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“The Jesse James Family”
Presented by Eric F. James

Tuesday, May 10, 2016
1:00 P.M.

Eric F. James will focus on the genealogy research produced by the Jesse James family covering 1882 to the present day.  He will address its genesis, methodologies, participation, DNA study, discoveries, challenges, peer review, financial costs, continuing burdens, privacy issues, publication and resulting new ancestry, new history and new family.Much of the James family’s history was lost as the family disintegrated following the assassination of Jesse James. Interest in the family genealogy revived in 1950, through one family member’s slip of the tongue that broke the family’s wall of silence.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2016
"Forward to the Past: Techniques for Finding the Living to Discover Unknown Ancestors"
presented by Deborah Lord Campisano

Traditional genealogical research demands we work from the known to the unknown – the present to the past. When this reaches the proverbial brick wall, reverse genealogy often aids in successfully unraveling family history mysteries.  Whether you need to find that distant cousin who holds the family bible or candidates for DNA testing, learning techniques for finding the living can be a valuable skill in your genealogy tool box. 
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Jane Turner Hamm Library
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2016 Spring Research Trip
May 15 - May 21
Allen County Library
Genealogy Center
Fort Wayne, IN
Come join with us and enjoy the camaraderie as we hunt for ancestors in the state-of-the-art Allen County Public Library. 

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