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Davis Cemetery
Transcribed October 16, 1999


Once again, members of the Allegany County mailing list joined forces with members of the Allegany County Genealogical Society to gather cemetery data to share with all Allegany County family historians.

Those present for this transcription:

Familiar Faces

New Comers

So why no Sharon Banzoff or Chris Beachy? Poor Sharon woke up in the morning with the flu. Chris was in New Orleans on business. Both were missed.

Three of the Worker Bees Captured in Action




Charles played the bag pipes after lunch and no doubt, Connie was not alone when she proclaimed "I LOVED IT!" Lynn Burdette knew the names of most of the songs he played. One of the favorites was Amazing Grace.

Entertaining the Troops

This able team managed to finish Section A. Since then, Ed Twigg has returned to the Davis Cemetery and completed Sections B & C.

Ed - A Man on a Mission

Note: There are lots of Hamiltons (no pun intended) in this cemetery.

When the handwritten version of the transcription has been "computerized," we will post the information here.

Summary of the Day
by Charles Hill

The cemetery inventory day was great, the weather was perfect the fall colors enhanced the beauty of the mountains, the meeting of people only know to was great.

This type of genealogical work adds to the appreciation of how the Genealogical Societies get their information. It does require a little back bending and even getting your hand dirty, but the rewards at the end of the day with the satisfaction and of course the story telling. I found that when someone did not come up with something to say, Connie jumped in with something to talk about.

My closing comment would be "great project, great people, great time"!