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Mt Hermon Cemetery
Williams Road

Inventory Project 4/24/99
Alphabetic Inventory Listing


On April 24th, 1999, a dedicated group of genealogists gathered in Cumberland to inventory Mt. Hermon Cemetery. The troop leader, a long time member of the Genealogical Society's Cemetery Committee, was Ed Twigg. His counterpart in assembling this group, known to all on the Allegany County mailing list, was Connie Beachy. Together, they gathered the group pictured below. Conspiculously missing from all but one of these photos is Ken Burdette, the man behind the lens, who is responsible for capturing this event for all of us unfortunate enough to have missed this chance to pitch in.


Austin Twigg, Lynn Burdette, Ed Twigg, Edie Chaney, Sharon Banzhoff, Shayla Barnhart, Barbara Raschka, Chris Beachy & Connie Beachy (kneeling)


Introducing the newest members of one of our Cemetery Expeditions


Barbara Raschka

A regular list contributor and another researcher with Twiggs in her family tree.

Edie Chaney

An Irons family researcher. (The church and cemetery are on the side of Irons Mountain.)

Edie worked diligently all day and then, Ed Twigg treated her to a visit to the Irons Cemetery, located in the woods nearby.

Ethel Wilhelm & Daughter Susie

Known to all Twigg researchers, a descendent of Brice Twigg.

According to a reliable source, Ethel & Susie made a great team. While Ethel caught up on the latest "Twigg" tales, Susie was busy copying down tombstone goodies.


Here are some more group shots!!

Austin, Lynn, Shayla, Sharon,Barbara & Chris


Ed, Austin, Ken, Lynn, Shayla, Sharon, Barbara, Chris & Connie (kneeling)


Ed, Edie (hidden behind Ed), Connie, Austin, Lynn, Shayla, Sharon


Austin Twigg

Another regular contributor on the Allegany County list...

Austin came to our first picnic in '98, and continues to be a valuable contributor to the numerous projects emminating from the list and the Genealogical Society.


Families - Working Side By Side

"A Mother & Son Reunion"

Chris and Connie Beachy

Chris' participation in this project went well beyond "spotting" for his mom. He has pitched in on this and several other scanning projects. Thanks, Chris!

No Generation Gap Here

Sharon & Shayla

Shayla, the youngest, yet already experienced member of the troop, is her Grandmother's right hand gal.