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Allegany County ME Church Register 1838-1840

File transcribed and contributed for use by the MDGenWeb Project by Sharon Banzhoff.

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The following was found at Allegany Co. Community College and taken in part, by districts from Church Register for Allegany Co. Circuit - hand copied by Amy Meek, Church Historian (not under copyright). The following notation was part of the Intrduction: "Allegany Circuit included "all" Methodist, Episcopal meeting houses in Allegany and "part" of Garrett Co. (later) outside the city of Cumberland."

Marginal notations have been included and no changes have been made to the spelling of the names, even when known to be incorrect.

1838 - Register of Members' Names - Beans Cove:
Mary Dicken
Kiziah Perdue - removed
Archibald Perdue
Priscila Perdue
Nancy Ash
Rachael Dickens
Elizabeth Dickens
Elizabeth Ruby (?Rudy)
Susanna Ruby
Sarah Ruby
Maria Gruber
John Norris
Mary Norris
Christianna Ruby
Nancy Ruby
Isaac Gruber
Ruth Dicken
Louiza Dicken
Tomison Iam
May Perdew
John Johnson
Rebecca Johnson
John King
Drusilla King
The Brownings
Wesley Lakon
Nancy Browning
Amos Dicken
Isabella Dicken

1838 Register of Members' Names - Flintstone:
William Wigfield
Sarah Wigfield
Benjamin Wigfield
Rebecca Wigfield
Elizabeth Mose (?More)
Darkey Willison
Amy Willison
Nelly McElfish
Nancy Lahmen (?Laken)
Adam Switzer
Wm. Tipton - removed to West
Mary Tipton - removed to West
Mary King
David House
Priscilla Switzer
Thomas Perrin
James Perrin
Leony McLaughlin
Elizabeth McLaughlin
Mary McLaughlin
Leony McLaughlin (2?)
Rosanna McLaughlin
Deborah McLaughlin
Isaiah McLaughlin
Benjamin McLaughlin
George McLaughlin
Nancy Hoover
Elizabeth Dean
Phebe Shryock
Lewis Shryock (looks like crossed out)
The Crabtrees
Catherine Crabtree

1838 Register of Members' Names - Oldtown:
Lenox(?) Martin
Ann Martin
Thomas Martin
James Taylor
Evaline Taylor
Elizabeth Dawson
Susan S. Baker (?)
Aimes(?) McLaughlin (?Annie)
Elizabeth Chapman
Anne Chapman (Chapman crossed out & McL. entered - married written)
Mary Chapman
Margaret Lantz
Isaac Richards
Nancy Richard
Susan Offutt
Louiza Offutt - dismissed
Margaritt Mountz (Martz?)
Mary Taylor
Ann S. Smith
Nathan Tracy
Mary Tracy
Hiram Tracy
Samuel Tracy
Christiphor Wagoner
Elizabeth Wagoner
Samuel Wagoner
Mary Ann Wagoner
Eliza Wagoner - removed
The Wagoners
Solomon Alkier (?)
Jemima Alkier (?)
Samuel Taylor - removed
Nathan Twigg
Cevilla Twigg
Hannah Mettes
John Foley
Moses Bosewell
Susanna Huff
Mary Furlow
Hiram Shaw
Amy Twigg
Thomas Hartly
Nathan Hartly
Martha Stump
Charlote Young
Jesse Pugh
Sophia Pugh
Margaret Pugh
Jacob Stump - dismissed
Savilla Stump
Robert Anderson - dismissed
Rhoda Anderston - dismissed
Evalenn Johnson
Carline (?Carlissa) W. or M. Taylor
James Crabtree
James Colige - dismissed
Henry King - dismissed
Abram Clabaugh - dismissed
Thomas Ponton (?Paxton) - dismissed
Louiza Yonts
Polly Colige - dismissed
Mary Brinton (?Burton)
Amy Tracy
Levina Hite
Jacob Sligar
Mary Sligar
Christopher Wagoner, Jr.
Ezekiel Statiense (?Statesman)
Patience Statiense (?Statesman)
John Statiense (?Statesman) - dismissed in 1839
Levina Statiense (?Statesman)
Jane Twigg
Lewis Shryock
Lewis Crabtree
Margaret Crabtree
Mary Jane Crabtree
Sarah J. Athey
Hyram Athy
John Ruby
Zelotta Ruby
John Diffenbaugh
Peter Diffenbaugh
Sylvester Diffenbaugh
John Crabtree
Anna Crabtree
Able Crabtree
James Crabtree
Edith Crabtree
Upton Stewart
Elenor Stewart
Danuel Bucy
Elizabeth Bucy
Cassander Bucy
Anna L. Perrin
James Hook
Mary Crabtree
H. Crabtree
Elizabeth Dean
Katheran Dean
Harriet Davis
Nana Dean
Elizabeth Dean
Sarah Dean
Cleanna Dean
Tina Nixon
James Ruby
Julianna Ruby
Ann J. Albaugh
Jemima Twigg

James Harris
Henrietta Harris
Louiza Sifton (?Tipton)
Ann Davis
Rachel Drew

1838 - Register of Members' Names - Pleasant Grove:
Jesse Chapman
Alphius Beall
Mary Ann Beall
Philip Knight
Hannah Knight
Harriet Hinkle
Barsheba Gross
Elizabeth Gross
Zadoc Breshurs (Brashiers?)
Drucilla Breshurs (Brashiers?)
Benjamin Davis
Jesse Knight
Sarah Knight
Catharine Gross
Anna Maria Hinkle
Charlotte Hinkle
Nancy Hinkle
Matilda Hinkle
Rebecca Hinkle
Mary Ann Bashely (Bailey or Lashley?)
Mary Ann Davis
Sarah Smith
Sarah Beall
Lewis Beall
Margarett Beall
Sarah Price
Elizabeth Price
Fredorick Price
Flavilla Bucy - dismissed for non-attendance
Barbara Price
Nancy Folck (Folch or Folk?)
Avery Easter
Margat Clites (or Mary A.?)
Hiram Iams
Elisha Combs
Elizabeth Combs
Thomas Wright
Elizabeth Wright
David Spealman
Mary Spealman
The Wrights
Frederick Crow
Henritta Crow
Mary Crow
Wm. Anderson
Elinor Anderson
Moses Polland
Scintha Ann Polland (Cinthia?)
Robert Ross
Matilda Ross
Cornelious Gary
Mary Gary
Sarah Stoup (Stump?)
William Ross
James Ross
Jacob Koontz
Darcus Koontz
Margaret Koontz
Rachel Wright
Rachel Mathews
Sarah Coombs
Margaret Coombs
Henry Koontz
Henry Spiker
Mary Spiker
Amanda Spealman
Mary Koontz
Samuel Koontz
Sarah Ann Neff
Wm. Humberson

Persons taken into the church in 1838-39:
Elizabeth Coombs
Ann Koontz
Lemuel (?Leonard) Jamison - by certificate (or confirmation)
Nathan Wilson
Atry Wilson
Michel Aiken(?) - by certificate (or confirmation)

1840 - Register of Members' Names - Town Creek:
Elizabeth McLaughlin
Mary McLaughlin
Casanna McLaughlin
Deborah McLaughlin
Lewis Crabtree
Margaret Crabtree
Mary Jane Crabtree
Sarah Athey
John Diffenbaugh
Peter Diffenbaugh
John Crabtree
Anna Crabtree
Able Crabtree
Upton Stewart
Elenor Stewart
Daniel Bucy
Elizabeth Bucy
Cassander Bucy
Ann Lititia? Perrin
James Hook
Mary Crabtree
Phebe Shryock
Leaney McLaughlin
Ausborn Twigg
Amy Twigg
Sarah Morris
Jane Twigg
Margaret Diffenbaugh
Elisha Shambaugh - joined Feb. 1840

1840 Register Members' Names - Green Ridge:
Benjamin Mclaughlin
Elizabeth Dean
Harriet Davis
Maria Dean
Elizabeth Dean (2)
Sarah Dean
Cla Dean (Clay?)
Sylvester Diffenbaugh
Hiram Athey
Mary Younger
Nancy Alderton
Deborah Athey
Alcy Johnson
Anna Hartley
Mary Robison
Asa Johnson
Drucilla Johnson
Delila Diffenbaugh
Elizabeth Dean
Lewis Davis
Eliza Kerns (Thoms?)
Elizabeth Robison
Luke V. Alterton
Amos Kerns
Elisha Athey
Margaret Athey
John Elexander Diffenbaugh
Leathy Robison
George Athey - joined Feb. 1840
Edmon Dean

1840 Register Members' Names - Shaw:
Ann Corbus
Charlotte Green
Hester Gre--any
John Kight
Sarah Kight
Hannah Kight
Andrew Dinnwitte
Tilla Dinnwitte
Enock Kight
Anna Kight
Patrick Hamill
Isabella Hamill
Sarah Kight
Silas Kight
Francis Dawson
Leath Dawson
John M. Kight
Mary J. M. Green
Mary Hamell
Henry Kight
Richard A. Kight
Mary Kight
Wm. Kight
Amy Kight
Charity Kight
Enock Kight, Jr.
Sarah Paxton
Joseph Paxton
Francis Spangler
Susan Spangler
James Holliday
Atha Willis
The Ross'
Sarah Duckworth
Kelita Potter
Jane Duckworth
Israel Duckworth
Cephas Duckworth
Mary Ross
Elizabeth Neff
Thomas Dawson
John Duckworth
Cena Duckworth
George Duckworth
May J. Duckworth
Uriah Duckworth
Dorcas Duckworth
Theodore Ross
Rebecca Coleman
Thursa Miller
John Myers
Ruth Myers
John Sigler
Aily Sigler
Louis Ross
Louisa Duckworth
Nancy More (Moore?)
Emma Dawson
Jane Mgruder
Samuel F. Miller