Creek??

This photo was recently passed to me. Apparently, it was held by one of my grandparents, both of who died in the 1960s. We suspect it was taken somewhere along George's Creek. We can't be sure of any family resemblance, regarding the individuals in the photo. The clean shaven guy wearing a derby, in the center, might be my great grandfather, John McDonald. However, my parents generation only remembers him as having a large beard and their are no known photos of him when he might have been without whiskers.

Unfortunately, there don't appear to be any markings on the shack that might help with its location. In the background, to the right, it appears there is a spur line, where some kind of apparatus to load coal into the cars, has been erected. At least, that is my guess.
One possible clue . . . the gentleman on the right, doesn't appear to have any arms. I'm sure there were a lot of one armed miners, back in the day. However, I would suspect that a double amputee would still be rare, at least one who survived.

Anyway, I thought I'd pass this along, in case someone can identify the time, place, and possibly a name or two.

Bob Thompson
Harrisburg, PA